A Smile from the Villain


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As a person who transmigrated into a novel written by himself, Qin Kaiyi experiences a huge pressure and burden.

Even more so, he transmigrated as the villain and is forced to follow the plot. Qin Kaiyi expresses that he doesn’t want to write novels anymore.

Qin Kaiyi: “WTF. transmigrating into the villain and being forced to follow the plot. Just let it be. Shen Feixiao, can you get the f*ck down from my body???

Shen Feixiao: “Shixiong, I won’t.”

Alright, actually this is just a stupid story about transmigrating into his own novel as the villain and getting pushed down by his own protagonist.

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remiss rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: c97
warning, contains r*pe.. ML has a possessive yandere personality. This is a tragedy and theres not much comedy actually. The ending is HE (according to author)

i was interested in the beginning, so I mtl the raws but got disappointed.

pros: consistent character development, non-cliche plot changes when MC alters plot.
cons: bc of consistent characters, plot could only travel in one direction.

a direction where MC doesnt/can't love ML bc ML is abusive


not my cup of tea, plot spoilers below:

even tho its supposedly a HE, imo theres practically no chemistry/romance between ML and MC..

basically a story where MC is forced to follow the plot and do bad stuff to ml. MC can only go back to real world after getting protagonist (ml) to kill him. The plot gets changed, but the MC manages to follow the system quests. Then ML captures and seals MC powers. MC gets r*ped a few times, then develops depression and stockholm syndrome. Near the end, MC and ML die in novel world. ≫_>

theres a complicated part I dont quite understand where MC goes back in real world and meets ML again, but then it somehow switches back to the novel world. (Not sure if parallel worlds begin to happen or something but MC is somehow in both worlds w ml?)

well, in novel world, MC is somehow revived but still sealed and imprisoned by ML and then MC makes a deal w ml. In exchange for saving his friend, MC wont try and escape. Author sorta explains how despite MC not liking ml, they get along eventually w time. (And MC finds happiness sorta bc he just gets used to ml)

meanwhile in real world, ML manipulates MC, getting MC parents to distance themselves from MC, so that MC has no choice but stick with ml. ML pampers MC by doing chores and making food, and then leaves suddenly so MC can realize how much MC needs ml.. They end up together and HE! Overall, the message is: in spite of how miserable life can get, you can adjust w time and still find happiness! ^_^

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hiryukaede rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: Completed
The story excually was good,...

but,... Beware this story have r*pe content,... The crazy and possesive ML, dominaring, yandere, and black Belly ML...

In the beginning, the story was good, the plot, how the MC solved all the problem,... Thea MC also not weak...

... more>> If you think the MC will be soft hearted with ML,.. then, you really wrong! The MC not easy to fallen in love,... Well, its fair enough, the pain from MC give for ML,.. aiyo~ I'm crying when ML follow MC to die,...

I can't blame the ML, he... Just.... Falling in love, and despirate, couse unrequited love for so long, really, really for a long time, until MC give up and realize his feeling... sigh...

But, I'm glad this story have happy ending,..

Psssst : they also have son in the ending,... only adopted tho,...

Recomendid this story for someone who like dark yandere plot,... dont worry its 1vs1 story...

Also this story its depend on how you see it, it can be good or bad story,... <<less
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EndlessLove rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: Completed
One word: Yandere

The ML is the true definition of the word. You really cannot escape him. However, in all fairness, the story was good. It wasn't personally satisfactory, but the contents were emotionally provoking... or am I brainwashed myself? In anycase, the misunderstandings and the lengths of how things turned out into made my heart ache.

Read the tag for tragedy.

Is it a happy ending? Yeah. -_-
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gnessa14 rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This is basically "The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System" x "The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love". The attitude of the MC here is similiar to Du Ze from The Reader but the ML is crazy and manipulative. While I liked both characters and I enjoyed the journey a lot, the ending was very unsatisfying.

... more>>

I like CPs with strong love but for these two, love didn't exist. Even the ML admitted that he didn't love MC at the end. He didn't care if MC hated him or loved him. It feels to me like he wasn't even sexually attracted to the MC. He was simply obsessed with the idea of being around the MC and the MC just got used to the ML. I think they call it Stockholm Syndrome?


