Reborn as a Good Child


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As a useless, spoiled and wild child, Bai YiHan finally brought about the end of his family, chased away the one he loved and caused his own death. After rebirth, he decides to cleanse himself and work hard at being a good child. But a lot of things don’t seem to be as he expected…

Bai Pa + Bai Ma: My son’s so obedient. Someone must be bullying him. This cannot be forgiven!

Bai Big Bro + Bai Big Sis: If my little brother’s sensibility comes from his suffering, then I’d rather he be a spoiled brat forever!

Mu JingYuan: If HanHan hits you, you must accept it. Yet you dodged…The wind’s changing. Someone should be bankrupt to make HanHan smile.

Bai YiHan: … I was so wild in my past life, your involvements are undeniable!

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65 Reviews

New MoonkeyUwU
Aug 14, 2022
Status: c220
Around 3-4 stars, it was a quite good story.

I've read them before around a year or two ago, and I quickly dropped it because the plot is a bit illogical, ... more>>

like how he just got scared of one guy and everyone assumed that the guy hurts him, though he hadn't done anything yet. And when the whole family blames his sudden change from him being hypnotized.


But I decided to give this novel a chance and reread them. I found that although the beggining is kinda bland. The writing did improved as the chapter goes. And I was a bit wrong for thinking that MC is a bit too dumb because he didn't hide his changes and like how he was impulsive at the beggining. Because it does make sense after what MC went through for him to act like that.

as for the plots in later parts it was okay too, my only complaints is that there's too many side-characters's story (well, it didn't bother that much and it's just my personal opinion that I don't like things diverted from main couple. So this doesn't affect my rating overall.)

So I guess If you like face-slapping, MC who's spoiled by whole family, doting family and ml, you should give this novel a try. Maybe you'll like them. <<less
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New BetwixtedEve
Aug 01, 2022
Status: c53
Sorry. I wouldn't usually write a review at this point seeing as I couldn't read it to its end, but I am so frustrated here.

I've tried twice to read this one. The first time, I made it to chapter 53, the second time, I couldn't make it past chapter 48.

My biggest problems:

... more>> 1. Unpleasant ML

2. Unpleasant MC

3. Unpleasant Cast

4. Unpleasant Plot

5. Unpleasant Narrative

Now. I am usually able to get past even two of the above when present in a novel. I will even admit that under the right circumstances, I can even make do with 4 out of 5.

However, some things are unsalvageable. There needs to be a certain balance, and emotional pay off for me as a reader.

If the ML is going to pull a move like proposing to the sister because he fell in love with the little brother, at least make it believable and plausible. It makes no sense, and feels more like a "don't want to figure out how to make the ML go from indirectly causing his death to being his happy end, so just hand-wave everything into a big fat misunderstanding" kind of plot device than anything.

If the MC is going to be brutally traumatized, commit suicide, and regress to years prior where he is still surrounded by people who adore him, let it be relevant. It's probably the narrative execution, but the trauma is dropped in here like it's supposed to be a plot device instead of actually relevant to his character growth and choices. He certainly does not make better decisions regarding his mental health after being reborn. Which, in some ways, is realistic, but compounded with everything else highlights a very horrible execution to what could be a very artistic literary experience.

Speaking of: the Cast contributed to his trauma in the first life, and even in this new life, they aren't helping him get through it. They "adore" him, but only see the superficial problems and ignore the very blatant PTSD signs. Some things can be hidden, sure, but the changes have been noticeably drastic, pointed out by several characters, so why is it simultaneously awed over and ignored?

The plot, from what I can see, is an overdone Mary Sue White Lotus novel archetype. The whole thing hinges on a single misunderstanding of mutal "I love him, but he will hate me if he finds out." Which. I do not hate this kind of plot, I have read several. However, this on top of the above three points compound for a very unpleasant experience.

The narrative leaves so much to be desired. And to be honest, it is because of the narrative that I have decided to quit. I like the premise of this novel, and I can see where the author tried. But, each failure in proper execution is like a slap in the face and frustrates me.

To be frank--

I can stomach a lot of garbage for a good experience, but what? In my opinion, chapter 46-48, where the ML gets the MC "accidentally" drunk after the MC just had an explosive breakdown and it is implied that they even had sex, is blatant non-con and even worse than the gangr*pe from his previous life.

