Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex


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I fell in love. Her name was Yukino Shirasaka. I could only look at her from distance. However one day I heard that she already had a boyfriend. Even if I love her, I can’t have her. The devil sent me an invitation. I can make her mine!

Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex average rating 4.4/5 - 316 user ratings
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Love ✕ Rape Complex
純愛✕陵辱 コンプレックス
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New Phlegyas rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: c149
This novel is amazing. Every character has it's own story and are well made. The people reviewing it say it's slow paced, but that's wrong, because even if in 149 chapters hasn't past a week the characters have grow into something completely different.

I would give it 5 stars, but the antagonists and classmates are too stupid and the MC's sex drive and stamina are superhuman. It makes no sense, besides that the novel is an emotion roller coaster, it will make you laugh, feel sad, disgusted, happy, so you... more>> need to be a little emotionally numb to enjoy it. <<less
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New DM8989 rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c135
Can't believe porn can have stories, and quite an engaging story, but the story flow is kinda slow, meaning a day in the story is separated into a lot of chapters.....

and the story alone is worth it, the MC started as those typical japanese MC, but he started to change bit by bit, and the reader can feel the MC isn't the same anymore....

wish the translator will mark at what chapter is the action, and what chapter is the story, so that when i'm doing research, i can know and... more>> pick which chapters to do research on... :P

conclusion : wish i can give more than 5 stars, seriously..... <<less
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Punllarena rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: c119
As the Translator of this story, I went and read ahead to look if this is just a sex novel or if this has a plot, I mean, this has 1381 chapters with 8k average japanese characters per chapter, I mean, if this is bad then it's just a waste of time, right?

The pace of the story is really slow, One week of events took 126 chapters.

First of all, let's talk about the Main character: His past actually describes his actions, I won't go into the details because that... more>> would be spoiling but Yukino's the only girl he have sex with dark emotions.

Next, Yukino, she's actually the second character you'd hate the most, first would be someone related to her. Taking a look at how she actually deal with the blackmail scene: she was seriously trying to bribe her boyfriend out even though it's clear that her boyfriend was in the wrong, of course this is a normal course of action for blackmail scenes but her character will be explained in the later chapters. Also, she's not the main Heroine, She's not even the MC's first love.


Lastly, Sensei: the mansion, if you notice is actually a prostitution house, cameras, magic mirror, handrails, and a lot more cameras. She was raped when she was young, sold to prostitution, and rose from the ashes, won't be talking about the details but Sensei's life is one of the tragic stories in the novel

So if you're going to talk about the MC being just perverted, You're wrong, you've never seen his character at all, you've never known his past, you've never seen him get molded with every events, turn from a very passive ignorant child to a responsible and gentle man.

If you think the girl's so naive, yes, she's delusional, prideful, and selfish. You will be asking the same question other characters in the story ask, Why does he even like her? And that question is very well explained too, it's not some bullshit love at first sight, no no.


The author properly thought of each character, each minute of the story, each words that come out of their mouth, each change that happen to every character.

In the end, if you don't like short paced stories, please stop reading.
If you don't like to read about the dark side of the world, please stop reading.
If you don't like character development, please stop reading this.
If you don't like R-18, don't even instant-1-star this. Create a (Hide Me) List and put this novel there. <<less
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Cabman11 rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: --
Stay for the story not the sex

Don't be fooled by the early reviews this story has a massive and I mean massive cult following more than a thousand chapters and enough material to make dozens of books.

In terms of popularity think of it as the all-time number one 18 + novel on syosetu (with a good reason)

... more>> Equivalent to its mushoku tensei in terms of rank and following( might be even higher)

I'm currently at chapter 800 and I can tell you this is good. It's well written with lots of actual plot instead of just pure sex period lot's of dark societies, underground Mafia. training and blackmail, correction, and all the good that is in the darkness of society.

There is lots of character development and lots of psychological depictions that's not just pure nonsense

Instead of thinking of that's just pure sex think of it more as a massive story that has sex.

And when I say that I mean it's a massive story. <<less
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wuhugm rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: c1391
First of all, the raw is resuming again after a year of hiatus and will soon reach 1400 chapters

Next, I don't know which novel the person below me (krem) reviewed, but it's clearly not this novel because he said MC being bullied and used that as justification to err, assault that girl. When in fact MC is not being bullied and he's not trying to justify his actions at all. His review might apply to any other mindless ero novel, but not this one. But it's true that MC's... more>> growth is hard to notice at first, because time progression is slow (it's fast paced, the plot progression is fast, but due to many events in each day, passage of time itself is slow)

Like Pun, Cabman, and others have said the scale of this novel is huge. It was foreshadowed many times at the beginning, but it'll eventually explore the workings of Noble Families, Political World, and Yakuza of Japan.It's not a simple ero novel, it's actually a psychological novel.

