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After being reborn twice, Jiang Chen discovered that the tragic death of the first life was not an accident, but a meticulous design for the sake of never ending troubles.

The protagonist of “Life of Domination” wears the “best choice system”. In the delivery room, the system gives him two choices: “ordinary biological parents” and “rich non-biological parents”.
The protagonist chooses without hesitation.

So , the system took Jiang Chen and the protagonist unknowingly, and the life after that was turned upside down.

The protagonist relying on the system in his hand, went all the way from a scholar to a crocodile, inheriting the family business in expectation, a complete life winner
Jiang Chen, on the other hand, had to give up his original dream and graduate early to earn.

One hundred years after the star calendar, the scientific research boss Jiang Chen woke up and returned to his second year of high school. His father was disabled in a car accident, and his mother carried all the heavy burdens, but did not complain to him at all.

Jiang Chen did not choose to find his biological parents first, but made a breakthrough by himself with the memories of his previous life and the knowledge he had learned in his previous life.

In a word: Professor Jiang, a man who can tear apart the system plug-in with his bare hands.

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9 Reviews

Nov 27, 2022
Status: c125
Enjoyed reading this so I went ahead to mtl.

But MC had a fatal flaw: he is not ruthless enough in dealing with the antagonist. And it has caused him, his family, and his friends harm.

... more>>

Our MC knew that the antagonist is cruel enough to kill but he still didn't deal with him enough. Mind you, antagonist killed him in his first life and actually attempted to kill him in his current life.

Idk why he was dawdling so much when he has the means and ability to clean him up. But he insisted in the loooong and maybe the honorable path in dealing with him.

Meanwhile, his biological brother hurt his hand, endangered himself while investigating the antagonist and was continuously misunderstood by his family. When MC was almost hit by a car wc was orchestrated by the antagonist, MC's mother who was then pregnant was stimulated that she fainted. His friends also got into a fight with this antagonist and had a head injury. Lyk c'mon!!!! I understand his cautiousness bec of the antagonist's system but with his ability and connections, MC could've ended things earlier and prevented all these hurt. He was also pretty okay with the idea of the antagonist staying with his adoptive family (this is a switch at birth story) when this guy is a literal villain??????


Kind of disappointing. If MC didn't come from an interstellar background and was just an ordinary student who is smarter than average, the antagonist could easily clean him up. You have a golden finger!!! Use it to protect your people, by hook or by crook!

Edit: I just wanted to rant bec I feel lyk some chinese authors can benefit from taking philosophy classes so they can realize how bad is it to turn over to the f*cking military inventions that can do face detection and locating people. There's even a super OP hacking device that can even access nuclear codes. Lyk oh my god!! (Why are writers like this. The only way they can imagine futuristic inventions are those that can intensify surveillance and hurt civilians when brought to the hands of a fascist government or institution. Since this seems to be a common theme in many chinese novels, the military propaganda seems to be working well.

Decided to just drop it bec it's too loooong. <<less
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Oct 26, 2022
Status: Completed
The writing and story are good. The characters are well rounded and not illogical (well, at least not inconsistent... side eyes HQJ).

The ending gets kinda rushed (in the last two chapters) but it’s understandable, as it fits the progression of the story and there’s not much left to be said. Still, I think the author could have extended a bit on some parts of the aftermath.

The romance feels natural and compatible with both the leads’ personalities and responsibilities, but is not a major focus of the story - which, to... more>> be frank, fits much better in the story than somehow shoehorning fluff everywhere.

Not much angst ensues, except for the obvious confrontations of the past and the turmoil of He Jia (which are also direct consequences of HQJ’s behavior), but the leads are mature and steady which helps keep the tone even, but not flat.

About some dislikes (and content warnings) :


The He family messes up A LOT at the beginning, and it will take time to get used to them. They don’t really seem to treat any of the kids as people rather than props, specially Old He. They’re also especially dismissive of Jiang Jia until quite well into the plot (after the paternity is revealed, of course), and the treatment of their kids is very appealing, especially He Qianmin and Jiang Chen. In fact, had Jiang Chen not been a genius and Qianmin’s friend, I seriously doubt they would welcome him with so little obstacles.

Related to that, He Qianmin is severely outcasted in favor or HQJ. He suffers multiple times through his hands, both physically and mentally, and thus has heavy trauma with regards to HQJ. The trauma isn’t exactly the best dealt with, even after the revelations of HQJ’s nature to He Jia, and isn’t exactly acknowledged outside of Jing Chen and He Qianyu, and I think that wasn’t the best move on the author’s part, as it takes much of He Jia’s responsibility out of their shoulders.

At some point past chapter 170, HQJ will go to prison for his various crimes against Jing Chen. While there, he is r*ped. The story is pretty clear about it, there’s no sugarcoating, and it might be disconcerting for some. Jiang Chen will advocate for his situation to be investigated and if true, corrected, but he’s clinical and detached about it (which, imo, is not something reprehensible, but might leave others uncomfortable.

