A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation


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On the way to a company workshop, we fell into a world of immortal cultivators while still in the car.

Those with spiritual roots and unique abilities were all called to join cultivation sects, living prosperously.

But I, having neither spiritual roots nor special abilities, lived as an ordinary mortal for 50 years, complying with fate until my death.

That’s what I thought.

Until I regressed.

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New BigBadBoi rated it
April 13, 2024
Status: c260
Absolutely phenomenal Xianxia. Just make sure you're prepared for a lot of suffering.

This novel is pretty much the best xianxia novel I've ever read. Hell this is probably one of the best time loop novel I've ever read (only a few other novels i've read capture the timeloop/regression genre perfectly especially the since most writers shove the litrpg/system sh*t in it)

This novel handles the regression aspect very well especially since no loop is ever the same. Don't expect an MC bashing their head into a wall and using up... more>> X loops till he succeeds because the MC of this novel always try something new in order to live each loop to the fullest.

The MC has a clear moral code that he sticks with which means he isn't a mu*derhobo that would suddenly massacre SENTIENT demon beasts/devils/etc. And grind them into pills because they're not human like a hypocrite.

Each loop is an arc in of itself and almost every loop ends in a high note.

Onto a short summary. The MC gets isekai'd to a xianxia world with 6 colleagues and each of them gain a gift. 5 of them gets kidnapped/recruited by high level cultivators passing by.


you'll f*cking hate one of them later on and pity/dislike the other


The MC is then stranded in the lower realms with one other colleague and is an absolute bro. The MC uses his regressions to basically make his friend stronger.

The romance is something a few people complain about but it's basically harem haters having a stick up their ass anyway.

It's technically not even a harem since he cuts ties with the first love interest after tying up all loose ends in the lower realm and they're essentially strangers, the second one being more constant and probably the true love interest, and the third one is someone he is forced to be with in one of the loops of the latest arc that he tries to ignore but falls for anyway

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New GabeZhul rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: c260
This story genuinely made me remember just how good Xianxia can be when the main character isn't a hyper-lucky mu*derhobo.


Korean MC and his co-workers from a small company get caught up in an accident during a team-building exercise, and get isekaid into a cultivation world. All of them gain amazing talents in the process, except for the MC, and after living a miserable life as a commoner in an ancient China expy, it turns out he's a regressor, and he returns to the day they were transferred to this world... more>> any time he dies. Using this, he spends several lifetimes slowly mastering martial arts, and then cultivation, beating his lack of talent with stubbornness bordering on madness and exploiting whatever knowledge, enlightenment, and cultivation progress he can carry over from one life to the next.


At first, it appears to be a wuxia world not set in the usual universe, but later, the setting quickly balloons into a huge universe with multiple realms and immortals and so on.


The MC is generally talentless when it comes to martial arts or cultivation, so he has to spend several literal lifetimes (which, in later cycles, once he starts cultivating, reaches into centuries) to get to the same level as his more talented peers. Overall, he's a man with strong morals, always trying to help and save the most people even though, due to his regression power, he could just ignore them to get stronger even faster. There are tons and tons of important characters, some carrying over across the individual arcs, and while there's some romance, and the MC has at least three solid love-interests, he had only consistently made contact with one of them in every subsequent cycle after they got together. Other than that, we have all the usual archetypes, but often with twists, such as how the wise and benevolent master could become an equal in a few cycles later, and then a "junior" by the end of the arc.


While the story revolves around regression, the plot-progression itself isn't cyclical. Each time the MC goes back in time, he lives radically different lives, meeting different people, achieving different things, and learning more and more about the setting. Later on, each cycle also has some very specific goals in mind, such as trying to reach a certain level in cultivation, mastering a certain martial art, or just infiltrating the forces of a villain in trying to figure out their goals and motivations to be better prepared in the later cycles.