About genre not being in the story yet, well, it's spread in those thousand chapters so it will be a while till you can see them in the translation (I added some of them, sorry :p)

The best part of this novel is characterization. Every characters actually have distinct personality, and each of them will have their respective growth. The "bad guys" also, not bad for the sake of being bad, but have their own reasons, even if those reasons are unreasonable and finally my favorite part:


The Nariagari of Yoshida. Only those who already read far ahead will know, but eventually the MC will rise in various aspects and become a real badass. Physical Abilities, Wealth, Knowledge and Wisdom, Political Power, etc. It's so much better than isekai nariagari that it's funny~

Also Kudou Michi best girl :P

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kvnstv1 rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c33
I started reading this novel without truly understanding the scale of this novel. It is HUGE. And very little has been translated into English. I am considering reading a little further using google translate on Syosetsu. I agree with everything Punllarena and Cabman11 said. Especially the three chapters between 30 and 33 really brought about a change to the storyline. What initially started out as a novel of one horny teenage boy getting to rape his classmate takes on greater scope by introducing a lot of new elements into the... more>> mix. I give it 4 stars because I want to know the ending before judging. As of right now, I could continue reading this work.

I wrote this review primarily to address the user Overclock and his review. First of all, I can understand this novel not being your cup of tea. However, if that were the case, you should have seen the tags 'blackmail' and 'rape' and moved on. I think those are pretty clear about what to expect. Moreover, you judged and denounced an ongoing novel of over 1300 chapters having read simply the first one? You've read less than 0.1% of the work. I suppose I'm little better at 33, but I beg you not to dissuade potential readers. I read what you wrote in the spoilers and I nearly passed on this one. There is tons of sexual content, but there is also a story underneath it, and the character development is actually pretty solid.

To all potential readers, please give it a try. If you don't like blackmail and rape and want a novel that wraps up in a 100 chapters or so, you should look elsewhere. Otherwise, you should give this a try. <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
December 16, 2016
Status: c129
As a person who reads this translated novel and went ahead to animesuki forums for spoilers, I can tell you guys that this author carefully plotted out the story, the characters, the environment, the foreshadows and the mc himself. Yoshida is 'broken' and by broken, I mea- just read the novel. Once you go past the FIRST yukino rape arc, many characters will introduce themselves and slowly, they will be a part of yoshida's harem (in a good and kind way, not the mean and rape-face way).

The story ITSELF will... more>> explain slowly as you read along and the ANSWERS in which you asking yourselves "Yoshida is a fucking rapist, he doesn't care about the women's well being blah blah" will be answered during your time reading this 'big ass pile of gold' novel. There is no NTR (netorare) in this novel, absolutely none. Each arc AFTER Shirasaka Yukino consists of one character, and it will heavily focus on that character. Cuz 'Yoshida is our Lord and Savior' -Wuhugm

I advise you to go past chapter 20 if you aren't sure if this is the novel for you. Don't judge by just a few chapters, judge it after reading past those few chapters and continue venturing through till you have reached your final answer in giving this a good and reasonable rating. It's obvious that by reading 3-5 chapters in the beginning, you would heavily criticize the author for creating this novel, but you haven't reach the very very very tip of the ICEBERG. You are just at the bottom of the soil.. (damn that's cold)

But I can tell you this, up until 250 or somewhere around there:

Shirasaka Sousuke, the Sadistic man who raped Sensei and her 12 yr old sister will get what he deserves and be sent to the deepest level of hell!!!


If you can't handle rape and psychological shit that's throughout this novel, I SINCERELY RECOMMEND YOU PEOPLE TO NOT READ THIS AS THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OF THE HEART. Only true men can handle this hell!

Good Luck guys.

