A Smile from the Villain


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As a person who transmigrated into a novel written by himself, Qin Kaiyi experiences a huge pressure and burden.

Even more so, he transmigrated as the villain and is forced to follow the plot. Qin Kaiyi expresses that he doesn’t want to write novels anymore.

Qin Kaiyi: “WTF. transmigrating into the villain and being forced to follow the plot. Just let it be. Shen Feixiao, can you get the f*ck down from my body???”

Shen Feixiao: “Shixiong, I won’t.”

Alright, actually this is just a s*upid story about transmigrating into his own novel as the villain and getting pushed down by his own protagonist.

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New magiuta
April 15, 2024
Status: Completed
I usually don't write reviews for novels. But, this is first time I feel like I should write for this one. It started off pretty well, with ML as an edgy teenager. For first fifty some chapters he looked normal and his actions believable to some extent. After these chapters ML personality changed drastically, ... more>>

author attributed this change to heart demons. But even after transmigration to MC world with no heart demons, he carried the same personality. Which makes no sense.

and MC who was shown witty at the start turned dumb and damsel in distress. Of course no one rescued him, everyone just trampled on him including ML. There is no redemption arc for ML's animalistic behavior and in fact he justifies his actions. MC suffered and then happily accepted his fate, Stockholm syndrome at its finest. I have read my fare share of novels tagged r*pe and possessive characters but, first time I came across something this disturbing. In short, I regret reading it. ಥ⌣ಥ <<less
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New merinnan rated it
April 13, 2024
Status: Completed
Probably the most f*cked up novel I've read in a long time. MC is a webnovel author who transmigrates into his current novel as the villanous shixiong of the protagonist. He feelds to guilty about having to actually do all the abuse he wrote this shixiong did to the protagonist that he decides to be kind to and do nice things for the protagonist - in disguise, of course, so that he doesn't interfere with the plot. This turns into the blackened protagonist becoming completely obsessed with killing his shixiong... more>> and possessing his benefactor, as well as a few demonic cultivators also getting a bit obsessed with the MC. TW for non-con, kidnapping, imprisonment, torture, emotional abuse, and child abuse. No HE. <<less
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remiss rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: c97
Warning, contains r*pe.. ML has a possessive yandere personality. This novel is a tragedy and there's not much comedy actually. The ending is a "HE" (at least according to author..)

I was interested in the beginning, so I mtl the raws but got disappointed.

pros: consistent character development, non-cliche plot changes when MC alters plot.

cons: bc of consistent characters, plot could only travel in one direction.

a direction where MC doesnt/can't love ML bc ML is abusive


Not my cup of tea, plot spoilers below:


Even tho it's supposedly a HE, imo theres practically no chemistry/romance between ML and MC..

Basically a story where MC is forced to follow the plot and do bad stuff to pit the ML. MC can only go back to real world after getting the protagonist (ML) to kill him. The plot gets changed, but the MC manages to follow the system quests. ML "falls" for MC but blackens due to the system quests. Then it gets to the 'little black room' trope with lots of mental/physical abuse. ML captures and seals MC powers. MC gets r*ped a few times and develops depression and stockholm syndrome. Near the end, MC and ML die in novel world. ;)

There's a complicated part I don't quite understand where MC goes back in real world and meets ML again, but then it somehow switches back to the novel world. (Not sure if parallel worlds begin to happen or something but MC is somehow in both worlds w ML?)

Well, in novel world, MC is somehow revived but still sealed and imprisoned by ML and then MC makes a deal w ML. In exchange for saving his friend, MC wont try and escape. Author's note sorta explains how despite MC not liking ML, they get along eventually w time. (And MC finds "happiness" sorta bc he just gets used to being stuck with ML)

Meanwhile in real world, ML shows up in MC's life.. MC still has memories of the novel world.. ML manipulates MC, distancing MC away from his parents so that MC has no one else. ML pampers MC by doing chores and making food, and then leaves suddenly so MC can realize how much MC needs ML.. They end up together and HE! Overall, the message is: in spite of how miserable life can get, you can adjust w time and still find happiness! ^_^

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StarlaBlaise rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: Completed
I mtl'ed this novel and got addicted to this author. He/she definitely can write believable yanderes (love them!). And not just "ML beats rivals" as most writers do, but straight up nutjobs, who go after MCs to the other worlds, change time and revive them, r*pe and break their legs. AND those cases aren't shown as "love" (many chinese BL writers often showcase r*pe as component of love). No, the writer knows that this is sick and the characters know that too.

So, about "A smile from the villain" novel... MC... more>> is a writer of the novel and ML is the main character. ML is a pretty standard hero of a stallion novel at first: he's a poor child, whose life was cruel to begin with and nobody was kind to him. He doesn't know what love is and that's pretty important. MC wrote him so himself and then he transmigrated via the System and changed the plot a little. Those little changes affected it so much, that the only character, who became kind to the ML was his alter ego/Masked Man. That's why I understand ML's obsession with MC, although it's still sick and bad and hurtful. But when everybody is either cruel to you or indifferent to you, ML's obsessive behavior is pretty logical. He's a broken man and he has broken MC along the way. It's not a HE kind of novel, for which I am thankful, cause ML is a sick, obsessive yandere, but the ending is logical. You can't just ran from this man and if running isn't an option, try to get something good from this. <<less
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Emma_cs rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is disgusting !

I have read my fair number of disturbing novels, but this has truly breached every sort of acceptable 'standards' for a book that I might have.

