The Transmigrated Senior Martial Brother


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In novels with a stud there is always a Senior Martial Brother like this:

In the early stages of the novel, his innate talent is high, his cultivation is good, his appearance is handsome, and he has an intelligent, cute younger Martial Sister as a fiancée.

In the middle stages of the novel, he is caught unprepared and defeated by a young disciple (the protagonist) in the sect who’s hardly remarkable at all. From then on, he falls from his godly altar and loses his brilliance. Even his young Martial Sister leaves him for someone else.

In the late stages of the novel, he continues to turn dark, going down the Demonic Path and becoming the major villainous boss. However, the protagonist still ruthlessly defeats him and his soul is eternally sealed.

Once Qin Mo opened his eyes, he discovered that he had become this Senior Martial Brother.

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Xuyên việt chi đại sư huynh
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New unicorn
May 21, 2020
Status: c74
1. ML does not hestitate to hurt the MC

... more>>

Although I did not check the reviews before reading, I had an idea of the plot as I read. I understand that he's a yandere but his disregard of the MC makes him seem more like an antagonist rather than an ML. After they reunited, he was very accomodating to the MC but it was just... too little too late. Also he felt no remorse and takes no responsibility for directly ruining the MC's life.


2. Great characters go missing


His original master, his junior sister, that one guy that was held as a medcinal slave (who was freed only to be captured by demons), the fox demon pet thing, his second master???? All amazing characters with a great potential back stories, but with the way the plot is developing, it doesnt seem like we'll ever get to see more of them.


3. The plot THICKENS


Speaking of plot, it seems as though this entire novel is just undermining previous conflicts by heavily focusing on bigger plots. And they keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. AND THOSE PREVIOUS CONFLICTS NEVER GET RESOLVED. Like what's gonna happen to his old master when he finds out about the plant the MC found for him? How about his poor junior sister? Is she going to blacken or stay on the rightous path but become a common enemy of the cultivation world? What about the mysterious tribe behind the dead slave owner?? IS THIS WHAT A PLOT HOLE I SMELL???


4. MC needs a break


And with all of these heavy plots overshadowing each other, I don't understand how the MC hasn't cried himself to sleep or at least blanked out. I get that his character is supposed to be resilient but... even the most determined become tired. It's come to the point where in the middle of a battle, I would wonder when the MC is gonna catch a break.


5. Is it worth it?

And that's why I decided to check the reviews. Answer: I guess not. All that thick dog blood for what? A yandere that's all yan and no dere? For plot holes that are so deep that you can find a neighborhood of angler fish taking a nap? No. For someone else, maybe. But not for me. This novel was so emotionally and mentally draining--I don't want to read something like this ever again

6. I forgot to mention the translation: it is FANTASTIC. ABSOLUTE PHENOMENAL WORK. <<less
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New hy-d-ra
May 4, 2020
Status: --
I started it, felt weird for some reason. Came here, saw pretty unified reviews and dropped it. Thank you for the timely warning, so I won't spend time in vane and frustration.
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Attica rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: Completed
Your enjoyment of this novel heavily depends on a single factor: whether you enjoy the archetypal rapey Yandere without any good writing behind the trope. There, you've probably already made your decision.


Summary: Transmigrated senior brother MC attracts the attention of a very very Yandere ML, who actively frames MC to isolate him

Pros: Extreme Yandere for those of you who are into that stuff. Some good ideas about "oh a single choice can turn someone into a saint or a demon" (... that aren't followed up on at all and don't... more>> make a lot of sense). And I guess morbid curiosity to see what would happen next to MC?

Cons: Oh boy.

    • Very abrupt and rushed writing style. It feels like ML falls in Yandere love over like 2 chapters. We don't get to see him fall in love, it's completely brushed over as "oh MC dropped by and helped him out from bullies, welp now ML is in love I guess). I think the author tried to give some side characters depth, but then they either a) got shafted by ML being possessive or b) abandoned that development and died.
    • The transmigration thing was completely dropped and honestly rather pointless.
    • The plot was just disjointed in general, without a central storyline/goal. The worldbuilding was pretty lacking, with the usual Xianxia "hey here have this random secret realm or other world thrown in out of nowhere".
    • MC's character arc is not hopeful at all. It's a relentless downwards spiral of his situation continuously getting worse, mostly because ML is ruining everything. The story ends on an awkward note riiiight as MC and ML were just beginning to reconcile.
Overall... yes, this is extreme Yandere with explicit noncon, and IMO it's not even well-written or deliciously angsty or anything. It's literally just that particular trope in the most stereotypical/meh form possible. <<less
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monochromatics rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Wow. Where do I start.