Edit: Things have now gotten way serious after the Maika rape arc. Plot has begun to move, and it's almost over a week till the end of Golden Week. For now, the first boss has made it's appearance and that boss is after Nei. But we all know that the first boss isn't really the 'first' boss as the first boss is always Shirasaka papa. The scale of this first battle will be very interesting but we will have to wait for it patiently. <<less
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RarestProGamer rated it
November 29, 2016
Status: c104
Although, I have re-edit my review after reading more than hundred chapters, the ratings are still same for 5/5, but I have come to realize is that my previous review doesn't do any justice to this novel that is how much I have come to love this novel.

-The very first rule before reading this novel is that under any circumstances you mustn't drop this novel until or unless you have read at least 40 chapters, to know there is actually a bigger picture, lots of plot twists, world building, character... more>> building, the reason for MC's existence and the deep dark story behind everything, but it just doesn't end there, you would think the story already revealed all its cards before it even began, nope, nope, it only gets better after you are 80-90 chapters in, and the thing that amazes me the most that it is actually an ero novel where you know just how much Author cherishes his characters and take extraordinary amount of effort into beautifully developing their personalities at a reasonable pace like MC goes from a shy person who stutters to a person normally talking to girls to a confident responsible badass dude. I would definitely not recommend this novel to those people who hate rape and the story where rape is sometimes justifies and you still feel sympathy for MC as it would only end up triggering you as unlike rapes or sex in other hentai novels it is basically dude having snu snu with another lady and the lady suddenly becomes a sex manic magically and because of that you don't take that seriously either and it doesn't offend you to that degree either, but this novel has none of that. The story mostly goes to realistic process with emotions and feels, the author has this magic to create a drama that can put you on tears while MC is having sex with one of his harem members. I feel like I am describing a beautiful painting, but that is how I feel about this story.

:Anyway, I should mention that the story is dark. The first 20 chapters might seem like a kid's sex wish fulfillment dream, but it is not. So far it is a dark psychological revenge story with lots of twisted and messed up characters which I absolutely love even the MC is broken once you have gone past his flashback arc. I can only just pray that it doesn't have any NTR because I absolutely loathe it, otherwise I will just simply drop this novel right there , then proceed with a rope in my hand and hang myself with it.

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mortal.ace rated it
December 2, 2016
Status: c56
I don't enjoy reading novels like this much but this is one of the very few rare ones that also consist a well-developed plot. Though the story may seem slow (1 day = 4 - 7+ chapters), the character development's done really well.

Unlike other ero-novels that contains only, well ero, this is one you might enjoy if you want "plot with ero" instead of just "ero with slight plot".
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Jeroro rated it
November 22, 2016
Status: c48
Made an account specifically for this review, also, kinda silly complaining about the genre tags not being in the story yet..... 1373 chapters, each of them are long, and only 48 translated so far, so of course alot of tags aren't used yet. Find a story that has used all its tags before chapter 50 and I will give you a cookie. >.>

Now onto my review and thoughts of the story and how I originally stumbled into it.

First I am a big fan of Netori while I loathe... more>> Neotare (double standard right?). Now that that is out of the way, I found the series through this website while searching for a series with Netori.

Jump to the series, it starts off kinda weird and at a slow pace. The continued rape of the first girl does get a bit old at first but then "BAM"! The story starts to change, this is not just some Netori rape story, there Yakuza!? Theres lots of other Twists, but I am not going to spoil that in the review, but will say that these twists truly open up the story and suck you right in. I came looking for Netori and now I am reading for the plot!

In my opinion, the Netori is very well done!

The first girl Yukino still hates the MC 48 chapters in after more than 30 instances of sex, all novels I read before this one, all it takes is 2-3 times of sex with MC and they are all over him, this story to me, is more realistic. The slow fall is alot more realistic.

As for other girls liking him maybe too easily, it is because they are broken, and certain aspects coincide well with the MC. Nei being an example, some could argue she is using Yo-chan as an outlet for her disorder and loss of her brother, not real love, so its not like she is just throwing herself at him blindly, there is a reason for the madness.

Misuzu also I would say is using the MC to an extent, partly to get out of her own situation in life which she doesnt like(Nagisa-san hinted at this), At one point in the story when she sees the MC's penis she almost calls it her's but corrects herself. Not to say she doesnt have real feeling for him, just there are outside circumstances that made her fall for him alot faster.

Megumi may be the only person so far in the story with an honest healthy like for the MC, but we havent gotten to her backstory yet.


What I think of the story so far: Started off slow and funky as I said earlier, but by chapter 35 I am so absorbed, this is the novel I look forward to the most for updates. The story starts slow mind you, and is slow to start introducing the other elements, but my god is it worth the wait!