It starts off as interesting, it's very similar to "Scum Villain" so I would go as far as to say the author was strongly inspired and wrote the events almost exactly as in the novel mentioned above.I decided after 24 translated chapters that I would MTL it - the worst decision of my life.

Do not let me start talking about... more>> the time skips, which happen almost every chapter - this way we don't even read about actual development of powers or character, it's just pointed out that ' an y amount of years passed and suddenly he is one of the most powerful cultivators'.

Starting from the 50th chapter, it all went down the drain. We get to know some crazy ML, he makes this whole crazy plan and captures our MC. Then proceeds to r*pe him multiple times and emotionally manipulate him to no ends. It's not even in a romantic way, it's in an abusive obsessive one.

That part disgusted me the most, believe me when I say I was disturbed when reading the actual novel and then reading the reviews which are a bunch of people romanticizing toxic abusive relationships.I'm very disappointed and hope that no one reads this tr*sh. <<less
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RickyTracy rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: c79
Because of those bad review, I almost miss this novel. Are you kiddin' me ? You guys don't have eyes for reading Tags? Gosh.... This story is not the romance drama all of you expected. But the story flows in a way of being resonable. Why must you all compare with other novels? LOL. This Novel's Author write everything that differ from you-know-what- famous-novel-books' plot. Never act like a victim you haven't been read yandere type ML and nobody warn you, the yandere you expected may be soft-hearted when it... more>> comes to his lover. But the real yandere is not and this novel ML are not like that! They are real ones! Got yourself out beutiful dreams. Unless you need not to read this novel. Because this novel MC's mindset is way too much reasonable! <<less
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hiryukaede rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: Completed
The story excually was good,...

but,... Beware this story have r*pe content,... The crazy and possesive ML, dominaring, yandere, and black Belly ML...

In the beginning, the story was good, the plot, how the MC solved all the problem,... Thea MC also not weak...

... more>> If you think the MC will be soft hearted with ML,.. then, you really wrong! The MC not easy to fallen in love,... Well, its fair enough, the pain from MC give for ML,.. aiyo~ I'm crying when ML follow MC to die,...

I can't blame the ML, he... Just.... Falling in love, and despirate, couse unrequited love for so long, really, really for a long time, until MC give up and realize his feeling... sigh...

But, I'm glad this story have happy ending,..

Psssst : they also have son in the ending,... only adopted tho,...

Recomendid this story for someone who like dark yandere plot,... dont worry its 1vs1 story...

Also this story its depend on how you see it, it can be good or bad story,... <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Rate: 2.5. The ending is HORRENDOUS.

Why I give this novel 2 stars despite inadequate ML (like honestly, he's such an a**hole), is solely based on approach. I might actually think too much and create a theory, which wasn't a part of author's main idea. But somehow I found interesting the idea of being realistic considering the situation MC ended up in, which is: MC ended up with a system, which isn't a golden finger one, but which forces you to tasks. This screams word "miserable". You do it - reward,... more>> you don't do it - punishment. MC's life turns to be miserable from all sides. His actions he's supposed to do go against his morality. I personally don't like stories where characters are forced to do things, because it annihilates all the genuine feelings. His empathy made the wheels of events turn in an opposite direction, because he wronged and helped the ML it f*cked up both their lives. MC was wronged many times, mostly by ML. Most devastating was actually a mental instability of MC at the end. If you look at it from the point of view where MC realistically goes through shit, because he is basically at disadvantage by default, it doesn't seem like a bad main part (although events become empty at some point, side-characters come and go without conclusion), but what actually ruins it is the ending and going back to the real world. It was rushed and wasted. It simply buffled me and it has the longest author's notes explaining themselves.


Major spoiler. But what actually I find horrendous is the fact that instead of getting rid off MC psychological shadow, he somehow feels fine, until he meets ML in RL, For some reason ML proposes to live together to figure out "feelings". But when MC says - still no (reasonable, I mean their time was like a textbook noncon), ML blackmails MC, sends some kid and a hooker to ruin MC's reputation in parent's eyes... It should make MC want to come back... I can't. And MC eventually just gave up. I can't x 2.

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gnessa14 rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This is basically "The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System" x "The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love". The attitude of the MC here is similiar to Du Ze from The Reader but the ML is crazy and manipulative. While I liked both characters and I enjoyed the journey a lot, the ending was very unsatisfying.

... more>>

I like CPs with strong love but for these two, love didn't exist. Even the ML admitted that he didn't love MC at the end. He didn't care if MC hated him or loved him. It feels to me like he wasn't even sexually attracted to the MC. He was simply obsessed with the idea of being around the MC and the MC just got used to the ML. I think they call it Stockholm Syndrome?


I'm giving it 5 stars still because other than the above, I'm very happy with the story overall. <<less
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Asahi_411 rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: Completed

I rated this full stars not because I really love it, it's just because this story giave me quite a lot of thinking about the relationship between MC and ML and well... as you can obviously see from the tags and other reviews, their relationship is an unhealthy one. I hadn't expect it was quite a tragedy when I read the completed novel in my native language (if you don't like tragedy like me, don't worry, it's quite short and this... more>> is a HE).

Same opinions with other review, if you are expecting big love chemistry/romantic interaction between the MC and ML, then I will have to say this beforehand: Their relationship is not a common love story.

