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An unknown reporter, Se Cai receives a gaming system called, Eye for News through an accident. The system allows him to trade skills and items that furbish his reporting skills. Follow on his assignments as he exposes nationwide conspiracies, records heroic profiles, expatiates public dissent, and uncovers administrative corruption. However, his most difficult assignment of all remains the navigation between the women that occupy his life…

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brioche235 rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: c31
Summary of the story up to c31: a superhero-wannabe gains mind-reading abilities after tearing off his eyepatch while recovering in a hospital. The MC then spends half his time perving on beautiful women while steadfastly denying anything of the sort, and the other half of his time using his newly-awakened capabilities to save said beautiful women while not forgetting to put himself in compromising situations. Of course, this being a Chinese novel, the author never forgets to describe how alluring their white skin is or how enticing their plump breasts... more>> are.

As for how the rest of the story goes, I imagine that he's going to make his own news and record himself just like Spiderman, the biggest difference being that Peter Parker actually tries to hide his identity. However, who knows? Maybe our MC might buy a mask.


If you're looking for plot, you won't find it here. There's better quality trash out there. <<less
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TheGamingNerd rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c14

The novel is pretty good in my opinion it's at least 80% realistic... well there's some parts that dont make sense but doesn't really affect the story too much only a little. For a modern game element novel its second to none...

The plot is realistic for a news reporter, classic news like suicide attempt etc. corrupted companies that go against the law. The only thing that is so-so is the characters the author didn't make it so we know the outer appearance of the... more>> MC and the other characters we don't even know if he has a news type face (maybe will be revealed later on who knows). The translation is 4/5 it has several mistakes that he/she should fix like making the sentences more pleasing to the eye and not making it without space it made my eyes hurt ;-;.

Also why are all number and station names Like x**XX-x**XX OR 88888-88888 confusing overall a good story to read if you are interested in news reporter bad luck :P <<less
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: c24
I absolutely love this! I love stories like this. It remindsme of The Big Life, Ace of Ace, God of Cooking, and Top Management and a few others I cannot remember right now.

It has game elements and a protagonist working hard towards his particular profession/goal. It's in its beginning stages so I can not say much, but I can say it has potential. Lot's of it. 😉

... more>>

a misunderstanding happens between the MC and this girl who might end up being the female lead... It was so cliche... Ugh. Hope he fixes that later.

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