After leaving prison (and even during, tbh), HQJ is shown to be in a psychotic, manic state time and time again, rapidly alternating with depressive and enraged moods. He goes through quite a lot of mental instability right away.

Lastly, it’s revealed that HQJ basically directly condemned Earth to be massacred by aliens and a bleak future full of pain, s*avery and suffering, which means that to keep the same from happening again, he will be kept alive as a human experiment/host for the system so it can be better studied... Bleak, but not out of grounds considering the circumstances.

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Oct 26, 2022
Status: c100
Good job on the translators and a hearty thanks, but man the book was rough.

The first 80 or so chapters I felt that I wasn't so much reading as hacking my way through a jungle. So many dull little distractions and boring side issues that I just didn't care about at all. It's a shame as the book does manage to do somethings really right.

No spoilers here this is all stuff you find out immediately I'll give a spoiler for the truly annoying parts later.

1st The fake/switched child is really... more>> a detestable piece of garbage. There was no moral ambiguity with this one you could whole heartedly hate him from when he is first described. No "OH imagine if you are teenager about to lose everything you thought was yours, you might be rotten too. Nope he was he was complete tr*sh"

2nd The Families were pretty likeable if dull as dishwater, come to think of it all the characters even when they were being likeable were dull.

3rd man the plot just dragged and seemed to be almost surreal. I kept wondering how did he/they get here?

Just on the non spolery stuff it was a poor read.


The worst part though was as you went further in it got s*upider. In the opening the antagonist is described as someone who likes to amuse themselves by torturing the MC and his adopted family, The MC is perfectly well aware he I nucking futs but he puts resolving him somewhere on the back burners after buying a vacation home. By the point I dropped it The fake had just hired a hit man to run the MC down and managed to nearly kill both the MC's mothersInstead ending the farce at theis point he decides to postpone everything while his bio family keep the nutcae in their house.

That was about the 5th or f\more time he had done something like that and it was just getting tiring.

There was also too much mana falling from heaven onto the MC.

in the end it was just too much,

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Oct 14, 2022
Status: --
I'll edit to rate later but here's an easier to understand summary:

In his second life as an Interstellar researcher, Jiang Chen learns the misfortune and death of his first life was due to a protagonist with a system who stole his place in his biological family. Mysteriously reborn back to his first life, Jiang Chen uses his knowledge of two lifetimes to protect his family, get revenge and reach the summit.
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Nov 30, 2022
Status: c149
Honestly pretty boring imo.

... more>>

The He parents and grandparents are annoying for trying to manipulate Jiang Chen (JC) into returning to their He family home, just because he's related by blood. They kept saying they wanted to exchange JC and He Qianjian (HQJ) regardless of JC's or his adoptive parents' thoughts or feelings. They finally agreed to just share the two kids (which obv should have been the first and only choice. you can't just steal someone's kid cuz you found out you're related by blood). The He grandparents tries to force JC to change his name to He QianChen, even when JC rejected it. At least He father didn't force JC to change his name.

All I've seen is the He parents and grandparents brushing off all of HQJ's sus and bad deeds and don't hold him accountable for his own actions. All JC gets is a dumb apology every time. I honestly can't be bothered to keep reading until HQJ ends up in jail cuz the novel really isn't interesting.

I agree with another reviewer where the author is bascially just giving JC a rich and powerful family. Like all of He family is just tr*sh except for the younger siblings. They just want to steal all the hard work of the adoptive parents' raising JC and claim JC's the smartest and best because of their He blood.

Also, ZERO ROMANCE. I barely feel any love between JC and Shi FengYue. All of their interactions were just boring talks and meals. Literally don't know why they fell in love, is it just cuz the other party is interesting 🤷‍♀️

I also dislike how patriotic the story is to China.... like let's be real, if they actually got their hands on JC's AI.....I know it's just a story, but it's a scary thought lol

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Nov 18, 2022
Status: --
The MC is a supposed genius from an interstellar era in his second life and he didn’t immediately start trying to create interstellar technology to protect himself? He’s made to seem smart and intelligent but he put his family at risk by putting the antagonist at the back of his mind basically ignoring him when he’s literally trying to kill him and anyone he cares about. The MC lacks any sort of urgency and gives his adopted parents so much angst for no reason. He literally could’ve just got everyone... more>> together and explained the whole thing including the system and his second life and they could’ve did a blood test while making sure nothing could be switched instead he goes through so much nonsense to get rid of the antagonist who is not even smart and leaves trails everywhere. Also the forced love intersect between the MC and the ML is just unnecessary. The author keeps trying to make the ML have some new identity every chapter to make him as op as the MC and he keeps appearing everywhere and has high intelligence for basically no reason other than plot. It’s such a lazy writing because the MC could’ve finished everything without his help and the story is just full of unnecessary plot. <<less
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Oct 16, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a good novel to read. The romance is very minimal and mostly focusing on the technology aspects and other things. Though the ending felt a bit to rushed but overall it kept me intrigued. There is no serious drama except for the wrong birth and god the villian was one s*upid person... Even the system kept telling him not to target the MC but no he had to do it. He never actually regrets anything and always feels that MC stole everything that belongs to him (even though they... more>> were mc's to begin with).

