Lord of the Mysteries


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In the waves of steam and machinery, who could achieve extraordinary? In the fogs of history and darkness, who was whispering? I woke up from the realm of mysteries and opened my eyes to the world.

Firearms, cannons, battleships, airships, and difference machines. Potions, divination, curses, hanged-man, and sealed artifacts… The lights shone brightly, yet the secrets of the world were never far away. This was a legend of the “Fool”.

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Quỷ bí chi chủ
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New WhyFriezaWhy
November 9, 2019
Status: c674
When I started LOTM, I was walking in with quite the expectations. I mean every single review and comment on the NU forum rave about this novel. In retrospect, I was both pleased and disappointed.

The novel lives up to what others have said with splendid world-building, thought-out characters and well fleshed-out plot-lines.

Still, there is a certain trait about this story that leaves me with a strange sensation. It's the type of characteristic that I can't really put my finger on, but is preventing me from fully falling in love with... more>> this story.

I'm not sure if its the translation style or the writing style, but this story has a weird feel. It's as if the characters are somehow bland, but not. I'm not sure how to put it, but it feels like there's no emotion behind the story. I'm not sure if this is a valid critique that others can relate to, but it's just my two cents on the matter. <<less
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New Oddwaffle
November 4, 2019
Status: c662
This is a refreshing read compare to the rest of the average Chinese novel. You actually have world building, character building, person growth and an actual story with decent writing.

The story started out like a mystery, thriller and horror that can give you a creepy vibe. It later become an adventure with the MC doing some soul searching and personal growth.

The novel gives me a lot of emotion whenever the MC absorb fully his "job". It signify the growth but also the maturity of the MC. Often it comes with... more>> lost and sadness as the MC accepts the reality of the situation.

The magic system is very unique. Each person can access to a path that follows certain "job" that would give them more power as they grow. The person is also influenced by the "job" they took and it would affect their personality. For example, a "Sleepless" job would spend his time being sleepless and a "Midnight Poet" would have to make poem in the middle of the night. <<less
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Aoto rated it
May 26, 2018
Status: c119

I'm utterly shocked at how a good novel like this has such a low rating, even more so, because this novel is from the same author who wrote novels like Throne of Magical Aracania and Martial Arts Master. This novel is about abut a guy who reincarnates in a world that is similar to Britain in the 19. Century. The protagonist reincarnated into someone who died under extremely weird circumstances and is trying to find out what exactly happened. Upon investigating he stumbles across extraordinary and... more>> magical forces that have only been heard about in legends and faces many dangers, yet he still keeps going to chase after the truth and learn more about those extraordinary powers.

That is more or less a reaaaaaaaaaaaaally basic introduction of the novel, if you enjoy novels like "Release that Witch" or "Warlock of the Magus World" you will with a veeery high probability enjoy this one as well. My review might be a bit biased because no novel of Cuttlefish That Loves Diving has disappointed me so far, but I seriously love this novel. The world is highly realistic the characters are unique, all those weird powers are extremely interesting and the story has a good management about pacing and keeping the story interesting. I highly recommend this novel to every western fantasy fan and give it 5/5 stars (more 4.5, but the rating is already so bad, so I have to boost it a little) and please don't let the rating scare you away (of course the rating could also be there because the translation isn't good, have only read the raws so I can't judge that) <<less
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Night Ghost
Night Ghost rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: c900
Before I start my review, let me say "Praise the Lady" while drawing the moon on my chest.

If you like mind provoking novel with a very deep plot, thick occult elements and lore, read this novel. If you don't, leave this novel untouched


Lord of the Mysteries is a webnovel that put most of CN, JP and KR, even the edited JP and KR LN to shame, especially those isekai LN when it comes to plot and ending of each volumes. The only annoying things about this novel are the character... more>> development and the protagonist himself that will be explained below.

Set in victorian era-like world with Lovecraftian Gods. This novel tells the story about zhou mingrui that somehow transmigrated into this world. And due to certain circumtances, he encountered the agents of the church and become one of them. What's their job ? To protect people from worshippers of lovecraftian-like evil gods who are willing to kill lots of people in order to summon their gods!! Finally, a novel where the church are the good ones. I'm tired to read novels where the church are the evil ones.

 I can understand why some people say 120 first chapters of this novel are filler. I assure you those chapters ARE NOT fillers!! The first volume is unique. It's like a puzzle, the author put the pieces of puzzle on those seemingly unimportant chapters, and the peak of vol 1 is chapter 210 where all the pieces of puzzle are gathered, thus the puzzle is complete, creating a very amazing twist that I'm 100% sure no one saw that coming. Honestly I pity those who don't have the patience to read this novel and dropped it too early because they just missed a very good novel with a very good ending in each volumes. 