So far, the first arc (taking place in the lower realm, encompassing the MC's journey to learn martial arts with his boss from Korea/sworn brother and his first steps into cultivation) was absolutely phenomenal. The second arc (taking place in the middle realm) had a really rocky start in the first cycle, but the second cycle was great, the third had some of the most amazing back-and-forth scheming with a villain I've ever seen, while the fourth cycle is also shaping up to be pretty great so far. I'd say it's well worth powering through the early parts to get to the good bits.


This is a bloody great series. It has everything: a strong premise executed really well, a likeable main character, strong side-characters, a very in-depth power-system featuring multiple flavors of cultivation/martial arts with their own philosophies and mechanics, and the cycles allow the author to explore all kinds of genres and plots, meaning the story never gets stale. Add in the fact that it also has an wonderful translation, and it all adds up to a surprise masterpiece.

That said, there are some small issues there, such as the MC's constant suffering and setbacks getting a bit tiresome after a while, and the aforementioned first cycle in the second arc being a dip in quality, but all things considered, they only mar the finished product, but don't ruin it at all.

I would heavily recommend this one if you're looking for a good xianxia story, a weak-to-strong story, or just find the concept of the MC's regression ability interesting. However, if you're looking for a solid romance angle or fast progression... hell, I would still recommend this one, because it's just that good. Seriously, give it a go, and see if it clicks with you. <<less
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FalseJones12 rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: c120
This is a Korean take on the Chinese Xianxia genre. MC and his work colleagues suddenly get dropped into a world of Immortal Cultivation while on a company picnic. Every one of his colleagues have a special talent or ability except the MC, and the MC has no choice but to live as an ordinary mortal in his first life. However, upon his death, he discovers that his ability was [time loop] the whole time!

Below is my review as of chapter 120 of the raws and so some parts of... more>> the review may not be fully applicable to the current translated chapters of 46. However, with the rate the translator is putting out chapters, chapter 120 will come soon.

Main Character:

MC is not talented and starts off weak but he is extremely hard-working and you can feel his progression through each cycle and you really feel that his strength is well-earned. The MC is decently smart, unlike the MC of Reincarnated Swordmaster, and maintains his humanity and morals throughout. One of the things I really like about this story is that the MC actually feels humane and he's pretty much a regular nice guy, unlike some super intelligent genius, cold-blooded rational old monster, or arrogant munchkin MC. The MC acts his age and the maturity gained from his many years doesn't simply disappear due to regression. Even throughout his cycles, the MC forms new bonds and relationships which eventually further his determination to become stronger.

Power System:

The story is quite slow and there is a lot of focus on martial arts, especially at the beginning, but the martial arts system is well-explained and actually really interesting and unique compared to classic Korean Murim and Chinese Wuxia martial arts. In fact, the martial arts system is what got me hooked at the start and continue to read. The cultivation system as well isn't the regular 'pop pills, get more energy, level up' but is based on the actual principles of the world and plays a big role lore-wise.


In terms of world-building, we slowly learn more about the cultivation world and the world itself along with the MC as he slowly becomes stronger and gains the qualifications to know. Information comes naturally most of the time, with the story balancing showing and telling, and the obscured image of the world slowly unveils each cycle. Events are influenced by the world, not the MC, and a lot of things that seem like a passing thought or news turn out to have deeper implications and mysteries in later cycles as the MC gains the qualifications to unpeel the layers. There is definitely a mystery aspect to the story, albeit not of the early chapters as the MC doesn't even have the qualifications to see it's outermost layers.


There's not many prominent side characters but each of them play a prominent role in the plot and impact the MC. Especially the high-level cultivators, the story does a good job of making you actually want to learn more about these characters and each extra bit of information you manage to get feeds your increasing curiosity. Cycle focused side-characters are not forgotten and are mentioned again in future regressions as well. Some of them come back to play a big role. One of the main side characters is MC's Bro, a teacher, friend, and colleague throughout his many regressions. With each regression, us readers' relationship with the Bro seem to develop as well as we root for him and his success.


Translation quality is good. Translation speed is fast (2 chapters a day). Translation release rate is consistent. Does more need to be said?

Honestly, this story is a lot more difficult to translate than many other Korean novels because it uses old speech and the terms are unique as it is based on Chinese Xianxia. So huge props to the translator, especially cuz they let me and potentially you discover this gem.