I must say that I relatively enjoyed the first half to three-fourths-ish of the novel. I say relatively because I kept getting confused and thrown off by what was happening. Qin Mo and Lin Zizheng does a lot of dimension/interface-hopping throughout the novel and I was just sitting there like, "Wait, what just happened???" but Plot (TM), I guess. If you ignore that, a lot does happen in every dimension, so you won't be bored. The plot pacing isn't too fast nor too slow, but there... more>> are few times where the author uses time jumps without any warning. There are also some of your typical deus ex machina plot devices,


e.g., Fox Lord/little fox turns out to be the prince of the nine-tailed foxes/fox tribe and his older sister is super OP. She was chained in a place and Qin Mo's the only one who is able to save her just because he happens to be the descendant (or was it reincarnation... or maybe he just received the dude's martial arts, I don't remember) of this guy whom I never really bothered to figure out who the heck he was - because at that point I was just plowing on and stopped trying to understand everything lol. Due to this, she owes him a favor.


Now, the thing that really peeved me the most is that Lin Zizheng held on good for most of the novel. He was obsessive, yeah, but he never crossed the bottom line. This spoiler, you might want to read because it wasn't tagged and some of you guys may not like (including me), or is a trigger warning for some people.


I really hoped he wasn't going to do the one thing that turns me off the very most and that is rape. I was so, so, so, SO (did I mention SO????????) disappointed. I read Attica's review when I was already around chapter 60 and I nearly dropped it, but I still held on to hopes. But, nope. And not only does he r*pe Qin Mo in a fit of jealousy, he does it several times iirc. He also forces a sort of lovers' binding flower thing on him, where if anyone other than your lover touches you, you get this burning feeling. (Eventually, this becomes significant for something else that happens later on.) I was so upset and felt so bad for Qin Mo that I shed a few actual tears lol. Even when I got up to the part where Lin Zizheng says, "I love you" to Qin Mo, I did not feel moved.


So that is the main reason why I took off stars. Honestly, I don't think I would've finished this novel if that event occurs early on in the novel. But since I was already nearly done, I decided that heck, I'll just finish it.

As for the ending, when I got to chapter 103, I was under the impression that there were more chapters because there were still loose ends. It ended really abruptly and I was so confused lmao. But then when the author said in the author's section that she felt it was a good place to end, I was like, okay I guess you can sort of say that.


That's only because when Lin Zizheng asks Qin Mo if they could start over, Qin Mo goes, "I forgive you, but I don't think I can ever love you..." To that, Lin Zizheng answers with okay, but he thinks to himself that he has time and one day, Qin Mo will come to love him. Call me whatever, but I was satisfied that Qin Mo doesn't all of a sudden realize he's been hopelessly in love with Lin Zizheng all along. I know in some novels, a lot of hand-wavy stuff happens and everyone's happy at the end, so this ending redeemed some of the disappointment I felt.


If you're not bothered by these things, then this is an okay read. Otherwise, you'll be happier spending your time reading something else. <<less
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ElinaViolets rated it
May 24, 2018
Status: c01
I hope this novel gets fully translated by someone, for I see potential in this one.

The teaser is written pretty good; hardly to no grammar-errors, and you can follow and understand the phrases well.

I kind of envy those that will find this story later when it's fully translated, because although the premise isn't new by any means, I was still wondering how the author will handle their own version of the stereotypical "Senior Martial Brother"-storyline.
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October 31, 2018
Status: c6
i really like that MC take a while to adjust to his new life and his new body and he has moments when he fumbles and fails, like having no clue how to move his spirit power at first. it's a little more realistic than those novels where the MC takes half a paragraph to accept what happened and he somehow automatically knows everything about cultivation without even having to go through their "new" memories.

the only thing I find dubious is the MC's past identity as a surgeon. in c5... more>> it says he remembers his past 20 years of life.... there is no way a 20 year old could be any kind of a surgeon when 6 or 7 years of college are the norm to become a general practitioner doctor. it hasn't said anything about him being a genius child prodigy and he would have had to start college at age twelve or thirteen to be an established surgeon at age 20.

other than that, though, I am enjoying the story.

on a side note, I see the the people who rate all BL as 1 have been by. I honestly don't get their compulsive need to rate without bothering to read. <<less
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errantknight rated it
September 1, 2019
Status: --
I'm done with even giving novels with r*pe tags a chance, and I'm especially done when the rapist is the ML/romance partner. R*pe is not a forgivable part of dating, it's not something that can be trivialized or lack serious consequences and it's absolutely not something that should be as common as it is. What the hell, authors? Get your sh*t together. This crap is unforgivable, whether it be in straight romance or BL.
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Delesaria rated it
October 21, 2018
Status: --
So far, it's been riveting. I like that the MC actually needs time to adapt to the transmigration and that he brings his experience and skills from his previous life with him. It's interesting to see an MC who isn't OP, but also isn't useless. The new translator is great; they made it a very smooth, enjoyable read.
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xuee rated it
March 17, 2020
Status: c63
I found that the reviews are quite awful and for those hating this novel for the r*pe tag, I find it ironic how you read this novel with a r*pe tag and condemning the part about r*pe and stuff. Also tagged with possessive and manipulative character + yandere ML being so is ok imo. Being an orphan and seeing their parents getting killed, sent to the cultivation world and got bullied everyday, if anything anyone will go insane so I suppose ML is on the line with what's supposed to... more>> happen. When you're so down and someone helps, it might get addictive to the kindness so ML being possessive to MC is a given.

