Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!


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Chosen after a long period of bloodline selection, seven women with the mixed blood of goddesses were selected to be the Imperial Guards and become direct trusted aides loyal only to the Emperor himself—this was the reason why the Haines Empire was the strongest military power on the continent.

Armed with teleportation magic and city-destroying forbidden spells that could be used at will, they were undoubtedly the most terrifying war machines in this land. However, in reality, these demigod Imperial Guards were far less outstanding than the legends…

“They don’t have the moral values of humans! They’re just a bunch of degenerates who only care about profits!” A transmigrator from another land, His Highness Rayne would always kick the coffin board agitatedly at the mention of these Imperial Guards.

“The System resurrected me a thousand times, of which at least 800 times, I was stabbed in the back by them!”

If he killed them, he would have no one of use in the Empire.

If they were left alive, he would be stabbed in the back sooner or later.

After the thousandth rebirth, Rayne finally figured out an unprecedented path.

This time round, he was no longer going to negotiate using benefits—he was going to conquer them with his personal charm!

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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects!
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lamtranslations rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: --
Hi guys, Lam here! Some of you might remember me from an older project that was more popular, The Strongest System. Well now, I'm translating this novel and I'd like to help provide some insights as well as explain some of the issues people are voicing out in the comments (:

I think this best sums up the TLDR: It's a light-hearted read with plenty of fun moments that make for good comedy as well as entertainment. If it sounds like the kind of ride for you, hop on and just... more>> enjoy the scenery it brings (:

First off, let me start with what I really like a lot about this novel—the concept of it.

The premise is pretty interesting to me.

The story is set in a western fantasy world where our MC finds himself the successor to the Haines Empire, thereby potentially gaining access to the seven demigod Imperial Guards who are so disgustingly strong that the Haines Empire is practically unmatched in the mortal realm. Of course, our dear MC finds himself killed time and again no matter how far he progresses in this world. Like any remotely capable MC with reincarnation abilities, through trial and error, he managed to make it to the endgame during his 999th reincarnation... or so he thought. Killed yet again with no chance of reincarnation this time round, he decided to abandon his old path (I mean, even when he finally made it close to the end, he was still killed. Smart choice, I'd say.) and start on an entirely new one, aka charming them for the harem collection.
With this setting, the story plays out like a detective mystery of sorts coupled with a harem theme. So far, so good. With each arc, he advances further in his conquest as well as obtain a new piece of the puzzle that may potentially change his final fate in the end. There's a good bit of comedy mixed in alongside le*d elements so the read is rather enjoyable.

Things that could have been done better—worldbuilding and action.

As with many CN novels, worldbuilding is done bit by bit and always with room for expansion should they want to lengthen the story. I'd say yes, there is an overarching theme and the story does progress amidst his flirtatious fun with the ladies, but don't expect immersive and extremely well-crafted worlds to the like of Tolkien novels. That's defo not going to happen, haha.

The action is definitely not dragged out most of the time compared to a typical Xianxia novel where A whips out a weapon and goes on to describe it before unleashing its power only to be matched by B's talisman which can counter it but little does he know that C has a gourd that can counter his counter so on and so forth, you get my point.
That's not to say that the action scenes are not well-defined. In my opinion, they are. There are counters and descriptive manoeuvres, but with brevity to cover what's required, that's all. It can be good or bad depending on what you like.

A good part of the plot progression is also done through dialogue between the characters and of course, given that this is a reincarnation novel, you'd have to expect the main character describing or monologuing his past experiences to explain his rationale and actions.

Finally, to address the white elephant in the room—comments and opinions by readers!

1) One reader straight up called the female characters morons or something along those lines.

I won't say I agree or disagree with that statement since it depends on the preferences of the reader. However, I'd say that the story isn't one that takes itself with extreme seriousness, so why should you, my man? It's a light-hearted read with plenty of fun moments that make for good comedy as well as entertainment. If it sounds like the kind of ride for you, hop on and just enjoy the scenery it brings (:

2) Chapter length.

This is going to be a long explanation, do bear with me.

This novel isn't the only one suffering from inconsistent chapter lengths. Believe me, this issue has been prevalent in the CN webnovel scene in recent years.
Old authors used to stick to fixed chapter lengths of 1k, 2k, 3k so on and so forth.
New authors, on the other hand, are more carefree and write as they feel like.

As such, we end up with chapter lengths that can be extremely short and vice versa. For the earlier chapters, the average chapter length is around 1.5k Chinese characters per chapter with multiple extremely short chapters to cause that number. Later on, things does change to bring the average somewhere close to 1.8k~ or so.