Fight scenes:

Fight scenes are well described for the most part. In the beginning, as there's no intense fights involving the MC, they are slightly glossed over. Once the MC becomes strong enough to actually fight against his opponents, it becomes quite vivid and interesting. I say interesting because even regarding fights, it's like slowly peeling the layers of an onion. Something that might have been said or described earlier, especially regarding MC's swordsmanship, fluidly connects with something new and, while it's a bit difficult to explain, it makes you have a little eureka moment and appreciate how much forethought the author put into it. Some fights are also really intense and get your emotions riddled up. There's two peak fights especially in the current translated chapters that got me sitting on the edge of my seat. One of them even made me tear up due to the emotional context behind it.


This is an excellent and quite unique martial arts / cultivation story that I'd recommend to those who enjoy the genre. Even for those who don't, I'd say give it a try and read up to chapter 34. If you're not hooked by chapter 34, then you probably won't find it enjoyable or manage to last when it gets even better later on. For those who are burned out from the influx of Korean munchkin academy, hunter/dungeon, and tower-climbing stories, then definitely give this a try. It's truly a breath of fresh air. <<less
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LongXi rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: c72
6/5 novel. Translation is fast and accurate. You're the MVP TL!

And the novel, oh it's so fresh, it's all about hard work and not losing yourself in the process. The MC never got drastic powerups, he only has one cheat, regression, which we all know is also a curse when it come to a certain point. Oh, and every iteration is never wasted, it's all full of stories, connections, partings, and friendships.

There's so many parts that would make you wet your eyes if not cry.

It's a cliche done right. The... more>> only other novel that I could see that has done this cliche of a genre justice, is SSS su*cide hunter. Give it a read. <<less
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Konstantin rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: c35
I heard it gets somehow better, and the main idea is great. But the execution is tr*sh. The MC assumes that his regressions are unlimited after dying just TWO times, and instantly his main motivation becomes stopping regressions? Like, wtf is the author smoking.

The MC also doesn't use his main advantage as a regressor—predicting future events, like, at all. Instead, he's just grinding and giving a side character his "manuals", btw, somehow the MC has perfect memory that allows him to remember martial art manuals that he can't even understand,... more>> and also somehow it only takes a few months for the side character to learn a completely foreign language, the story is full of plot holes, both minor and large. Just like the vast majority of Korean web novels, it has elementary grade level of writing with zero descriptions of the characters or environment, but instead it has a bunch of untranslated names of locations that you can't possibly remember, and a bunch of names for martial art moves that are all the same in a way that they "hit hard", there are no creative powers, each serious battle is just author copy-pasting the names of those 22 martial art moves the MC uses, lmao. Also, the power system is inconsistent, and the author forgets what he wrote a chapter ago. One chapter, MC's OP martial arts friend (who didn't give a sh*t about him in the first life, btw) easily kills a Foundation Building cultivator in a straight fight, and in another he says that he can only defeat one by ambushing, and that's just one example. The epitome of s*upidity was the assassin-training arc, where the entire arc existed because the MC wasn't smart enough to assassinate the emperor himself, even though he was more than capable of doing it from the start of the regression. Instead, there was all this drama about the assassins he trained who were too weak, and in the end the MC ended up doing pretty much all the job himself anyway, but because they weren't sneaky and instead went on a full out war, there was a powerful cultivator that ruined everything. The author is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed, that's for sure.

But it seems that most people don't turn on their brain while reading, so take my review with a grain of salt, the chance is, you won't even notice all those plot holes and inconsistencies, and then you can enjoy the premise like most other reviewers. Plus, it seems that things get better after he actually starts cultivating, but I wouldn't be so sure. If you have above average IQ or are just nitpicky, though, stay away from this book, as this will make you angry. <<less
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AM123 rated it
March 9, 2024
Status: c160
I'm not going to waste time writing a detailed review of the positive points of this novel (other comments give a good description of that already). I just wanted to give a warning regarding the romance before you start reading this novel (tbh I'm amazed how none of the other reviewers mentioned this) :

... more>>

If you are looking for a story without romance or a story with a simple romantic subplot with only 1 love interest, this story isn't for you. First, the author puts a whole arc for the romantic development of MC and another character. It was the most beautiful part of the story and the only part that made me truly cry. Indeed a masterpiece.

