School Beauty Personal Bodyguard


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A peerless master from the mountains and a mysterious jade that can predict the future…

Lin Yi is an ordinary high school student with a mission: to make the school’s top beauty fall in love with him. Furthermore, this was assigned by his father.

Although Lin Yi doesn’t want to deal with the stuck up beauty, he was ordered by his master, causing him to transfer schools and becoming the beauty’s attendant. Thus, the story of the overpowered attendant becoming the school’s beauty personal bodyguard was born.

Description actually based off story…

A youth descends the mountain and takes up his final mercenary job, one that can set him up for life. But what he gets is bodyguard detail to a pretty little miss. His simple job turns less than simple when he meets gangs, rich families, arrogant young masters, backstabbing corporate businesses, and ancient sects.

With a cheat talisman and a set of ancient cheat cultivation methods, can the unlucky Lin Yi survive guns, fists, car races, and devastating beauties?

School Beauty Personal Bodyguard average rating 3.4/5 - 127 user ratings
Associated Names
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Beauty and the Bodyguard
School Beauty's Personal Expert
Xiào Huā De Tiē Shēn Gāo Shǒu
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MondoX rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c15
I will give it ten more chapters before deciding to drop this series. As some have mentioned before, the MC has spent most of the time whining, and has not done much other than that. The story starts off a little bit like _Zhan Long_, except that the main girl in this story is a total witch! At least in ZL, the female lead had a reason to dislike the MC at the beginning. However, this one is just a horrible human being and I do not... more>> have to read further to guess that she will be the MC's main girl, hopefully I am wrong. If the MC quits whining and the main female's friend replaces the main female, this story might have potential.

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Bakaleaf rated it
April 23, 2016
Status: --
Note: This is a bias review anything I say that might hurt any real person is just a coincidence.

As of Chapter 13

This novel is just your another harem no touch novel (It mean Girls surround MC and that's it don't expect any romantic relation ship or any future harem development). I was disappointed of how MC was introduce. What I just read was a retired MC who is easily trick and was slave driven by his adopted grandfather. (Imagine doing Assassination Mission and only get 100$, that's how... more>> weird this novel is) and most chapter (as of Chapter 13) was wasted by a certain female complaining. Seriously all those chapters just to complain about the MC.

This is one of those novel who need frequent follow up, since if I can't read this in a week I well completely forget that this novel exist.

Contrary to this Novel Description I can say its a huge lie (base on chapter 13)
An MC who is easily cheated and being fooled by his adopted grandfather
An MC who is continuously insulted by a certain female character
An MC who doesn't even have a decent dress? (Seriously he went to the city full of dirt?
How his cloths got Dirty is one of the major Mysteries of this novel)
We all know MC is OP but if it is not shown then it is useless

Well I swear that after this I already drop this novel as I just rated it 1 (-5 would be good) not that this novel is bad but it lacks the impact or it makes reader easily forget this novel existence (as of Chapter 13)

Maybe just maybe this novel has potential but so far I well read this later (maybe 1 yr from now?) reading 13 chapters of nonsense was enough to make me lose interest from it.

Reading a lot of novel makes you wanna compare but seriously the other one novel (same author) is far from this. There is potential but as u can only read it 2-3 times a week I can bet even the TL well lose interest in this novel so might as well give up on this early until some TL who can translate daily pick this up.

(I usually don't give early review but after reaching 13 chapters I don't know why but it really tick something inside me and I really want to complain!) <<less
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Potatos rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: --
I tried T-T, I tried another harem novel and was once again disgusted by the content... anyway, on to an actual review, this is typical xianxia (which I would normally give a 2 or 3) but the author just had to put it in a modern setting (more disgust), make the main female MC a one dimensional slut who hates the MC without a real reason and give us a whining bitch for an MC..... please note that I normally don't swear, but this novel just brought out all the... more>> hidden hatred found in me...

To tell the truth, if I could, I would give this less than one star, because of all the cliches, two dimensional characters and the fact that even though the MC has a harem around him, he decides to keep them all as virgins (or so I read from the spoilers). What is he, a saint???

IMO, the author can put all his dreams about having a harem and being op in it and I wouldn't care, but at least give us a full chapter without the MC or main female lead whining. I swear, out of the 5000+ chapters out in the raws, whining would make up at least 2000 of them.

Also, how does he manage to get tricked so many times by sly old grandpa? Is he brain damaged? Retarded? An idiot? If you want the truth, sly old grandpa is my fav character so far... despite barely being there

So my main issues with the novel
1: whining bitches
2: one dimensional stick figure characters
3: harem with no sex (wtf author?! When did you become japanese?)
4: Cliches (way too many; the be bullied -> get stronger-> beat up bulloes -> get bullied again thing is way too overused to even be enjoyable anymore, no matter how crappy the bullies are.
5: retarded as f*** mc

but praise be to the translator who managed to translate this crappy piece of sh*t so well. In fact, the tranlator is the only reason this even got a rating...

