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The path of immortality is nigh unachievable.

Furthermore, the immortal world has been completely transformed by a plague!

When immortals contact infected mortals, their cultivation bases fall, or worse, they return to the heavens; thus, the immortal and mortal realms have been eternally separated.

Moreover, all immortal arts may only have one practitioner; thus, the world of immortality has become a dark forest.

Although Li Fan had grand ambitions when he first transmigrated to this world, he could only be trapped in mediocrity, slowly wasting away his mundane life.

Fortunately, as he was dying, he finally awakened a supreme treasure that could turn truth into lie and reality into dream, reversing time to when he first arrived!

Following this, Li Fan embarked on his endless path to immortality!

In his second life, Li Fan ascended through politics and ruled the world after 50 years, but after searching worldwide, he found no trace of the Immortal Dao. Only at the end of his life could he glimpse the immortal path.

In the third life, despite immense efforts and carefully laid schemes, Li Fan ultimately couldn’t resist a single strike of an immortal’s sword!

In the fourth life…

I, Li Fan, an ordinary mortal, will harbor no regrets throughout a thousand lifetimes, all for the pursuit of immortality!

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17 Reviews

New Whiply
Feb 28, 2024
Status: c250
It was very good at the start but I am slowly losing interest. Author keeps clinging to worthless characters that nobody cares about.

MC was intelligent, but he is not anymore. He keeps making questionable decisions and acts smug about it as if they were good decisions...

There are now far too many subplots, but author rarely goes back to them.

This was my favorite novel and I pretty much binge read it till chapter 240 in three days but after that point it was just really hard to continue. I could only... more>> force myself to read 10 more chapters, I don't know if I will continue after this.

Anyways, it fell off. 5 star to 2 star. <<less
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New sandro530
Feb 13, 2024
Status: c105
A rather good novel, though lacking in quality.

The translation is good, the setting somewhat interesting, but I dropped it and didn't really think of it until seeing it again. It's kinda forgettable. But what made me drop it was the simple question of 'Why am I reading this?'.

Stories are supposed to waste our time while we enjoy ourselves. It was a nice enough story, but that's it, there wasn't a further draw, nothing that really hooked me, or made me wish to stay. It was mediocre in a way. The... more>> characters were fine, but they weren't explored enough, especially since there weren't really many the MC interacted with extensively, the world was interesting from the little we saw of it, but no mystery I was hell-bent on seeing the end of, the action was good enough and the power progression likewise.

I'd like to say that I've seen what the novel can offer, and decided that it wasn't worth the time investment.

Maybe it's because 'A Regressor's Tale of Cultivation' has made me aware of the possibilities that such a narrative and cheat can employ, but even 'Reverend Insanity' was different enough and still managed to hold my attention.

I suppose the reason why I dropped this is simple. The MC is unlikeable. He is in a way, bland. Very much like a cultivator whose whole goal is cultivation, it's on-point I suppose, but he plays it safe, doesn't get too attached, and knows when to quit.

But that's exactly it. The first title I named has emotional development, character development, world and story development. RI has a strong and somewhat experienced protagonist, yet someone that was also desperate and far from being the strongest even in his first life. Especially his cheat however, was limited.

MLS on the other hand feels uninspired. It's a somewhat generic setting, with a play-it-safe protagonist and an overpowered cheat. I didn't want to read a story like that, and though it wasn't actually bad, it wasn't good enough. I'm sure there will be bouts of tension and moments where he might come close to dying, but it's not entertaining enough to read to those sections. <<less
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Aug 29, 2023
Status: c1024
Translator here. I wanted to share a few reasons why I loved this novel enough to translate it in the hopes that it would spark your interest:

The protagonist is a scheming mastermind, manipulating people from across the world through minor events which cause chains of actions to commence. It was very enjoyable to see how he would assemble minor bits of information from his previous life in order to set in motion the events he needed to achieve his goals in the next life, and some of the most memorable... more>> parts were when he would (vague spoiler)

control insanely powerful beings who could easily obliterate the world he lived in through his information advantage in the later chapters.

However, if you prefer the hot-blooded, righteous, and courageous type, this novel is probably not for you. Furthermore, although the protagonist is evil, he only makes actions which benefit himself, and doesn't slaughter wantonly if it doesn't assist his goals in some way.