Then, MC says some bullsh*t about the girl no longer being the same person after death whatever, and decides to leave her in the next regressions (while still claiming that his love is very strong and he is betrothed to her and he won't fall in love with any other person blah blah blah.) Only for the author to start a new romance arc with a new love interest a dozen chapters later (oh and the author makes sure to tell us that the original love interest is still in love with MC because her strong love (and probably some memories) have traveled to the new timeline with her from the previous timeline. But MC doesn't know that because he was busy running away from her like a coward and causing a bullsh*t misunderstanding)

Then we proceed to see how MC forgets all his past words and promises and falls in love with a crazy, very unlikable new obsessive woman (my personal opinion, though. Some readers seem to like her somehow). Then things happen, etc and the timeline ends. And do you know what happens in the next timeline? MC immediately runs to this new love interest in the next timeline and starts telling her how much he's in love with her (and saying to himself that he's always going to be in love with her in the next regressions). Something in total contradiction to his character development in the last fu*king 150 chapters. For GOD's sake author... MC literally ran away from the past love interest because he said he couldn't see her as the same person anymore after her timeline finished! And it's not just that love interest. MC has said the same thing about every single character throughout the story! He always says when a timeline ends all the people he met and their feelings and memories together also end with that timeline! Now he suddenly has a change of mind out of nowhere?! wtf. A total contradiction in his character just because author wants to force a harem by adding a useless new love interest? The first love interest is going crazy because her emotions from the past timeline have transferred with her and MC is busy betraying her with another woman lol

Sorry for any typos etc. I can't bear to reread what I wrote. It pains (and disgusts) me to even think about how the author ruined such a beautiful story for such a s*upid reason.


The author is clearly forcing a harem/love triangle out of nowhere and I really need to take a break from all this crap. I might come back and check the process of the novel after the translation gets further.

rating before chapter 130: 5/5

rating chapters 130-160: -3/5

Total rating: 1/5

Translation rating: 20/5 (loved the translation and the translator. Absolutely fantastic. It's really unfortunate I need to put this novel on hold for a while)

Edit: I wanted to now edit my comment and add that I won't unfortunately pick this novel up anymore. I had some hopes this doesn't continue going to harem/love triangle route but as BigBadBoi said, it seems that


the author is going to add 1 more love interest in a few more chapters. And considering this novel now has over 400 chapters and it's still ongoing, I seriously doubt that the author stops adding more love interests when we already have 3 of them in the first 250 chapters.


Also, about the part of BigBadBoi's comment who said MC ties up all loose ends in the lower realm:


He doesn't. He just makes big trouble for the 1st love interest before leaving her in madness. The next time they meet he might not care about her anymore but she's 100% not going to just stop loving him or stop thinking abiut him (based on what I saw in her last interaction with MC. Where MC supposedly 'tied up his loose ends with her' based on other comments). And MC changed the checkpoint of his loops so now in every single one of the remaining loops the first love interest is going to continue having feelings to the point of madness towards him. And he can no longer go back and change anything

You're telling me this is not a harem and MC is going to only end up with the 2nd love interest? Then I'll stop reading this novel not because I don't like harem but because the author decided to ruin the peaceful ending MC could have had with the 1st love interest and decided to pull this 'memories traveling through timelines' on her.

It's all good you like harem/love triangle (or whatever the author plans to do here) but don't go around insulting people who don't want this shoved into their faces without prior knowledge (because I still don't see any tag regarding this situation added to this page).


Best of luck <<less
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Hosh rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: c202
Have you seen those shitty Chinese cultivation novels that just never seem to end? That has a convoluted power system with 200 different stages that the MC has to go through while obtaining a harem in the process?

This novel is basically a case of that being executed perfectly.

