Tales of the Reincarnated Lord


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In a world where magic is long but a thing of the distant past, where humans have the potential of harnessing a dormant power within them, called Battle Force…

A man from modern day Earth finds himself suddenly waking up in the body of Norton Lorist, a youth of noble descent that had been exiled from his homeland in the North by his family to Morante City, the capital of the Forde Trade Union on the pretext of pursuing his studies.

Little did he know what would await him when he receives summons from his family years later to return to the Northlands and inherit the position of the family head…

This is the tale of his life before the summons…

This is the tale of his journey northward and the allies he gathers along the way…

This is the tale of his rebuilding his family’s dominion and keeping it safe from other power hungry nobles…

This is the “Tales of the Reincarnated Lord”.

Tales of the Reincarnated Lord average rating 4.2/5 - 544 user ratings
Associated Names
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Chóngshēng zhī lǐngzhǔ chuánqí
Legend of the Reincarnated Lord
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xianxia_reader rated it
March 4, 2017
Status: c155
For one, as everyone has already mentioned, just gloss through the first 40-50 chapters. Those are just info dumps. Some of the points in those chapters might be well made but they don't require a deep reading.

The author takes the info dumping to another level and has it in every other chapter. These many horses, slaves, money etc etc are put in excruciating details. Not to mention, the amount of people and their names, after sometime you will get confused as to who is silver ranked, who is gold,... more>> who is mercenary or knight.

So why the rating 4 you ask? Well story telling. I love my sides of fast paced xianxia stories but many of them rely on a single plot line to pull things. Here war seem to be the focal point for sure but it is intricately woven into the story. Why are there these many wars is explained well.

That said, if you don't like political intrigue and rather expecting a cultivation themed novel then you are in for a disappointment. The story is slow and there are no blood rush moments of defeating someone superior using a low cultivation. If your expectation is that, skip it.

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Aras rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c427

The story is told as a history documentary about the rise of the Norton Kingdom. The story starts slow and dumpes alot of information about the characters in the first 50 or so chapters. The chapters aren't that important, but give little bit of context to the actions and trust showed between the main cast later in the book. The advancement in technologie is also done really well. The MC doesn't just create machine guns in the first year, but slowly builds up from balistas to catapults to cannons. If you like reading about the history of like the roman empire (or other great empires) then you would probably like reading this book.

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kossboss rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c100
Really upsetting some of these reviews, almost makes me actually wonder if they read the same story... If you like politics, kingdom building, wars, then you will prob think this novel is easily in the top 5 novels on this site. If you want a pill popping MC who cultivates through all problems then this is not gonna be for you. The novel can be a bit slow
... more>>

First 40 chapters covers 10 years of his life after his bodies previous exile from his homeland just about when he took over.

in the start but really picks up after chapter 40. That being said this novel differs from some similar one in that he has not brought major amounts of technology over yet as of this reveiw. Some minor things like a design for a backpack he does do. <<less
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Lurcher rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: c117
It's good; the setting is intricate and detailed, the main character is determined and smart yet not wholly without fault as he makes mistakes but works to correct those without hesitation. If you're tired of the usual tropes like "face" and iron-clad rankings or skills that seem wholly unrelated to anything real, then this is definitely a treat.

The power structures of individuals is based on something tangible and easily discernible, so the fact that people believe those rankings to be true makes sense. The main characters use of qigong... more>> to continue his training once he hits a cap also makes sense given how well documented his love for the art prior to reincarnation was.

While he does get some annoying freebies like "dynamic vision" and his qigong abilities, the main meat of the story is NOT about the main character defeating everything like in your usual martial arts novel, rather the fact that he is strong is merely the set up for the politics and friendships that he is involved in. Had his jolly gang of hangers on not decided to join him in his journey, this story would easily lose one or two stars from me.

Romance-wise the story hasn't seen much of any development as the main character has loved and lost before the novel proper and most of the subsequent encounters are casual or end in failure. I saw someone complain about maids getting raped and I had to laugh, as the setting already explicitly encourages this; one count had over 60 illegitimate sons while the main character has 17 illegitimate siblings as well!

Overall, it really only gets going at around 50-60-ish as the amount of flashbacks before that is quite staggering, but I still recommend it.