The other major appeal of this novel is the worldbuilding. As you've seen in the synopsis, two major events have drastically distorted the world from the standard sect-based xianxia we're all familiar with. First, mortals have been infected with a plague which can kill immortals, and thus all mortals have been exiled to subworlds, leaving only immortals to reside in the main realm. Secondly, all techniques may only have a single practitioner, leading to the self-decimation of the previous sect system, as those with shared techniques must slaughter each other to progress. However, these two elements aren't just gimmicks thrown in to make the world unique, but instead the result of major events in the world's history, and have been masterfully woven in to create an exceptionally intricate and lifelike world.
If anything, this is where I'd offer criticism: similarly to Reverend Insanity, My Longevity Simulation builds an incredibly complex world shaped by its history and people, and this often leads to slower development due to exposition of the world in both cases. If you prefer a more basic and simple world and plot, MLS is also probably not for you.

Finally, this novel has no romance, and remains focused on the time loop xianxia plot, if that's a dealbreaker for you. It's technically transmigration, but that element is so irrelevant I genuinely forgot this was a transmigration story until I came back to translate the first few chapters. I also docked a star because my edited MTL is mediocre at best. Still, if a complex and involved world or a scheming, time-looping protagonist sound interesting to you, I'd highly recommend you give this a shot. <<less
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Sep 24, 2023
Status: c783
This novel is quite good I would probably give it like a 4.5/5.

Basically the protagonist has a cheat that can make everything before he dies virtual and go back to when he was 20 years old. The novel has intersting characters, with strong mystery about the world and the top powers. There is an idea of "reversing the laws of heaven" which I think is really intersting and unique, and provides very intersting scenarios. I would say the top level power system is very well thought out and well designed.... more>> The mystery is quite interesting, and it is interesting to see how small actions can change the future. I think it's cool that he doesn't really fight people directly and uses his "foresight" to his benefit.

There are a few problems with this novel. Firstly, a lot of his powers and abilities are not really used, and they kind of just sit there. Another being the "weakness" of his truth-to-reality cheat, which he already knows at the very beginning. However he never does anything to mitigate this weakness, and every-time he almost 'dies' for real, it is because of this weakness. I know this is just the way for the author to create tension, because otherwise he would never really die. But it is very annoying and is probably the main reason I dropped this after reading so far. Another reason is that I feel like he is not really using the fact that he can go back in time to his full potential and not being very intelligent about it. I would not compare it to really well thought out novels like RI or LOTM, cuz the author makes mistakes here and their, forgets things, drags things on for too long etc.

But overall it's pretty intersting, and I'll probably go back to reading it after a while. <<less
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Nov 11, 2023
Status: c600
No Female Lead, No Romance, No interest in lust or love. MC is a old guy basically [ mentally ] (of course after cultivation he is now young, but even at start, his mental age surpassed 500yr old pretty fast and he actually lived a life or mortal for 500yrs so. He has actually aged that much, so he has patience, calmness like a old man, instead of young one)

Growth is slow and steady, Novel and story is good, I enjoyed it.
This was my first simulation novel... more>> and a neutral MC with very less faults.
At first, kindness irked me, but soon I find out, author is smart and after some initial starting stage, MC never do anything without any reason or benefit.

he is profit oriented in real sense, every act of his, unless you helped him and he is helping you a small favor or something (never seen him doing big favor or risking his own for no reason) So love or friendship or brotherhood, even enemy is not fixed. No love btw.

Today enemy may be his brother in next simulation (if he chose to do things differently)
And since I did not see much of kind act after starting point, so it didn't irked me anymore.
A decent neutral MC read with almost 0 poison (almost 0, I did not said none)
But readable and enjoyable.

Neutral MC which incline toward profit oriented goals (and author gave profit related reasons, realistic reasons, for his every act. So I can't say anything felt like kindness. Maybe at start, but not anymore afterwards, as far as I can remember, smart author) <<less
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Oct 21, 2023
Status: c75
Pretty good so far, the idea is interesting, the xianxia setting relatively original, and the MC doesn't seem to be a total psychopath. It also had relatively few battles, which I appreciate more than constant fights with young masters.

The only weird thing is how cold he is toward his early lives, where he gets family, kids, and yet all of that is brushed and never touched again later, despite him basically having no kids in his next iterations.
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Oct 18, 2023
Status: c900
decent story-telling and gradual but thorough world building. I found some of his lives more interesting than others but none that I would consider bad. Everything gets more complex as his life and choices explore different paths. Its the same time and the same world, but our perception changes along with the MC as we learn more about it. Interesting.
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Dec 11, 2023
Status: c1080
This is a fun novel

Is it objectively well written? Questionable

MC transmigrates into what is a rather complex cultivation world with a regression golden finger. There are a LOT of plots going on, and much of it is unconventional. Very interesting there. He both wins AND loses to the native characters.

However, the later you progress in the novel, the more it converges to just ignoring these aspects, ignoring the power scaling, and making the MC OP as hell for 0 reason. MC says so himself "I'm not a talented person, my... more>> biggest strength is my regression" but then magically pulls skills out of his ass over and over.

