This Way of Transmigration Is Definitely Wrong!


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The worst thing that Shui Ruoshan thinks he ever did?

– He wrote the story of “The Strongest King in History”.

The unluckiest thing that happened to him?

– He transmigrated into the novel he wrote.

The most depressing thing that happened to him?

– His current character doesn’t exist in the original story.

The most frustrating thing that happened to him?

– His current progress completely overturned the original plot.

Other than that, the most unreasonable thing is that he is actually being sheltered by the villain BOSS.

The YY, the level-ups and the ‘cool text‘ in the story that he wrote, why the hell did it suddenly change ‘flavor’?

It must be because his way of transmigration was not quite right!

He wants a redo!!!

Notes :

– YY is OP-ness of MC

– ‘Cool text’ is a story with OP MC without much difficulties and drama

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52 Reviews

Dec 03, 2018
Status: c54
While I would love to give this plot more stars.

the MC of this story is such an idiot. He’s such an idiot that it’s become too much. I can’t read this idiocy anymore. Although it is funny at times and hilarious and the novel isn’t meant to be really taken seriously.

But the idiocy of the MC is too much. His actions and behavior is so f*cking s*upid. That I wonder what he was like when he was an adult back in human society. Because his actions are entirely uncalled for... more>> and would be mocked and looked down upon in the world.

And what I dislike the most is that he CREATED THE WORLD AND ALL ITS CHARACTERS.

Yet he acts like the world doesn’t involve him and everyone else doesn’t involve him and fails to understand anything. Which further emphasizes his s*upidness. I thought I could bare through with this novel since it indeed is funny and pretty interesting.

I’m I just can’t handle our s*upid MC who acts more childlike.

gods. I f*cking hate him too.

ML personally cooked some meat he caught for him. And he then immediately decides he can’t eat it. Going with the conclusion with “I came from modern society and can’t handle the blood and gore before my eyes.”

LIKE WTF. You think meat comes from clouds and rainbows? Holy f*ck. You are hungry and the food smells good sinceit was ACTJALLY seasoned. Holy shit.

The MC I can’t handle him. The comments saying he is cute and adorable.


i can just say he is the type who is s*upidly cute.

and I can’t do or handle s*upid ok. I DONT DO s*upid CHARACTERS. <<less
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Jun 03, 2020
Status: --
Okay, the reason why I got myself an account here is that I want to defend this novel.

Before I started reading I saw a lot of comments saying that the story and the MC are s*upid. No.

He might be a bit childish but he is also very considerate of the ML. There are also people saying that he's too spoiled for not liking blood and stuff like that. He's from our time. At least I can relate.

I love this novel because it is funny and the interactions between the... more>> two main characters are very cute. They form a strong bond and it feels nice to see both of them slowly opening up. The plot is interesting but not too complicated which makes it easier to read if you just want a sweet romance with a bit of danger and adventure. I also like that it's not too long and the ending leaves you with a warm feeling.

It might not have a genius MC and a plot full of misunderstandings and schemes but it's definitely worth it. ;) <<less
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Aug 10, 2018
Status: c58
I've finished all 58 of the currently translated chapters. I love this kind of plot, but as I went on it grew increasingly unsatisfying. The author spends a lot of time repeating themselves, and the world-building is pretty spare (and it shows). The plot moves as slow as a glacier.

I think the most egregious part of this is the MC. I was not expecting a genius, but he grows increasingly dumber and childlike to the point where it is painful/embarrassing to read his actions and thoughts.

It's a shame because sometimes... more>> you can see areas where the novel can shine by actively leaning on the 4th wall or with humor.

The naming of the cat in chapter 43 is an excellent example of this.

Sadly, this is pretty rare.

The translation is pretty good quality. The translator did a pretty good job. Sadly the plot isn't up to par. <<less
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May 08, 2019
Status: c117
Protagonist is an idiot

He acts like a child and his characterization is confusing. If you're an author of a novel surely you'd write out details on cultivation and how to use your spiritual power. And you may not understand it immediately because it's fiction but come on, that's not an excuse when you put incantation magic to the test so why can't you do it with all the other aspects of cultivation?

And almost dying twice in the beginning didn't penetrate his thick skin that this world is real but seeing... more>> the ML hurt did.

His actions are unreasonable and I get that he can't integrate fully into the world but come on, focus on the important aspects like why the heck did you transmigrate into a person who you didn't even write about?

I think that's a big wake up call that this is an actual world.