 The protagonist, Klein Moretti, is a happy go lucky guy who loves helping those in need. He is not BETA nor EDGY like most protagonist of CN. Klein is an imperfect person, he is not flawless like protagonist of douluo dalu, not super genius like the protagonist of reverend insanity, and he is not OP either. He is just a normal person that got transmigrated into this horrible world and wanted to go back to earth. Honestly I don't like him so much because HE JUDGES OTHER PEOPLE FOR DOING BAD THINGS WHEN HE HIMSELF EATS OTHER BEYONDERS' REMAIN TO GET STRONGER. It feels very hypocrite. And his "MORALS" is even more annoying, I find his "don't involve innocent into beyonders stuff" is very annoying. I'll give you an example


later on when he is a sequence 4, he has the ability to controls 50 living being and swaps place with them. He met an avatar of an angel, not ordinary angel, but one of Kings of Angels, needless to say that his life was in danger. The thing is he could escape by swapping position with other people BUT NO, he didn't f*ckING DO THAT because his morals that I mentioned before. Normally this kind of character in this position would definitely be killed but thanks god he is the protagonist he didn't die. A sequence 1 beyonder of monster pathway came to save him. So what's the point of having the abillity to controls 50 living being if he doesn't use it.


and don't expect any Character Development because there is a f*cked up and stupid rule; beyonders that do things against their morals or codes will lose control. And the sad thing is the author loves giving side characters a comedic arc instead of a serious arc that make them grow as a person. The only side character that gets a good character development is "Justice".

Don't get too attached to the characters. Seriously, don't!! You will regret it Which is very hard to do since The side characters are amazing as well. The Side characters are actually protagonist of their own world. They have their own ambission, purpose, and goals, And they also have a very good personality. But sadly this is ruined by the horrible character development that I mentioned before.

I mentioned good ending of each volume before. This is one of good points of this novel; the endings are deep. The endings are deep and touching, I actually was surprised to see this kind of ending coming from CN. The suspense of 10 last chapters of each volume is so great! It's like a torture how the suspense is so great and the cliffhanger is deep as well. So prepare yourself.

The author truly did his research well regarding victorian era. You will see how the condition of workers, their salary, and the jobs they do are actually based on what really happened during victorian era. And this novel actually do something that most novel with steampunk theme here can't do; the impact of revolution industry to the society.

And what I like the most from this novel is the suspense on the last 10 chapters of each volume. And the title of the volume actually holds a very important place to the novel.

in order to avoid any misundestandings, vol 1 ends at chapter 213. Vol 2 ends at chapter 483.

I want to say that this novel is one of the best here, but alas, the character development is so horrible and the main character himself is annoying and hypocrite. The reason I rate this novel 4 instead of 3 stars or lower because of the amazing storyline of vol 1, 2 and 4.

overall this novel is a must if you seek a good read, seriously read this novel!! Don't let the slow start forcing you to drop this amazing novel. And thanks translators (CKTalon and atlas studio) for translating this novel. That's all and thank you <<less
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Tsukkin rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: v4c82
This novel is probably one of the best fantasy mistery novel that i've ever read (well im a scaredy cat so I dont really read mistery/horror/thriller novel lol). The MC is quite shameless, witty, and not OP. The worldbuilding is very detailed. The side characters arent just an empty follower of MC. The enemies arent too stupid like typical CN novel (which is very nice~ so tired of faceslapping plot -_-).

And the best part of the novel is..... theres no romance!.... yet... maybe... hopefully haha. Will wait for the next... more>> chapter~

P.s Bless u google translate for making it easy to mtl this wuwuwu :'D <<less
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kkgoh rated it
August 31, 2019
Status: c105
An ok CN isekai-Dickensian novel written in 2018 that you should just speed read through, otherwise it's quite unreadable. It's basically Steampunk meets "The Witcher" meets "Jack Ryan".
Concept of mystery is ok. But world building and plot development / structure is painful. Poorly disguised filler in the form of ridiculous expository and realism writing. Long chapters 2000+ words, tons of unnecessary lore, plot devices, characters. Translation can be iffy at times.

Just because it's complicated doesn't mean it's cool.
Not sure why it's rated so highly, but I... more>> can respect what the author was trying to create.

An average Chinese Joe gets isekai'd to a 19th century steampunk / paranormal world through the accidental use of a magic ritual. He's immediately knee-deep into a murder mystery and caught up in political/factional machinations. MC figuratively becomes Geralt of Rivia /Jack Ryan.

(1) A genuinely interesting mystery novel... but too-much-too-soon all the time
The initial murder mystery when MC isekai'd was a clever plot device, especially since it was enacted against the MC himself. It led to the logical introduction of paranormal powers (despite the steampunk era).

But before we can take a breather and figure things out, MC suddenly encounters ANOTHER mystery through his reuse of the SAME magic ritual when trying to go back to his homeworld. He enacts powers of a Grey Fog (OP dimensional realm), accidentally connects to two strangers, which eventually forms the Tarot Club.
These strangers are given paragraphs of backstories, and 10-15 different named characters associated with them (everything from scullery maids to random crew members) are thrown at us. Then MC joins a special-ops team (Nighthawks) that investigates paranormal incidents while protecting their own church believers. All this in just the first 30 chapters. HUH?