It took him 100 regressions to do Foundation Building, , but subsequent cultivation is done first or second attempt, even really high level cultivation. Fighting across 2 major realms? Originally just being glanced at by a being of a high level caused a regression, but the author gets lazy later on and gives MC OP martial skills to fight ignoring power gap. For me, chapter 800 is the turning point for the novel going downhill, and it has not picked up since then.

The biggest flaw is there is SO MUCH GOING ON that I swear the author literally forgets their own plot. The early chapters he will make note of something "oh yeah I will take advantage of this in my next life" and he actually does. And its SUPER SATISFYING. After chapter 500 or 600, the pace of him adding new discoveries outpaces the old ones, and the power scaling makes it so the old opportunities literally become irrelevant the majority of the time.

My other problem is the suspension of disbelief is really high sometimes. One arc, he discusses with a spy "i will kill you and it will benefit your (the enemy country) " which the spy agrees to. MC shouts out "how dare you traitor!!!!" And kills the spy. And somehow everyone praises the MC for being patriotic for killing a spy without questioning how he knew it was a spy. And the MC gets an official government position as a result. THIS CULTIVATION WORLD FEATURES TIME REPLAY SKILLS. There was literally an entire arc earlier in the novel about the MC had to avoid being caught by those who could replay time as part of the investigation, yet here the investigation just doesn't bother to find him suspicious at all and doesn't bother to replay time to see his discussion with the spy. This isnt the only instance of this, people randomly trust the MC too much because the author is too lazy to write a convincing scenario.

This novel features some classic plagiarism. Included in the setting are basically stuff ripped from quick transmigration horror novels, Lord of Mysteries, and some other tropes from other novels. Thankfully, its just incorporated into the setting, rather than being directly plagiarized.

To anyone saying no Lust in this novel... MC does not have a romantic or s*xual interest but the author is h**ny as hell

Every female subordinate is made to have a weird attachment to the MC. Blush when he beats them, weird reverence for the MC, brainwashing, emphasis on "15 year old beauties" or "beautiful house wives". Naked elves, peeking on beauties in the bath, Theres also p*rn magazines as an important item for several lifetimes.

Hell, there's 2 whole mini arcs where the MC reincarnated into a dual cultivator and its just constant s*x. One of those they break his male g**italia and he cultivates women's seduction skills and raises a harem to extract yin.

Is it many chapters? Probably less than 10 chapters of 1000, but its still annoying everytime it comes up.

Include the chinese classics such as minor nationalism, gay jokes, trans jokes, mental illness jokes, and repeating the same sentences over and over to increase word count, its annoying.

TLDR: 4/5 fun novel, gradually inconsistent and ignores power scaling, lowering the fun to 3/5. The setting of the novel is 5/5 for a cultivation novel <<less
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Dec 03, 2023
Status: c139
I found the novel very good. I liked the personality of the MC, Li Fan, very much, as he is very good in manipulating others in order to achieve his goals, I also liked how his morals go transforming according to the environment and his experiences, making an interesting character development, he's calculating, not overbearing or arrogant and can make interesting plans based on the future that make you involved in them, based on his ability [Truth]. The world building was very good because, at least for me, it was... more>> a novel experience, in the sense that the heaven does not want the cultivator who goes against it succeed and sets various mechanisms to punish them. As for the tl, he's very consistent with his updates and the quality is good to read, it has a good flow to it and the author is clearly very intelligent. <<less
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Alex Woods
Alex Woods
Nov 09, 2023
Status: c300
It has very interesting interesting world building. After reading so many cultivation novels, the world in all of them feel to be similar. Auctions, new cities, clans etc. But the world in Longevity Simulator is very different. The world and it's rules are definite. Not random like in nearly every cultivation novel. I won't spoil it for you.

What I loved about the novel is the characters. They behave like actual people. They judge the MC based on his action. There is no face slapping plot, the peanut gallery. The characters... more>> from powerful to weak all have their own characters. Even the mortals. Everyone is fairly intelligent. Especially the people at the top. They are not 1D characters who know how the stroke their beard. They scheme, try to manipulate the market etc.

The MC has the system. It's one of the few novels that does the system genre well. The system has very few functions. It doesn't have a system store, not does it sell pills and potions. With the system the MC can sort of go back in time to thr period where be set the anchor.

MC is intelligent. Actually intelligent, the author doesn't dumb other people down. The MC slowly accumulates information in order to drive his plans forward. Very few novels have grabbed my attention like that before.

The translation quality is very good too. <<less
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Dec 15, 2023
Status: c150
This is a story about a regressor who tried his best in attaining immortality. This is not the usual world like in other cultivation stories, this is a world AFTER that. There's a lot of changes, for example instead of sects they now have two world powers vying against each other, and theres a decrease of bullying mortals due to the virus in mortal's blood, and there's no monsters.