His endless ramblings going off topic and worries for ML is annoying too, like, bruh, YOURE THE FRIGGIN AUTHOR. And although he does acknowledge it as time passes but he still "can't help but worry" making it "contradicting and fraustrating". Like you know what the ML's secret is (secret is a spoiler and you'll find out if you read it) and you obviously wrote about him to the point of being perfect. Surely you can worry about him and help but not complain to the point where you mess up his well thought plans right? Right? Helping is fine but dude, ML obviously has thought out a counter attack for the worse case scenarios and you're like an unexpected variable making things worse, especially when you're trying to outwit the cannon fodders.

Anyways, scenes are repetitive especially when ML met his family again, like, I think I skimmed through it.

The only thing going for the novel is the amazing translation.

Shame the story is meh.

Characters meh.

World building meh.

Plot holes, a ton.

Unreasonableness, a majority amount.

Overall you'll get a 2 star story, extra star is for translator hence a 3.

You don't have to give me a genius MC but at least give me on with the common sense of a 20 year old. It's human nature to try and survive and live yet this guy, this friggin guy, just waltz straight into danger.



Thank you translator and respect them for not wanting it on wattpad or any other website. Its also rude to directly translate from the English version to another language. Just reading mtl is a pain in the bu*t and it's hard enough that there are a ton of typos. You're mooching off hard work. <<less
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Nov 14, 2018
Status: c51
I just want to say, I am very much interested in this story and would love to give this work a higher rating, but everytime I try to read and immerse myself in the story I always get distracted (in a real bad way) by how the translator always has a parenthesis right after every pronoun just to indicate who it's referring to.

Please don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate the translators hard work and effort. I just really can't concentrate on the story everytime I see the parenthesis... more>> with the explanation on who/whom that pronoun is for.

To the translator, I love you and I very much appreciate your translation efforts, but please, if you can please not put that parenthesis w/ explanation right after every pronoun, your translation will be a hundred times better. They are just causing unnecessary distraction to readers.

PS. Please take this comment with a grain of salt and know that I am by no means hating on the translator or picking on his/her work. I am just stating my experience while reading this novel. <<less
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Jan 23, 2019
Status: c97
the story has its interesting points. The downside is the MC. The MC starts out fairly clever but his mentality seems to reduce rather quickly after transmigrating, becoming more and more childish as the chapters continue on. I really don't like s*upid, naive, emasculated MCs who only exist to be rescued and screwed with and who basically act like a shoujo heroine with a JJ. I also prefer MCs with at least half a brain. However, since I now measure all idiot MCs against the one from ugly mans big transformation, he doesn't seem all that bad in comparison. I rate this a solid 3 and for a story with an idiot MC, it's about the highest you can expect from me.
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Feb 14, 2019
Status: c30
There are so many MC that are supposed to be adults or at least young adults but are literally as dumb, naive, and childish as a five or seven year old. This MC is one of them. I mean, a little silly is okay, the MC doesn't have to be genius, but there is a line to tread here, and this MC is well below it. Additionally, all the antagonists are dumb and petty, fitting for MC's level of IQ and EQ, no real challenge.

At the start I liked the... more>> idea of a 'contract' between the MC and ML, and whatnot, but that fell through and after the first few chapters I realized there would be no complexity to the story or the relationship between the MC and the ML. MC randomly throws out junk to protect himself? Randomly picks fights with characters that are mean to ML with literally the ability of a toddler? If you prefer this type of character, go for it.

See, now, they couldn't actually use a child because then all the s*xual innuendos get creepier, but it would make more sense to me, personally.

I do like that the MC is the protective type rather than r*pey type, I guess, but still run of the mill and uninteresting.

Side characters? Who cares, ML will just get jealous if MC looks at anyone else. <<less
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Aug 13, 2020
Status: c192
I've just finished this today and I must say it was quite a satisfying and sweet reading journey. I' am the type of an 'easy-please' reader so the plot is kind of suitable for me. Though I must say, there are some parts of the plot that are totally FLAT and does not have depth at all. It would be great if YSY thought of a wiser way to act his revenge and stay in the shadows than letting him solving everything by killing. Welp it's just my opinion though.

Towards... more>> the end, it got boring and I just skimmed past the parts. BTW nice translations and clear context :) <<less
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Oct 01, 2019
Status: c94
Those stars are for the translator.

Frankly speaking, the story is meh. World building almost non existent. Narratives are a confusing jumble of meaningless repetitive explanation and ramble of either MC or ML. Characterization is a mess. Just generally unpalatable story.

A chapter only contains maybe 4 or 5 dialogue of characters, like 90% is that mumbo jumbo narratives. I was expecting better but no progress.