Anyway as for the ml.... You can actually tell who he is from the start so not gonna spoil it.

The patriotism in this novel is very dominant but if you can ignore this aspect then it's all good. Though you may sometimes feel uncomfortable about it aswell..

So while it's a good novel, not everyone will like it and may even hate it. But give it a try if you are bored... And for those that feels uncomfortable about the patriotic aspect about it, it starts after half of the main text....

So bye! (>▽<) ノ <<less
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Oct 27, 2022
Status: Completed
It had interesting plot but don't know because author writing style? Or story's too smooth sailing?. It is too monotone and a bit boring.

Mc's very op. He can do thing on his owns and smoothly solved everything.

Kinda like slice of life/daily life novel. (I like this kind of novel but still think this one is a bit too blend /too light?)

I enjoyed highschool ace. (First part of story) it's heart warming about family and friends. Sadly when story continues because I don't like He family. I hardly enjoyed it... more>> later.

Thanks for Hell's review/spoiler, I prepare my heart and know beforehand so I can read this till the end.


I don't like he family. For my opinion they have No redemption. 😫 Selfish and irresponsible. Author try to tell that they are lovely parent, rich, powerful and well educated thier children but if you read what they do you will feel it not like that plus author give them a bad move with wrong time so I cant think they're good.

They bad parenting, (if you understand how to raise kids you will see more faults)

4 reasons I hate them

1. They never take responsibility for their child crimes. They do nothing. No helping, no try to resolve, Never take a blame, they just Wait for kids take care of all problems by themselves.

They always disappointed when know HQJ do bad thing but they never thought who raise him to be like that (we know the true that not thier fault but they don't know, right?😂) Not try to teach kid right or take care what they do. They care only He family. No any real compassionate for victims from them.

2. I hate how they raise the child. They care only results. Ask for best from provide resources but the fact they never educated them by themself. Care only outcome. When you read novel you will see that they don't know any of thier kid well. They care only surface, never care about mental or what their kid feeling or thinking. (They have 3 kid and fail all 3 and the mom blame villain for it something like if I have MC the good seed from start everything will be perfect etc. 🙄 I roll my eyes for that. Nope you the one who fail to protect and take care your kids, woman)

Author give background story about biological mom. The in-low didn't like her so she get pregnant and throw her first kid to in-low house to raise (for pleasing them?I'm very biased about her😂)

3. They disown HQJ too soon. In my point of view, all they reaction and act not reasonable enough. When the child you raise are bad so just cut him out/ neglect him, they're not responsible for it?, Author try too give some reason but You know that not how good parent act. Right? One is fine is the grandma and I think she the one who get real hurt. I can't say she good one but she stay/accompany with the child she raised till the end. (For me this is basic for parent and He parent never do that for any kid lol)

4. They're selfish by steal someone's else child and hard work. Many acts're bad move. He family want MC back by set the party and tell the world about him but MC, HQJ and adopted mother not ready yet. But he parent forceful forward and hurt adopted mother feeling badly and not give her time for heal, author give reason but if you read it carefully you will see they care only thier feeling and their benefits first even they know that will hurt other but they still do it like they want to do. And after s*upid party, no one give sh*t or gains any benefit from it. Only he family happy. I hate it when author let another characters come and prise how great MC is and he family be proud and say this is my family kid etc. When they never raise or educated him but get all credits under their name.

Most of all author think He family's act are good one🙄🙄🙄 so the ignorant and have happy life when never pay any real price what they do.

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Jan 04, 2023
Status: --
If there's a novel version for rotten tomatoes, this one would definitely be rated with a splat. The experience I've had reading this book is like watching a bad movie. I don't know how else to describe it?

At first I thought I could stomach it. Maybe some parts are beginning to cringe, but I wasn't that bad. Half way through the novel, the flaws are getting more and more. Not only are the character settings all weird, even inconsistencies in the plot started to happen. I cringed the hardest with... more>> the weirdly cardboard dialogues, it was pretty surreal sometimes. Definitely an experience. (The ideology is also pretty cringeeee) In the end, I had to shut one eye to finish reading. Nearly turned my head away but it's like a trainwreck happening in front of me

I... would recommend this if you're a bad movie enjoyer? I don't know how else to say it.. <<less
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