After Returning, My Abilities are Infinite


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“If you had E-class or F-class skills, history would have changed.”

Jung-woo Jung, a hero who has everything except ability.

Then the world gave him unlimited power.

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회귀했더니 능력 무한
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New Namit_Rustagi rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c60
What the f*ck is wrong with the characters in the novel? Why tf aren't they suspicious of him, a re-awakening can't do that much sh*t and I'm pretty sure they know this too. Why tf do they think he's just knowledgeable, that's just literally predicting the future.

... more>>

Although I'm haven't finished the novel, I'm pretty sure Han Yeon-soo won't end up with the MC. The author made her completely fall in love with the MC for some sh*t reason so that he can ask her for help whenever he wants 'cuz she's a super-strong hunter, and do the job easily. Not saying the MC is a scumbag, but this is exactly what is happening till now. It's pissing me off.


And although this happens in the most Korean novels, changing from 1st person to 3rd person every other line is still annoying asf <<less
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sandro530 rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: c1
It looks like a fantastic novel and the beginning seems very good. The only downside is the translation. I think it is very good that someone translates that many novels with a frequent release date. What I don't like is how bad it is translated, sure it is quite readable, but it isn't good its only at the level of machine translation. So please do hire an editor, or someone who knows korean.
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MyRAMEN rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: c53
Although I would rate this as a 4, the translation is in need of editing. There are multiple mistakes each chapter, some translation mistakes but mostly editing / grammar. For example throughout the story a female character typically has the he/him pronoun making it confusing. Lastname and firstnames was also switched for a main character that it made me think it was a new character until a 2-4 chaps later when the title was attached... Explanations on some aspects could also use some work.

As for the story itself, I liked... more>> and it was enjoyable to read. The reincarnates into his past self when he was still in highschool. He was the best analyzer in the world, but due to hin not having any power, humanity eventually failed. This time he swears to become some1 powerful. He also gets a system which enables him to become the most powerful person on the planet with time. However there is major plotholes with the timeline. By the tine the 5th disaster struck, he was a middle aged man, yet at least to the part I got to which is c52, two disasters already started and is being prevented by him in the timespan of little over a year while the third on is already in the works. Another major plothole of this story was that everything basically revolved aroud Korea. Although the author attempted to try and fix this later... its already become messed up and imballanced. Now, Im okay with the story basing on Korea with it also being the most powerful, however, the author truly overdone it in this book. 3 of the 5 heroes are in Korea. Technically he is also one so it is 4 out if 6. The strongest guild is in Korea. The strongest undercover man thats possibly a god and also the strongest association (gov) is in Korea. The first disaster is in Korea. The strongest academy is in Korea. The second disaster is partly in Korea if MC didnt change it, making at least 2 out of 3 in Korea as it hasnt got to the third one yet. Everyone in the whole world also knows Korean and MC can perfectly converse with them. Which is later attempted to be covered up by plot armor of him knowing multiple languages even though there was a chapter he couldnt communicate with the chinese man but also communicated with him. Anyways... you get what I mean right? This is a disaster affecting the whole world, but the 5 disasters within the distopian world filled with monsters across the world is looking to be all in Korea... My god. Another negative aspect of this book was the harem element in the book with the 2 introduced FLs. I feel like it wouldve been interesting if it waa translated better, as the characters in the book were a little flat due to poor translation/edits. But even if it was perfectly translated, one of the FL's (who is also crazy in a way) relation and love with MC is really forced, while the other is also in love but more submissive type. So this forced love and flat FLs typical of harems, would likely still remain, meaning it might not even be a translation thing. Anyways I did like this movel despite its negatives. <<less
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dosithee rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: c15
Writing is very vague. Plot is bland. Characters? Bland....

So not that much different from many LN. What really kills this is the current translation (Active Translations). I appreciate their effort, but it really isn't much different than reading MTL...

Much better:

Solo Leveling, The protagonists are murdered by me, etc.
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DeamonReaver rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: c14
Translation is a bit hard to follow. Needs a good editor to complete the translation of idioms into English equivalents and clean up who is talking.

The author is lacking in explanation and is relying on the reader to fill in the gaps based on common tropes.

The world building has just started, but has the potential to be interesting, if not pretty standard.

... more>> The MC doesn't stand out as of yet, but thankfully, isn't a annoying trope character either. The author has kept the MC true to his background template, so far.

The system is interesting, if a little vague. Unfortunately I can see the author falling into the sad trope of the MC becoming OP over night.

The story is pretty standard for a "return to the past\modern dungeon" genre. Well have to see how thick the plot armour is, and if the author can add support character s that arent cardboard, or worst, standard trope s.

I hope the author grows, seeing his faults and can correct then as he goes on.

This has potential <<less
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rhianirory rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: c45
very middle of the road so far, I'm neither intrigued nor annoyed, but rather indifferent to the story. also, within 20 chapters there's already hints of 2 love interests, so I'm guessing this might turn out to be a harem, which makes me a little dubious about continuing.

the MC does the typical "I must be low key... hey, look at me, I'm super strong!" that many Korean MC do, then says it was all part of the original plan so he can get good backing. ... more>>

if they're going to show off anyways why bother with that tired line? this MC starts showing off from the very beginning, then talks about how embarrassing it is to be noticed by everyone. it doesn't make him look modest, it just makes him look like a hypocrite.


other than that the story jumps from the MCs story to stories inside the records without much warning and it's easy to get lost and confused at times. I just found it irritating, though I can understand why other people might like it. also, this MC has a very bad case of hero syndrome so expect him to rush into things to save the day on a regular basis. <<less
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Ujianertas rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: c52
Overall, it looks like 15 year old boy write this after school. And other 15 year old boy translate it to English.