To give you guys a better understanding, the translation word count conversion is around 0.6. So a 1k Chinese chapter will result in a 600 words English chapter.

On my part, there are a few things that I'm doing to alleviate this situation and help provide a better reading experience.
1) Chapters that are longer than 1, 800 English characters (3k Chinese characters) are divided by me, I don't touch anything below that, even for those that are 1799 (There are a number in the 1700s range, legit. It's just that it's easier to forget about them and remember the short ones T_T). This will help balance out the chapter lengths and it'll help with the next point.

2) Providing a consistent release rate. I'm trying my best regarding this and I haven't fallen off schedule so far. I do have work that I have to do as well and there are times when I have to hurry and put off everything I'm doing because I want to meet a certain release or when I have to rush because I'm worried I might forget and miss a release when I leave house.
I believe having a consistent release rate is better than me randomly disappearing after releasing some long chapters and disappearing without saying anything.

From personal experience, I don't like the uncertainty associated with waiting blindly and that's why I'm trying my best to not make others feel that way as well.

Alright, this marks the end of my review, hope it helps! <<less
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Daoist Ghoul
Daoist Ghoul rated it
January 25, 2023
Status: c40
I am always a sucker for a good harem novel (harem being one of my fav genres) and this one really hit the spot.

I am liking the pacing of the story so far, it does feel like a slice-of-life, survival-theme story from the early looks of it but if written well, I am all for it. The plot seems intriguing, the female lead looks promising and the world is interesting.

The chapters definitely feel short but that's better than paras-after-paras of useless infodumps and commentary.

I would say, give it a try.
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promet rated it
July 23, 2023
Status: c103
A fairly entertaining novel, actually probably worth 3.5/5, but it gets 3/5 in my current mood. It's pretty similar to Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich (was that the exact name? I can't be bothered to check), except with a Chad MC that beds women instead of a virg*n running away from marriage (oh, it accidentally became a meme phrase).

The setting is not bad. It feels like a mixture of Warhammer 40k, Old World Warhammer, and the setting we had in Crazy Lich (or is actually the latter based on... more>> the former two? I haven't fully read it). It's generally good. I also like the premise idea with a time loop (time loops instead of reincarnation or transmigration seem to be a new fad; this is the third one I read recently, and all of them are good).

The plot is kind of okay. The events are generally at least somewhat interesting and the progression is good. The MC is driving the plot himself instead of passively reacting to events, and is doing well. If I have to pick at something, it's that the way his relationships with love interests develop is a bit boring. He's basically like someone who played dating sims thousands of times, so even if he hasn't finished this particular game's plot (it's not a game, but I'm using it as an analogy), he still got so good at handling "love interests" that he can easily get waifus.

... This is good for wish fulfillment, and works as such, but it also takes away some enjoyment of watching the feelings between him and characters grow. In fact, he basically has little in terms of feelings for most characters, or at least they aren't love, are fairly complicated, and rarely develop into something more. I don't mind well-written wish fullfilment, but I also find it a bit boring. There's no challenge, no tension. You just know he's going to take down each waifu easily, and the only questions are the specific tactics he will use and how much time it'll take him.

Because it's wish fulfillment, this also means that other than the MC, the only characters that are relevant and have some personality are women. Additionally, most of them are within the "strike zone" of the author, i.e. potential harem members. It kind of makes sense in the novel, but also makes it boring for me as a reader.

Speaking of characters, the protagonist is kind of good. He's also well-written as someone who has spent millennia in a time loop. He suits his backstory. However, it's also precisely because he suits it that he is a bit lacking in terms of emotions and generally boring. I would like to see more feeling from him. Then again, it's rare for Chinese webnovels to explore the protagonist's feelings and things like inner conflict or thoughts, dreams, aspirations in depth anyway.

Overall, it's a good and promising novel. I just find it a bit bleak, and I simply happen to be in a mood where I'm not into this particular type of novel (as I said, I feel like reading, and am off to read, something that has more emotion between the protagonist and love interests; this one is a bit too dry for me in my current mood). <<less
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Kuronairo rated it
December 19, 2022
Status: c28
I thought I should write a review as there is none yet for this novel.

So what is this novel about ?

It's about a MC that got transmigrated into a fantasy like world where gods are real and MC is the prince and future emperor of a strong empire. The empire is backed by 7 demigods and have the backing of one of the strongest goddess, the goddess of order. The demigods are just overpowered and like cheat codes, they can teleport anywhere and have power beyond what mere mortals can... more>> do. Our MC thought that it would be an easy life, I mean you're the future heir of the strongest empire in the continent, you have money, otherworldy beauties and even the imperial guards are all beauties. MC lived a life of debauchery and when he became emperor and thought his life would be even better, he just died.......... and then got sent back to the past when he was 19th. And MC tried to survive.... but just kept dying over and over. Until his 999th death, when he was about to start his 1000 retry which is also his last.