Whelp, that was my opinion of this novel typed out on my phone. You don't have to agree and I do hope I didn't offend anyone.
The novel just managed to be the target of my frustration because unI is starting in a few days.

That review was long so let's end it here.

Potato out. <<less
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Animesquad7 rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: c2455
One of the best action urban romance novel, read the raws up to 2000 chapters so far.
... more>>

I like how the MC is trying to be loyal to his girlfriend (though we dont know for how long lol), even though there are plenty other woman likes and tries to tempt him (albeit they are not aggressive in their approach). Also his harem members is diverse with unique and likeable personalities.

Another thing I like is that if you have read the authors other novel, they are actually quite similar in terms of how the story flows and character designs, and they have some connections with each other.

The story is not unique with twist and turns, but each chapter is entertaining because of how it’s laid out properly with a balanced formulaic design. The story is very lighthearted and relaxed, you can pick it up and down anytime.

The novel is also satisfying especially when the MC amazes everyone with his amazing skills in fighting, medicine, or wealth. Also even with his amazing sets of skills, he’s actually modest and prefers a low key life which is admirable.

Finally, unlike other novel with the same genre, the MC is not trying to build a thug life on the background which can get draggy and uninteresting, he’s dedicated in being a bodyguard and improving his cultivation to get stronger.

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jwang rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: --
This is a very rote Xianxia in modern era story. It is ridiculously long, yet the plot points still can be summarized as "asshole A beats up asshole MC, MC trains/gets powered up and returns and beats the piss out of everyone till the next expansion. " Also, include every female as a potential harem member, and make sure they're as 2-dimensional as possible.

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cyndor rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
I have to agree with jwang. I read ahead and couldn’t help but drop it because of this. The MC is also one of those guys who can’t say ‘No’ to a woman (or anyone who is his acquaintance) and ends up doing their bidding. The more I read on, the more the MC diverged from his child soldier persona to that of a butler/yes-man.

All in all I found this novel to be increasingly making me want to bash my head into the wall, and I wasn’t even close... more>> to 1/10 through the novel.

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DevilScarlet rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
I don't know if our friend jwang is right but as of ch8 this novel is slow but good. The setting is original and remind me a bit of zhan long, I hope the author will keep the MC like this : calm, smart.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
raltzero rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: --
Though I forgot which chapter I was up to in MTL version of it, I can say that it's okay for a 'Modern Life Xuanhuan'.
... more>>

From what I can recall, I remember that the MC was a special forces guy during his childhood and is told to protect some girl as his last job from his grandfather or something. He cultivates something about Subduing Dragon Horses? I don't know, been a while. Anyway, he protects her through the rest of her HS years or whatever it was and becomes boyfriend and girlfriend with some girl besides the one he's protecting later on. Of course, the girl he's protecting also falls in love with him, as well as the protected girl's friend. He meets other girls, and all of them fall in love with his amazing qualities.

Then we find out that they're all related to some bullsh*t place connected to another world. All of the girls. All. Of. The. Girls. All of the girls seem to have this body that makes it ideal for them to open up a portal to another world and 1 male has to open the portal. An antagonist with the ideal male's physique appears but he's disabled by the MC who gets a better physique. He goes to the other world and the girls get transported to the other world as well, but they're separated.

Anyway, our MC goes onto an amazing journey in this new arc of the story to find the girls and eventually finds some of them and I'm not sure what happens to the others because I haven't read that far ahead. At this point, he's making good cash selling Pills if I recall correctly and helps a Bodyguard place. And that's all I read up to.

Yes, I skipped over a lot of details. Like the details or the antagonist male. Or even the girl that helps him get that special physique. :^)

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libon23 rated it
March 3, 2016
Status: --
I love the first chapter of this novel, I just hope that theres any comedy in it :P. It has a potential to be popular novel & its very refreshing. I do recommend this to people who is tired of reading Xianxia/Wuxia novels out there and want something refreshing to read .

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rdawv rated it
September 17, 2016
Status: c24
Average for what it is, a martial expert hired to be the bodyguard of a snobbish young heiress, told to stay by her side day and night, at home and at school. Usual hijinks with school bullies, misunderstandings, slowly thawing the spoilt girl's attitude etc... There is low-brow humour and the typical moments where the women get their hearts stolen by the MC's valor and skills.

There is more slant towards humour, the MC devolved from an overqualified soldier/trouble-shooter into a glorified servant who couldn't take advantage of the ladies.... more>>

There is a 2015 Taiwanese drama adaptation of this novel and and the first season (30 minutes x 24 episodes) with the same name has been subbed. There are at least two sequel seasons (2016 and 2017) but apparent there's a change in almost the entire cast (except the MC), and the story isn't over yet. <<less
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