Maybe just kick the Grey Fog mystery till later? The first 30+ chapters had NOTHING to do with the side characters. It was literally character introductions to tell readers that they exist. What's the point of fronting multiple mysteries / scenarios at once when it's so easy to connect side characters later when it's more logical?

Also maybe just lay off on the use of naming characters? Bestowing a name assigns a degree of importance. Too many, esp on random people, makes it unnecessarily distracting. Imagine every NPC and monster in an RPG having a name! Holy cow!

This kind of distracting development happens throughout the novel. You can see that author's ideas are all over the place. Before we figure out how deep the 1st rabbit hole is, we reach a junction with 10 different rabbit holes. That's not mystery writing, that's just sheer nonsense. Several reviewers have claimed that the first dozen chapters are ALL NECESSARY FILLER, which is absurd. The need for character introduction doesn't excuse poor structure and development.

Take a page from "Overlord". Whole chapters are written about side characters and their adventures, and they eventually link up with the MC Ainz in a logical, appropriate timeline.

Author doesn't understand pacing and the basic concept of "Do readers really need to know this NOW?".

(2) Filler filler filler
You know how horror movies have the camera pan away or pauses, and you're expecting a monster to pop up, but nothing happens? This novel has it in spades, to the point that it's just distracting and ruins the mood. Here's just a few examples.

-- Unstable bread prices, economic and political turmoil that are repeatedly mentioned. You would expect that to become an issue later or be part of a bigger plot, but it never does.
-- Captain Dunn is listed as a forgetful man. There are paragraphs of him repeating himself or dragging out conversations as if that's of plot significance, but has no bearing on the plot.
-- Long descriptions of currency. Who the kings embellished on the notes were, blah blah blah. No bearing on the plot.
-- Half a chapter (think it was Ch 20-21) with MC and his sister squabbling about money, and randomly mentioning named friends who squandered money, the pros and cons of spending/saving money, etc. No bearing on plot.
-- It was randomly mentioned that since MC has a job and money, they can move out of their sh*tty apartment. So now they have to break their 1 yr lease (which we just found out). So now his brother has to go visit the landlord to renegotiate. You'd think such hyper detail would have significance. But it doesn't.
-- There's excessively LONG exposition about skill Pathways (basically RPG promotion trees) as a Beyonder, some Sequences/branches are incomplete, and the dangers/side effects of pursuing them.
Then, MC just picks the "Seer" branch, because of plot armor guidance from his predecessor isekai-er.
-- Even a random advertisement seen in a newspaper has a named character "Mr Gusev". And never mentioned again. This happens throughout the novel. WTF?
-- An entire chapter devoted to MC's brother complaining about the hypocrisy of certain affordable housing projects and the strings attached. Some reviewers actually said author had a good grasp of Victorian England! Are you kidding me?! There were no "affordable housing projects" in Victorian England, social classes were strongly held. This is just a thinly concealed way for the author to write filler and make allegories about Chinese housing affordability, or complain that "education" is not the solution to poverty.


There were comments that the slow pace/fillers are "just" a translation issue. I disagree:
-- NU IS A DIRECTORY OF ASIAN TRANSLATED NOVELS. All reviews on NU are based on translated novels, not their raws. It doesn't matter how amazing the raw version is. You have to take both the novel and its translation into account.
-- I'll partially defend the translator. While the translation quality admittedly isn't great, there are little/no liberties taken with punctuations, sentence structures, etc. A simple example.

Ch 36: 奥黛丽边回想父亲和哥哥讨论局势时的话语,边自行发挥道:"他们认为现在政府的结构太过混乱,每次选举完毕,只要出现党派的更替,都会从上到下换一批人,让事情变得一团糟,效率极其低下,这不仅造成了战争的失利,还给民众们带来了极大不便。"
While Audrey recalled the conversation between her father and elder brother about the situation, she put in her own words, "They believe that the government's structure is too chaotic. Every election, if there is a change of the ruling party, there will be a change of personnel from top to bottom. It makes things a mess and lowers efficiency tremendously. Not only does it cause the battle loss, it also brings great inconvenience to the civilians."
Klein knew very well that as there was no example to reference, the Loen Kingdom had yet to evolve into a system that examined public servants. The political situation was still in its preliminary stages; therefore, after every election victory, many so-called positions would be awarded to members and supporters.