MC wants to change all his plans and just change the "board" so he is planning to "seduce" all these arrogant demigods. He is planning to succeed this time. He knows a lot of the future events and also know most of his ennemies plans (I mean other than the demigods themselves, he have a lot of ennemies inside and outside the empire). From what I've read so far, it looks interesting and it's keeping my interest and makes me want to know more about whats gonna happen next. <<less
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Rinsimp rated it
December 25, 2022
Status: c32
The novel is intriguing, having a MC who is given a mission to save the world but is constantly back stabbed by the 7 imperial guards. He fails 999 times and starts his final time with a different approach. What can prevent the overpowered imperial guards who only care about profits from betraying you? Conquer their hearts. It's fun to see how the MC would use his 10, 000 years of experience to achieve this. From the current amount of chapters I read, it's very interesting and worth reading, although... more>> its a shame for me to discover this novel a bit early. <<less
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ATYI rated it
December 24, 2022
Status: c32
This novel its your typical harem conquest, unlike many novels in the genre the inner dialog of the MC doesn't feel like an info dump, the interactions with the cast are pretty entertaining they dont feel fake or force, the world building is good enough to keep you wanting to learn more, the lore melts with the interactions working as tool to explain character actions in a indirect way, at least by chinese novel standards, obviously its an harem conquest novel so you have certain mentality while reading it, but... more>> if you like the genre I say its a good read so far. <<less
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Sareza rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: c188
Alright, so this novel ain't exactly a masterpiece, and it's not winning any awards for "well-written" or intricate lore and world-building. But hey, who said every novel has to be a high-brow literary genius? The purpose here is entertainment, and on that front, it delivers.

Now, about those comments dissing the girls in the story – those folks clearly missed the memo. The setting is the game-changer, making these girls act way different from regular humans. It's not a flaw; it's a deliberate choice. People need to read the settings, bro.

What... more>> got me hooked? The comedy. Seriously, if this was a KR or JP novel, it could easily slide into R-18 territory. There's a ton of "seggs" scenes hinted at, especially with Alice – volume 4 is practically her playground. But, hold your horses, it's not an R-18 novel. Sure, all the ladies are thirstier than a camel in the desert, thanks to Rayne and his overflowing rizz.

This ain't a serious or deep dive kind of novel. It's all about Rayne and his methods to save the world. Now, Rayne's no saint – he's practically an NTR pro. Betrayals, sister killings in other time loops – the whole shebang. Yet, beneath that scumbag exterior, he's rocking utilitarianism. Yeah, he's doing some shady stuff, but he respects his conquests and genuinely tries to keep all the ladies he's charmed happy in his own messed-up way.

PS. Happy New Year! <<less
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Seregosa rated it
May 3, 2023
Status: c102
This is a hidden gem to me, at least so far. It had me hooked right from the first few chapters and never disappointed in the 102 chapters I've read so far.

The comedy is great, often making use of various characters' quirkiness and the mc's madness, extreme skill, taboo knowledge and seeming lack of morals and clear emotions, not surprising with his life experiences. A lot of it is focused around women who easily fall for him due to his blessings, extreme beauty but mainly because he's the master of... more>> masters when it comes to seduction and bed skill, which also ends up being a focal point of comedy. The MC is very capable, competent and everything is according to his own pace and he calculates every step of the way, though he makes minor mistakes at times he will manage to correct them and even make use of them with just a few clues.

This novel reminds me a lot of emperor's domination and would be very similar if emperor's domination was more focused on comedy, if Li Qiye was better in bed, focused on seducing women and not as OP, not as "supremely heavenly" (Li Qiye has EVERYTHING in control and knows everything and everyone are ants to him, rayne knows his place and while superbly confident, he can't control everything on his own and needs the help of the people around him, so he uses people and manipulates them to his benefit unlike li qiye that is, at the end of the day, a lone wolf that plays with people sometimes) and not set in a cultivation universe. The protagonist also reminds me a little bit of regressor's instruction manual's one, though he's less of an as*hole and far, far more capable in every way and way more in control. The way he makes use of everyone and manipulates people.