That I'm supposed to ship this CP after that is where I draw the line. Absolutely. Not. <<less
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Aug 28, 2020
Status: c92
Minus one star for one of the worst plot set-ups I have ever read in a series that isn't a slapstick comedy. The reason for the engagement makes no sense at all. It isn't believable in the least.

The reason the ML and sister get engaged is because she (a supposedly intelligent woman) convinces the ML (supposedly the smartest man in the city) that he can be closer to her brother by becoming his brother-in-law. The MC dated one girl once briefly and learned from his relationship with her that he wasn't attracted to women. Since he dated a girl once in this entire life, the ML and his sister assume he's heterosexual without ever asking him if he even likes men. The ML decides to become the MC's brother-in-law, effectively cutting off any chance of ever having a romance with the MC. They were already as close as friends without being in-laws and still had the option of romance together.


Seriously, what the hell? This sets up the foundation of the series, so it's of critical importance. In the MC's past life he even confesses his feelings to the ML, and the ML not only rejects him but ditches him ruthlessly. The romance feels forced and unnatural. After having so many unpleasant experiences and memories regarding the ML and completely exhausting themselves from one another, the MC still wants to have a romantic relationship with him? I figured most of their romantic feelings would have died after two years apart and a lifetime of nightmares. The ML was so cold to him at the end and disappeared, allowing the MC to be gang-raped multiple times and have his bones broken. He was even gang-raped and killed in one of the ML's warehouses, so he has associated the ML with a number of horrible and traumatic experiences. I can see an accidentally one-night stand happening, but a healthy romantic relationship? No.

Kudos for giving the MC a psychiatric disorder consistent with his past, but minus half a star for the treatment of mental illness. The MC has obvious trauma symptoms strongly suggested of acute stress disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with a history of sexual abuse. Even when the MC has overt flashbacks and keeps dissociating, making the doctor struggle to complete a physical exam, the doctor still says nothing is wrong. Things like appearance, behavior, speech, mood, overt hallucinations, overt delusions, etc. Are all basic components of the psychiatric physical exam this doctor should have completed, and he still says nothing is wrong. About one in four people have a mental illness, so primary care physicians encounter and treat a substantial number of psychiatric cases every week. They usually try to manage anxiety or depression and refer anything else or anything slightly difficult to psychiatry. This doctor is so incompetent, he doesn't even take the MC's desperate struggling, crying, and fighting as a sign of a serious problem. Not only that, but he advises the MC to drink alcohol to calm down rather than prescribing a sedative. Alcohol and PTSD do not mix well (as the ML experiences when the MC attacks him), and PTSD drastically increases the risk for substance use disorders, including alcohol abuse.

At one point, the MC

breaks a bottle and tries to kill himself. His suicide attempt is interrupted but still leaves lacerations on his neck and hands as well as on the hands of the ML.

This is clear criteria for a psychiatric inpatient admission, and there's even a doctor right there in the house, but no one tries to get treatment for the MC or even stitches. Instead, the family opts to have someone with the MC most of the time but still leaves him to himself with many options available for the MC to commit suicide with. They do not offer the safety or protection an inpatient facility would during this crisis. Even if they don't want to try medications, they don't even consider therapy as an option. Although the family members and ML claim to love the MC, they do not care enough to research his symptoms and see what might be wrong or see how to help him. Like several other events in this series, this is inconsistent with their character designs.

Of course, the one they say is mentally ill is an antagonist. Although he looks like he might have antisocial personality disorder, which isn't treatable in the first place, why are they equating him to the MC? The MC has obvious mental illness, but why does the family keep neglecting this point? They even go so far as making the excuse that a master hypnotist implanted this trauma into the MC. Mental illnesses need treatment just like diabetes, high blood pressure, Crohn's disease, and other conditions do. Ignoring it will not help unless the condition is strictly limited to being acute and only having one episode. Pretending your leg isn't broken isn't going to repair the injury.

