A Wish to Grab Happiness


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Lugis is an adventurer who accompanies the Hero’s team party. However, every day he has to fulfill tasks that are not pleasant at all. In addition, he is oppressed by the other members of the group. The only reason he remains on this journey is because of his childhood friend, Ariane. But she is fascinated with the team leader known as Hero. One day a shadow figure appears and tell Lugis, “Let me give you a chance. A chance to redraw your life.” And so, Lugis is given the opportunity to be sent to the past to restart his life.

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As For Me, Give Me Happiness
Negawakuba no Kono te ni Koufuku wo
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New Sarang_kp rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: v8c188
The story is great but the it has like too much emotions as in become quite lengthy with just the characters expressing their emotions. Apart from that the story is pretty good
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macy2 rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: v3c47
For anyone looking for revenge galore and all the typical tropes in a second chance story; this is not for you. As of V3c47 at least.

This novel, in my opinion, offers a realistic take. Yes, our MC is useless, and arguably wimpish male that sacrifaces his happieness to be by his childhood friend's side (his crush). This decision puts him in the hero's party where everyone is highly competent and amazing; except him. And so, scorned and dismissed by the entire party (which is a harem), the MC is unhappy... more>> and resentful of the righteous great hero (who represents all that is good and righteous, but is ignorant). Btw the childhood friend is no better either; purposely (in my opinion) ignorant of his circumstances she is 'greatful' he stayed by her side but shows no consideration for him at all.

And so a second chance is given and he returns to the past. And the MC vows to pursue a different path. First of all, in contrast to the comments saying he doesnt change anything; that is false. It may not be flashy or grandiose like all other novels. But the MC actively tries to better himself training as an adventurer. He does use prior knowledge and is smarter. The only difference is that the changes currently are subtle and unnoticeable. He is more proactive and stands up for himself. After all not everyone can have an indestructible plot armor that allows them to make society changing decisions. The MC who is still powerless and weak starts off with himself.

Along his pursuit of a better life. He makes some decisions using past life knowledge and becomes embroiled with one of the hero's future party members. And the actual story starts.

All in all, this a slower story with a weak, trampled-on MC who has no power in society. There is not much action either. The appeal lies in its realistic take and the character explorations. Throughout the novel the MC repeatedly and scornfully recalls the future female party members viewing him as dirt. The ones in his 2nd chance (pre-hero party era) are vastly different from the future. Through these new interactions before the hero came along, we see what drives thier personalities in the future and why they hang off the hero. As well as the subtle changes the MC causes.

For anyone who wants a novel with some actual deeper substance and plentiful character growth (and building) this is a novel worth checking out. (Btw the first party member he encounters is pretty unlikable, please keep that in mind)

Once again this is slow moving plot; even at vol.3 not much has actually happened or been revealed. The above is my take on the novel so far and may be subjected to changes in the future. <<less
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Zunas rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: --
Novels with Second Chance titles mostly defines the MC is changing what they had done wrong, or trying to.

Now This MC, doesn't even try to change the past, and let it play it out over.

Not worth your time

i don't like pathetic/dumb/weak MCs, no offence
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peterkxm rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: v7c166
Since this novel is less than half translated, I will only give a few short comments on why this novel is actually better than what the prior reviews say.