Definitely in my top 10 favorite novels of all time, maybe even top 5.

I'd say this novel operates on a 'carrot and stick' system. It progresses in stages you see. The MC would work on something for a few chapters, and just when... more>> you're starting to get bored, either the author introduces something new and interesting that turns the story on its head and pulls you back in, or the MC finishes whatever it is he's working on and you get an extremely satisfying payoff.

Here's an example:

So the MC doesn't do cultivation at the start of the story. He needs to work up to being able to do it. This takes quite a while and the story starts getting pretty old. Just as I started to entertain even the slightest idea dropping the novel, the MC gets to cultivating and I couldn't stop reading for the next few dozen chapters.

The power system that would be convoluted in other novels is explained perfectly in this one. Occasionally, this novel will go off on a tangent about how the power system works. It's all explained really well and I beg of you, DON'T IGNORE THEM. If you do, you'll end up like the washed up losers who left 1 star reviews. (Someone might end up writing a negative review that makes sense later on but as of 9 Feb 2024 all the 1 star reviews are ret*rded af) Not only do we see how he obtained the power-up, we also know the intricacies of how the power-up works and it all comes together later to make one of if not the best novel power systems I've ever seen.

Everything in this novel seems to have a cause and effect including the characters and their thinking processes and its all just extremely satisfying.

The sad moments in this novel are also done extremely well. Some of them even drive me almost to tears. It's probably the most consistently emotional novel I've ever read. I'm not really into emotional tragedy novels though so that doesn't really mean much.

Now onto the cons.

There's really not much if you pay attention when reading. Sometimes the tragedy aspect can pile up and get a bit annoying but it's nothing unbearable.

Some parts of the story can drag slightly but that just usually means something massive is about to happen.

Uhhhhh that's about it really see ya

Edit 1: So I saw a complaint about one of the regressions that I forgot about and I just wanna clarify. The arc with the disciples is pretty annoying to get through. It's probably because it's the author's first time writing something emotional but I assure you it gets better later on.

Edit 2: So this is absolutely gonna be a deranged rant that has little to do with the novel but I'm gonna be picking apart user Konstantin's review. Not only because it's mostly wrong but also because he comes across as a massive as*hole when writing it.


Firstly, the part about him predicting things....

This tells you everything you need to know about the level of intelligence Konstantin used in writing his review.

My good sir. He has INFINITE REGRESSIONS. He can just live through it. Not only that, as someone who read till chapter 200, MC has very little information as of chapter 35 (where Konstantin read to), there was barely anything he could 'predict' that isn't an asspull and that would benefit him in a major way later on.

Then Konstantin goes on nitpicking minute plot holes which I'm not gonna try to debunk because

1. It's not worth my time and

2. Some of them actually makes sense but news flash 'how long MC takes to learn a language' barely qualifies as a plot hole

The 3rd quarter of the review goes on to further demonstrate how little attention Konstantin paid, with him saying 'MC's friend easily killed a Foundation Building cultivator' (he didn't), 'MC's friend didn't give a sh*t about him in his first life' (It's clearly implied MC's friend died early in MC's 1st life), ' the locations names are too hard to remember' (there's like 5 relevant ones as of chapter 35 and most are classic Chinese city names), 'MC wasted time when he could've killed the emperor early by himself' (he couldn't), 'MC ended up killing the emperor anyway' (you mean the heavily injured, recently resurrected one?), and finally, the titular 'the moves are uninspired' (he didn't read until the cultivation part+it's a xianxia novel, were you expecting stand abilities?)

Finally, the last quarter of the review is just Konstantin stroking his own c***, going 'mE smARt, aUtHOR No sMarT, iF U sMArt lIke me, dROp nOvEl'

If you're gonna write a negative review about a novel called 'A Regressor's Tale of Cultivation', please get to the cultivation part.

Actually, scratch that, not everyone has that kind of time. Just make sure you paid even the SLIGHTEST bit of attention to the novel. <<less
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bvdaf rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: c28
The rating as of writing this review is 4.6, which is quite high.

But I'm not gonna lie, It's pretty boring so far (28 chapter).