The cute thing about the world is they have the internet for cultivators so they can search info, connect with each others,... more>> become internet friends, buy products, speculate on the stock market, etc. It also has a lot of censorship just like the Chinese internet. The AI basically rule the world and in some regression it's power become like the future in the Terminator. One thing I really love about this novel is MCs personality. Yes he is cruel and ruthless, but unlike other evil/antihero MC, he is not antisocial autists who keep to himself. He is outwardly warm, personable, helpful, kind etc. I love that he is able to act and pretend and get what he wants with a smile and some social engineering. A perfect politician lol! <<less
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Jan 02, 2024
Status: c342
Possibly the best-crafted cultivation system, there are some plot holes here and there, and the multiple POV chapters kill me, but this is an excellent read, on par with books written by Er Gen. Overall, this deserves all the love it can get, but the plot does stall for a bit. The MTL isn't bad either; I stopped at chapter 342.
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Oct 14, 2023
Status: c177
edit: the author started writing far too many subplots that derailed the main plot. Arcs are both long and filled with content that is eventually revealed to be irrelevant. 5 stars → 2.5 stars

Original Review:
A fantastic novel if you enjoy an intelligent and pragmatic protagonist in a controlled time loop. This isn't your usual simulation novel since the story follows the actual lives instead of summarize + reward repetitions (although I find that fun to read too!).
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Jan 28, 2024
Status: c1257
I have mixed feelings about this novel.

This is a well written novel with very engaging storytelling and world building. For a Chinese novel this is very rare. This novel is so good, there is no face slapping needed.

The MC is a transmigrator who struggles to become an immortal regardless of means. Along the way he lost all of his human morals and you get your psychopath who makes other Chinese transmigrator psychos look like newborn babies. There is no one who can't be sacrificed.

read the spoiler at your own risk.
... more>>

The antagonists are established governments with their re-education/brainwashing /surveillance state. There is a lot of analogy about Covid like infections here.

Our MC is basically a terrorist with one goal. He's going to become immortal and the quickest way is via acts of terrorism. Everything from blowing up the continent, killing trillions of innocents, brainwashing people, mass surveillance, torture, etc... there is nothing he won't do to get what he wants. The entire novel is how he goes about setting up his plans and executing it and his failures. But he has a cheat that he can keep regressing if things go wrong.


Despite all of the above, the story keeps you engaged even to their latest chapter (as of writing this 1257). <<less
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Dec 29, 2023
Status: --
A full novel written under a guise cultivation web novel.

That is how I would describe this novel. It focuses more on development of the world and its main themes such as immortality, unpredictability, and life. There are barely any actions and anything that happens and what is written are things that are necessary to the story.

A very great read but would definitely not be for everyone.
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Feb 08, 2024
Status: c1258
Read if you like MC acting with his brains over brawn, developing strategies to direct the world as he wishes from the shadows.

Fun with a rational OP MC who strategises his was to victory. Somewhat low stakes since he can restart his life whenever he wants, although there are some exceptions to this (which he solves). This gets really good in the current life (as of ch1258) since he knows lots of information about everyone important and can use this to act behind the scenes.

Romance: none, he's not interested at... more>> all :) plus no braindead girls falling over themselves to get at him.

TL is good, MTL on WebNovel is also good (chatgpt). <<less
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Feb 06, 2024
Status: c54
What I find fascinating about this story isnt so much the MC and his coming and goings, but rather the overt implication of the setting itself. ... more>>

this appears to be a reality where evil heretical/unorthadox cultivators won the struggle against orthadox sects, totally shifted the culture of their world, and then took their ideology to it's logical extreme. By plundering everything and using unorthadox techniques they created a distorted world so terrible that the heavenly dao itself tried to purge them by rewriting the rules of reality but ultimately failed to snuff them out. The story starts out with the MC being a reasonable person doing rather reasonable and benevelent things. But each loop and the things he uncovers changes him. In the begining, he saves the people he can save, he repays kindness, but slowly the world of cultivation and the consequences of his cheat corrupts him. It's very subtle at first, and slowly you find yourself going along with whatever he thinks is best. But then you start to notice, the MC isn't all right. Here's a favorite line of mine from a later chapter: "Therefore, to prevent the tragic scenario of brothers fighting each other, Li Fan had to find an opportunity to kill them before that happened." What a great guy, of course you want to save your friends from killing each other... so kill them before they can!

The MC is a looper that struggles to find success in such a world, a world intrinsically mired in amorality, conspiracy, and man made nightmares beyond one's comprehension. <<less
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