  • First of all, the writing (I'm sure some of it is lost in translation) is phenomenal. The author clearly is a good writer who can use clever wordplay, realistic character backgrounds, and good settings to create an enticing plot that allows us to slowly understand the world that our MC is in.
  • The MC is realistic, to the extent that although we could say "oh this isn't something I would do in this situation", we can at least understand why he is that way and why he acts that way, especially given his initial lack of talent or powers. He is certainly like "Joker", the villain from the Batman series, in a sense due to the fact that he is manipulative, cunning, overall intelligent, and plans out everything in advance so he knows what to expect and how to handle any situation that arises.
  • We have the "unreliable narrator" element involved BUT it's different from other unreliable narrators in which Lugis, our MC, begins to understand that Stanley Helot did not have a harem in the first timeline and that was rather a misunderstanding on his part. In truth, the female party members worshipped Stanley Helot as some sort of deity because he knew his purpose, had faith in himself, and had a vivid passion for his own definition of justice which probably dazzled the party members since they never had that emotion or passion in themselves before. Of course our MC later on figures this out and attempts to change his interpersonal relationships between all these female party members in the second timeline which leads to all of them basically relying on our MC for emotional support almost all the time (take the female sorceress for example or the tsundere-like knight, we have yandere heaven basically).
  • Also, let's talk about revenge since that appears to be of hot debate among the readers. The "revenge" that the MC takes is not necessarily revenge but rather fulfillment of the MC's life; it's like a revenge on himself for being not proactive in the first timeline. The title, "A Wish to Grab Happiness", embodies what the MC wants, literally and metaphorically. The MC wishes to become happier in the second-life/second timeline that he was given and he wants to become someone who can truly be happy with the person he is, given that he has negative emotions towards his previous life encounters (Helot and female party members). He also carries a lot of regret from the first timeline thus this second-life is his revenge to obtain the so called happiness that Helot, the "hero", had in the first timeline by taking advantage of what he knows from the first timeline.
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Aozorah rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: v3c52
If you like OP MC, and hates pathetic/loser MC, then you shouldn't bother reading this.

I really liked the story at first mainly for the reason that the MC is really trying his best to change his pathetic past, but it went down past volume 2 when he met the sorc and the hero. Why the hell would you party up/interact with the people you hated the most to the point you wanted to redo your life? It's just plain s*upid. The premise isn't even revenge but a chance to change... more>> himself.

The reason that made me stop reading this past volume 3 is because the MC keeps doing s*upid things that only implicates his new life, it's too idiotic.

And the thing that bothers me the most is the MC's reason for hating the hero, which is him being popular with the female party members and being jealous because even his "childhood friend" liked the hero, which apparently the MC neglected when they separated in the orphanage and didn't bother sending her letters because of his ego of wanting to become a great adventurer, and then he expects his childhood friend to return his unrequited love when they reunited in the hero's party? Ffs, the story is so s*upid. I just cannot relate to the MC at all, he's just too pathetic, no offense.

I just cannot help but think that the author is just venting his past frustration for being unpopular. <<less
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Lanboy rated it
February 12, 2020
Status: v3c61
Much can be said about this story, but I will say this: a quality story and effort.

The protagonist is realistically a nobody who simply gets caught up in the torrent of bigger and unforgiving forces. He starts off bitter towards his traveling companions, but when he goes back that all changes. He learns how miserable the companions were and by understanding that, the reader and later the protagonist understands why they are bitter towards a nobody like the protagonist and dependant on the "hero" who is literally an ideal hero... more>> who can give the insecure companions security they desperately want.

The author invests most of the story to the characters playing off each other and their stories to varying degrees of success. The characters are well designed and developed to the point where the interactions between the main characters and the more developed side characters are fluid and seamless.

The first companion the protagonist meets is the most cruel and hateful of the bunch, bitter about much and prideful to cover the bitterness. The author carefully changes these aspects of her bit by bit as she is developed along side the protagonist; as the first aspect that is the same with both of them: bitterness towards various things, and both have their bitterness morph into understanding and action.

The second companion met, the mage, is brought along with the main antagonist, the hero, who in this story is a very firm believer of justice (more about him later) . The mage, like the swordswoman, has a variety of problems that make her miserable.

The side characters are excellent, they don't step out of line, act realistically, and feel like they're always doing something. Sometimes the author very briefly let's their perspective be seen. They enrich the story and progress the plot. However they can sometimes do something unnatural, in my opinion, in perspective of their situation.

Now the hero, the author quickly destroys the illusion of him being a believer in "justice" through the protagonists experiences. The hero believes in a different kind of justice than the one someone would assume. The entire part about the poor person's cave shows this. The hero is purposely made to be firm in his beliefs and firm in enforcing those beliefs. By nature, the hero is unrealistic and irrational and the protagonist is also irrational but the author shows how the protagonist is more human and realistic. He knows how little influence he has and tries to compensate for it while the hero doesn't understand the extent of his influence and power as he one-sidedly enforces his justice on everyone. Which brings the story to where it is now in regards to development and behavior.