The setting isn't believable, the characters aren't consistent, the response to mental illness drives me up a wall, and the plot development is slow. There are plenty of logical and character inconsistencies to notice along the way while reading and plenty of plot holes to keep your mind busy. What is keeping this series interesting at the moment is the introduction of a new character, so hopefully that will be able to bring up the series quality.
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Mar 28, 2019
Status: Completed
this has a lot of drama in it and unlike most rebirth novels it's more realistic in some things. The MC doesn't just shake off the horrible things that happened to him just because he was reborn nor go on a revenge rampage. He suffers from nightmares, PTSD, and depression, among other things. I was impressed that the author was willing to write about some of the real after effects of r*pe and torture (though his having s*x with the ML while still so traumatized is questionable). This is one... more>> of the very few BL (or GL) novels I've read that shows a mostly realistic aftermath; what the victim goes through psychologically and has to live with on a daily basis. It was hard to read, but I prefer this to those stories where the MC is r*ped and then falls in love with the person who hurt them. Normally i'd take off another star because of the r*pe tag but because of the way the author wrote the MC and the true to life trauma that wasn't magicked away, I finally decided not to.

there were, of course, things I didn't like. It's hard to avoid DRAMA when that's the genre and I sometimes got impatient when it went particularly melodramatic on me. The misunderstandings really pissed me off on occasion as it felt like they were thrown in just because and served no purpose other than to pad the story and as as an excuse for more gratuitous angst and drama. I wont even get into the crazy girl. She was just annoying. The side couples were cute but kind of annoying when their story got in the way and took over the story without warning. I wish they would have saved the side couples for the extras. Over all I thought the story was flawed but still pretty good. <<less
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Oct 31, 2019
Status: c101
Dropped this novel.

Its safe to say that I've been emotionally triggered from reading this story. I'm sorry, but I think I hate this novel. The author somehow portrayed a victim from verbal and physical abuse too lightly. Even the strongest person can break from such torture, yet the MC is somehow just fine.

Its not..... right.

I feel so disgusted.

And I feel unnecessary pain while reading this. Its a big mistake to read this while you're not in the right state of mind or heart.
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Jan 24, 2021
Status: c157
Some people are disgusted, some people think its good.

I think that pretty much sums it up that there is no single 'catch' or 'cure for everyone who's suffered from depression or has ever had suicidal thoughts. The story has dark themes no doubt. The MC's family is trying to help but people don't come with manuals or psychology degrees so they make mistakes. Nobody ever thinks time-travel either.

The reviews complaining that they're coddling the MC are... unfair. MC tries to harm himself and genuinely believes everyone would be happy... more>> if he was gone. If you ever see a loved one do that, and your response is, well it's been a month now, time for you to get over your mental illness, it's not right. Depression doesn't work on a timer. Suicidal thoughts don't go away from a love confession.' He needs to grow up!' you say? I think you don't understand this story or that having depression and being actively suicidal has nothing to do with 'growing up'.

' They're coddling him!'you say. Well yeah, I'm glad they do. MC isn't taking their love for granted. He's not throwing money around, or being selfish. Hes not crying in corner, going woe is me, pity me. He's trying to be a 'good' child. He's trying to be 'normal' and give back to his family all the care they're showing him. But because of their efforts, he's realizing that when people love you, they just want you to be okay. It's okay if he makes a mistake, he's allowed to be angry and show ugly emotions. It's a long long road to recovery. Even at around 100 chapters, he had a minor relapse where he hurt himself but didn't even feel the pain. His mind is his greatest enemy right now but he's trying to do the best he can and protect his family from the bad stuff that happened in the previous timeline.

This story does not have the best representation of mental illness. There are some bad things and some good things. But you have a family who's genuinely supportive of their suicidal child and don't blame him for struggling. How many have that? How many wish they did? Well, this is why fictional novels exist.

The translation isn't complete so I will rate after I am done. But from the varying reviews, just know that this story might be cathartic for you and it might also not work. That's okay, I hope you find something else that works for you. But for myself, I was brought to tears a few times, many of the plot twists were interesting and I'm genuinely cheering for the MC and his family to have a happily after. <<less
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Jul 08, 2019
Status: c109
This really gives a whole new meaning to rebirth stories.

Ive read so many rebirth novels with same cliches, op MC that seems to know/remember everything, died in the most awful way possible but doesnt seems to have much impact on them aside being angry getting revenge and all that.

Here, you will see how the novel touches the most realistic way of how a person reacts after all that horrible horrible things and undegoing rebirth.