Could translation have less words / more appropriate words?
Is this faithfully translated with the author's original sentence structure, punctuations, etc?
Almost. The translator actually made it better by breaking up entire long expositions into proper sentences.
Is there filler?
Yes. The first paragraph is Audrey recalling a conversation and talking. Why describe it as a "self narration / put in her own words"?
The second paragraph is the MC mulling over on Audrey's comments.
How does MC "know very well that there is no example to reference"?
Why do you even need a "reference" to form a better system of government?
Why does the reference use China's regulation that requires civil servants to be frequently re-examed (think of it as continuing education to update/keep your license) ? Almost all forms of modern govt/public entities keep base civil servants in place, with annual reviews to weed out underperforming people.
The whole point of MC's paragraph is just to conclude that the system of govt is immature and inefficient! What do all of MC's nonsensical examples have anything to do with Audrey's statement?? It's just pointless words/lore (from China) being thrown in.
And the worst part is that a few paragraphs later, he regurgitates what he just thought of, except this time he "says" it out loud. HOW IS THAT NOT FILLER?

There's nothing wrong with throwing in Chinese lexicon since the target audience is for China, but it has to make sense and not be irrelevant! Sure a reader from China could instantly grasp the meaning, easily gloss over it, but how are regular readers supposed to do that?

-- This is a big issue with the novel. It feels like you're not reading the MC's thoughts. You're reading the author's viewpoint (who is omniscient). The author has 100 different nuggets of lore/info that he probably wrote on scraps of paper. Then he tried to forcefully combine it into chapters. The sheer mental gymnastics you need to read a chapter carefully is exhausting, especially after you realize it's just filler.
I get the sense a lot of reviewers have read the Chinese raws and can easily gloss over the problems, but it's precisely because it was translated into English that all of the problematic content and sentence structures start becoming obvious.

(3) Pointlessly complicated world building / more filler
It's one thing to have filler, it's another thing to try to disguise it with lousy Dickensian-style. Author tried to hid filler under nonsensical verbosity, lore and hyper realism.
Lore/backstory isn't meant to be storytelling. It's to provide info that will entertain and enlighten a reader. It's meant to connect the dots. There's something very wrong when the first 30 chapters has an info-dump on things that hardly matter. If you want to know how pointlessly complex it gets, google the Lord of the Mysteries wiki page.
Descriptive realism is just meant to convey the mood and atmosphere to readers. It's utter stupidity when it gets verbose.


Ch 10: The incumbent Prime Minister, Lord Aguesid Negan, went up to the front. He was a member of the Conservative Party and the second non-aristocrat to become the Prime Minister till this very day. He was given the title of a Lord for his great contributions..... The main supporter of the Conservative Party was the present Duke of Negan, Pallas Negan, who was the brother of Aguesid!

Why would you bother introducing a Duke of Negan (never mentioned before) ? Why does it matter that he's the second non-aristocrat? Who gives a sh*t at this point in the story? That's how all characters are introduced. Comes with their friends, family, dog, servant, father's-mother's-friend's-wife's-niece's-uncle's-nextdoor neighbor's childhood friend.

Ch 10: "Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe you have witnessed this history-making ironclad warship. It has dimensions of 101 by 21 meters. It has an amazing port and starboard design. The armor belt is 457 millimeters thick. The displacement is 10060 tonnes. There are four 305 millimeter main cannons, six rapid fire cannons, 12 six pound cannons, 18 six barrel machine guns, and four torpedo launchers. It can reach a speed of 16 knot!....
Building out ironclad warship required three big coal and steel amalgamators, a scale of more than twenty steel factories, 60 scientists and senior engineers from the Backlund Cannon Academy and Pritze Nautical Academy, two royal shipyards, almost hundred factories for spare parts, an Admiralty, a ship-building committee, a Cabinet, a determined king with excellent foresight, a great country with an annual steel production of 12 million tonnes!"

I don't even know where to begin on how ridiculous this nonsense is....

Ch 14: Welch's place in Tingen was a detached house with a garden. The road outside the hollowed metal gates allowed four carriages to pass through at once. Street lamps lined the sides of the road every fifty meters. They looked different from the ones Klein had seen in his previous life. They were gas lamps and the heights of every lamp was about that of an adult male so that it was convenient to light the lamps. The black metal was closely oppressed to the glass, forming a checkered pattern, casting out classical paper lantern-like 'artworks'. Coldness and warmth were intertwined while darkness and light coexisted.
Walking along the pathway blanketed by rays from the sunset, Klein and Dunn Smith entered Welch's rented place through the ajar metal gate.

In case it's not obvious, those are just wrought iron gates. I don't know why lantern gas lamps at the height of an adult male are supposedly that unique. They do exist on Earth. Does Welch's place need to be mentioned twice? Or was there confusion earlier when only 1 damn building was mentioned? Does it matter whether it's ajar?
The whole point is just to convey a foreboding atmosphere. What's with all this nonsense?

Ch 18: "First, mental death... Second, their personality will be changed... Third. Well..." Dunn put down his pipe and picked up a porcelain cup and took a sip.
"Fermo coffee from the Paz River Valley is bitter... do you want one?"
"I prefer coffee from the Feynapotter plateau... what's the third outcome?"
-- conversation between MC and secret agent Captain Dunn's when discussing possible side effects of Beyonders who awakened.