Overall, I highly recommend this story to any interested in reading a story that brings a interesting premise and story. <<less
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Andrew_Ligas rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: v2c29
A good hook - the author sets up the uncomfortable situation, and then the opportunity presents itself. Obviously, the MC grabs it. As other reviewers' mentioned, it has a slow start, but worth it. The change in the MC is subtle, but by the point of this review you can see changes in his character and the others. The MC is weak with an angry victim mentality - he wants revenge, and the Second Chance gives him that opportunity. With this kind of story, I think the author can introduce... more>> more mature elements (violence and sex) without affecting the R-15 label.

As for the translator, he does a good job to maintain a flow with few, if any, distracting mistakes; the only downside is that I have to wait about a week to read a chapter.

Finally, I think this series is good enough that a publisher might want to pick-up. <<less
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HiroBlaze rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: v7c131
First and foremost, this is a slow development story with a realistic take on a hero story of an underdog. The novel is written poetically which is lost in the translation. There is a harem here. I choose to give it 5 since people typically down vote slow stories because they want instant gratification these days from deliveries, effort, and entertainment. Not many people have patience for this, so I recommend reading it until the end of volume 3 (title drop and major turning point for Lugis) and if its... more>> not up to your tastes then you should drop it because it was probably not made for you then.

The MC excels in assassination, resourcefulness, manipulation, and cunning wits that he uses to slowly gain hero-like abilities through the course of the story. He often refers to himself as a slum rat in the beginning that slowly changes into a hero's bearing over the course of the story. He hated heroes, but also admired them that instead of following them from behind, he would lead them as one himself. This is the reason why he also pushes himself into dangerous situations. He is afraid that if he is content with his achievements, then he would stop putting in effort to be better and stagnate since he is not a natural hero. He hates belittling himself before nobles and commoners typically have strong hatred for nobles. In the first timeline, Lugis accompanies the hero party (hero Helot and a bunch of female party members). The author uses ambiguous language to the describe relationship with Helot and the girls, which we later find out that Lugis is a bit of unreliable narrator and that the girls only worshipped or idealized Helot. The hero Helot was only concerned about his own justice and not the girls. All the girls in this party were broken in some way or manner that only clung to the hero as if he was a god. As a result, the girls never resolved their internal conflicts and were husks of their true selves. Also the girls never really interreacted with each other while in the party. People with charisma have an effect like thought-inducing charm on people (the girls idealized Helot for different reasons that their broken selves longed for).

The hero party treated Lugis terribly on various levels. One twisted girl always focused her attention on him and used her venomous words to be harsh towards Lugis, but idolized Helot for his success (she treated Lugis the same way as her father treated her; worthless, never good enough, always a disappointment). Then another girl closed herself to the world and she only interreacted with the hero Helot (She completely ignored Lugis' existence). Another insane girl treated everything and everyone like insects except Helot (she traumatized Lugis, we later find out that she was in fact insane by the time she joined the hero party in the first timeline). Then there is the childhood friend who insisted on including him in the party. Lugis liked taking the night watch because he could be alone and relax away from them. Due to these experiences he has a low evaluation of himself initially that he gradually regains confidence in the second timeline. He was the only member of the party that was never praised or celebrated by others. Lugis is a unreliable narrator here since later on he realizes that it was not a harem party in the first timeline since all the girls were quite broken inside. Lugis issues were that he suppressed his own feelings, was inattentive to interpersonal relationships, and did not maintain his connections with other people very well in the first timeline which he changes in the second timeline. Some small events have large implications later on.

In the first timeline, Lugis tried to stop Caria from fighting the boar hexenbeast and she nocked him out for a day or longer, so he could not see Ariene before she left. Caria also received a fatal wound on her body and almost died while killing it. Ariene felt like Lugis abandoned her since he never came by to visit her once until she forcefully put him in the hero party.