You can see his trauma, his pain, his regret. You can see that in his 1st life... more>> he is useless and ignorant that when he rebirth, his knowledge is as limited as his 1st life, no instant knowledge of too much info from the future, just enough info for him to be considered having the normal amount of limited info and knowledge (like knowing about the most popular business venture, or the accident related to his family)

Its really good. I actually cried alot 😭 <<less
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Oct 09, 2019
Status: c25
Maybe I haven't fallen in love before...... this just does not suit my taste. It's simply ridiculous how much the MC is suffering because of love. I've only read till ch 25 and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. His sister and supposedly ML never care about MC. They just assume this is what he wants and never asked him what he feels about it. It just seems...... so selfish. It f**k my mind so bad that I have to cleanse my mind with some fluffy BL.

All in... more>> all, 3.0 out of 5. <<less
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Jul 11, 2019
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed the whole thing.

This is a refreshing heart wrenching rebirth story. You can't help but love Bai YiHan, empathize with him, cry with him for his demise and the pain his trauma had caused and can't help but cheer him on as he tries his hardest to overcome his trauma from previous life and avoid the mistakes he made before.

The misunderstanding sometimes are funny but there's also angsty huge misunderstanding near the end I almost want to skip the whole thing.

Fair warning for those with triggers, there are mentions... more>> of r*pe and extreme physical violence, it wasn't very detailed but it wasn't glossed over either. I managed to endure during those moments and continue reading. But be warned and stay safe. I, myself, skip any story with r*pe tag.

This one is an exception within an exception.

The MC is that useless younger brother that usually be a cannon fodder but because of the trauma he went through and how he process his rebirth, I can't help but love him and want to shelter him too. The ML I don't really like, but I tolerate him on account that he makes the MC happy, so. The star in this story is truly the MC.

The story telling is a little choppy sometimes, but it wasn't a hindrance, over all a satisfying read. I recommend reading this novel.

Also, Translation work is great. Easy to read, no confusing grammar, you can enjoy reading it. <<less
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Nov 25, 2020
Status: c116
The novel had a good start, but YiHan and JingYuan's relationship just makes me so uncomfortable.

... more>>

YiHan obviously has PTSD and is rather mentally unstable after being abandoned, r*ped, beaten and finally committing suicide. His guilt, obsession and love (internalized h*mophobia woo) towards JingYuan makes for a very unhealthy relationship. Yihan tries to kill himself after unintentionally having s*x with JingYuan for goodness sake.

JingYuan isn't any better. Sometimes I'm not sure whether he's actually in love with YiHan or just thinks of him as a younger brother. JingYuan treats YiHan as a helpless child he has to protect, is possessive to an unhealthy degree and lies to YiHan about basically everything to "prevent him from getting hurt."

JingYuan has so much power over YiHan and that's really messed up, whether he knows that or not. Also, I hate how YiHan's parents are guilty towards JingYuan for having to "pretend" to like YiHan when he's been lusting over him for years. JingYuan is building a web of lies that's bound to crumble at some point.


Basically YiHan needs to go to theraphy and postpone having a relationship until he's actually mentally stable. <<less
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Aug 06, 2019
Status: Completed
When the wedding of the main couple is used as a prop to a side couple and the wedding of the side couple is actually written not like the wedding of the mains couple you know that somthing is wrong. I feel like the author just did not want to keep writing the story of Bai YiHan anymore and to not drop the novel they just canged the focus.

If you plan to read this fic because of the rebirth aspect, I don't recommend at all. More than half of the... more>> story was actually dedicated for the side couple... <<less
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Feb 26, 2021
Status: c111
The only thing I liked about this was that his past life actually had an effect on his mental health, all too much in these reincarnation type novels, the MC won't have any trauma from their last life, even if their last life wasn't particularly tragic, you would think they would have trauma from how they LITERALLY DIED right? It was nice to see that in this, the MC actually has trauma from his past experiences.