The chapters are long, very long. I would say that one chapter in this novel is equal to four from any other, which is nice.

The problem I have with the story is that a lot of stuff is going on in his lives, but despite that it feels mundane to read through the walls of text about how in each life he reached a certain point then... more>> died and progressed a little in the next one.

This makes it feel repetitive. The same area in each live, similar enemies or bad people, just with higher level of cultivation or martial arts. Sure we get to learn a new bit of the world building or power system each time, but it's always after a walls of texts of the same stuff:

Die -> Live through the first days the same way -> get teleported to the same area -> get strong -> get stronger -> learn something new, but nothing wow" -> die.

I want the main character to do more than that, like wander off into the ascension path during the first days of his rebirth or just try different stuff. Play around with his rebirth ability, because each time it's wasted on the boring grind.

I'll continue reading to see how the story develops and if it gets any interesting I'll raise the rating up.

Edit: I read a few more chapters and my rating won't change. I also realized why the story felt so boring to me.

It's because nothing in it really matters. His lives mean nothing to the world, because in the end he will die anyway and everything will be reset. Whatever he did in each life won't matter.

The only thing that will change will be his strength and mental age, that's it.

If you're looking for something that will help you fall asleep fast, then this is great. <<less
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meelock rated it
January 1, 2024
Status: c30
Easy top pick out of the k novels I have read recently. I'm generally not into cultivation stories, but this one is an exception

(only sort of a cultivation story, the MC 'cultivates' by dying a lot and killing Cultivators...)

Yeah, this story is very Korean, so much so that I almost feel the title is misleading, as this story has seriously visceral hatred towards cultivation and cultivators in general.
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pane rated it
February 21, 2024
Status: c165
The novel follows the story of depressed sad boy who looks at everything negatively and can do nothing even though he has unlimited lives. The few pills that are used for cultivation use humans as materials so sad boy refuses to consume them and there are no treasures for sad boy to take. Therefore his unlimited lives only serve to make sad boy suffer and become sadder.

Every arc starts with sad boy being sad and ends with some uplifting message like the power of emotions and friendship or some other... more>> bs and somehow that makes sad boy power up.

The cultivation is just a huge info dump that makes no sense and sad boy's powers are OP and can cut through everything which make him capable of jumping entire realms. It's not entirely bad but every rule gets bent whenever sad boy needs a power up.

Overall, the novel is an overrated korean drama. So know what you are getting into if you really want to read it. <<less
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Namelesswudangman rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: c129
Really enjoyable. Author plays w cliche trope and transform them into an unique journey. The arcs storytelling gets stronger every loop. Many times I thought that it will get boring or I have seen this before, only to be slapped across the face by how amazingly and beautifully written (and translated) this novel is. Thank you translator for the mass releasing the latest arc.. I can feel your love for the novel. In this latest arc, my heart was pumping so hard as I read through the chapters. My emotions... more>> were going up and down like a roller coaster. Definitely worth the read and re read even just for the last few arcs. <<less
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Old time
Old time rated it
January 24, 2024
Status: c326
I've been following this novel since last year when there were barely a hundred chapters and I loved it, I prayed every day that a translation site would take care of this novel so that friends who love light novels could enjoy it!

Imagine my joy when I saw its translated version.

This novel has a well-developed world in the Chinese xianxia style, while remaining coherent.

... more>> The characters are interesting and each regression makes us look forward to seeing them again.

But the best thing about this novel is the main character, who doesn't fall into the clichés of Korean or Chinese main characters.

Especially with the regression cliché, every regression is a lesson for the Mc, he doesn't lose his humanity and has his own values, he's not ruthless but is decisive but the most beautiful thing about his personality is his determination.

I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'll stop here, but this is one of the only Korean novels I haven't regretted paying for so far, even though I've been reading LNs since 2013, I guarantee it's worth it. <<less
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Yat00 rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: c74
By far, this has become one of my favourite time loop novels.