Let's start with the MC, I can tell that MC does not love ML (but he cares about ML and well... he manage to find hapiness and enjoy his life while being with the ML). His feelings to the ML are mixed with care, protection, guilt, scare, dependence, etc. In this story, there are rooms for MC's affection for ML to grow since whether he truly love ML or not at the moment, he feels uncormfortable without the ML being around.

About the M, how can I say this, it's quite hard to many readers to tell whether he love the MC or not. He want to possess the MC, he manupilate the MC and the people around him so that he can keep the MC by his side. He is truly a hardcore yandere. To ML, MC is like the beacon in the dark and he can not bear a life without the MC. You can call it love, you may not call it love but MC is undoubtedly the most important person to ML.

In conclusion, they are dependent on each other and can't do without the other person. They get what they want in the end, they're happy with their life together so yes it's a HE.

So again, read the tags carefully before you read this. <<less
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Pegocorn48 rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: c97
Tl;dr: Read it like a psychological horror. MC my beloved and ML the manipulative son of a b*tch, absolutely hate that man

I came into this seeing the title and thinking "oh cutesy villain falling in love with transmigater??" and boy was I mistaken.

Lemme start with this, look at the tags and look at the comments before you read. I would not call this a romance. Take care of yourself, if any themes of non-con/r*pe are bad for you please do not touch this one because the last half is filled... more>> with all of those dicey, uncomfortable feelings.

However, I am a big fan of this one because it's such a good psychological piece towards the end. Like, the MC makes some questionable decisions that lead to the plot of the original turning strange, but he's trapped by his system, his morals, and his whole stance that this world doesn't matter in the end.

I should give some actual critique for story so here you go. The tl is great, even tho the original author sometimes makes mistakes and I sometimes got confused between what was spoken and what was thought. The story precedes through the different tasks that the system asks for and it doesn't have a personality. There's a lot of big time skips and the cast is kinda small but I'm appreciative of that in a way cuz you at least know how everyone is with characterization. And about characterization, our MC is very likeable in my eyes. ML though... yeah, no (to be fair, he's an interesting character with some characterization going on no matter how mc-centric this is. You can see the descent into madness happening though he sometimes confused me. ML is the type of character you love to hate)

ML "falls in love" gradually which I appreciate (the quotes are because you can tell this isn't love, it's obsession), and it's not that he falls in love as it is the xianxia setting amplifies his feelings of attachment along with lust probably. Makes this more interesting if you're looking for a more tragic/psychological story

One thing I do appreciate though is the fact that r*pe is treated as such, there is no bs "got assaulted but let's fall in love" MC is legitimately hurt by the actions of ml. He's a true yandere and the MC gets realistically hurt by the selfishness of the ml.

Big spoilers for ending and extras:


MC thinks he can escape but he really can't, I felt so bad for him, I'm rooting so hard for MC even now but I read through an mtl version of the end and the extras. He does not escape. He tries, and the ML pulls out some shady moves to force MC back to him. The ending is slightly bitter sweet as it has you believe ML is slightly different in personality that MC can live with but the extras shatter that. As ML acknowledges, this is not love. It is a twisted obsession, he does not "love" MC but he can't live without MC... Just oh dear the manipulation and the unhealthy dependence going on here... heck even I need a therapist after this one


Slightly spoilery thoughts about second half:


I just... I loved reading this, especially the spiral down for MC towards the second half, it's so much more realistic than what you usually see about MC reactions to ML actions. I am constantly rooting for MC and every bad thing that happens to him at this point just makes me sad

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MeineMeow rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I give 5 stars because despite of many controversial opinion about this novel, I still read it through the end. This is not a fluffy romance story. If you looking for fluffy couple, don’t read it.

I came here for the psycho yandere, and I have to say that I satisfied with how the author create a twisted psycho ML who went crazy and obsessed with MC. Until the end. He’s just crazy, that’s all. Is it love who makes him crazy? No. It was obsession. But I like it.

I honestly... more>> rate this only 3 or 4 star for the story. I give 5 because of the translation and author who manage to create a story who gave me so many mixed feeling between hatred and can’t stop reading till the end.

Once again, read the tags. Don’t give bad rating if you don’t like how the ML used every means to trap MC in his hand. The tags here explain it all. I feel so bad for the translator who seems don’t want to continue the translation. You did a good job! <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Letifer rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c75
Thank you so much! Been looking forwards to this one and man, I'm so glad that it's almost completely translated. Thank you for all your efforts dear translator and please don't mind all the hate. ♡ The tags are there for a reason and it's their own fault if they didn't read them.~
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StarPhia rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c81
Okay how do I put this. The novel started off great. It was a bit similar to SVSSS, but it was also quite unique, just with some similar tropes. The story WAS interesting and the characters were cool, although some of them needed a bit of redemption. And all in all everything was great till about chapter 80. This novel could have easily gotten a 5/5 from me if it followed the same formula it did in the beginning. The story had a lot of potential and had quite a... more>> few interesting mysteries and neat characters that were mysterious. There could have been some drama between the characters and the ML could have some redemption and learn to be a good person. The MC was quite interesting and his host had quite a few mysteries with it. I won't deny at all that I didn't enjoy the story for a while, there were many interesting things going on. But all that stopped around 80 and it just turned into some weird r*pe kink kind of thing. I read the MTL to finish the novel and I gotta say, I was very disappointed. This is probably the worst ending I have ever read. Unlike other questionable stories with r*pe and Stockholm syndrome, I don't even think this can be considered Stockholm syndrome since neither the MC nor ML fell in love with each other? I'll say this without spoiling too much, but the ML was kinda like, oh well I've come this far, might as well annoy the MC until he wants to have s*x with me... Like the ML stopped liking the MC a very long time ago and was just in it to have s*x. And the MC never really liked the ML either, he was like, oh well this guy is fine, guess I'll be his s*x partner, I don't really care... So basically all the relationship building before just turned into nothing. Great! But I can appreciate that the r*pe isn't romanticized and is probably a reason why the MC will never actually love ML and why he is afraid of him. But in general there is no good resolution to their relationship.