I'd also like to mention that building a harem is NOT really the focus of this novel. It's more of a byproduct. It's not typical romance in any sense, he uses seduction, manipulation and s*x as a tool to make various important and powerful women "swear fealty" to him (though it's more like falling in love to the point where they're basically "love s*aves" that would do anything for him rather than swearing fealty), thus the title. These women are not really people he loves, at least so far, many of them have been enemies that has killed him before, sometimes many times, in previous timelines, he has also killed them many times. There's only one woman he loves right from the start, though he has some petty grudge and suspicion of her now after being killed by her once, though it's nothing that serious and I won't spoil it (him being killed by her is mentioned in chapter 1). He has shown intentions to try to love them, despite previous history. At this point, he's close to incapable of intense emotions and feelings and will do anything to succeed.

My point is, don't be afraid of the romance, it's more of a gag than anything else. It's a harem yet it's not at the same time. None of the women will be able to control him and he's just using them, at least to begin with, not sure about how it'll turn out later. They're useful and I can't find anything to hate or dislike about any of them, they're just quirky with weird fetishes at times and will do anything for him. I know a lot of people are afraid of harem tags and even more so romance, which tends to be a touchy subject as so many authors fail spectacularly at making it believable or at least not annoying, especially chinese authors have proved great at ruining the protagonist's character and turn him into a wimp where everything revolves around pleasing the girl. But this isn't one of those novels. As long as you don't mind his manipulation, everything's fine. <<less
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dippityboppity rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: c30
Well written and feels fresh. It's a fairly unique universe and not just a "how many cliches can we manage to smash through in this chapter" type book.

Honestly I'm not even knocking those, they can be good sometimes. But it's nice to read something new every one in a while, and this feels new.

Also, the translation is really good.

... more>> Only problem I have is the ridiculously short chapters. It's probably like maybe 2-3 minutes of reading per.

Judging a bit early to give it 5 stars but relative to most of the stuff on this site it should probably be. <<less
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This novel is quite well written, in the way it conveys depth in characters. Often for many other novels, anything that happens to the characters don't affect them and they stick to their own character gimmick and don't have any reactivity toward things that really should be affecting them. For this novel on the other hand, although its a bit early, the characters seem to be written closer to a real human where they would look back at a previous event, remember it and react differently to the following events... more>> afterwards.

Its decent enough that you should give it a shot beyond most novels. Read up till around chapter 20 and then you'll definitely know if its for you or not. <<less
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webt00nwarrior rated it
April 25, 2023
Status: c97
Novel is by no means a masterpiece of literature, however it picks it niche and fills it. If you are looking for entertaining dialogue, plot and a calculating MC that isnt dense like a brick. This is your pie. The plot is messy at the start when all the things is starting up, however after the first initial arcs, it seems to smooth out and get into a rythm.

The biggest con of this novel up till this point is that harem "targets" seems to fall a bit too easily, but... more>> that is a bit by comedic design in this novel so I dont mind it as much. I will have to update the rating in the later chapters to see how it holds the harem which will really be make or break for the relationships he is building up. <<less
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TheHalocrusher rated it
April 5, 2023
Status: c87 part1
It's definitely a fun read. I didn't go into this novel expecting much (found it during my usual process of randomly clicking on new releases until something catches my eye), and do far its been pretty consistently interesting.
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shirayukirin rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: c225
Someone that read the MTL

This is my first time doing a review so take it with a grain of salt

This is the first time I read a novel that depict the interc**rse so k*nky yet funny since they write it like "pop a champagne" not literally describe the actual scene but definitely the most fetish-ish interc**rse scene that I've read ever in novel

I really enjoy the story and the world how the MC try to conquer his enemies in bed and make them his weapon for the sake of fighting... more>> the greater danger

With that being said here's the reason why I decided to write a review for the first time


The Far Silences/Outer World (?) arc is where the story becomes messy at least in my opinion, the first point here is God King.

God King is a character that depicted as someone that disregard every thing from his subjects, the muscle brain, naive, and not a single good thing he has ever done when this character was introduced, yet at the end of the arc he suddenly becomes the key piece for MC strat, He knows that he's an incompetent king, He don't mind his consort got taken by the MC, and willing to withstand absurd pain for the sake of High Elf, all of it just too sudden. or at least there's not enough character progression to justify the heroic turn of this self-centered king.

tl;dr a complete 180 character turn

And the second one is Star God

this one I don't really mind, but definitely her appearance is so sudden and the disappearance is too quick there should've been foreshadow of her, it's like her only function is for 1 plot device and then done, well I can't say that for sure since I haven't finished it but yeah

tl;dr a sudden plot device

The third one is Empress Thea

I think her appearance is unnecessary, at least too early, we haven't even met all of the guard... but I don't really mind this since the bed scene is good...

tl;dr definitely a sudden plot device


All and all the only thing I really don't like is

God King

sudden turn, and probably the power scale that kinda not consistent definitely the best k*nky harem novel that I've ever read <<less
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