God of Crime


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Seo Tae Hyuk, jailed after being falsely accused.

He will be executed without being able to prove his innocence.

When he opens his eyes, it’s 15 years in the past?

And he’s being possessed by a demon mirror!?

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범죄의 신
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: Completed

I'm a little disappointed the story ended. The author had so much ammo that he wouldn't have run out for an extremely long time. He left so many loose ends.

I loved the story (even though some characters were flat), but I wish everything hadn't ended so fast. I wanted more. I've never been so satisfied yet unsatisfied with a novel on here in awhile. But I assure you it was worth the read. ?

... more>> Old edits/reviews below

EDIT: I'm so glad it has updated. I've never had a main character in a go-back-in-time novel not return cold hearted. Usually they become apathetic. He cares about other people. Not just his sister.

Not sure how this will change in the future, but I do hope he at least keeps a little of his current optimism. I don't care if it turns darker as long as he doesn't lose his morals.


The MC is still a good character. He still has morals, but you can start to see the signs of him truly becoming the God of Crime. It is very nice to see this change happen.

There are some funny moments and I love the relationship he has developed with the police. I am secretly hoping that when he goes to university and becomes a detective or something as a cover for his activities too. (That would be awesome)

Edit 3:

Well... He's grown a lot. By chapter ninety you already have a clear picture of where this is going. It is sort of like detective Conan and kid and how kid does all of this amazing thievery while being chased by the police.

Except this one is way more interesting in my opinion (though, I love detective Conan... I just hated the fact he never aged and it got so looooong)


It's done... Oh my goodness. Totally worth it. *Squeals*

Please read <<less
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Rasp rated it
June 10, 2017
Status: c164
TLDR: ZERO stars for the story itself. TWO stars for the amazing translator.

It's a novel about a man who gets sent back in time with cheat skills. These skills allow him to commit crimes magically. They range from petty theft to big-time federal offenses. The beginning is very good - that's how they get you hooked. Does that last throughout? Unfortunately, no. The middle and later parts of the story have a lot to be desired. The characters are forgettable and the pacing is bumpy. Worst of all, the author... more>> treats the reader like an idiot.

The MC literally only needs a few simple crime skills, and two brain cells to rub together to efficiently solve every problem. However, the author always insists on having the most roundabout, convoluted solution possible. The MC heavily relies on luck in his plans, and that ridiculous kind of luck only comes from plot armor. Relying on luck is a far cry away from the perfect criminal that the MC is supposed to be. Furthermore, any and every character in this webnovel is as dim-witted as the MC. Also, the romance makes you roll your eyes.

Let's get to the crux of the issue: the writing. It's obvious how the author writes. He outlines on "set pieces", which are cinematic, action-packed, and/or climactic events. Then, the author writes the story to meet those events. The result is a continuous train of ass-pulls and deus ex machinas. It's ok if it happens once, but the reader can only suspend disbelief so many times before calling BS on the author.

Why did I even finish this novel if I have little good to say? I've watched a lot of mystery films and read a lot of mystery books. Mystery is my favorite genre, so I gave this this novel a chance until very last chapter. That, and RainbowTurtle is an awesome translator. <<less
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jlkc rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: c24
My only complaint is how s*upid the MC is. His decision making is unbelievable for someone who spent ten years in prison among the worst criminals. Half the time the author tries to make him look smart, keyword being tries. The other half he spends making decisions using logic that has more holes than Swiss cheese.

It's fine to have a s*upid MC, just keep things consistent.
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Trent rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: --
God of Crime: where every other character is surnamed Park.

Okay, God of Crime lacks the depth and realism of Top Management or God of Cooking, and is more similar to God of Music with the silly parts of I'm Really a Superstar. Plenty of readers will like that, though I find it difficult to take the story seriously or really enjoy it. That's not to say that it isn't serious at times, but I feel that those times are cheapened by the silly parts, rather than managing to bolster the story into something greater than a light comedy.

The story introduces scenarios and characters which have enormous potential, but then skims from one to the next instead of exploring any of them. So the story's pretty shallow and often unbelievable. It has some tense or touching, serious moments, but it'll lead into, follow, and even combine them with unrealistic events which'll crush any gravity; the author isn't able to marry the extremes. The MC suffers from this as well: occasionally, he's realistic and self-aware, but more often his thoughts aren't sensible, and he usually has a too easy time of things. There are very apparent story arcs which are supposed to move the plot, and the author does a great job at stringing them together, but the MC isn't truly able to grow between them (unless we consider gaining skills to be "growth").