BUT, I really hated reading this. I actually wanted to rate 1 star, but accidentally... more>> pressed 2. Dropped at ch111. Basically tortured myself getting that far. The MC obviously has an extreme mental illness, PTSD from r*pe sort of mental illness, but even with all the VERY OBVIOUS SIGNS, no doctor or anyone around him suspects he has PTSD. I'm saying the signs were very, very obvious, and not a single person had any inkling?? They kept writing it off as depression, and even went as far as to make up the excuse of him being hypnotized like??? And another thing I REALLY HATE is the s*upid love heals all trope in this. Like he obviously has PTSD from his past life getting r*ped, but just because he has feelings for the ML he is totally ok with it if it is him? A person with trauma can love, and that love can help them on the path to recovery, but it isn't a heal-all, and they wouldn't just be an exception to their triggers. It makes absolutely no sense that with his trauma he can be easily intimate with the ML. And back to my first point, because no one realized his obvious mental illness, he never got proper treatment. He didn't get proper treatment, but just because he falls in love, he is perfectly fine??? NOOOOOOO come oonnnnnn, LOVE DOES NOT HEAL TRAUMA, I HATE that trope so much. He shouldn't even be capable of having a healthy relationship considering his mental illness, but because he has a "healthy relationship" (which isn't even healthy because the ML is kind of insane and honestly also r*ped him) he no longer struggles mentally????

Back to the thing about the ML being a really bad guy, at one point the MC said that when they were doing it, he said to stop because he was tired and done, but the ML just kept going?? He literally said that when they did it (and not just on one occasion,) he passed out multiple times while the ML did whatever he wanted to the MC?? AND THAT DIDN'T TRIGGER HIM??????? HE WAS FINE WITH BEING R*PED JUST BECAUSE IT WAS THE ML??? The first time they did it was actually dub-con, and sorry if you think otherwise in their case, but dub-con is just romanticized r*pe, legally dubious consent is considered r*pe, and that is just what it is.

The way their romance progressed is so bad, they shouldn't have done it that first time like that and then immediately gotten together, they should have slowly worked out their feelings, got the MC mental help, and when the MC was stable and healthy again, and they were both in the right state of mind, only then should they have done it. Their relationship should not have been a physical one until much later after confirming feelings. <<less
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Jan 05, 2020
Status: c98
I dropped the novel because it became ridiculous imo. The premise was interesting, a rebirth story from a tragic past and moving forward to a happy ending, which isn’t bad, my main problem was

... more>>

the whole world is a story and the girl, Tan, is the reader who transmigrate into the body of Lin’s girl. And bai finds out about it and torture her and make her go crazy with the reasoning of, you’re just a storybook charecter, you’re not real, and he’s like, well I am real it’s my life you cannot make me suffer. The author Could have left the storybook part alone and continue with the rebirth and making life better.


without that part it could have been a great story, it that spoiler ruined it. <<less
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Apr 27, 2019
Status: Completed
The MC has insecurities due to his past life, and is flawed in that he doesn't really have a lot of skill/ability. However, he still perseveres through his own pain for his loved ones, and that is what hooked me onto this story. Also, the fact that the ML will literally do anything to keep the MC. He's possessive, but also lets his lover have friends and have a social life. The ML is the MC's largest golden finger. ^^ There were a lot of side couples as well. Some I liked, others I was less interested in, but they are all fleshed out to some extent.

There is some drama and angst, but the problems are solved in a orderly manner, and the story ends with a happy ending.


I give it a 5 because the story was easy to read and hard to let go of. [MTLable]


I would have loved to see MC's one secret be revealed to the ML at some point, or for the ML to find out that the MC really was reborn and that he'd suffered a lot, but half of that is because I <3 angst at times, and the other half is because I want to see the ML really love all of MC, even the part of him that had been r*ped, humiliated, rejected, broken, and killed (albeit that was suicide in a way). I suppose we kind of got that a little bit with the ML from the other life who seemed to have merged with the ML from this life, not that the current ML is aware, but I feel like it would have been nice if he was aware. Well, that's my wishful thinking.

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Jul 13, 2020
Status: c85
This story idk what to say but I'm highly disappointed. It was little hard for me to digest the fact that MC is really a "waste". Before rebirth he literally used to just eat sleep and throw unreasonable tantrums. After rebirth ofcourse he was still s*upid but a bit mature as they say in the novel i.e. he stopped throwing tantrums and learned to treasure his family.

I also cried a bit while reading MC's past so I don't really hate him but I don't like him either.

About ML I just... more>> lost it at that part where

he took MC's drunken kiss as a consent to have s*x.