ML is quite nice in being very supportive of MC and tried his best to restrain himself but his possessiveness doesn't allow others to like and to be near MC to the point of paranoia. It was quite smooth until it's a bit jumpy around 50+ chaps cause the got into another cultivation plane I suppose with not much info for now. I'll keep reading to see how it goes. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
birdycrow rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: c10
I’ve only had Qin Mo for ten chapters but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself. I would die for this precious bean, I would kill for him, if he gave me a smile I would destroy the world for him, , , anyway read this if only for how utterly precious and adorable Qin Mo is.
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Kurousagirei rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: --
The male lead ruined this for me. I mean, it's there in the tag, but I wasn't expecting him to be such a massive scumbag.

The first part of the story was good up until the ML started emotionally manipulating the MC, and the translation quality is good, so two stars.
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ike_00000 rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: 58
Reading this story genuinely makes me uncomfortable. I knew what I was signing up for going in, but I couldn't help it because I love BL cultivation stories too much. However, this ML is honestly ridiculous, and it's not even just about the rape. It's one thing if it's written well, but this yandere is too much.

I haven't even gotten to the r*pe part yet, but ML's emotional manipulation of MC is ridiculous. For the sake of obtaining ML solely, he's willing to turn the entire world against MC on... more>> false charges.


He deliberately made it seem like MC was a demonic cultivator, causing all the sects and even MC's shifu to turn away from him given the evidence. It's one thing if he was going to clear the charges, but I'm pretty sure ML had no intention of doing so and fully intended on having everyone abandon MC.


And honestly, he turned yandere way too quick. Sure having a bad backstory and being bullied can twist someone's character, but even so. His attachment to MC and ONLY MC is way too much, as well as his possessiveness. In addition, his original character was supposed to be a compassionate and righteous Holy Father. Sure you can argue small things can make a big difference, but his character is entirely different.

Even putting aside everything else, it's in every way a typical cultivation story. MC gets quite a bit of golden fingers, not just the "protagonist" ML. He's way stronger than it makes sense for him to be. Like he's facing multiple people who are whole REALMS higher than him, and he just jumps right in and directly attacks. It's not a special or particularly enjoyable story, and the more I read the more mediocre I find it. MC's character is just arrogant, cold, and indifferent, and he doesn't use his brain. He somehow kills a guy from a really strong and protective group, yet afterward doesn't even try to cover his own a$$. There's almost no character development, or any sense of character really. His tracks are just covered by the protagonist's halo. There's also no point in this being a transmigration story. The plot only moves forward by introducing new characters or moving them into entirely new settings, both of which are cheap plot tools that shouldn't be used in the shallow way they are.

As long as they're separated, it's just an unoriginal trashy cultivation story. When they're together, it's a rape-y unoriginal trashy cultivation story. <<less
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MC named Qin Mo is a surgeon who reincarnates into an "evil villain" Xianxia character. Qin Mo acidentally changes the future of Lin ZiZheng aka "the hero" from a Righteous Cultivator to a Demonic Cultivator by being nice to him.

... more>>

Twist, history isn't changed that much, Lin Zizheng frames Qin Mo for the crimes QM was accused of in the novel so his life is ruined. This is all a plot by LZZ to keep Qin Mo all to himself because he "loves" him. Since Qin Mo is a cinnamon roll to pure and good for this world, reading about Lin Zizheng abusing him and conniving to murder his friends & loved ones & even pets is sort of nauseating.

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nikkib461 rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c59
I dropped at chp 59 as I could no longer delude myself into finishing, as stated by Attica in their review the writing is really messy and all over the place. There is no central plot line or theme to the story and things happen randomly out of the blue with no build-up. I completely lost interest and will not finish ever which is sad as it started out with an interesting story then nose dived so quickly and just could not save itself.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rida rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: --
Nothing new. Typical clueless MC and manipulative ML. However, in this novel, the ML's actions were particularly off-putting. The first part of the novel was bearable but later on, every chapter just left me fuming.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kisa-chan rated it
April 26, 2019
Status: Completed
I was gonna rate it 1-star but then I enjoyed the first part of the story so I made it 2... and then another star for the translator...

It was there in the tag and usually I don't mind it since it's just a story, but WHOA.. I CANNOT OVERLOOK IT THIS TIME.. Dashixiong, I just wanna protect you...

It was satisfying that in its last chapter, he didn't end up with him right away and said that he won't love him... although there were some hints there since ML did "die" for him.. In the bonus chapters, he did soften on him again so they'd end up together


But still 3 stars... I'm still disgusted with the ML
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