Thats not even the worst of it. Like half the plot just never had a resolution because the author decided to do some wacky stuff (won't spoil) and kinda ruined everything from before. There wasn't much conclusion for the characters in the novel and it was just disappointing. This was the worst part of it for me, fine if you wanna do some crap with the characters, but don't completely go back on the entire plot that was set up!

I will say this, I knew what I was getting into when I started the book, I read the tags. When done properly r*pe can give some interesting drama to a story, so can an evil ML. If their is a tying of the ends and a kind of redemption or just anything that gives the MC a reason to forgive the ML than fine! But the ML just gets worse. The story has a bad ending for the characters, I know that, and I don't care. I just want a story where the plot happens for a reason and isn't full of a bunch of loose ends. If you want to write a story where all the characters are awful people, fine, just make it good. The biggest thing about this story is that the ending could have been done right, but I do not think it was. It was rather disappointing to see how the story was finished. Like I'm always game for the MC suffering and dealing with tough times, just when its done properly.

I understand the people giving a 5/5, r*pe is what we signed up for when we read this novel. That isn't even the thing I was so frustrated about with this novel. This is weird to say, but this novel probably handles r*pe the best out of any book I have ever read with some components of r*pe. It was by no means an issue. I don't even think the whole keeping the MC captive thing was that badly written until the ML kinda started alienating and forcing other things on the MC. I forget what exactly it was since its been a hot sec since I've read this novel, but I really didn't like the whole bath portion with the MC's hair changing. I won't elaborate because of spoilers, but that was really where this novel was ruined for me. But there is something I do want to talk about (big fat spoilers ahead).

The worst part of this novel was when the MC and ML went back to reality. The MC was very confused from what had happened in the novel and he eventually comes across the ML. Fine, but then the ML gets a little weird in his pursuit of the MC. This is the biggest thing that ticked me off. So the ML adopts a kid in order to pressure the MC into dating him. I really didn't like how a kid got dragged in. In the end of the story, no one is happy. The ML got over his affection for the MC and is only really with him to have s*x. The MC was pressured into their relationship where he has no say in anything and basically exists to make food and have s*x. He doesn't really like the ML either, its more of an emotional reliance I'd say. And the kid has to deal with some neglect and the BS from the MC and ML. Also nothing in the book world really gets resolved. (but this may have been an issue with the MTL, not really sure, but it still won't change my mind on why I hate this novel)


I hate the MC for being a pathetic pushover that can't do anything, not even properly speaking up for himself. And I hate the ML for being a total jerk and even continuing to pressure the MC after his feelings stagnated. They are both quite unlikable, I mean the MC is pitiful and all and I feel so bad for him, but he doesn't know how to get his act together. If you're going to leave the ML then DO IT!!! AHHGSn so frustrating.

Really, I don't think the reason why this novel is so awful is the r*pe, its everything that comes after. Be it with plot issues or character issues. There isn't a satisfying ending. I also think this novel has the worst relationships between the MC and ML that I've ever read. There is a novel like this one called "Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan, " that novel doesn't handle r*pe well at all and romanticizes it. It is also a rather awful novel that started out really well. But at least in that one, the MC and ML actually loved each other in the end. In this one, especially the ML, they DONT EVEN LIKE EACH OTHER. This bothers me a lot. I really didn't like the way the novel ended. And I will reiterate this again. The problem isn't the r*pe, it is the complete changing of how the novel was going without any previous hints (felt like a whole change in genre kind of thing), and how the characters end up with each other. I can understand not getting a happy ending, there are many well written books like that. But what I don't like is a bad ending disguised as a good one, done in a bad way. There are many ways to fix novels like this and it would probably be really good if it was fixed, I just don't think this novel is done properly. It has too many big flaws, that I just really don't like.

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Berlin rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: --

Knowing this is from the author of Kaleidoscope of Death made me read this and yeah, I'm fine with reading all kinds of horrific sh*t (the only time I can't stand noncon is if the author is clearly glorifying it). So yeah, what happens in this book was horrific to the MC and yup, Stockholm, even depression happened, read the tags.

Update: After reading several angst or dark BL including erha, I strangely find myself missing this one. I don't know... more>> how else to say it but there are times when you're in a mood for no holds barred noncon horror headed towards a BE. Sometimes, you don't just want to fill a glass cup to the brim till it overflows or cracks. You want to take it and smash it just to see it break. The underlying creepiness. The sanity leeching despair. The inevitable doomed outcome. Minus the ending, everything is pretty much perfect for a dark 'romance' thriller. ML is an insane yandere but seeing how he was treated by the MC and actually going crazy, his actions make sense. The story is entertaining in that it starts out funny, with the MC's comedic complaints over the system, yet the creepy, cruel reality sets in quickly once the plot starts snowballing. MC clearly is in over his head and not quite bright at handling things, leading to a lot of backlash hate and love from the ML which ultimately, backfires into the full blown yandere genre.