Also MC is still suffering from PTSD from his past life so I feel it's really weird that he's so okay with "making love" after being so traumatized and r*ped even though he loves ML I think it's too fast? I mean I guess it's nice that MC hasn't lost his trust on humanity and he doesn't see everyone as monsters and trusts ML too much ?

Also his family... they're a doting family but they're not really so close to MC mostly because of MC's nature so it's not completely their fault. MC never shared anything about his feelings to anyone. His sister who supposedly cared for the him created a rotten plan and made everything a mess and ML agreeing to it is even more s*upid. I mean they could've just tried to ask? even though considering MC's past behaviour he won't say anything about his feelings but they could've atleast tried it right? ML was supposed to the smart one yeah? so why was he so dense to understand that MC was being jealous?

Also it is nice to see that the author atleast showed us mini glimpse (?) of what victims go through (PTSD, Depression, etc) although it's not shown completely real bc it's novel just for entertainment purposes ¯_ಠ_ಠ_/¯. It is still better than other novels where characters just get over it.

Also why is there a sudden transmigration plot?? so this whole story is a novel?? everything's happening in a novel?? I think things are going to get very messy... <<less
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Mar 14, 2020
Status: c68
A very decent read. Y’know those characters that are meng incarnate and just there for cute factor? They’re usually small children or animals? Well, our main character is basically that after rebirth in the eyes of everyone in the story. The beginning starts off more as a hyper brocon/childcon and seems like a comedy but it turns into a long drama story quite quickly.

Overall it’s not bad, MC’s PTSD isn’t glossed over and no one laughs it off, the family moments are cute, and MC’s reborn status doesn’t turn him... more>> into some prodigal son. The ML’s kinda your typical CEO but only soft for their sweetheart, but he works ok with MC. I will say due to MC’s meng pet status he reads as 16 or 17 when in reality he’s 24, it makes sense in story because everyone spoiled him rotten but I still was surprised whenever I remembered his actual age. <<less
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Oct 03, 2019
Status: --
Took one star off because side pairings taking over. I mean, they're cute and all but it's pretty annoying.

This is a fairly realistic take on being reborn. MC is determined yet afraid of screwing things off. He didn't suddenly become a genius. He's s*upid and wasted his time before so he's still s*upid. He just became cautious and more cherishing of things he has.

The "misunderstanding" get solved within 50 chapters which was fairly quick yet we will see other struggles.

So if you're averse to somewhat meek MC (not that bad... more>> but compared to your usual seizing all mc) you might not like this.

But he gone through a lot like gang raep, abuse, etc and it shown by his nightmares

he slept with ML when he's drunk because he thought it was a dream where ML saved him and reciprocate his feeling. And author inserting hypnosis hypothesis was a very interesting take on someone who suddenly got a personality change overnight


Also for those who got curious what happened in MC's 1st life after he died


after he got shot, mc's sis called ML who finally fly back. There he saw MC's dead body with opened eyes. MC's mom said they couldn't close his eyes and they said his last wish was to see ML so he closed MC's eyes. He blamed himself for running away. He took mc's sis (?) As a vase wife and take care of mc's family. He went into a coma when he get drunk infront of mc's grave. And hug it. He gave his company to mc's bro. When he went into a coma he "dreamt" that he was in a corridor to his company/house (?) And when he opened the door MC was there smiling at him. (Basically he got in to the reality where mc's in)

