After Transmigrated into a Book, I’ve Gained an Entire Family of Cannon Fodder


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Qi Xing Chen gets transmigrated, he transmigrates into a pleasure reading novel about showbiz world and becomes a cannon fodder of this novel.

This character’s name only appears one time on the tombstone, because he gets killed by the main male lead of the book.

Due to this, Qi Xing Chen can only say you reap what you sow to the original owner. However, his goal now is to stay alive throughout the story, so that he can somehow return to the real world.

But, when he seems to have some issue when he knows about his new family’s style.

Cannon Fodder Dad: I’ll buy you a private jet and build a private airport next to our family’s mines. Isn’t it enough for you to play for half a month?

Cannon Fodder Older Brother: The Hollywood movie that we co-produce and the hottest IP drama of the year, you can chose between the two.

Cannon Fodder Younger Brother: (push the paparazzi’s head into the muddy water) Oh, you dare to secretly take pictures of my brother, I will make you see the sun rising at the crematorium forever!

Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend: Xing Xing’s graduation project is being mocked by the entire social media? Teaching Assistant, give him my projects so he can play with them.

So, Qi Xing Chen, who has not been spoiled all his life, waves his hands in tears: Isn’t it just to kill the popular male lead? Don’t waste your life away, let me do it!


Later, the male lead has calmed down from his high and buttoned up, looking at Qi Xing Chen on the sofa with flushed face and curled toes: “Not enough or pretending to be dead, hm?”

(thinking that he could) change his fate! Bottom x most-sought-after star! Top

— You’re the brightest star in my night sky.

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New VHanuel
July 5, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm wheezing at his dad spoiling him; MC was dumbfounded every time.


Son, dad bought you a diamond mine. Son, dad bought you your own aquarium.


Where can I find a dad like this? Lmao

Update: I'm back after finishing it. It was quite a journey at the end but it was a happy ending.
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New BaiYihan rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: c35
It's a sweet novel. The MC is the second young master of the Qi family but he wants to prove himself to his family so he doesn't let anyone know his background. It's really easy to MTL too.
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rhianirory rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed
MC is one of those who are clever enough most of the time but a complete dense idiot when it comes to the ML and there are lots of misunderstandings for those who enjoy that kind of thing. The MC grows his strength as an entertainer throughout the novel, (but his brain still dribbles out his ears around the ML), and he isn't an OP actor or born genius. As for the story itself, there are a few logic-flaws and plot holes to overcome and a lot of cliches.

I... more>> liked the family dynamic and how warm they all were to the MC and how accepting overall but

many of the MC problems would never have appeared if he just admitted who his family was from the start. Certainly, he should have admitted it when he took over the MCs body. He didn't want an unfair advantage? BS. It's called "utilizing your assets" and China is built on nepotism and family relationships. A lot of really annoying small problems could have been avoided and the story would have been far less cliche.


I also really want to go into a rant about prejudice and hyper-nationalism, but I'll just say that ABC is a derogatory insult for 'American Born Chinese' and it's never meant in a nice way when someone from the mainland uses it. You will never see one in a position of power and success, all ABC in these novels are minor villains who are either arrogant a-holes or arrogant idiots.

all that being said, the two are sweet together once they finally realize they like each other and the ending is more complex than the start would lead you to believe. Speaking of the end

it was sweet he got to see everyone again but to be honest, I was a little disappointed since he already has family IRL with the ML and ML family. Him running back to the book makes it feel like that wasn't enough for him and he had to run away into fantasy and fiction instead of appreciating what he had in reality.

I know that will be an unpopular opinion since he loves them and they accept him and its all sunshine and roses but that how I felt and it made me feel sorry for the ML since he and his family obviously weren't enough to fulfill the MC emotional needs in real life.

I was also sad he didn't go back into showbiz, considering all the training, effort, and learning he went through in the book world. It seems a waste not to use the hard-won knowledge and be a teacher instead.

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ActualTrash rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: Completed
4/5, I quite liked it.

It's quite similar to other transmigration novels you've read before, if you've read a few, but it manages to do a lot of extra things right that make me like it more, mostly in how it handled the ending. There's not really any angst, the only thing I generally dislike about showbiz novels are: 'extra' drama, and how mean fans can be. : ( The MC is a kind young man that lacks some confidence, due to his real life past, especially when facing the ML. (Can... more>> be a bit of a fool in front of ML too)
The ML isn't exactly cold, but he does have an arrogant persona when facing anyone not close to him. He's kind and understanding to the MC, and of course possessive. He treats the MC well.

MC isn't the only one to transmigrate into the novel, but the ML as well. (You find this out quite early so I didn't spoil-tag it) The main antagonist is:


The reborn Tao Tao. She's essentially reborn every time she dies unwillingly; when the plot doesn't go the way it did in the novel. The first time around she didn't end up with the ML either, I believe. I think the MC and ML have some sort of inkling that they've been through this before, the first time, but I can't 100% say, due to mtl.


The family is great and over the top, they all love and spoil the MC unconditionally. For some reason the father believes the MC is quite fierce, and the top in the relationship. That's clearly not the case.
As for side characters, aside from those related to the MC in some important way, they don't really stick around that long.