As I came expecting a horror 'romance', I'm pretty pleased to read this and would have preferred if certain intense scenes didn't get cut to dream states. And yeah, it would have been better if the author didn't have a justified 'happy ending' at the end. And regarding the ending, it's confusing until I searched for the Chinese version and it turns out, the

last chapters where they enter the modern world is the ending to the story, with the part where he re-enters the book again being a what if side story, based on the title alone. Personally, I think it should have ended with the MC and ML both dying and the MC unable to return to the modern world.

Man. I'm one of those weirdos who wish this had a BE. It would make it all the more tragic and fitting, especially given how the MC and ML were headed towards a fallout after a long buildup. Stories like erha can get a HE because the relationship progresses positively. Stories like this however, in my pov, should end in tragedy to make it realistic - unhappy stockholm, death, etc.


Translator has done a great job on this! I feel bad that so many have rated this badly for the noncon despite the tags BEING RIGHT THERE. If you expect to read a yandere, noncon funny yet traumatic story for the thrills, I recommend this. If you want a horror story with healthy BL couple goals, don't put down the author and go read Kaleidoscope of Death. I swear that one is the real gem amongst gems. <<less
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Nashi00 rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked it a lot in the beginning and up to the part where ... more>>

both the MC and ML died

but the ending really lowkey ruined it for me. It was just straight up sad. Like, I'm so upset I need to find a good novel to read next to cleanse my mind and heart. It was honestly cringe and bad, all I want to say is, Qin Kaiyi, you pitiful, sad boy.

I mean, his life got better at the end and he seemed to fully enjoy it so I guess, I can't complain much if he himself is liking it. But I don't have much to say other than thinking it's sad. He has suffered so much by the ML yet all he's able to do is depend on the ml. Where did all your experience as someone who lived alone go before you transmigrated?

As a reader, I'm so tired. I feel tired for the MC. How was he not tired? After everything that has been done to him, he's still not tired enough. He wanted to escape yet he will never be able to. Nothing goes his ways. I'm tired of it all for the MC. Legit.

Should have just ended where the MC and the ML saw each other in the real world, then leaving it up to readers' imagination. <<less
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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: Completed
If you consider the true theme of this story, this actually a masterpiece.

Just like some reviewers say, this is not romance. This is psychological and tragedy.

... more>>

Both MC & ML didn't love each other. ML also stated that he was more obsessed than like, but it's debatable depend on your worldview.


The characters are also quite interesting, although they aren't studied too deeply.

They are also pretty consistent with their principles or decisions, but it doesn't mean they don't have development.


The MC didn't bend til the end, he only yield to the ML in order to save his friend. This friendship is one of the MC's development. It's great that the MC isn't like other MCs that abruptly fall in love with yandere villain and delude themselves that their relationship is not unhealthy


And then, the theme of this series: unavoidable disaster. And the message: you can only give up or make peace with it, lest you only stressed yourself out. Yes, ML is MC's DISASTER. You can apply this message IRL, except that IRL there's no human being that is truly unavoidable disaster to you. This disaster irl should be something like earthquake, tsunami, etc.

In this book, the disaster being a human being is possible because this is fiction, in which the ML is an almighty yandere cultivator. Even hi*ler is not almighty.

So, ML is a symbol of disaster. The author also linkened MC's transmigration experience to the 'dream of butterflies'. Well, well, aren't this book quite symbolic? That's why it's a masterpiece to me because it cannot be appreciated by just reading the surface. At least, there aren't much series like this in novelupdates.


Then, if you don't care about all that psychological stuff, you might still like it if you just love yandere gong, and a story about shou who was forced into relationship with the gong and the relationship turned out to be quite okayish (no abuse, no forcing, normal at surface-level, as long as the shou is just staying by his side). And a plus for not romanticizing this kind of relationship.



This is like those tragic villain-side of love story, because of the evil methods, either the villain died or the shou died, leaving the villain in eternal regret. Except in this one, the villain succeeded.

So, if you often feel sorry for that kind of villains to the point you want to look or make a fanfiction where the shou finally yield, then you would like how this book pairing end.


It's a bit unfortunate that the extra aren't fully translated, although it's about a parallel world and said to be unrelated to the main story.

It's also unfortunate that there's no extra detail about how the pair passing their days in relative peace.


For example people mistakes their relationship to be mutual and healthy if not the shou is just a bit cold, but in fact there are more stories behind it. *Evil laugh*

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ShizunShizun rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: c79
I love this novel!❤️

Honestly, after reading several negative reviews in here ☝️, I put off reading this for so long, but... fortunately, since I was out of options, I started reading it with relatively low expectations (mind you, due to the low ratings given to it) but was pleasantly surprised!😍 The slow-burn was all worth it.

This novel has been misleadingly reviewed and improperly rated by parties who clearly are incapable of reading tags and trigger warnings. If the sole reason for downgrading this work is due to r*pe... I'm just... more>> speechless... weren't tags already placed for that purpose?!

And most importantly, 'A Smile From The Villain' does not romanticise r*pe at all, unlike many I've previously come across. Rather, it shows the bitter and toxic aspects that a relationship can develop into, in reality. Not all partners are gentle/loving/yandere-but-good-to-only-me in real life.