The world is strangely empty, and no one ever seems to be around when crimes are committed in public places; instead, they're showdowns between the MC and his opponents, and maybe another character will be involved. But the humor is nice, and the MC's ability has good limits, though it sometimes ignores them, and it does grant him abilities which surpass those of professionals who've spent years practicing. However, I feel he's not really a God of Crime if his reality-breaking artifact is what's making everything possible. He's entirely dependent upon it; if it were taken away, he'd be a peon.
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icecream rated it
April 15, 2017
Status: c22
I feel like the potential was just burned. I know I haven't read that far, but if the story and characters can't even keep me interested at this point, then I'm not regretting to drop it now. I felt like the plot's exciting aspects is dropping really quickly and I can't see it coming up, and whatever characters are now introduced seem extremely boring (i know they are cannon fodder or weak, but even cannon fodder's should have an interesting personality, but these characters are really boring af). Besides the... more>> character doesn't act like the once badass criminal. Although he never was a criminal originally and was a normal guy before, in the very least he would learn something from being in such a harsh prison in those ten years, but he really doesn't have that aurora to him. Idk? It's probably just me. But don't get me wrong, the MC is still pretty good, and it is a decent read, but just really disappointing for me, especially when I loved the first few chapters immediately. But sadly I cannot continue on. Maybe someday I will try again, and see something that I didn't before and love this. <<less
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yutakim rated it
December 24, 2017
Status: Completed
When I read the 1st - 20 chapter I thought it was worthwhile and the story kinda epic since it came with 'criminal eats criminal' story. But then it got worse later on. The story kinda messed up, side character development is a mess. Even when the protagonist kept saying he should protect his own family, he ended up only mentioning a little about his brother, and his sister. The story get rushed from 90 to end, stuff like bomber revenge and the mafia make me cringe to extreme as... more>> how the author write it at extremely fast pace. Hell he just need to play game with the mafia to end it all. The worst of the worst is the ending part. Really there's a lot of potential in this novel but it get screwed pretty fast. I was really curious as how Big Mama, Moonlight Flower, Kim Soo Bin, the Class president, and the Rusia mafia queen ended up. <<less
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sleed rated it
May 5, 2017
Status: c47
This novel is about how being a criminal is the most rewarding and exciting thing you could ever do to get what your deserve. You should just cheat. Because being good is impractical and evil is fundamentally superior. Only being the most superior criminal (god level) is then, when one can only do some kind of important and significant justice, enabled by mystical

means (ie. Not attainable by humanss) . This is kind of story I think it's only possible if theres a deep resentment towards the good for being good... more>> but resignation towards evil for being evil. I don't like this. The setting is just so vicious and the society is so morally bankrupt. Not to mention the MC. Who triumphs in such society? Who's able to get fairness, and bring about what the people deserve? The good of justice? No; only by taking the power of the stronger side, of mystical evil, one can be a champion in life; god of crime, the only one that can solve real problems. Basically this novel is about cheating your way into fairness and happiness. I don't think that's noble or inspiring; apart from being antithetical, such story is, for me, not worth the contemplation.

It's well written but it's too crooked.

I read a novel for the purpose of seeing the kind of people I would want to see in real life and living through the kind of experience I would want to live through.

For any other reason, non-fiction it's better. <<less
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clowred rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: Completed
I have just finished this series even though it has been completely translated for at least a week and it's relatively short. The reason? I didn't have high expectations for it. Now that I've finished it, I can conclude that it is indeed the way I expected it to be. Oh, btw, don't judge me, it's not that I can somehow see in the future or that I like to nitpick, as long as you read a few Korean novels you will find out just how often you are hit... more>> with a sense of deja vu. At first it's just slightly, yet as the plot progresses the sentiment grows and you soon start feeling that the biggest liability of the story is the protagonist himself. Why? All the protagonists of most Korean novels resemble each other too much. In their demeanor, in their speech, in their interactions and especially in their way of seeing the world around them. What is even worse than this is how the authors of these relatively short novels suddenly pick up the pace in the second part of the novel. It's actually more of a quantum leap.

Anyway, God of Crime, or to shorten it, GoC, is not a bad novel if you talk about the main story line. A wrongly sentenced man that is waiting his death sentence is sent to the past a few hours before his 'log out', to unknowingly

become a symbol of crime by doing the exact opposite, by catching criminals and revealing the true nature of the ones that should have actually protected the citizens. At the same time, by accomplishing a few missions his skills turn godly, as he can accomplish most criminal acts automatically, as if it was a magic trick. This power instead of being a blessing, at the end it is revealed that it's actually a curse that was meant to corrupt his mind and turn him in the most dangerous criminal.