But hey, to each their own. I find this novel incredibly boring but if you like simple no brainer story then this one is a decent read,... more>> especially the translation is quite clean. Props to the translator. <<less
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Apr 05, 2019
Status: c143
I love how the MC is protective of ML, and how he keeps thinking how he won't tell ML that he is the author of the world they are living in. And I somewhat like how ML keeps testing the MC to see if MC would betray him like the other characters in the original novel.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 12, 2018
Status: c178
The story is very interesting. While transmigrated to a novel theme is not original (and the author stated it in the novel too!), this one is unique enough to not be mistaken with another novel of the same theme. The translation is very good & easy to understand, I'm looking forward reading more of it, thank you translator-sama!

... more>>

The main story itself completed at chapter 169, but the author also make an alternate ending, chapter 170-178. Either ending is good, but I admit I like the 1st ending better, only we got to understand more of MC circumstances in the 2nd ending.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 03, 2018
Status: c12
It looks interesting and definitely not the 'boom! Love at first sight' kind. It has good variance since the MC just suddenly transmigrated to his own novel,


The villain has trust issues and MC had to work hard earning it.


I'm looking forward to this though! Thank you translator- sama!
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Jun 12, 2020
Status: c85
I spent more than a week to read this, and not even finishing yet. Mind you, I'm a fast reader, I can finish a long novel with 1000+ chapters within 3-4 days and remember every event on it. The reason why I am lagging too much on this novel is because it is too unbearable. At first, I liked how the MC acts fast and reverses the contract but from then on, he became too f*cking s*upid. Like, cannot eat meat because he doesn't like the gore and blood. I... more>> mean, even in modern era, did he think he eats chicken and pork from plucking them from the tree? =, = He is too childish and even more s*upid as the story goes on. He would always want dramas and causes trouble all around, saying crude things to enemies he couldn't even win, making the ML to clean up all his trouble. I mean, I can tolerate it if he is all relying on the ML like many other Mary Sue stories but here, he is not even satisfied with the way ML cleans up. Like, "KILLING IS BAD, DON'T ENNNNN~" Please, if the enemies come taking revenge on them, the one suffering won't be ML but him. He is useless all around but he won't avoid getting in the way of troubles, he himself would go seek them. Then he won't let the ML kill the enemies.

The ML went back to his family house to get revenge and MC wants to see them so bad. The half brother of ML wanted to r*pe the MC and ML wanted to kill him. And tge result? "No~ Killing is bad~" *spit blood* *facepalm* He also wanted to let a stranger follow them and join their party just because that stranger called him boss. I mean, MC knows best that they will be getting hardships from now on and they are secretly revenging the enemies amd such. Moreover, the party leader isn't even him. He can't even protect himself, yet, he didn't even ask ML for permission before blabbering out? ML already has a hard time protecting this trouble seeking problematic child ah!! How could he add another dumb f*ck to the team!?!? Thank the devils ML leave that guy.

In my opinion, he is seriouslysuffering the Prince Syndrome. He thinks the world and everything is for him to have fun, and everything should go according to his way. If not for me stubbornly making sure I

read all the novels I have started to the end, I would have dropped this novel.

Edit : I have reached to ch 144 and I don't even know how many times I've spitted blood because of this dumb f*ck

  1. Spoiler

    I really frustrated to the point where the novel main character reveals that mc's body is the main villain and wanted to kill MC, I really really wanted him to die. His death would save all the troubles and bring everyone peace. I have never wished a character to die as much as I'm right now *facepalm*

Edit again :

I have reached ch 167. Damn. I think MC seriously don't even have IQ *facepalm*


The villain killed ML and send MC back to his era, asking his wish to fulfilled and he will save ML. And MC ACTUALLY AGREED!!! I mean, when he returns back to his world, isn't he technically the GOD of that world now? He could have killed the villain and save ML and went back again with just his writing but this dumbf*ck actually agreed to comply the villain's order. WTF is wrong with yoyr brain la? YOU ARE THE SHAME OF ALL TRANSGRAMATORS.

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Apr 26, 2020
Status: c186
This novel is quite simple to read but hard to digest, like for example explaining a simple 'En' to a bunch of nonsense (you'll know what I mean if you read it yourself). I can't remember how many times I read the mc's s*upid monologue and repeating gibberish to 'blah blah blah'. Though I have to admit, I still didn't drop this simply because I had faith that the story might get interesting. But guess what? It did! For me, the only interesting part of the story was the end... more>> part (chapters 140+).

The novel has small word count per chapter but out of 3000 words, -100 words are the dialogues, 500 words are useful information and the rest are full of nonsense. Btw the MC is s*upid but it's tolerable because SOMETIMES he can be quite smart. ML is so-so. The drama doesn't touch my heart. Justice for the pets for always being forgotten!

The plot has potential but because of bad execution, the story became flat.

Special thanks to the translator for doing a great job translating this!