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DubZer0 rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c40
This story is just plain BORING!! The MC is not a reincarnated man, his morals, mindset, actions, everything is just like a man of the Middle Ages. He was supposedly an elite military man who eventually left the military and succeeded his family business and turned it into a million dollar company. None of that is shown through the character. Intellectually, he's taken advantage of by everyone he meets, from the Dean of his school to the chick he stupidly fell in love with (apparently, he's never... more>> been in love even though he was over 40 years old in the modern world).

The Dean tricks him by giving him coffee and then telling him all the important details at the last minute and pushing him out the door. I'm serious, that's the evil scheme of the Dean. As for his girlfriend, he gives her everything she wants, helps her found a business, then she leaves him and he still goes around sticking his nose in her business. F**king pathetic.

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coyotte508 rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c588
One of the most interesting CN novels, that maybe is the closest to western-style writing. As in - no overused cliche, no ridiculousness, the characters are multidimensional and some enemies can become allies in the future. The rise in power is not too fast and not too slow - the pacing is moderate compared to the average CN novel but not excruciatingly slow at all. The development of the industry is not ridiculous like in "Release that witch", but still there. The events don't feel forced and the story doesn't... more>> go sideways even at 500+ chapters.

There are still some inevitable things as in other chinese novels (the MC is well-endowed, good in bed, can KO a girl in bed etc.) but it doesn't become an eyesore - and girls, while being part of the story, are not the main part.

Personnally I liked learning about the history of things and it didn't feel like infodumps shoved in my mouth.

There are a few gripes due to my Western sensibilities that almost made me drop the novel:


- The rape of the maid, even if it stemmed from a misunderstanding (that she was experienced at her job etc.)
- When they completely exterminate the waves of magical beast, they could just control them


But that stopped starting chapter 230. There are a few things I can think of in later chapters that may not be perfect, but I still give it 5 stars given how interesting I find the novel.

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Dorique rated it
August 4, 2017
Status: c230
The further I read the less I like it. The world building is rather good and male characters are well developed. My main criticism is that the adult female characters are nearly all in non-consent scenarios and are portrayed as unruly, spoiled or weak.

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Dark_Messiah rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c197
This novel is good, but it also has large (ish) issues...

The first part of the novel was quite interesting but was constantly interrupted by annoying flashbacks that they could've integrated and compressed better.

After that is the second part of the story which is the journey...

... more>> Now, this was kind of boring and drawn out but it had it's moments, however...

In the third part, after they've arrived, at first it is interesting to see how he deals with things, but as the story progresses it becomes kind of repetative...

Now, it isn't bad, its just really boring because there are whole chapters dedicated to dialogue.

As in chapters that have nothing else but 100% dialogue and because of this, the story pretty much slowed to a crawl, not to mention that the MC has seemingly no ambitions at all other than to develop his territory, which, coupled with the dialogue chapters makes this 3rd part rather bland and boring.

I'm giving it 3 stars because when the MC isn't talking the whole chapter and there is action it is actually quite good. <<less
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asdf123 rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c192
After 200 chapters this is hands down one of the best world building stories currently being translated.

This story has a horrendous (ly boring) start that seems to have made a lot of people rate this poorly. I was bored one day and worked through the first 50ish chapters, the story actually started to get good! There was a reason for the boring development, the payoff just came much later than I would have liked.

The focus of the story is on his territory development and relationships rather than the... more>> standard cliches.

He is strong but not op, his decision making is fairly rational, the side characters have depth, and the interactions seem real.

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lamb rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c20
Disclaimer: If you like very cliche'd XianXia novels don't this review and just skip to the book. For your mental health and my own.

Like most books on this website this story has the skeleton of a good story; unlike most stories on here it has more than that. The sad fact is, that instead of skin, organs, muscles, etc. It is like all that got partially digested and we are reading the end product. I found it easy to find pieces of the story that are complete and amazing.... more>> I also, find sludge that I can't make heads or tails of. At the very least when you start reading it isn't fully digested.