It's pretty obvious there's no purpose to the random discussion of coffee, doesn't affect the atmosphere or lead the conversation in a different direction. Just nonsense filler. Even if this info about coffee was somehow useful hundreds of chapters later, what's the point of mentioning it NOW?


These are just a few examples. EVERY CHAPTER IS LIKE THIS.

(4) Tons of sesquipedalia spouted by all characters / even more filler
This isn't just adopting archaic speech/lexicon, it's annoying name dropping and quotes of fictional gods/beliefs/philosophies that nobody knows about. And you just KNOW it's the author trying to slip in word count. Nothing beats an example.


Ch 15: "... Second, you're a graduate of the history department from Khoy University, this is something we urgently need. Although a believer of the Lord of the Storms, Leumi, perceives women in a way that is loathsome, his views regarding society, humanities, economics and politics remain incisive. He said before that talents are key to maintaining a competitive advantage and positive development, a point that I very much agree with." --- spoken by Captain Dunn, an investigative agent, to the MC.

Are you f***ing kidding me? Here's EVERYTHING that's wrong is just one short paragraph.
(1) Dunn was NOT being sarcastic.
(2) Dunn is NOT a follower of the Church of Storms (he's with the Church of Evernight). Dunn made ONE off-hand comment in the previous chapter that they would not employ torturous techniques when interrogating MC, unlike the Church of Storms (under the assumption that MC / readers know what the hell he is talking about). No further discussion.
(3) The MC is also NOT a follower of the Church of Storms or any organization and everyone know that.
So why the hell would ANYBODY start discussing philosophies about an entity that isn't related to the situation?
(4) If author just wanted to introduce readers to the characteristics of Church of Storms followers (which is clearly what he is doing) , then DO IT IN A LOGICAL APPROPRIATE MANNER. Have the MC visit the various churches, or meet various believers and let a short exposition or natural dialogue happen. Instead we're constantly treated to random insertions in random conversations, and readers are expected to join all the pieces together to understand the world. That's NOT IMMERSION. That's pointless complication to add word count.
Go read any of the classic Dickensian novels (Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities) or Lord of the Rings and see the difference.

It's as if you were having a conversation with someone and then started randomly quoting maxims from Kant out of the blue. We've seen that happen in other novels and it's PAINFUL.

Again, this nonsense exists throughout the novel.


(5) Illogical plot development / Retcon
-- MC's powers make no sense. He supposedly stockpiles over 40+ skills by Vol 5 (FYI that c105 is still just halfway through Vol 1....)
Author frequently has to pile on layer after layer of explanations (retcon) to cover it up.

First involves MC using a ritualistic circle (to isekai). Then using the same ritualistic circle to summon the Grey Fog and create a virtual communication platform (no longer isekai). Then because the ritualistic circle is obviously too clunky for MC to use in the novel, author decides to have it magically etched onto his hand. No explanation how that happened. So his superpower only does everything.

MC realizes his life MIGHT still be threatened after escaping death the first time. DESPITE the fact that joining the Nighthawks as a regular civilian offers MC some measure of protection, MC still wants to become a Beyonder (gain random special powers through consumption of magic potions, basically "The Witcher" or the Grey Wardens in DragonAge). Even though he is repeatedly told a significant portion (20+%) of Beyonders go berserk once awakened.
HUH?? So he's taking on MORE risk to avoid the LOW possibility of assassination? Where's the logic in this?

And so author pulls out the magical card called "MC just discovered the original emperor with super Beyonder powers was also an isekai'er, from CHINA! So his ridiculous decision making earlier is negated! MC just needs to follow emperor's footsteps and have MORE reason to become a Beyonder!".


-- MC was going to take a job as a university lecturer. Basically an Indiana Jones copy. There were long chapters devoted to his upcoming interview. MC then suddenly decided not to go, even though it was repeatedly mentioned he could juggle being a secret agent and a lecturer at the same time (plenty of hours). No reason given. Author probably realized having a side job as a lecturer was pointless.
MC then justifies to his family that he'll be rich with just his secret agent job.
Afterwards (in about... 3 chapters?), MC starts complaining that his single secret agent job salary actually isn't all that much.
I won't even bother hiding this as a spoiler, it's just that stupid.

-- Plot development (at least the first arc/vol) comes in the form of 3 strangers (including MC) sitting together in a virtual environment (Grey Fog) after MC called on them by accident. Literally, sitting around exchanging ideas and chatting about what's going on in their part of the world.

Too much to write, I'm giving up. Am tired of constantly having to refer back to the novel to point out problems. Feels like I'm reading SAO all over again. <<less
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Tiber Winter
Tiber Winter rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: c23
The problem with this novel is the author, is focused on word count and not actual development. While actual development does happen, it comes at a uncomfortable pace after a lull in chapters where we as the reader are dragged through detailed explanations for 10+ chapters before seeing an actual advancement in the story which takes away from the story itself.
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April 9, 2019
Status: c221
This is pretty much, what I consider the best Chinese webnovel to date. Why?