In my opinion, this novel depicts the butterfly-effect clearly, on how a minute change could lead to drastic unpredictable results later on, and show that not all such outcomes end up being pleasant. <<less
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EndlessLove rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: Completed
One word: Yandere

The ML is the true definition of the word. You really cannot escape him. However, in all fairness, the story was good. It wasn't personally satisfactory, but the contents were emotionally provoking... or am I brainwashed myself? In anycase, the misunderstandings and the lengths of how things turned out into made my heart ache.

Read the tag for tragedy.

Is it a happy ending? Yeah. -_-
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gummybear123 rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: c67
I like this novel a lot so far and when I read that the translator was disheartened by all the bad reviews I decided to step up and write this review.

I find myself looking forward to each new chapter to see how many more misunderstandings develop and how deep a hole the protagonist digs himself into. The developments so far in the novel have built up the tension wonderfully btw/ the characters and I'm soooo ready for things to just explode!

I love myself a Yandare so the ML is just... more>> perfect! And the protagonist is the perfect mix of dense and yet smart that is believable and yet keeps you on the edge of your seat with the question: when is it finally going to dawn on him?

If you're into cultivation, reincarnation/transmigration, and yandere I'd recommend this novel so far! <<less
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Leviathan.James rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Rounded down from 3.5 stars.

I enjoyed this novel right up until the ending, at which point I was left baffled, disappointed, and frankly enraged. I have two pieces of advice regarding this book:

  1. Check the tags. This has been mentioned in almost every review, so I’ll just leave it at that.
  2. Stop reading when you reach the end of Chapter 86, then skip to the last extra (Chapter 97) and call it a day. Everything between Chapter 86 and Chapter 97 is unnecessary and/or completely negates what little character development the cast went through. This book has a bad ending. The closest you will get to a happy ending is by following this piece of advice.
If this book had a different ending, I would give it 4.5 stars.... more>> I liked the main character. I empathized with his desperate desire to go home and his struggle to stick to his morals in a world that disregards his values. This novel made me feel what the MC was feeling, and I really appreciate that in a story. The feelings weren’t good, but they were real. I especially appreciate the struggles the MC had with his mental health toward the end of the novel. For me personally, it was cathartic due to the similarities between the MC’s situation and some of my own personal trauma. I could process emotions that hadn’t been processed without examining my own trauma. For some, this might be triggering. For me, I appreciated it.

Normally, I’m a total sucker for happy endings. I don’t want to invest time and heartache into a book if there won’t be a warm and fuzzy payoff in the end. This book was an exception to my rule. As I was reading, I didn’t want the MC and ML to get together. I kept reading because I empathized with the MC; I wanted to see him succeed and find his way home. I hoped that the ML could be saved, but I didn’t count on it and frankly wasn’t too fussed if he was miserable for the rest of his life because he was a total scumbag.

For me, the story lost its 4.5-star rating primarily due to Chapters 88, 89, and 90. I don’t understand why these chapters are even in the book. They don’t fit with the rest of the story and read more like an alternate ending that was randomly spliced into the story where it didn’t belong. Everything I said before about this book being cathartic? These chapters negated all that and left me feeling truly hopeless and angry at the author for creating a scenario that was so bleak. I wanted to grab the author by the collar and scream, “Why would you write this?!”


In these chapters, the ML somehow manages to make a deal with the system at some point around the time he dies. In exchange for “fixing” the plot, the system will forcefully transmigrate the MC back into the novel world for the ML. This doesn’t make sense for two reasons. First, if the system wanted the plot “fixed” it wouldn’t have given the MC return value and told him he was successfully completing his tasks. Instead, it would have failed him for not completing the tasks as originally written. Second, how could the ML make a deal with the system? How does he even know the system exists? His understanding of the novel and the concept of the real world came from Tang Shayun who we are expressly told did not have a system. So, the ML shouldn’t know anything about there being a system and therefore shouldn’t be able to make a deal with it. Now, you could argue that he could have called out to “god” and the system answered because he’s the protagonist. I would accept that explanation.

What happens next is what really upsets me. The MC is forcefully transmigrated back into the novel and the ML has become even worse than he was before. He really takes his torture up a notch and after a series of events manages to get the MC to trade his freedom for Yan Gu’s freedom. From then on, the MC and ML live together for the rest of their lives. The book even states that the MC comes to enjoy the ML’s torture. This leaves a really bad taste in my mouth because it’s playing into the r*pe culture belief that if you force someone often enough, they’ll eventually come to like it. This is an extremely dangerous belief, and I don’t like it being unnecessarily propagated.

This is also an extremely hopeless and depressing ending. The MC and ML never come to love each other. The ML is satisfied because he possesses the person he wants to possess. The MC is indifferent/apathetic because he has lost all hope of escaping and resigned himself to his fate. This is an extremely bad ending. While this situation unfortunately does happen in real life, it left me feeling like there’s no light left in the world. Like there’s no point in having hope. As someone who has depression in real life, this was such a painful thought to be left with. I really wish I hadn’t read these three chapters.


The remaining chapters (Chapters 87, 91-94, and the extra chapters 95-96) compose just another bad ending.


If we stop the story at Chapter 86, we can believe that the ML in the real world is a well-adjusted, decent human being who may be able to win the MC’s trust. I believed this was possible because I was led to believe that the ML’s obsessive, possessive, and ruthlessly tyrannical nature were the result of the heart demons the story made such a big deal out of.

