Tales of the Reincarnated Lord


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In a world where magic is long but a thing of the distant past, where humans have the potential of harnessing a dormant power within them, called Battle Force…

A man from modern day Earth finds himself suddenly waking up in the body of Norton Lorist, a youth of noble descent that had been exiled from his homeland in the North by his family to Morante City, the capital of the Forde Trade Union on the pretext of pursuing his studies.

Little did he know what would await him when he receives summons from his family years later to return to the Northlands and inherit the position of the family head…

This is the tale of his life before the summons…

This is the tale of his journey northward and the allies he gathers along the way…

This is the tale of his rebuilding his family’s dominion and keeping it safe from other power hungry nobles…

This is the “Tales of the Reincarnated Lord”.

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord average rating 4.2/5 - 352 user ratings
Associated Names
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Chóngshēng zhī lǐngzhǔ chuánqí
Legend of the Rebirth Lord
Legend of the Reincarnated Lord
Tales of the Rebirth Lord
Trọng Sinh Chi Lĩnh Chủ Truyện Kỳ
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Hitexh rated it
September 10, 2016
Status: c25
Im not having a good experience reading this just because its not my genre for the introduction part. If you like tragedy, and MC with low ambition, and easily control by surroundings, learn from its mistake and get better, then this is your thing. I prefer the story can be skip where he got titled lord. I really am. Thats why I gave it 4 star hoping it can let bygone past and go to the main story instead.
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OmegaDion rated it
January 5, 2017
Status: --
Too much info dump that sometimes I skipped some to just get into the action. I have a feeling that this might reach a thousand chapters with no clear ending or will get dropped midway.

Some may find this as a good read. But it doesn't fit my taste.

Translation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Flashbacks: 9/11
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