Well, no typical chinese cliches (at least not much).

Its not written in an overtly ethnocentric way.

... more>> No racism or nationalism (which is a big minus, since more than 50% of the Chinese novels have these, unfortunately).

A very unique and well thought out world.

Plot events aren't convenient power ups for the MC. The plot of the story seems like its well thought out. It doesn't feel like things just happen because the author needs to fill space. It feels like there's been what I call "foundation building" where things don't come out of nowhere like a mystical artifact that makes you a god (*cough* every xian xia *cough*).

His power doesn't come from lucky. Yes. He isn't lucky. Even if he is, it doesn't feel like anything the MC gains comes out of pure luck or the plot armor.

He has a unique special power, but it isn't all powerful. And it grows as the MC grows. Yes, this is important. His power doesn't make him a god. It doesn't let him train 100000000 years in one day. It doesn't make him all powerful. But it allows him to pretend to be.

The writing style is great. Man, it feels great to not see many cliche writing styles. There's no terrible grammar, no repetition, and no mob character A commentary that takes up 80% of the chapter that no one cares about.

The things that happen to him, don't feel like a waste of time. You know that one arc where it takes 100 chapters to finish, and in the end, nothing changes as if it was filler? Well this one doesn't have that yet. Its been 221 chapters so far, but every chapter builds upon the plot, and doesn't feel like it will happen.

We already know the end game power level, so there is no endless Xian Xia power creep.

Comedy, its actually pretty decent. Misunderstandings? Well, its practically on Overlord level of misunderstandings, except a bit more scheming than Ainz.

The characters feel real, and flesh out. They feel like people you know, like people you can believe exist in this world. They aren't 1 dimensional characters that exist just for cliches. Even minor characters that don't show up much feel more real than important side characters in other novels (not just Chinese ones).

There is no harem. That's an automatic +1 star. There is no romance either, but I rather have no romance, than a super shallow IET/Er Gen romance.

Don't believe those people giving the series low ratings because of the slowness. The slow pace of this novel works because the world is so well developed. That action matters when it happens, because they are all part of world building and character's growth. Unlike other badly written ones, the world is thought out, unique, and actually matters. It's called building a foundation for the novel. If you don't have that, then you would be a terrible Xian Xia where things just burst out of nowhere, there no common thread, and everything that happened before becomes more and more worthless.


If you like real characters, no cliches, no harem, action and events/arcs that matter and aid in building the character and the world, a world that feels developed ahead of the plot, excellent writing with no repetition to fill word count, almost no plot armor, a unique and well thought out ability/power system (and how to train it), then this novel is for you.

If you like tons of dumb action, super fast plot where nothing matters and plot points are dropped, endless power creep, no world building or establishment of the foundation of the series, cliche events and characters, terrible writing, short chapters, characters with no depth, and super ultra lucky protagonists (which is practically every chinese MC), instant power ups from legacies, than this series isn't for you. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ZKatty rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: --
I am a Chinese American, I thought it did be fun to read this great book again in English, but then I saw some people in the comments saying this novel is very draggy, slow-paced, and not focused on development. And it's the author's fault because he focuses on word count, blah blah blah.

Let's keep something in mind here: Chinese and English are two entirely different languages!

If you ever translated English into Chinese accurately, you will find that the same sentence in Chinese is at most half of the... more>> length of the original sentence in English. This is because of one to two characters in Chinese represents one word and Chinese don't need spaces. There is even a type of word called "ChenYu" that is all 4 characters long but their representation could vary from a vivid description to a fable. These differences turned a good dose of engaging imagery for Chinese speakers into long, boring, and unnecessary description to English speakers.

In conclusion, it's not the author's fault. If you want to read a good Chinese novel you either get used to the pace or learn Chinese.

Here are some proves to my point:

  • A ChenYu used in the 1st sentence of the 1st actual paragraph of c1 is "guang guai lu li". The translator translated it to bizarre but it is actually ment strange and colorful lights like those you see when you are very dizzy. So the translation is actually shorter then it should be. (Not saying the translator did a bad job. The translator did a great job here because this is an unnecessary description when translated to English. But just to prove my point here.)
  • A comparison of a "paragraph" in Chinese to its translation:
    • The 1st actual paragraph in c1: The bizarre dreamland full of whispers quickly shattered. Zhou Mingrui, who was asleep, felt that his head had a painful ache as if he had been slammed with a pole. No, it was more like a sharp object piercing through his temple with a stirring action!
    • Link to c1 in Chinese: (It won't let me type in Chinese : ()
      https://read. Qidian. Com/chapter/3Q__bQt6cZEVDwQbBL_r1g2/GSlTBhSdiqP4p8iEw--PPw2