Did I enjoy this? Maybe, but very frustrating that it gave me a headache.

Will I read this again? Newwwpp.

Recommended? Maybe, limited to bored people who has nothing to do <<less
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Omniscient Couch Potato
Omniscient C
Jan 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Usually we find stories where first half is much better than second half.

This story was really a cliche fluff type up till around ch 95... You can only continue if you read without an intention of plot.

But after that storyline got much better and translation quality got better too. And was worth a read. It was funny and cute with a direction.

MC isn't a white lotus and know when to retaliate and how to use big golden thigh of ML. And ML is typical except for he really indulge/pamper/takes care... more>> of MC still all the while testing him.

Overall a good read. <<less
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Aug 18, 2020
Status: c38
slow plot; barely anything happens for a long longggggg time. Very one dimensional ml. I think his favorite word is “En”. The MC was abit immature and whiny; always complaining or demanding stuff from the ml.
overall, I’m bummed because the premises of both MC & ML being reborn or transmigrated was good
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Aug 03, 2021
Status: c138
Bro I can't, this is the fastest novel I've read! Just for 2h and I've reached the first half of the story already but what do I get? Just disappointment, idk about other people preferences but mine is not into sth so descriptive as this one.

My lightning reading speed is because I just scroll until I see the dialogue between characters that I stopped to read....I know I'm a bad influence but yeah, and finally I decided to drop at this chapter.... no more.

But this novel is pretty good altho... more>> there's many loopholes and confusion, I still think it's good especially the kissing part! It would be great if there's some smut in it but unfortunately no.

If you want to read it then go ahead! Don't hesitate! Since this review is just solely based on my own biased opinion. <<less
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May 25, 2021
Status: --
I'm having a hard time to keep reading this. The plot is good, the flow of the story is interesting.

It just....... TOO MANY NARRATION AND MONOLOGUE for just one short dialogue!!

It's like every single sentences out of MC and ML's mouth neededd to be explained in a very detailed manner. That's alright, if it's just ocassional and the argument and reasonning were alw different. But, omg, all of them were like reading a hamster running on its cart wheel, round and round, keep coming back to the same conclusion.

For example,... more>> MC said something, and then the next two paragraphs would be his mnologue of whatever he thought of, and when ML answered him, by that point I was alr forgotten what's MC asked before.

And by the end of it, I became confused of what's actually going on in their head and what they wanted to convey! <<less
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Sep 03, 2020
Status: Completed
The first part of the story was more interesting in my opinion, later on, in the last 50 chapters I started to skip some pharagraphs..

The narration is, unfortunately, too abundant and too long, it makes the story boring, it was tiring me out; not to mention all the repetition.. I was skimming/skipping from dialogue to dialogue. The plot isn't that horrible, a bit flat here and there, but I was able to stay engaged. Some characters felt hollow (almost all of them, sorry), some seemed unnecessary (like that little brother... more>> Bai-guy, I don't even remember his full name??).

The romance is, hmm, not really the main aspect here. In a big part of the novel, Shui RuoShan, the MC, is in a child form, therefore..

Even after the romance officialy started, it didn't give me the impression that they were really in love. More like they were very close, depending and deeply caring for each other.

And the yaoi tag is definitely wrong. Shounen-ai would fit much better.

It turned out very differently from what I expected, but it was okay. I'm just glad I finally finished it. <<less
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Aug 01, 2020
Status: Completed
Overall, a simple story with a simple writing style. The premise is basic and straightforward - the blackened Yin Suye (ML) is the villain reborn to destroy the world that betrays him, but regains hope for life by meeting the transmigrated author Shui Ruoshan (MC) who gives him a reason to trust once more. Along the way to supreme power, they encounter a series of typical cannon fodder characters, but nothing interesting happens before the final arc with the introduction of a late-stage player (Huan Tian). There was more plot... more>> depth in this last part, which I liked, but everything before that was a bit dull and monotonous.

The sense of 'romance' is minimal to say the least; although ML is protective and possessive early on, they only end up sharing three kisses (the first piece of action after 100 chapters) and one vague allusion to something in the extras. I know physical intimacy is not the sole measure of romance, but I didn't feel any spark or emotion between them either. Basically ML feels belonging/ownership of MC since he's the one person who doesn't betray him, and MC just enjoys the pampering and occasionally thinks ML is 'cool'.


The characterisation of the ML can be summarised with the three phrases that comprise about 95% of his dialogue: "En.", "You are seeking death!", and "You're not allowed to leave me!". (´;ω;`) The writing style is not my personal favourite. It's sometimes jumpy, there's a significant amount of seemingly stream-of-consciousness paragraphs to explain thoughts/feelings/history, and it's often repetitive in nature. <<less
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