In the second timeline or present, Lugis was on tree branch and helped Caria win without wounding herself, then later had time to visit Ariene before she left and they exchanged gifts somewhat. He also kind of promised that he will meet her again after becoming a knight or infamous adventurer. I think we all thought it was a minor event in the early chapter, but it turns out to be a major source of motivation for Ariene (true yandere for him) in the second timeline.

The Helot vs Lugis conflict, some people say it is petty hatred, but I disagree very strongly. This conflict is like the rich versus poor. Helot is talented, a noble, and strongly believes in order and that all crimes are equal no matter their severity or what reasons the crimes were committed for. His worldview is black and white. For example, if a child steals for the sake of their hungry family members or if the child is blackmailed into committing crimes compared to crimes committed with malice or evil intent are all the same to Helot. His justice only favors the nobility, while the poor suffer as the status quo remains the same.

Whereas, Lugis is talentless, an orphan, and is more morally grey. He knows people are capable of both good and evil. He knows that the poor are frequently exploited by the rich. If commoners insult nobility, they can be severely punished or executed. Nobles own territory for luxury meat like venison and if a commoner is seen eating it then they could get the death penalty. The nobles use this system that favors them to humiliate the poor periodically. He understands the feelings of the poor and those going through hardship. From growing up in the slums, he developed skills like cunning wits, resourcefulness, and manipulation. Lugis is much more human-like than Helot. There is strong hate from commoners to nobles in this story.

In the second timeline, Lugis initially makes small incremental changes that later build up into a earthquake. He uses his first timeline's knowledge about hexenbeast and people to his advantage. He meets the girl party members one after the other in each arc and helps solves their internal conflicts and preserves their original personalities. As a result, they have varying levels of yandere feelings towards him (Lugis comments that this never happened in the hero party in the first timeline). He goes from zero to hero. He's not really weak, but compared to other talented people like Helot and the former girl party members, then yes he is weak. His combat ability is above average at the start. He is really good at getting girls to be obsessed with him, creating civil wars and strategizing, and using and stirring up hatred to unify people (to gain support, propaganda, war efforts, etc).

Some criticism:

The narrative weakness in this story (WN) is that we never get the full story about the first timeline, only through small snippets of recalling from Lugis. LN does a much better job of filling in the gaps or adding minute details that expands on side characters more. The WN is kind of subtle in narrative, for example Lugis's adventurer mentor old man was a former leader of a bandit gang and Ms. Nenz was blackmailed into helping him with the ring that had connections to her in that attack that Caria and him were in, which are omitted.

Manga is just advertisement for the LN (it made Caria's impression more violent than she is than WN and LN). The WN translation could use a good proofreading for the early chapters, some words sound correct but are not spelled correctly.

A slow story is not for everyone. Volumes 1-3 are what I would call the prologue for this series. It has 600+ chapters currently. The WN uses terms like Christian, Confucianism, which would be better if he used original terms because they are not similar to the fictional version in this story. <<less
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Apsolon rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: v3c1

This novel is actually quite enjoyable to read. I means I like my fair share of dark MC but at some point, they are just being straight s*upid. The 1 star and 2 star review are probably by those were expecting a dark MC who kill everyone out of self satisfaction instead of actually trying to better himself.

This MC is not a dark MC like those loser readers like to read edgefest novel and like r*pe. This MC is a man who wish to be happy thus the title, it's not even hidden, it right there in the title. It not that he hate them because they bullied him for no reason, the thing he hate is himself for not being better.

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chios rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: --
Giving this 5 stars because I love yandere so much, and like many other people who think MC is pathetic or something else, I don't really like MC as well at the beginning. But once you genuinely understand what this novel is trying to tell us, you won't feel bad to MC anymore. He is a great hero even he doesn't think so (many people seem to write comments before they reach the middle without realizing the merits of mcs)

Yandere is the justice btw.
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tfate rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: v16c499
Well, reading 500 chapters took a while, but thanks to this quarantine I was able to do it. Lol.

The MC started as an average person, but this didn't stop him to try to achieve his goals, his struggles just made him stronger, with the help of the heroines as well the MC was able to become strong to fight some demons.