I'm giving it 5 stars still because other than the above, I'm very happy with the story overall. <<less
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May 16, 2019
Status: Completed
After reading some review I was thinking not to read it but the curiosity got me and I did read it is now thinking I should not believe in reviews much!! I almost miss this novel.. The only unsatisfying thing is I feel it was so short..i wanted more ~~~ and it did contain r*pe but I did not feel like any Stockholm symptoms occur. They r in love with each other but not the sweet fluffy love you normally see in novel..i feel like it is normal type love... more>> you see everyday life. So don’t bother about bad reviews and atleast try it out <3 <<less
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Ouryuu Zeno
Ouryuu Zeno rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: c92
This story gives me such a bitter taste in my mouth, I love it but hate it so much. Especially hate HIM.

It's a wonderful story no doubt, everything about was realistic and my heart kept palpitating with each blackening of the Ml. I love the MC to death and I keep rooting for him, I admire his bravery and sense of logic and realistic weakness.

The side male characters are pretty interesting as well, they have their pros and cons.

and one of them was basically a system for MC and I loved their interactions lol.


This is my first time writing a review but this story really gave me too many emotions over 24 hours.i had to write somewhere since I mtled the whole thing. Well done author, but still feck you
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StarlaBlaise rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: Completed
I mtl'ed this novel and got addicted to this author. He/she definitely can write believable yanderes (love them!). And not just "ML beats rivals" as most writers do, but straight up nutjobs, who go after MCs to the other worlds, change time and revive them, r*pe and break their legs. AND those cases aren't shown as "love" (many chinese BL writers often showcase r*pe as component of love). No, the writer knows that this is sick and the characters know that too.

So, about "A smile from the villain" novel... MC... more>> is a writer of the novel and ML is the main character. ML is a pretty standard hero of a stallion novel at first: he's a poor child, whose life was cruel to begin with and nobody was kind to him. He doesn't know what love is and that's pretty important. MC wrote him so himself and then he transmigrated via the System and changed the plot a little. Those little changes affected it so much, that the only character, who became kind to the ML was his alter ego/Masked Man. That's why I understand ML's obsession with MC, although it's still sick and bad and hurtful. But when everybody is either cruel to you or indifferent to you, ML's obsessive behavior is pretty logical. He's a broken man and he has broken MC along the way. It's not a HE kind of novel, for which I am thankful, cause ML is a sick, obsessive yandere, but the ending is logical. You can't just ran from this man and if running isn't an option, try to get something good from this. <<less
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thisworldofmine1 rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: Completed
I read it in MTL and was a little confused in some parts, probably skipping the humorous parts, so to me, every part of the story seemed dark or darker. The story ended happy, kind of, it's so hard to explain. All you have to know is that the ML really is a yandere, and a serious one too. All the novels by this author are full of possessiveness or psychotic characters, but I think this one had it tuned in a lot morethan the others... I would recommend it,... more>> it's a good read, but I can't help but feel somewhat sad for the MC for being manipulated the whole time, so brave yourselves before reading this BL novel... <<less
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Hilyantomi rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm giving this 5* for the side characters and the main lead because of his "love".

I really hope that the group will continue to translate this novel. Because for those who can forget the norms of society, this is another gem that no one wants to discover.

Like other reviewers have mentioned, this is a pure dark tragedy with a HE tag that shows no chemistry between the MC and the ML. Please people, this is the author of the later novel that has the similar taste "我有特殊的高冷技巧".

If you are... more>> really expected an yandere-gong-and-love story, the main couple's plot will seriously disappoint you in many ways because of the haha cause of everything: the big misunderstanding of the characters and readers included. But if you are only expected a tragic life story, then this is for you because EVERY SINGLE CHARACTERS IN HERE IS ALL MISERABLE BECAUSE OF THE MC (well it's much more of the system's and the original written plot's fault aka life). Even I wish that the MC wasn't the MC.

I'm rating this novel 5* for its tragic side and the "romantic" side as well, as the "love" that the ML holds for the MC is basically not love, but a feeling of being depended on someone that you want to trust (like when we were babies asking for toys :D). This kind of "love" is, sadly, very rare to be depicted in stories (#thankyoufastnoodlenovels). The "possessive, yandere, obsessed" elements are only there because of how the ML has lived (#thankyouauthor). <<less
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DimensionalRoamer rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c70
ML only starts showing hinds of being yandere around chapter 60ish, and there's only 97 chapters altogether. Currently at chapter 70 and ML still hasn't pushed MC down *sighs* --> therefore don't read this just for a satisfying yandere ML, you'll be in for a long wait lmao
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