      • You may find out by the punctuations that a paragraph in English is only a sentence in Chinese! It would be considered a run-on-sentence in English grammar but still much shorter.
  • I timed myself reading c1 in both languages:
    • Chinese: 8: 25.84 min
    • English: 14:29.31 min
  • In the original novel's comments, no one complained about the novel being filled with fillers. Not even in c1, which is probably the most descriptive chapter.
Just a side note:

You guys have not seen a true master of fillers. I recently started this novel where the author literally repeats an entire sentence word by word to fill up the word count. But he did it in a way that is so fitting to the plot and setting that it won't kill the interest of a reader (at least not the majority of us, judging from the comments). He is literally a mastermind in filling. <<less
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Fulminata rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c135
Opinions might change as I progress further into the story.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm shocked to find a webnovel of this quality. Truly, a rare gem. The worldbuilding is detailed. The writer's (and the translator's) depiction of each situations left me with a very vivid image of each of the scenes and leave me wanting for more!—something I mostly only expected in paperback novels.

This novel is an isekai. An isekai with a very strong gothic and steampunk theme, with mists and guns and clockwork machines and curses and secret occult societies mingled... more>> together in all of its glory. Imagine the somber vibe of Europe in the heights of 18th to early 20th century.

Right off the bat, our suddenly-transmigated protagonist were immediately thrust into a mysterious condition

with blood oozing from an apparently self-inflicted headshot wound.

There's a reason of why our MC is transmigrated, one that's going to be answered as we dwelve further and further into the story.

Granted, from @Night Ghost's review, the first 60 chapters of the story is merely an "introduction" to help us to get attached to the characters and familiarized ourselves with the world; A groundwork for the upcoming actions. Some people feel that it's a filler.... But actually, it's a necessary building blocks to established the stories. It's acceptable, it's normal, it's common sense. Most detective novels have these agonizingly slow "fillers" to establish a sense of urgency and mysteries.

The translation quality is definitely an A++. The words flow smoothly, and coupled with the mysterious situation that surrounded the protganist, keeps me scrolling. Definitely a page-turner! <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eric Du
Eric Du rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: c91
this is one of the best novel I've read till now. The author combined elements like steampunk, scp, Cthulhu together using a ease tone (comparing to many other cthulhu novels).

Most importantly, the most interesting of the novel is its unique power level

... more>>

from a profane stone, human beings found ways to create potions made from other mysterious creatures' body parts to make themselves evolve into stronger and incredible creatures, however the side effects of the potions make people keep hearing noise and sound from the mystery and would corrupt and turn into monsters.

By this unique level system, the MC gradually explores the world and explores the mysteries of the history, the gods and evil gods, and the world <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Peixotto rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c117
I don't know what some of you are on about. It's not filler, it's detail. Books aren't just beginning middle end bam done. It builds. It's a mystery/detective novel. It's slow, but that's a good thing.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ResidentialPsycho rated it
August 4, 2018
Status: c20
This is a thrilling supernatural steampunk mystery that starts a bit slow wit the world-building but then really spins it's story well. Although I'm still in the beginning of the story, the suspense has built up enough to put me on the edge of my seat. I am looking forward to the cases the MC will be investigating.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zefelina rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: c128
It is one of the most interesting (and, sadly, most underrated) novels out there. I started reading it because of the multiple great reviews and I am not disappointed.

It's true that the pace is slow in the beginning, but the author is setting the world and it is done very masterfully. I admit that I skipped some unimportant bits related to the world's history, however, that didn't impact my reading experience much as I still gradually immersed myself into the world. Those who read those bits, I suspect will gain... more>> some clues into the future developments.

The characters have their own personalities and are not there just to cheer MC on, like in many of other novels. The style reminds me a bit of Release that witch, because one in 20 chapters will have other peoples perspectives (but they don't get annoying and are very brief).

The MC is not op from the beginning but he does have a special power which helps him stay ahead of others. The enemies that he faces are realistic for a fantasy world. What I like in this novel is that even though MC is not from a wealthy family, there's no such things as "offending unreasonable ppl who constantly seek revenge and their whole familys get involved" trope. The world that we see is similar to the modern world - there exist normal jobs, education gets encouraged, universities, police, inventions, etc. Only with horse drawn carriages, maidservants, tophats and canes...