For some background, heart demons occur when someone cultivates too quickly or cultivates along the demonic path without having a natural demonic body. These heart demons can take many different forms and have a variety of effects on the host but are generally considered to be a bad thing. Because cultivation doesn’t exist in the real world, heart demons shouldn’t exist in the real world either. Since the idea that the ML’s behavior was the result of heart demons was pushed so heavily on us, I believed that if he transmigrated to the real world, he would be “cured, ” and we would see what kind of man he could have grown into if he weren’t afflicted with these heart demons.

And maybe that’s exactly what we saw. But if it is, then I vastly misunderstood the ML’s underlying personality. Because once we reach the end of Chapter 87, we discover that the ML in the real world is no different from the ML in the novel. He’s more patient and his mind is less chaotic, but that actually makes him more terrifying.

He immediately begins manipulating the MC and even goes so far as to turn the MC’s family against him. Then he forces the MC to adopt a child in order to lock down the MC with him, and subsequently psychologically and emotionally abuses the child because he hates having to share the MC. This is especially shown in the extra chapters 95 and 96. I’m afraid that poor kid is going to grow up just as twisted as the ML. I know this kid if fictional, but my heart breaks for him. He doesn’t even have a chance, and the MC remains in the exact same situation as the Chapters 88-90 ending.


So how would I have ended this novel? I’m glad you asked! Even though this is my own desire for the ending and not what was written, I’m putting a spoiler tag since I reference a lot of events that could be considered spoilers.


My alternate ending would deviate from the novel around the time that Wei He broke into the Lingshan Sect to try to rescue the MC from the ML’s clutches. After being convinced to leave by the ML, he would return to Yan Gu (I’m just assuming that Yan Gu went to Wei He and told him where the MC was since prior to Yan Gu attempting to rescue the MC no one had tried before—at least, that we know of). Together, they hatch a new plan to rescue the MC. They go to the MC’s shifu, Qing Xuzi (who, by the way, disappears after feeling displeasure with the ML’s handling of the capture of the MC; I felt like there was more that should have been done with his character but he literally just up and poof-ed), where they reveal to Qing Xuzi that Qin Shi was never possessed. (Remember that neither Yan Gu nor Wei He know that the MC is from another world, and Wei He specifically asked the MC why he didn’t tell the Lingshan Sect people that he’s not possessed during the Kaiyang competition.)

We know that Qing Xuzi already had doubts about the MC’s possession so I don’t think it would be impossible to convince him that Qin Shi lied in order to protect his shifu (which is more-or-less true). Since Yan Gu shared a body with the MC for so long, there’s a lot of explaining he could do to help this situation along. Yan Gu could explain to Qing Xuzi that Ziyang Pei put a poisonous insect in Qin Shi and was using it to manipulate and control Qin Shi. He could further explain that Qin Shi’s dantian was destroyed during his struggle to escape from the secret realm and the only way he could continue to cultivate was along the demonic path. Yan Gu knows that the MC had no malicious intentions towards anyone in the Lingshan Sect and in fact lied about being possessed to make it less painful of a “betrayal” when he left the Sect. His desire to continue cultivating even if it meant following the demonic path could easily be attributed to his desire to help his shidi (the ML). After all, Yan Gu was with the MC when he chose to “die” in the magma in the ML’s place. As far as Qing Xuzi knows, the MC and ML are very close. I think all of this information would line up with Qing Xuzi’s recollection of his beloved disciple and he would ultimately be convinced that Qin Shi was not actually possessed.

Once Yan Gu and Wei He successfully convince Qing Xuzi to side with the MC, they collect some of the other elders from the Sect (and maybe some outsiders as well) and launch a rescue mission. They might even bring Ziyang Pei along, although given what happened in the actual novel we would need to hope Ziyang Shi didn’t join them. And given the history between Yan Gu and Ziyang Shi and Ziyang Pei, Yan Gu would not likely seek out Ziyang Pei as an ally in this rescue mission. Wei He, however, as the leader of the Hehuan Sect, could bring his own people in to assist.

Since we never see Qing Xuzi in action, it’s easy to think that the ML would win a fight with him. However, despite being the protagonist, the ML is only at the Nascent Soul stage of cultivation while Qing Xuzi is on the verge of Ascension. It’s reasonable to think that Qing Xuzi is, therefore, more powerful. Coupled with a few more super-powered allies, I think Qing Xuzi, Yan Gu, Wei He, and these other allies could actually beat the ML. Once the ML is defeated, the allied forces would lock him in a formation similar to the one used to capture the MC (although it would naturally need to be a different kind of formation since the once used to catch the MC is designed to trap demons/demonic cultivators). With the ML trapped, the rescue party storms the fortress (or whatever structure the MC was being held in), eliminate the eggplant who I originally liked and then came to strongly dislike, and save the MC.

Upon seeing the tragic state of the MC, Qing Xuzi is heartbroken and guilt-stricken due to his lack of faith in his disciple and his complacency in the MC’s capture and subsequent torture. He then fails to pass his Ascension tribulation just like in the original novel.

Meanwhile, Yan Gu and Wei He rush the MC to God’s Medicine Valley for treatment where they successfully convince Yu Hong to save the MC. Since Yan Gu believes that the MC is the real descendant of Xue Xian, and further believes that the MC lied to Yu Hong about the ML being the descendant in order to secure his treatment, he should be able to utilize the MC’s “ancestry” to convince Yu Hong. Although Yu Hong doesn’t like the MC and believes the MC has evil intentions towards the ML, he still agrees to save him under Yan Gu’s persuasion. (Also, it can be inferred from the content of the book that Xue Xian and Yan Gu were lovers so Yu Hong might listen to Yan Gu regardless of the MC’s alleged ancestry.)