If after you read this you don't feel like it sound as an awesome idea, then I'm certain you are not a fan of detective novels.

But then we have to deal with the protagonist. His love for his family and desire to help them is at first acceptable. You could relate to his feelings of regret and understand his wish to help the remaining of his family, his sister and brother. Yet, things became a little annoying after

he wants to help his sister date a detective that he admired, a person that believed he was innocent until the end

Alright, this sounds annoyingly sweet, like pouring honey over sugar. By some divine coincidences, this detective becomes caught up in a lot of grave criminal acts that happen only around his jurisdiction (a lot of them, I mean A FREAKING LOT OF THEM), and the protagonist who wishes he (the detective) would have enough time to take care of his sister so he could 'crime away', solves these cases and gives the detective all the recognition. Well, by this point it became really annoying. Yet, you somehow move on.. Or not. The f*cking protagonist decides to become a symbol of justice or crime, I don't think he was sure about any of then, turns himself into a second Lelouch, becomes a public figure that hunts dangerous criminals, and picks one detective to become his intermediary. Who? f*ck you if you can't figure this sh*t out. Sorry, I'm still annoyed. Anyway, the detective he (the protagonist) spent on so much time complaining about the lack of time to date his sister, marry her and protect her, becomes the intermediary... Then, more cases happen around the said detective, and the protagonist who is still complaining solves the cases while getting in deeper sh*t because he suddenly finds some secret around the place he wanted to solve a crime. Rinse and repeat.. until when? The freaking end of course.

What about the rest of the cases?.. Women. What women? Women that are around the protagonist, that appear like smoke during their arc and then disappear like smoke until another arc involves them somehow. All are beauties, of course. From the simple student that is a genius, to a leader of the criminal world, they are babes that want to take a bite of the protagonist...

Now the saddest part.. each arc is awesome. It's interesting, well developed and with a good conclusion. Sometimes these arcs contain quite a few cliches, but the criminal skills the protagonist has makes them forgivable as they turn the dull into the interesting.

Conclusion, this novel has the wrong protagonist. With a more decisive protagonist that would not be hindered so much by personal feelings and petty crimes and useless interactions this story would have shined as a precious gem, like a freaking diamond, instead we've got a raw piece of amethyst. Beautiful, yet easy to forget about. <<less
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solomaize rated it
June 7, 2017
Status: c41
It was a mistake. I thought this was a light hearted read. I was wrong. So, SO, wrong. I'm at 'the Hippo' case. IT ONLY SOUNDS CUTE. IT. IS. NOT. IT WILL MESS YOU UP. Never going to read anything with the 'psychological' tag anymore. Nope.

But if horror inducing crimes is your cup of tea what is wrong with you then you might enjoy this.

I might continue coz this is a departure from my usual fluff fluff fiction. I just hope this case was the worst case there is... more>> in the novel. <<less
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JinVodka rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c94
This is a nice new genre in addition to the quite popular "going past to the time" Korean novels. It's highly recommended to read as new breath from all the other genre where we have person relive his life in an interesting way. The writing style in the first chapter in interestingly and intriguing

Here we have an MC waiting for his death sentence for the crimes he was false accused with.

This novel has a goal set, so you will know where the plot is going and it won't go boring... more>> cause there is the intriguing mystery feel with it. Afterall stories without goal seems boring for some people.

The first part seems interesting and fun for me discovering his unique skills. But for some people, they might find the story boring and underestimate the MC cause his not OP.

Don't expect sudden OP MC nor Smart at level of Light. After all the MC was a dropout and framed convict so there will be character development for the MC as the time goes you just have to wait. This is not about MC going back in time to become OP cause his knowledge of the future. Hell I can't even remember well what happened about the past events. Readers seems high exception that his OP cause he went back in time geez. Plus, this story interest me cause MC is fully know his capabilities and is finding ways to grow. His also family man who treasures his family which I like to read about.

It is also interesting what kind of crime skills he will get and how will he use it. He will encounter enemies similar to Batman or Detective Conan.

The only of-putting is when the police called him God of Crime out of nowhere. Maybe because Korean/Chinese like to call skilled people God? But he will have a more suitable nickname at 80+ch.

The MC is more like an anti-hero/vigilante than a criminal. Many readers question why the novel thinks his criminal and dislike him. I also think his a bit of a criminal cause of skills and disregard to the law similar to a vigilante. But aren't vigilante considered criminals to the police so people shouldn't fush over it and enjoy the show.

So if you really like Batman and Detective Conan, you would enjoy reading this novel.