Is the MC OP? Well, yes and no. Even though he got stronger there are still enemies stronger than him, the MC keeps on moving forward and endure gruesome battles... more>> to defeat his enemies.

Yandere Harem, the heroines are actually on the gray are of "Yandere" they are very obsessed and dedicated to the MC, but they didn't want to go against MC's decision. Actually the heroines are very different compare to the first timeline, maybe because the MC was able to save them before they get "broken". Their character development is quite great as well, though most of their development is because of their love to the MC, a distorted, but pure love. Even the side heroines are well developed

Now let's talk about the MC. The MC remains a prisoner of his past, he have a hard time responding to the feelings of the heroines because he still remembers the humiliation he experienced in his previous life even though the heroines now are totally different compare to the first timeline. Despite the character development of the heroines it seems like the character development of our MC is not developing at all! It's been 500 chapters and he still stuck on his past. This is why the romance is struggling to go to the next phase.

There are parts that are very entertaining and there are parts that are very tiring. Specially when the arcs gets dragged that it needed to be and sometimes it's just battles after battles after battles which is somehow tiring.

In the latest Chapters MC lost his memories and became a demon. The silver haired heroine is using this chance to snuggle and to develop the feelings of the MC for her. I love the battles of the latest chapters.

Is it worth the read?

To be honest some people will love this and some people won't. Take to time read few volumes of this novel and decide it yourself.

--Some people here are saying the MC didn't take a different path compare to his first timeline. I assure you he took a very different path.

Spoiler about the Hero


The hero's voice has the power to sway someone's heart just like the goddess, but this wouldn't work on the heroines anymore since they already found their happiness thanks to the MC

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June 9, 2020
Status: v3c65
This series is above average I'd say. I was skeptical going in seeing the one-star reviews but I truly believe those reviews were written by speedreaders, people who were expecting a super edgefest, people who cannot enjoy webnovels if they can't self-insert, or some combination of these characteristics.

This novel is pretty much your average redo novel except... more mild? MC isn't some former nice guy who gets betrayed by comically evil "allies" and then his second chance at life obsessed with revenge. Hell, he doesn't even die in his first... more>> life. He's a man at his lowest point in life, constantly getting sh*t on by almost all of his fellow party members, and for good reason too. He's weak and tends to do s*upid things like trying to play hero despite his lack of power. His personality is nothing amiable as well. The only reason he sticks with the party is because of his female childhood friend that he has a thing for. He gets an offer by an obviously shady being to redo his life and takes it and that's how the story begins.

I give props to this novel for at least attempting to write things in a not-so black and white manner. There are still a few comically evil villains here and there that serve only to be fodder but it's better than other reincarnation series where anytime anyone does something bad it's just because. Through exploring the past, we learn why MC got treated the way he did. The party members that treated him roughly aren't one-dimensional "haha I sh*t on you cause I'm eeeeeviiiilll" characters, nor is the main character a saint that never did anything wrong. Part of the reason he's going back is to fix his own character and most of us know that the road to self-improvement is never a smooth one and I think this is why a few readers get frustrated and rate the series so poorly when they realize MC isn't a perfect character.

Honestly, if you're bored I'd give the series a try. It's nothing amazing but it's a decent read that's better than most of its competitors in the redo-life archetype of webnovel stories by far, earning a solid 4 in my opinion. <<less
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fierylion rated it
January 10, 2020
Status: v3c56
You can safely ignore the reviews that said the MC changed nothing. It's true that major events (his childhood friend leaving, meeting party members) still took place, but the dynamics and developments of those events differed greatly. Unlike other restart novels where the MC flips the world upside down just by flicking his finger, this novel focuses on discovering his party members pasts and how they and the world around him gradually changes due to his actions.

Overall I think it's an enjoyable read.
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shin_202 rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: v2
I thought this novel would be nice. However everything seems so forced and s*upid. I stopped reading it after starting volume 2. Here are the reasons:

1. The MC is s*upid. Everything that he does doesn't make any sense. It only puts him on a disadvantage.

He saves the knight in her house arrest even though he knows that in the future she will be fine. Why still associate w/ her if you truly don't like her.