What I want to say is that people should try this novel if they want to read how one would live in a fantasy world, where fantasy is hidden from the general public. The novel sometimes describes everyday life and other times mysterious adventures, that gradually unravel the world for the readers too. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MissZer0q rated it
May 9, 2019
Status: c280
This is actually a very good novel. The MC is really relatable and he's not op but not some kind of an idiot either. What made me want to read it was due to its lack of romance but now I'm eagerly eaiting for the next chapter or maybe I'll just read the mtl that's just how addicting this is. I really really really love the ending of the Volume 2 where ... more>>

the MC pretends to be a clown, smiling as he came face-to-face with his siblings

trust me that was so sad yet sweet and such a heartbreaker ughhhhh now I can't even look at a clown the same ever again without remembering that heartbreaking moment. This. Is. Such. A. Gem. It really is insulting how low the rank of this in Webnovel is but that app's ranking ain't reliable (no offense) well, looks like I'll be re-reading this while waiting for the next chapter HAHAHAHAHA <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
wait321 rated it
February 1, 2019
Status: c43
This is one of the most slow-paced and boring novels I've read. The atmosphere is casual and entire chapters are spent on trivial things like looking for an apartment. The main character doesn't seem to be in any danger and it's like he's taking a stroll in the park.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Guru Dubey
Guru Dubey rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: v3c217
Best novel I ever read.

Story outline is quiet fantastic you read story and fill you become part of story.

This novel lakes useless tragedy and harem where every chick fall in love with MC for no reason.

Concept of potion makes this story easily conjure to real world.

Story plot is filled with mystery that arouse your curiosity
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GreyPancake rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: c702
Caught up with the latest MTL, this novel is just amazing at how it molds the MC character, from someone that just wants to return to earth and not feel attached to this current world to someone that grows with the knowledge he acquires. The potions the MC acquire plus the acting method forces him to change his viewpoints slowly about the world and his personality changes along with the digestion of these potions. Its not a bad thing though seeing him grow and face situations realistically like a god... more>> is amazing. The only disappointing thing or maybe a good thing about this novel is that the MC digestion of potions is just to fast. Maybe the author just wants to speeds up the novel with is good for us readers but its just reduces the thrill for us as well. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
raiha88 rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: v3c169
Everything the user Night Ghost said in his review is true! This is so far the best transmigration novel I've read (read the latest chapter thru mtl).

The start of the story might be slow paced and considered as boring but they are relevant to the future events, explaining why the MC encountered those people/events.

Overall, I recommend you to read this story as it's so far one of the best novel out there.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xchronicles rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: c1075
One of the most well-received book here in NU, so I'm always curious about it.

Gave it a try once, didn't get past chapter 3, too detailed, slow paced and confusing for me.

Tried it again for the second time, didn't get past chapter 6, for the same reason above.

... more>> Tried for the third time, beginning are not so confusing and boring anymore and once I reached the 12th chapter... HOLLYYYYYY!!! CAN'T STOP READING!!! LITERALLY!!!

Some people may dropped the novel at first for the same reason as I had please NOOOO! You'll miss god-tier story!


• You may feel uncomfortable on how Klein is so adaptable despite being a transmigrator but you'll get past that.


• WORLD BUILDING: absolutely! addicting! and! well written!!!!! from the currenies to history and mysteries about the Gods! Oh Myyyyyy! can't get enough.

•PROTAGONIST: Rational, Calm, Humorous, Logical and Kind Hearted. Not a Hero yet not cold blooded too. Knows when to help and to stop. What I like the most is Klein is not overpowered. He's weak so he runs and he seeks help from his comrades and the church. And yet he doesn't feel down because he KNOWS his capability well- if he could beat the enemy on his own or not.

Overpowered in terms of thinking and laying traps for enemies but I LOVE IT.

•OTHER CHARACTERS AND VILLAINS: everyone has their own personalities AND Everyone has brains!!!! They all think rationally and logically!!! Especially the enemies and villains! They're not just no brainer but smart too but too bad Klein is smarter.

• MAGIC SYSTEM: Very unique and interesting! And every sequence has it's own logical explanation and origin. LIKEEE! 💓

• MYSTERY: You got questions? Here is the answer but you get 3-5 more questions...


Note: Some of the scene will really get to your heart, let you think deeply about life. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Michael007 rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c121
This is a novel that tells weak to strong different from most other novels. Without excessive cheating and combined with the MC intelligence in hiding his secrets and causing misunderstandings well.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
timma rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: v4c175
I'd recommend this one. Almost missed my attention due to the steampunk tag, but I don't really think that fits. First volume solid gold, and you'll be a fan by the end of it.

Favorite web novel by this author. I like the earlier volumes. Slight spoilers on how the story progresses at parts of his potion path thing.


    1. Seer. (5/5) Solid story here, tons to love.
    2. Clown (4/5), pretty neat some cool abilities, allows for MC to participate in book events.
    3. Magician (4/5) - cool because of detective elements around this arch, but lack of supporting characters that you'd care deeply about at this point, you see the MC start being more of a loner.
    4. Faceless Man (3/5) - not huge on this one, I feel like he could have switched faces more often for a better story, plot at this point is not as interesting as earlier elements of book. Main grip is at this point he's kind of solo, which I dislike.
    5. Puppet Master - haven't read up to this point, but I'm hyped for it. Seems like a lot of plot is being set up so this role can shine.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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