Take the exposition for example, It starts off amazing in the first chapter. The story reeks of fantasy from the word 'go'; it really got me hooked. It wasn't poorly written or translated. The quality of the translation doesn't drop, but when I got to chapter 8 and the MC had his first flash back it was incredibly frustrating. The author (s) showed that they could create an entire world without breaking the cardinal rule of exposition, NO f**kING FLASHBACKS. (Yes there are ways to do it well, these guys did it in the worst way possible.) Seeing what this author can do made me want to read more and see if it improved. It did not, there were simply more and more flashbacks. It was like the author (s) were just f**king with us the whole time; seeing what they could get away with. ''Well now that we have proven that we can write well and completely lets not. '' Says the first author '' What a splendid idea. '' Says the second. This leads us to the first love interest.

She is the worst kind of person, and both the author, and by extension, the MC have nothing against her.

The relationship between the two is incredibly one-sided, and everyone just seems to blame the MC, in some small margin, for their break-up. He has done nothing but give, and the love interest has done nothing but take.

The only reason you should read this book is if you are an aspiring novelist, and you want clear cut examples of good and bad exposition.

Someone has literally taken a dump on anything resembling good writing and posted it to the internet. I know very well that even sh*t stains can pass off as great writing in this community. In summary this is an objectively bad book that I know many of you who are reading this will love. I am confident to say that this is objectively bad, because two buildings can be just as beautiful as each other, but if one has a rotten foundation it is worse. As soon as someone stands in the wrong spot the whole building is coming down, and for this book that spot is chapter 8 and beyond.

(P. S. I refuse to torture myself with reading more, and yes I know how much that hurts my integrity.) <<less
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CodeZero rated it
March 21, 2017
Status: c166
One of my current favourite novels to read, the Tales of the Reincarnated Lord has a lot of aspects that make me want to continue reading - the kingdom building, the characters (particularly the MC), the story and the potential for further development on all of the previously mentioned aspects. I would definitely recommend this novel to everyone and hope that the slow start (which I honestly did not mind/could not tell) does not bother you.

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Rodalord92 rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c144
This is one of those stories that improve the more you read to the point of wanting more, especially if you like themes like wars, medieval age, knights, violence, kingdom building, nobles, and more. I couldn't stop reading it all these week until I finished all translated chapters.

This novel start slow but gets much better after chapters 30-50 more or less I don't remember well.

What I like about this novel is that the MC is strong, but it is shown or at least it is said how it... more>> becomes strong and it is create a solid background for the MC and its relationships that allow the story to flow more natural and easy to to accept.

The MC is like an old man in the body of a young adult, reason of his bland personality and lack of ambitions in the beginning of the story but changes little by little by the force of the circumstances of his family, friends and enemies.

what I find lacking, it's the personalities of the women that appears in the story being only support characters only or disappointing characters lacking in character or brains o maybe both, they don't play an important role in the history and I only remember them because there are few women with names in the history, but most of them are weak and unimportant in the history to the point that I had read, with one or two exceptions maybe.

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myrzael rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: c137
Despite somewhat confusing first chapters and LONG flashbacks in the beginning, this is one of the best novels I have read. I recommend it to all fans of medieval politicking, diplomacy, combat and war and cultivation.

I love that MC is not suddenly modernizing everything with his modern knowledge but he used his experiences to improve Lorist´s previous character and to overcome his cultivation problems.

MC is quite strong but not absurdly overpowered. This novel also has excellent world building and kingdom (well, barony) building and management, interesting military tactics/strategies... more>> and entertaining action and battles.

Another important point in favor of this novel is its very good translation. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the chapters.

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makenai89 rated it
January 28, 2017
Status: c131
Reviewed at c. 131, rated 4.

Reading Tales of Reincarnated Lord brought me back to the eras of Robin Hood and Ivanhoe. Although, the author's storytelling was obviously not as solid as those of classic novelist's, but it was clearly different compared to what commonly found among translated Chinese webnovels.

It told the story of an earthling who was reborn in the body of an estranged young noble. The beginning of the novel talked about his escapades and relationships in a city of freedom. Devoid of tricky family entanglements, he... more>> gathered wealth and reputation for himself by making use of his earth knowledge and the strength he had gained in this world. Then some messengers arrived and he suddenly found himself as an inheritor of a faraway land. There came the main plot: how will he develop the land that has long been broken up by wars and corrupt nobles? The various knowledges he brought from earth was not enough. He also had to have good strategies and reliable supporters, joined hands with dubious lords, while looking for ways to boost his own strength at the same time. Also flirted and made love with beauties on the side.