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Jun 05, 2020
Status: c80
I binged it all in a few hours and I was crying the whole time. The main character is very cute and has some PTSD from his past life. I like how MC doesn't instantly get over it and seek for revenge like other stories. He reflects and tries to be a better person (a good child). The story has just the right amount of angst and I cannot stress enough how cute the MC is!!
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Nao Otosaka
Nao Otosaka
Sep 07, 2020
Status: c72
It's already really kind of me to actually rate this story 3 stars, but honestly speaking it would hv been 1 for me if not for the 'plot'. It feels like the author just copied and pasted all the notes and ideas and there's no descriptive presentation. From descriptive presentation, what I mean to say is no background has been laid down for the characters and the story in itself is filled with numerous plot holes. Even the 'drama' or the MC's tragedy is lacking. Not like I'm saying that... more>> author should hv added on to his problems but at the very least he should hv given a proper description of the existing ones (not like I'm a sado-masochistic person and I promote gang r*pe... but what I want to say is he should hv described them in a proper manner so that it 'incites' the notion of sadness for the MC and doesn't feel dry and lacking.) Everything abt his prev life's tragedies was just cramped up within 2 chapters, each of word limit of maybe 100-200 words and the next thing you know... is the part of his suicidal tendencies. I know CN novels never follow 'logic' but at the very least to make the novel interesting... don't completely overthrow common societal norms (like which doctor would even suggest to drink alcohol to curb depression... not to mention if the character is delirious n has repeatedly tried to commit suicide then isn't the first thing to do is to take him out to consult a psychologist?). Also there were major plot holes (to the point where I felt all the characters hv thrown their wits out of the window to even love the MC to a nauseating point yet not try to find an acceptable 'cure' for his mental condition). I only read due to the plot. The plot had potential (if not for the author's childish writing of just hitting down the points and connecting the dots w/o even hinting at any 'in-betweens'). Also the translators hv done a great job on this one and if not for the author's idiocy (it feels as if she just wrote it on a whim) I would surely hv read till the end. Though I'm not a sucker for gang-rapes n sadistic plays but I still think the plot had potential (I mean the author definitely did a good job at taking her notes I guess) but the story...... is just messed up. <<less
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Jun 04, 2022
Status: --
I feel that this story is being criticized very unfairly.

Many people criticized the portrayal of the MC character and his family that did not live up to their expectations.

When in fact, the author himself already wrote that things from the beginning... There is scene where MC himself admitted that he was a useless person (MC was reborn but in the end he couldn't do anything to change his fate and need help of many people for change it).

The same goes for the MC family, many people complain about their behavior...... more>> But did u see the synopsis before u reading this story??? It's already clear from the synopsis that his family is a protective and always protect the MC no matter what happend... and this is also depicted in the MC past.

So I don't know what u guys complaining... It's already stated from the start, from the synopsis and from chapter 1, if it's not your cup of tea, then leave it... why u need to give low rating lol, it's just look s*upid.

And for people who say MC is s*upid just because he fell in love with ML again even though he had left when the disaster happened in her previous life... You have to remember that all of this happened because MC is such a big bastard, and the reason why ML left was because MC was the one who telling him to.. This isn't like ML running away like a coward...

So yeah, this story is your typical favorite brain-dead melodrama which you read when you're bored or when u need some mood booster... and it's all clearly written in the synopsis...

So please don't give a low rating just because your high expectations not fulfilled, and remember to read synopsis before u read something, because it's looks dumb when u commenting something that literally was already stated in synopsis... Like, how the f*ck u still read it when u know u already not like the setting of character's and the plot of the story... <<less
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Blanche Desu
Blanche Desu
Jan 26, 2021
Status: c147
This is a good novel, thou people have different taste I personally love the plot and the flow of the story. But just a reminder to those who are sensitive to emotions, please read at your risk cause just like me I felt depressed while reading the novel. But there are also funny scenes and conversation that left me laughing so hard my family think I'm crazy.
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Oct 04, 2020
Status: c100
It's a good story as it talks about self esteem issues, abandonment issues, depression, and PTSD, so far the mental illness part is actually quite solid and there is no things like ~instant cure~ like other romance novels when the protagonist found ~true love~ and is all fine after dating their love interest (well so far from what I have read and I will drop it if it does happen because I hate that trope so much). There is a family aspect where the family are all walking in eggshells... more>> around the protagonist and are trying to help him. And so far I am in love with the novel HOWEVER

Do not read this novel expecting fluff and marshmallows.

This novel is full of trigger warnings and if you do suffer from depression, self harm issue or mental health issues please be aware that this novel is triggering as it talks about suicide and such so please re consider reading this if you do suffer from any mental health issues. And it will make you feel worse if you read it when you are down and not in a good state of mind.

As much as I live this novel so far it has triggered me a couple of times as well and I had to stop multiple times in specific parts due to how depressing it was and had to collect myself before continuing to read it. (Why do I continue reading it you say if it triggers me its apparently because im a masochist :))

For real tho its full of trigger warnings so read this at your own risks

Other than that if you are a normal, mentally healthy person who does not suffer any underlying mental health isuses, its actually a pretty good read.

Tldr: its a pretty solid story that touches on mental health issues, so is triggering to some so read at your own risk <<less
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