The story is basically about an MC who got transmigrated with a group of people, all of which happen to have amazing powers except for the MC, and then at the end of his first life he dies and regresses to the start and oh man the regressions are truly amazing, unlike other stories, we see how the MC lives each life and progresses and how his determination get more powerful each time.

The cultivation genre can also be dark... more>> sometimes but what I like is that the MC keeps his humanity all through out. You will also read some emotional scenes that are just too good. A rare 5/5, hidden gem for sure.

The negative is that for some people the story can be kind of slow, but I love it this way. Also, sometimes too much info about techniques or sword styles or whatever that I just skip and don’t really matter to the story <<less
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Coolerx2x rated it
January 6, 2024
Status: c40
Damn, this is a good one.

While the story is going on a somewhat slow pace, the worldbuilding is quite good.

Though the real outstanding thing about this story is how in detail it goes with how one improves in Martial Arts (notably different then cultivation) and how the Main Character really needs to put in a lot of effort into it.
But the way different stages of martial arts and the way they let one see the world are described is really nice.

It also helps that the main character is just the right amount of rational and smart yet emotional enough to keep basic human dignity (which can be surprisingly hard in a lot of Martial Arts and Cultivator stories).

Strongly recommended to anyone who likes underdog MC's and well fleshed out worlds and power systems.
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NovelPupper rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: c28
MC and his sworn brother fight against the martial-cultivator system to break the social classes down and uplift the world's mortals.
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Demonlord1413 rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: c30
The story has no logic whatsoever, everything is fill with exaggeration and big names like "heavenly demon" or something. Everything concepts I read make zero sense to me, from cultivation to martial arts. The plot just time-skiping with no effort to tell the story at all, they barely introduce any charater besides MC and Kim. For 30 chapters and the MC had already regressed 5 times, and yet the character barely had any real character growth, how does that make sense? Too much fantasy and surreal stuff. The storytelling is... more>> so poor and short, everying is fill with names and vague action liked stab, slash,... Any cool skill the author just write the names and that's it. So unimaginary, cliche and somewhat lazy, I can't imagine why all the 5 star like it. <<less
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Infermite rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: c138
--- EDIT ---

My review still stands below, but the following arcs seem to show more refinement in most areas, and the overarching plot is well done. The author understands how to use mystery to drive engagement, and also how to exemplify the powers above with this mystery, which vastly improves the perceived 'greatness' of power.

It's still finding balance in some places, but I am finding it more difficult to critique the later chapters aside from genre specific cliches.

... more>> --- EDIT ---

Review as of c54:

I am a bit perplexed with the high rating this novel has, because it seems to exhibit a number of flaws I wasn't expecting. My general problem is that this novel tries far too hard to hit emotions that it hasn't earned. Because of this, the first few regressions, to me, were where the author shined the most.

Some may find them boring, but I found the engagement in the protagonist's struggle in martial arts, and his journey with his friend through the regressions. The many chapters dedicated to their relationship built a foundation that allowed the author to create 'emotional' scenes to a degree, so when bad things happened, I felt and sympathized with their pain.

However, I'm not sure what happened, but the author took a stark path from this for a certain arc. It may improve from the chapters I'm at, but glaring mistakes emerged from an otherwise well put together story. The major one, really, is telling me how to feel about characters, and not exploring them. A certain arc was dedicated to a plentiful number of these characters, and yet I learnt very little about them, and explored even less. The author did try to expand upon it a bit, but in the worst way - telling (not showing) me.

So, with a bunch of characters I know and care little about, when the protagonist started exhibiting vivid emotions and attachment towards them, I was unable to understand him, or immerse myself in the story. This is a very grave error from the author, which I wasn't expecting. Of course, if you are a younger reader or haven't been exposed to a lot of these types of novels, it may be fine, but that type of mistake made the entire arc vapid and almost melodramatic.

I understand the difficulty in toeing the line between truly moving stories and melodrama, but if you can't bother to properly expand characters, then don't bother. Instead, it underpinned the MCs entire martial arts foundation, and became the crux of the entire plot. There's a reason you rarely see novels make moving plot points, and that's because its difficult without putting in the work. If you fail, it falls flat harder than if you just didn't bother.