2. He should be avoiding people or kill them if he truly hates them. If you really hate someone will you associate with them?

He group up w/ his 3 hated person again so that he can tell the readers how he envied the hero and how the others don't treat him nicely before.


3. Is he a tsundere? He acts and talks like it.

Saying he hates her, but she will get a scar if that monster hit her so he saves her. WHAT the F***.


Only 2 volumes and it already pissed me so much.
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pramit rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: v3c45
The prologue starts off in a very interesting direction. Here the story is told from the perspective of someone who is not the "hero" of the group. But as the story progresses, our protagonist goes somewhat out of character (at least from his impression in the prologue). The story is written in a very visceral way, with vivid descriptions of inner feelings of the protagonist. If you will read this story, it will probably be just for the protagonist who is an interesting fellow.

The quality of writing is good (for... more>> this genre). The translation is good, but there are some minor mistakes in sentences/grammar that are really easy to notice (could be avoided if someone proof reads the translations).

I can see the reviews here that talk about how the protagonist does not change anything, but that is blatantly false and I don't understand why people make conjectures about the story after reading 15 chapters. <<less
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sersafir rated it
October 14, 2020
Status: v5
OK, I can see the hate for up to volume 2. But it really is a great novel if you keep charging on.

So let me go into detail about what they're right about.

-MC is not op. He's not particularly strong. He could fight, toe to toe with foes who are an elite, but without his quality equipment and gear, he's able to fight an above average guy one on one. Overall I'd argue he's a sub-boss of a dungeon in a videogame, he is most certainly not the boss, and... more>> definitely not the final boss.

-They were right to look down on our MC in the previous timeline. Yup. They were 100% right. You know how in alot of stories there's that "assistant" character? He's not at all considered an invaluable member of the hero's party. He does chores for them, tidies up their messes, and fights very small fry, watches over them during the night's shift, and is desperate to prove he has value to the team. The thing is, he might be valuable. But he is definitely not the equal of, say, the hero, the princess, the knight, or the sorceress. It breaks his mind that he's looked down upon, but, he wasn't really special, and only got to travel around with the hero's party because his childhood friend was talented enough, and used as a connection.

-The worst part of the story is the main character's grudge against the hero. The hero did literally nothing wrong at all. We hear a tidbit or two, and the hero actually ate with our MC and talked with him from time to time. The hero is strong, kind, wise, lucky, and always acts with justice and good intentions in mind. The main character's grudge is completely irrational. He hates the hero for being so perfect: for being the center of attention of his childhood friend, for changing the world, and for being far better than him in every way. He has little reason to complain, he ignored his childhood friend's letters and stopped visiting her, he practically forced her in his arms. However, this gives it a very human element. Our MC is a flawed worm, motivated by hatred and jealousy.

-The author doesn't get that this is a fantasy world. OK so the hero is a Christian? Why call it Christian? Make up your own name if you're going to make up a backstory about how God split into two, with a God that wanted to give everyone happiness and another who wanted to give the world wisdom. Oh, and don't make references to Romeo.

-Nonstop exposition city. Seriously every 10 words in dialogue 200 words of "oh my goodness she must've thought that way because of stuff in the previous chapter. In the last 30 chapters it felt like he described his feelings nonstop but interacted with the girls about 5 times.

Here's a thing they got WRONG.

-He does change the timeline. In fact, it's the best part of the novel. As a light spoiler, while a bit powerless, the MC has knowledge from his travels with the hero. His aid to the knight near the beginning using that knowledge warps her personality. She hated the MC for being useless. Now, she's obsessed with the MC. And not in a comedy way. She gets angry as hell at him, and even strangled him while voicing a few of her complaints. The sorceress, who did not acknowledge his existence in the other timeline, was all about poise and wisdom, depends on him and is desperate to not be discarded by him.