Under the care of Yu Hong, and with his two friends by his side, the MC slowly recovers his mental health. Yu Hong then finally explains to the MC how to treat the ML’s heart demons (which, you may recall, he told the MC only the MC could cure). Armed with this knowledge, and with the ML safely locked up in a formation just waiting to be cured, the team (including Yu Hong who at last realizes how bad the ML’s heart demons really are) return to the Lingshan Sect to treat the ML’s heart demons.

Since the author never told us how heart demons are treated, I’m not sure what this would entail. But, long story short, they successfully treat the ML’s heart demons and once they ascertain that he’s safe to release, they let him go. The ML, no longer possessed by the heart demons, is deeply remorseful for his actions toward the MC and sets out to atone for his sins.

After many years of repairing broken trust and getting to know each other, the MC and ML slowly fall in love. The MC decides that the price of going home is too high and although it’s not the ending he had hoped for, he chooses of his own free will to remain behind in the novel world with his friends and the ML (who turns out to be decent, well-adjusted young man without the heart demons).

Because of the Feng Shen Gu in the MC, when he and the ML reach the ripe old age of however old cultivators get in this world, they peacefully die together, thus completing the system’s task of having the ML kill the MC, and the MC is finally able to return home, having lived a full and beautiful life together with his lover. Naturally, as with all transmigration novels I’ve read, he returns to the same time and place where he left as if nothing happened.

Deeply affected by his experiences in the novel world, the MC amends his book, giving it a happy ending in accordance with his experiences, and vows to only write wonderful romances from now on. Meanwhile, in a hospital ward, a car crash victim wakes up and sees a novel on his niece’s computer that’s oddly familiar to the dream he just had... This time when the ML transmigrates out of the novel, he is a well-adjusted, decent human being without the possessive, obsessive, psycho-lover traits of his heart-demon-possessed self. After much investigating and research, the ML manages to find the MC and they spend the extra chapters enjoying a slice-of-life romance together.


See? Now wouldn’t that be a much better ending to this book? Granted, it might be getting a bit cliche there towards the end, but at least up until the “they die together and the MC returns to the real world” part I think it’s a good, solid alternative ending. If I felt more qualified to write it, I would turn it into an AU fanfic.

In conclusion, this novel had so much potential, and I really did like it... right up until the ending ruined it for me. If it had only ended more in line with the ending I envisioned, I would have given this a much higher rating. Yes, I want happy endings. Yes, I know real life isn’t always happy. But what are we reading novels for if we want to experience real life? Isn’t reading supposed to be an escape from the crushing grind of hopelessness and despair that is reality? If I want to read about the never-ending cycle of abuse and trauma, I’ll just find some true crime. <<less
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November 8, 2020
Status: c79
Don't forget to read the tag guys!

Up until now I really like this novel, it is wrong in real life, but remember this is a novel.

Why I like this?

1. The reason why Shen Feixiao Yandere isn't nonsense like other novel, "love at first sight", and out of nowhere-

... more>>

He become obsessed because of

1. His heart demon

2. Our mc!!, yes it is our MC fault, why? Imagine a person who trying to kill you again and again also the person who save you again and again, no wonder Shen Fei Xiao become mad. I mean "if you kill me just kill me why do save me?"

3. MC's very indecisive, decisive nature. He cant bear to hurt Shen Fei Xiao but in the end he still do it to go back home, in the end he become mask man to relieve his guilt

4. MC careless remark, because of some careless promises he made, which Shen Fei Xiao think it is real promise, "I wont leave you" but in the end he leave.

5. Another careless word, he keep saying if he become strong no one can defy him, which amplify his heart demon and improvement again and again.

6. MC keep come and go whenever he please which trigger his obsession to make MC never leave!

It is very 'reasonable' right?


2. The r*pe scene is taken seriously


Not glossed, not sugarcoated, not romanticized, but raw and terrible, it is painful, terrifying and traumatic.

MC isnt fell in love with SFX, he is scared, he felt it hurt, it doesn't feel good, he want to run away.

Unlike other novel, the MC in end succumb and enjoy it, or glossed over, and somehow liking it.

MC dislike it, hated it.

He keep fighting.


3. The cause and effect is 'realistic'.


Because of MC indecisiveness, SFX become like this hating and loving MC, obsessed about him.

Because SFX obsessiveness, torture, r*pe. MC become depressed, crazy, emotional breakdown


In the end, for me it


isn't HE, it is BE, this is remind me of Togainu no Chi bad ending and Harada vibe very much.

Bad ending is bad and sad.

Yes, this novel isn't happy go lucky, full of fluff. It is a heavy, tragedy, 'emotionally scaring', but it doesn't make it a bad writing, I appreciate the author bravely making this novel.

It is horror, tragedy, and psychological, a dark one. Even I feel scared when reading this. Because it 'might occured in real life'.

Too many novel labelled as psychological, but I rarely feel this heavy or scared. Many of novel are light / nonsense / not realistic / dumb 1D low iq and eq character who tried to get killed / face slapped by MC.

Good work author! Now I must read fluff to cleanse the heavyness haha.

I will read and wait for author's next work. I want more of this kind of 'heavy' 'horror' theme.

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