And, with the continuation of this after that arc, I was growing worried the author had sniffed too much of their success, because the protagonist's beliefs and feelings were foreign to me. I did not understand him, and I felt removed from the story.

Anyway, I just find it a bit strange that this is rated to the same level as something like Kidnapped Dragons, which does achieve a lot of those elements through not skipping the important parts. It's hard to do right, but when it is done right, it's amazing. I'm unsure of this, but the author may just be inexperienced, which is a pity.

I hope the author gets better, and finds the balance that many struggle to grasp... To explore characters, to show me their qualities one may relate with, or wish for, and then, with those characters I care about, show me the tragedies, the hardship, and the joys, that this author seems to so earnestly wish upon me.

Summarizing, its a good read in a lot of places, but it seems to exhibit an overzealous author trying to make emotional plot points when there was nothing that justified it. I will continue reading it, as there is plenty of good, and improvement is possible. <<less
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January 12, 2024
Status: c115
Rating: 10/10

This is a top tier novel right here and the translator is a real MVP.

Minor spoiler ahead:... more>>

Basically, a group of guys get transmigrated to another world, but only the MC and another (Kim) don't get picked up by cultivator powerhouses and taken to the upper realm at the start. MC has the power to regress at the time of his death (50 years after the trasmigration) right to the beginning. But he is otherwise very untalented in martial arts and has to rely on his hard work in cycle after cycle to make progress. It also helps that Kim is a total genius and with the help of the memories of the MC he reaches farther and farther in each cycle and helps the MC.


The best part of this novel imo is the world building around the level of martial arts and cultivation, they really make the world feel different and alive. Also, it is satisfying to see the MC make progress after tremendous effort to overcome his total lack of talent. <<less
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luckymorris rated it
January 28, 2024
Status: c110
A great novel, without a doubt.

It is a slow paced novel, but not frustratingly slow. Unlike some people says in reviews, the MC absolutely get a lot of character progression, wether in his wisdom/personnality or in his strength but like I said, it takes time.

The cultivation system is well done, it doesn't break the mold but it is done competently, it looks like that for some people if the cultivation system is not literally just going through a threshold in spiritual energy it's a "manual on how to ascend", so... more>> I guess if you're allergic to depth in stories, you'd better read martial god asura or other likeminded webnovels.

The time loops is where I can understand people not liking the novel, it's true that eventually every connections that the MC made in a time loop is gone forever, you really have to dig that to enjoy the novel but I think that the author is really using that element of the story really well by having the MC reflect on what it means to live in a time loop and how to live through that while keeping your sanity when everything you built in your previous life just get erased. If you liked "Mother of learning" this novel will most likely be for you!

It's not often that I do that (and I should do it more) but MASSIVE respect and gratitude to the TL, 3-4 chapters a day, well translated and with good grammars AND without paywalls chapters, you guys are the MVP keep up the great work! <<less
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staksap rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: c197
I can’t believe here I am, reading a xiaxia type korean novel that somehow is better than 90% other chinese xiaxia that just copy and paste from each other. Although there are imperfections and the pacing is slow, it is more creative and unique than many other xianxia lately.

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drewjn rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: c129
Novels are made with different intentions, different focuses and the appeal it has will be different to the indivdual. I only say this as it feels that most reviews (regardless of the novel) forget this simple point.

This novel is not for people who want instant gratification or face slapping. It also doesn't focus on power tripping. The story is slow and methodical.

What it focuses is the journey and build-up of emotions of the characters involved. This journey is often painful, melancholy and dark.

It is not always depressing as it is... more>> cycles of pain, happiness and resolution. The chapter, 129, made me write this review as it is a gem that I believe is a must read if what I described speaks to you. If that's not what you want, then there are other excellent series to read. <<less
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Quoc123 rated it
December 25, 2023
Status: c17
Great story so far. It's similar to another of my favorite korean novel Reincarnated Swordmaster except the MC is a lot smarter and there are cultivators. Hope it is not dropped like many Regression novel on scribble hub.
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