In my opinion it's 10/10 for me for the uniqueness uses of game skills. 10/10 panties stolen. 10/10 thrilling scenes. 10/10 dose of justice. 10/10 badness of almost Red Hood level. <<less
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MrPhatPhuck rated it
June 3, 2017
Status: c80
Its ok nothing revolutionary but it seems the author is obsessed with the title "god of crime" and the whole 'I'm a bad ass criminal' aspect. When in fact the MC is not.... he's more of a vigilante than a criminal.

I don't know much about the Korean language so they may or may not have the word vigilante but the word 100% fits the MC not criminal/God of Crime/gangster/"I'm just a bad guy" (direct quote from MC from several chapters, trying to sound cool).


Imagine if someone like batman (but more... more>> unknown) went into a criminals den and beat up the criminals and saved the victims and introduces himself as a criminal when the victims ask who he is and why he saved them. Now put yourself in the shoes of the victim/criminal/police. Do you think that person is a criminal or a vigilante/hero? That's basically the MC in a nutshell, it just irks me so goddamn much when the author just refuses to use the word 'vigilante'.


starting from around 60+ the author doubles down on the 'MC is a criminal aspect' with the police starting to call the MC 'God of Crime' for some reason even though he did nothing criminal which is really odd, it seems like the author really wants to shoe horn the title into the novel while making trying to make the MC an anti hero with a badass name like God of Crime (i don't think its badass and it seems really childish)...... which isnt working out to well because the MC is more of a vigilante/hero.

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GroseHerrscher rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: c14
Story: 4.5/5
Grammar: 5/5
Pacing/Wordplay: 4/5

Definitely a must-read thrilling piece of writing. The overall theme of the novel suitably befits the title 'God of Crime.'

The story revolves around a miserable juvenile delinquent Seo Tae-hyuk who, after returning from his pitiable future, decided to alter the course of fate. He found this determination when twists in his commonplace life led to the discovery of an enigmatic treasure which holds a mysterious power only found in the realm of modern fantasy. With this newfound device in his hands, he struggles to protect... more>> his family and the people dear to him in the long run who would be engulfed tainted by the deeds he governs over: crime. To turn the flow of time against its natural course, in order to redeem his sinful 'future' and save himself from the hands of the wicked world, Seo Tae-hyuk will have to realize and embrace the path the 'God of Crime' must tread on. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 16, 2016
Status: --
I began reading this series to have a feel for the story. However, I did not expect to like it right away. It is a shame there are only 7 chapters translated so far, but this an interesting story. With the MC writing down the number of criminals that he remembers, and still trying to figure out who framed him. This series could turn into an awesome series. For now, I will give it four stars, but if more chapters are release and the story progresses like I expect it... more>> to. It will be wort a five star rating. <<less
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kkgoh rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: c164
Dark fantasy modern-day novel written in 2015 that's great on premise and plot, but somewhat poor on execution and writing. Basically the Korean version of "Liar Game" (2005-2015) . Decent binge read for fans of noir if you have nothing better to do.


A 30-yr old man framed for murder gets a second chance to relive his life from his high-school days, just years prior to his criminal conviction. With his newfound criminal powers and experience with prior criminals, he must find a way to change his downtrodden circumstances while uncovering... more>> the mystery of his framing.


As several reviewers have mentioned (@Trent @yutakim), the plot was pretty cool but poorly executed. Ending was badly rushed, everything after Chapter 100 or so.

- Side characters falling to the wayside and never mentioned again
- Nonsensical powers where MC can reflect/share damage, or become DeadShot. MC is literally invincible with no handicaps whatsoever.
- Nonsensical scenarios like hundreds of baddies (equipped with firearms) appearing and openly engaging MC
- Badass mafia bosses eventually becoming dumbasses and easily handled by MC

Author had quite a few logical errors in how MC encountered or progressed through different scenarios. Criminal cases literally fall into MC's lap, either by people within his social circle (which becomes pretty unbelievable after awhile), or just through sheer memory of past events (he could somehow accurately remember in details hundreds of criminal events).
MC was incarcerated for 10 yrs... not sure how he kept up to date with news unless his prior prison just happened to be Arkham Asylum.

Ignoring the occasional illogical writing, the story is pretty consistent.
As a reviewer @MrPhatPhuck mentioned, MC is essentially forced into a vigilante role (i.e. Batman) where he can only use his criminal skills to take down other master criminals. The novel title doesn't really match the content... unsure if it's a translation error. Take note that this is written in 2015, where chaebols (rich powerful Korean families) can and still wield a ridiculous amount of power. There's only a limited amount of justice that can be enforced by the legal system.