-He does, or at least did at one time, hate the harem. He hated the knight and didn't "save" her. He pretended to. She was able to fight that borderline invincible beast by herself. She succeeded in the past timeline. His intervention and help were meant to take credit for helping her defeat it knowing she could've done it alone. He tries to abandon her, but when she notices, she threatens to turn him over to the guards for robbing her home. The Sorcerer, she stalked him and tells him if he doesn't want to be by her side, she'll hand him over to the guards using her nobility. The elf, he realizes she was about as broken and hopeless as him in the other timeline, and sees her as a kindred spirit of sorts.

Overall. A great novel. It tries to be steak, but comes up as a hamburger. Some plot is very contrived, some skimmed over or ignored. The MC keeps doing s*upid sh*t and making things meaninglessly difficult. You should take your time and read this even when it's a bit tiresome. It will not let you down if you're after a twist on the hero's story from the perspective of the sidekick turned villain. <<less
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Scyferine8878 rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: v3
Huhhh I guess it is time for me to makes a review first I am sorry if I make any grammatical mistakes... Rather than revenge time reversal story.. It is a story about a boy who got a chanced to reverse his time n not to take revenge on the hero party bcus it was not like he hated them but just discontents with his life n instead of revenge he just want to grab his own happiness.. It is not like he didn't change his past life at all..... more>> He really changes n trying to live a correct way to live this new life without wasting his time as a commoner also he changes some people as well.. He is not gonna become world-hating-revenging hero but instead chose his way to live righteously even if that is hurting him. It is a great harem story but it also has it flaws as in the title he tries to grabs his own happiness in that harsh world while live in a righteous life as a commoner <<less
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Bucj rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: v4c1
Its really slow, and I get the fact that its very annoying to see a wimpish MC;but this one here is probably one of the few novels with slow burn and pseudo-realistic development.

It almost feels like a real novel and not a power trip literature;not a really good novel mind you, but passable
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0RB rated it
March 10, 2020
Status: v3c65
The story is abit rough around the edges at the start but It start to shine around vol2. I say the story is interesting albeit sort of cliche but it still hold up.

The plot armor is a tad strong in that the main character seem to be able to prevail in someway in albeit hopeless situation. Maybe the story will tell us more about how he is able to prevail or survive in the future chapter.
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AoiRii rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: --
This is my first time writing a review for a novel in this site. This novel is quite good in my opinion. Although lacking in some aspects such as details over major plot points which is actually the only flaw I can point out, I like how the story is progressing albeit slow paced.

I like how the MC is not like the usual and typical character of tipping the tables over with a sudden power acquired after traveling to the past. It is a more realistic take in my opinion... more>> that the author did not give the MC a cheat power of some sort after traveling back to the past (not sure if this will still be the case in the future, hopefully not) but I would like to see how he improves himself as an adventurer. The only thing I am bothered is the fact that his purpose for traveling back is to meet and whisk away his childhood friend from the ropes of the past (referring to the previous timeline where the childhood friend is interested/in love with the Hero) but I guess this is needed for him since it is his only motivation to change how his life progresses into the future.

I do not understand why some people are saying that the MC is not actually trying to change anything. The little changes seen in the personality of his former party members and their behaviour towards him are enough to be considered as proof of a change already. In this new timeline, he is able to meet two of his former party members in advance as opposed to meeting them probably when joining/forming the Hero's Party. He is given the chance to see and affect how their personalities will develop into the future based on the choices he will make involving the two.

I just hope this will not be a harem in the future (my only concern to be honest lol) <<less
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Xenagos rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: v4c66
I don't want to spill free hate towards the author neither the translator (which has a tough job because there are a lot of phrases and poetry stuff) because author wanted to be Shakespeare. So after finishing vol 3, which was supposed to be a large scale rebellion, it was so mild that MC had the leeway to put his hand on his chin and wrinkle his eyebrows, then you continue reading and catch the phrase: "Be the truth or not, it didn't make any difference"

This phrase resumes... more>> my thoughts about all I've been reading. There are so many meaningless details and unecessary description that you begin to question if you want to continue or search something else that isn't a novel but a renowned literature. This is just a venting, 5/10. <<less
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