Rather than saying the main theme is Domestic Affairs/Kingdom Development, I feel it closer to biography of a lord instead... well, that said, the title says it all. What it does not tell is that the content often talked about unnecessary details and confusing noble relationship. Knowing the landscape of a city might be good for readers; but the amount of each army provision? The exact number of slaves doing this or that? Those kind of chapters appeared here and there, and were recipes for good night sleep... <<less
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Tian Ze
Tian Ze rated it
December 4, 2016
Status: c94
Man I'm so glad I read this novel I almost got scared away by some of the reviews that said it slow and boring. Now don't get me wrong this is a novel that really takes its time setting up the world and MC, but by no means is it boring this novel kept me engaged the whole way it was awesome. The MC is really what I love about this story hes not a push over or an asshole hes op but had to work for all of it... more>> and it doesnt go overboard with it. Anyway I suck with this review stuff I just highly recommend this if your looking for a looking for a well written novel with great MC, side characters with personalty and awesome world and kingdom building.

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July 19, 2017
Status: c218
Okay this was a favorite story of mine but I gave up... MC really went down the amoral path. there at the end it was all about control murder and power.

Still 200 chapters of a decent story so I would recommend this story but it got dark after awhile. the comedy is all early in the story.

I gave it a good rating because it really was a great story... I just dont like stories that get twisted all dark... once I started keeping track about the MCs crimes... more>> I realized how horrible a human being they became and so I stopped wanting to hear the story. <<less
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airesten rated it
June 28, 2017
Status: c204
Amazing. The character is strong, but not too OP. I also like the fact that there are some politics involved, but it is not overly annoying and most things are explained in an easy understand manner on things like strategy and things that usually go behind the scenes. I also like the fact that the character is a capable and realistic in the way he runs things, but there is not a convenient time-skip where everything is solved.

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storybookknight rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c115
Thoroughly mediocre overall, but has some redeeming merits.

The worst part of the story is probably the writing. The author hasn't really mastered the principle of "show, don't tell" and resorts to cumbersome flashbacks to build out his world in the beginning. While this does eventually get better, there are plenty of other things to nitpick at, such as the author's obsession with precise numbers when discussing logistics, and a certain lack of consistency in the main character's personality.

However, other than that, the story has several things going for... more>> it. First, unlike many xuanhuan, it starts things off with a main character who is already strong, avoiding the usual state of affairs wherein a modest-seeming but fast-growing cultivator is challenged by a never-ending stream of arrogant idiots with poor pattern recognition. Instead the main character gets started on achieving their ambitions relatively quickly, which is a plus. Unfortunately, it does still fall into the problem of things being a bit too easy for the MC; otherwise I might have rated this higher.

Secondly, the author does manage to include a good deal of secondary characters with interesting personalities, which is a welcome change from many "lone cultivator" stories. This is a real strength of the story and although there are other books which do this better, there are many others that do it much worse.

All in all, it's a story that's probably worth reading, but not until you've already finished better stories.

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shuiko rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: c0
A huge issue I have with this novel is the loop de loop of repetition of the same plot over and over again.

The MC isn't exciting or very interesting. Sure he has hidden abilities. If I wanted to waste my timeabout stuff like that I could just dream it and it would be better.

Writing is subpar by original author, though there are moments where side characters shine otherwise it's boring. (From RAWS)

Basically filler read. To be fair average isn't HORRIBLE, it's average.

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Mahiro9 rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c236
I would have given this novel a higher rating but it suffers from a lot of things.

Info dumps are everywhere. At first I thought I can just bear with it and that it'll get better. After a while though, I couldn't bear it anymore and just skimmed through most of the info dumps.

It doesn't feel like I'm reading a novel anymore, it feels like I'm reading a school textbook.

Author over-explain things that doesn't really have impact on the story, heck he even explain things that aren't needed... more>> to be explained.

The world building and character would have been great if not for the author always "telling" but not "showing", which a lot of amateur writers suffer from.

A novel is supposed to be entertaining, putting some "facts and trivias" in the novel would have been fine but overdoing it makes it no different from reading a school textbook which most people will find boring.

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