The background story of the MC's family and various side characters is tragic but heartwarming at times. Not much embellishment, typical of KN novels.

The various criminal arcs are quite fascinating, and progressively get more and more gory, hence a big WARNING for underaged audiences. Clear depictions of murder, mutilation, dismemberment, etc. <<less
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Xx_Nekuma_xX rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: Completed
My personal favourite. It's very good that it kept me going. To think I finally finished reading it..


I like the fact that the story doesn't really focus on romance. How he managed to hide his crime (I love that part) and the process his power was corrupting him. I thought it was strange about why he deviate from his normal goal but realised it was the power's fault. The ending is also good though not well thought out.

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TheImperfectGirl_994 rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c33
You could say that this review is pretty unfair because I've only read up until chapter 33. (Maybe I'll update it if I continue reading it)

I stopped reading it because

... more>>

There are so many f*cking idiotic moments, the side characters are sometime even more smart than the characters that are kinda important especially the MCs sister!

She's so naive and innocent that it's so disgusting. Up until chapter 33, there have been like 7-9 crimes already that is made by DIFFERENT people (one is still a mystery and unsolved) and 3 of those crimes is connected to that naive motherf*cker sissy.

If you read the story in the Wuxiaworld, you will see in the comment section some comments about how idiotic the sister is and the MC. The MC is passable because in the start, he only have 4 for intelligence (but when that improved to 40+, it's okay) but that sissy of his is smart (how? and where do you see that she is?)

I feel like the only good thing she can do is get killed by an enemy and that triggers the MC to be the God of Crime he really is.

Maybe she'll change and get badass or something but the way I see it, if this early in the story, she's already a troublemaker, I don't know what to expect from her in the future.

I get it! She's a pretty good sister, but she makes way too much trouble that it drags the MC down, all because of her doings. It's annoying, okay. If you read it, you might also get annoyed or nah but.... She really is annoying.


I might continue reading this if I have free time. <<less
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YoBiT rated it
May 2, 2018
Status: c164
At first I like it. It was a cool story about a guy searching for the truth about himself using crime skills even though it is OP. But then the author rushed the ending so quickly that many plot holes were left.

Eg. Author forgot about the harem, brothers character development, his tutor, caterina's internal civil war and the sexy thief development. All im saying this should have been great and has a lot of potential if it werent for the rushed ending.

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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: Completed
Good story. Good translation. The story of the reincarnated that differs markedly from other novels. The MC reincarnates to change his previous life of not doing anything wrong, changes it to make everything right.

The story is short, no words/chapters filling like most generic Chinese stories. In fact, the pace is rather a bit too fast and skipping several essential scenes. Anyway, it's still better than those million words novel that one have to stop reading in the middle. However, from being rushed, the harem dies, the romance dies, the character... more>> interaction dies, though anyone of them could be developed into more interesting subplot.

One fatal boring : the background is very typical Korean novel style. Broken home, poor sister who selflessly dedicates herself angelicly to raise the remained family, the loan shark, the basement dwelling, the saint-level girlfriend who experts in everything... <GROAN>.

Despite those caveats, I give 4/5 because I could finish it in a few days, not months, and still get satisfaction from reading-the-novel, not boring. You may, too. <<less
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Arrynne rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: c164
Interesting story from start to finish, however it won't be something you would read a second time.

The plot and the characters are amazing but the author didn't develop much of the other characters and focused on the MC though it was a given to give focus on but the author could have developed the interactions between other characters.

Like:... more>>

His relationship with his younger brother who was killed so that he could prove the MC is innocent from his first life. The author focused only on the relationship between his, his sister and his future brother-in-law.


If the author developed the identity and relationship between brothers it could have been a vital plot for the story to be more interesting.

Anyway as I said it was an interesting read but I wouldn't read it for a second time. I probably would read again but I will only read my favorite parts not the whole thing. <<less
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icerror rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: Completed
All the same, it's interesting to read about modern crime and how a slight advantage can change the game. The writing is creative and expansive, especially before the protagonist can straight up hard-carry. I also enjoyed the atmosphere. Still, I felt like the author could have done so much more with this setting. It would have been much better if it weren't serialized and instead a web-novel IMO.

... more>>

You could smell the scent of something being axed with a clogged nose. There were a lot of potential development, the possible romantic interests that directly tie with MC stats, the exp grind, the supporting cast, the drama, the rushed mafia game arc, the double rushed ghost of framed past arc, and that finale...

The ending also didn't really tie up all the loose end, but I felt like being a sore loser for holding it against the novel, so 4/5 would recommend.

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