The story, it is mildly interesting. But cliche. And the arc is nonexistent. Whole story is to ram the readers brain that MC knows and can do everything.

The plot, saying it has holes is overstatement. The plot is a rag. MC can do anything but insist his few friends should accompany him. The strength of MC is boring. The situations and tensions not depicted well.

The pov, it is all... more>> over the place. Naration from third person then jump to first person in next paragraph. Dont know if it from the original or translation site.

Character building is weak. I as a reader cant connect with any of these char. And they were bullied too, which usually could make me engaged. And that is protagonists. The bad guys are not worth mentioning.

World building is insufficient.

It is pretty boring. <<less
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bthnccklr rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: c106
this novel is more interesting than it peers. You know the ones that dungeon happends in the world and MC is korean. But being interesting doesnt mean "good". It bored me. MC knows future so it became boring and there is a trick when MC knows the future which is somethings doesnt talked about suddenly happens and MC says "ooh this was happen" and then this thing became MC's power directly or indirectly. And other problem is everything happens around Korea. I mean every important things shouldnt happen in one... more>> small country right? 5 heroes korean, 5 calamities happen in korea. There is almost none talk about internationality. MC's power makes this novel interesting but it is great cheat with his future knowledge and it is written in narrow vision. I am dropping this, it isnt worth waiting you know. And I wouldn't recommend it. <<less
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Sid13dec rated it
August 17, 2020
Status: c32
I love this series as the premise is very good and it keeps you interested for future chapters. The pacing is also very good. Honestly I don’t have any problems with the translation as I understand it perfectly and can’t find any major problems. You should definitely give it a try if you are interested in a story with a competent, reasonable and kick ass MC, interesting side characters and a world building with a lot of potential.
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Pluhinson rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: c13
Still waiting for editing.

Upd: the editor started working on this series

Story so far is pretty good, except can't understand smt because of the fact that there is no edit.

No particular actions noticed, but the world is opening for us, readers.

I think from c8 and on there will be a lot of events happening, so I'm waiting for it

We can see some things happening one after another, so the story progresses with some speed. Hope the translation will go on and we all will be able to read till the end.
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new cultivator
new cultivator rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c23
only slight problem is the translation, a bit hard to understand and sometimes worse than good MTL, otherwise the story seems pretty good and better than isekais so far.
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ryoryoue rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: c23
the novel feels off. Comparing it to other good Korean novels which has similar premise, it comes short. Overall, it's a relatively good novel.

... more>>
  • for being the "Analysis God", he lacks planning and decisiveness to a point where it seems he's impulsive
  • severe lack/poor execution of foreshadowing that makes things off or just practically feel like events/information pop out of nowhere WHEN the MC is a REGRESSOR
  • MC saying he wants to be low-key and yet his performance says otherwise. Yes, he was not a combat Awakener but it really does not justify him not knowing the benchmark of being "low-key" when he was dubbed as the "God of Analysis" even if he mainly focuses on defeating monsters. To be able to defeat monsters, he needs capable hunters. The ability of the hunters need to match the ability needed to pull of a victory using his analysis on the so-called Catastrophes/Plagues
  • went into a dungeon without any preparations knowing that a team will be wiped out and yet got saved by system through RNG prize
  • showed power above veteran hunters and yet the guy-in-charge from a guild told his teammates to hide the fact the he is powerful because MC might have a reason to hide it. The One, MC didn't voice a request for his skills to be hidden. Two, he's from a guild and yet his reasoning was in consideration for the MC without a thought for his guild as to which the MC would be a great addition.

Regressor protagonists are powerful because they know what's coming and is prepared for it. Not through luck, but preparation.

I'm a firm believer that when the author starts to rely on luck to make the MC powerful or progress the plot early in the novel, then this kind of tendency will emanate throughout the novel. And this is a regressor novel, as to which luck shouldn't be on the forefront of it. It makes it worse that the MC is dubbed the "God of Analysis". <<less
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Thecomicgeek rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: c39
At first impression the MC's history is very similar to the MC of tr*sh of the Counts family. But their personalities are very very different. The MC feels emotionally dead. His past traumas are probably the cause. I find that interesting. Its too early for me to be sure but I feel like the author may have made the blandness of the book intentional for the most part because we are reading it from the MCs perspective. His reactions from his environments stimulus is bland because he doesn't care. The... more>> most emotion conveyed in the book come from other characters surrounding the MC. But so far its not the misunderstood trope. He is single minded in his goal to prevent the future he knows and mainly his overpowering NEED to kill monsters. He kind of feels like a non malignant psychopath since he can discern other peoples emotions but doesn't really react to them unless he feels like it can accomplish a goal for him. (No perversions though)

In summary it was an interesting read for me and would like to continue reading to see how his character develops. Do be patient with the first 10 chapters or so. The quality of translation improves splendidly after.

Ah and though I compared it to ToTCF the quality of storytelling is quite different but not in a bad way. <<less
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