As for the ending:

The MC and ML eventually leave the book and return to real life after Tao Tao dies again, but this time she lets them return. (She's going to be good when reborn again though, so the Qi family doesn't suffer.) There's no angst or forgotten memories, they find each other the chapter they wake up. The MC doesn't go into the entertainment industry, however.

I think the thing I liked most about the end is how he was able to re-enter the novel as he willed, as himself, and was able to meet his "family" again with the other Qi Xing Chen. I just thought it was really sweet that he didn't have to give them up.


Overall a good novel, and whilst it wasn't anything amazingly unique, there was also nothing in it that annoyed me. <<less
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_seven_ rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: --
I'm giving it a 4.5 because I liked a particular scene where

... more>>

The female lead gets a chance to redeem herself and that the MC was able to talk to the original owner. The letter MC made for the original owner also touched me. As for the ML, I love it when he tries hard to make the MC more confident so they could be equal on the relationship and not just MC treating himself as lowly while ML as god. MC also strives to be worthy of ML.


All in all, it's a decent novel to read. <<less
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periperi rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: Completed
5 stars

This is one of the few readable-in-Chinese entertainment circle books so I highly recommend it. The plot is easy to follow, not dull and full of sweet moments. It has one of the BEST and HEALTHY relationship in BL I've seen so far. They are just really supportive of each other. Communication is the best and I love how ML sets things straight with MC and how they are equals and how ML is not in any way on a higher level than MC. Now that is relationship goals.

Plot... more>> wise

I actually find it rather refreshing. For all that it's a over used plot of transmigrating into a book, MC actually transmigrate into a fanfiction where ML is the male lead and in real life an idol. MC is his fan in real life too so it's almost a fan x idol setting as well that makes it really cute. ML is also transmigrated so MC has no idea ML is his REAL idol making it almost cuter since his thoughts are always "oh this is the fake one" but no it's the real one hehe. It's a real slow burn but it's nice to see them gradually get closer through each of MC's project. MC is also not super OP and he's really sweet and willing to learn. There's many minor antagonist that get their faces slapped but not overtly and it's satisfying.



As mentioned is slow burn but once it hits, it's very sweet. No drawn out drama, MC accepts it pretty quickly. Not much wooing though and they get together pretty quickly. Then it's just fluff!


As for the family

I like them, I almost wish they had more screen time especially towards the end. My favourite is MC's younger cousin. As for the childhood friend, I feel that he was mostly there for a bit of plot then he faded out pretty quickly.


Main antagonist

I couldn't tell for the first half of the book then bam the foreshadowing came quick. It ramped up pretty quickly towards the last 30 or so chapters but I liked how the main antagonist somewhat redeems herself in the end.


Major spoiler for the ending but

MC and ML goes back to the real world. It's really bittersweet but I like how MC made that mature decision on the chance that by doing so, FL's younger brother might have the chance of coming back to life. Even though there was the risk that they might lose their memories of each other. And how MC decides not to go into showbiz back in the real world as it's realistic since he's studying some other stuff in uni in the real world. It's also nice that he found out he could return to the book world whenever he wanted later on. And the last super bittersweet thing was that book MC did not end up with his childhood friend that he liked. I thought they would but they didn't. I was kind of sad. I suspected that it's because in the story, childhood friend actually fell for our MC so when the story reset, well they just weren't meant to be. I wish for book MC's happiness.


Overall a really easy and enjoyable read! <<less
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Anonymous Reader
Anonymous Reader
May 22, 2020
Status: c60
I thought the synopsis and the first chapter were interesting so I decided to MTL the story. I can't give a rating yet since I haven't finished the story, but so far it seems pretty good.

... more>>

After getting into a car accident on his way to see his favorite idol, the MC ends up transmigrating into the cannon fodder of a fanfic he recently read about said idol. The MC tries to make sure that he and his new 'family' don't suffer from the same fate as the characters in the novel. Honestly, he's not used to all the affection he's recieving, but it's rather sweet how much they care about him.

The MC also tries to follow the main characters of the fanfic and watch their development. So far, the female protagonist seems like a nice person but...


I keep having the sinking suspicion that there is something off about her since she is a 'self-embellished' protagonist of a self-insert fanfic. She's just too perfect.


As for the male protagonist, the MC doesn't quite know how to treat him since he is based on his idol, but he acts as a fan. He just can't figure out how a fanfic character can be so similar to his idol, but the truth is...


The male protagonist is his idol. The MC's idol had also transmigrated into the novel during the stage accident that led to the MC's own car crash.


The male protagonist, on the other hand, is rather intrigued by his 'fan'. As of 60 chapters in, there isn't really any romance, but the MC and the male protagonist are getting along pretty well.

I suppose another thing that I appreciate is that the MC isn't really OP. Although he does have some skills from his previous world such as his acrobatics, he isn't a genius. In his first film, he didn't know how to act; he had to study how to, and he still made mistakes. Although he picked up acting rather quickly, the MC didn't master it right away.


Overall, I think this should be a enjoyable novel with a gradual romantic development between the MC and ML. <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: --
The last show down with main villain is kinda over the top and some parts was unnecessary but well I guess it kinda served the purpose. Overall a very sweet story. MC is especially lovely, ML is also very loving. And you have to admit the villain is one of the smartest out there. It makes for a good drama. Though the last show down is really silly.
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