I rated it as 5stars because I have never read such a fantastic and immersive Ero novel. <<less
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Hikorau rated it
December 9, 2016
Status: c60
First, I will say it maybe too soon for writing the review of this web-novel. The reason is the pace of the story is very very very VERY SLOW. However, I decided to write a review because of the story and how the writer organise his writing style. I really like how the story is written. If you haven't read the R-18 novel before and my review is too long, then you may only read my last paragraph.

About Tags: no R-18 involve with loli

You may read Punllarena's review before reading... more>> mine as what I wrote here is an additional based on my view. If my review is too long then just read the first 2 sentences of each paragraph.

Another main point you need to know is this novel only has one POV, the main character only. Everything besides the conversation is what the MC is thinking or seeing. Basically, you have to understand the main character to progress the storyline. So, if you like multi POV novel, then do not read this novel.

Although this story has a dark-side, it is still within the understandable action. The main goal is to accomplish the "revenge" that every action has a reason. If you disagree to have a revenge under any circumstances, the do not read this novel. If you don't want to use your brain to understand the characters, then do not read this novel. Otherwise, you will think it is a "bad" novel which has immoral acts and impossible responses in the real world.

As the story goes, there will always be the sad part of the characters' backgrounds. So, if you don't like sad story then don't read this novel. It is the reason of the "revenge". But until now, there is no nasty actions (i.e hard-core torture, cannibalism), however some of it (if not most) is related to rape.

Till now, one day in the story equals to several chapters. But, there will be more than 50 chapters just to write a day of the story. Compare to tens of web-novels I have read, the length of one chapter of this novel is above the average. So, you can imagine that you have read hundreds of chapters from a novel and the time of the story has run more than a year, however the hundreds of chapters in this novel only covers less than a month time of the story. Even if it is like that, it is still a good one.

Because of the slow-paced story, I won't recommend you to decide whether you want to read or not based on the rating. My suggestion is to read until chapter 8 (there is no R-18 story till this chapter) then decide whether to continue or not. I will say this novel is good not because there is sex scenes as fan-services, but because of the story, there must be sex scenes in order to have a better understanding of the story. It is different from most of R-18 novels where you can just skip the sex scenes (to make it a normal novel or R-15 novel) and still understand the whole story. <<less
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siwakotisaurav rated it
November 25, 2016
Status: c51
Hooked on the novel. The MC's somewhat yandere like behaviour even though it seems he doesn't "truly love" the girl he's pursuing piques my interest. The xxx scenes are pretty well done too, doesn't give a feeling of being repetitive
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Argo7 rated it
November 18, 2016
Status: c38
I wasn't really complaining about the genres not being in the story, I was complaining about them not being done well, except for romance though. So I don't really want a cookie, but most story's will in fact hit most it's genre marks in the first few chapters so I suggest you read some more books. I haven't been reading many light novels lately so the best I can do is point you to a manga I just recently found, that has made a special place in my heart for... more>> being freaking awesome. It's called Konya wa Tsuki ga Kirei Desu ga, Toriaezu Shi ne. Thank you for reading my review by the way.

I'm going to write this review in a weird way because it's difficult to organised my thoughts and I don't know how to start these things.

Action - I think there was one scene so far that can be considered "action" wasn't very entertaining to say the least.

Adult - Mc is a high school brat that doesn't think.

Drama - piss weak. There is no real complications due to Mc getting everything on a platter.

Ecchi - like the action not very entertaining, that is unless it's pandering to your taste. For instance, I only managed to push through the dreadful first chapters because I got an email saying the blowjobs were happening. When I got to it I was not satisfied and read a Hentai manga.

Harem - bs harem on easy mode, literally it's so boring how easy it is. Apparently the reason the Mc is good at sex is that he doesn't think of how to please the women when he's having sex and that when he's having sex he looks only at the women, while concentrating on having sex with the women. This is the authors contradicting himself trying to justify the Mc not thinking.

Martial Arts - 38 chapters in none so far, just a heads up for you martial arts, ecchi, harem trifecta lovers.

Mature - since "adult" and "mature" are the same thing I'll just say this: sure it has mature themes like sex, rape, violence and so on, but is it really mature if it's told from a childish and lame perspective.

Psychological - again Mc doesn't think beyond basic human functions and retarded knowledge. He is basically a dildo that has human senses being used on girls by his master.

Romance - pfft this should be removed. There is nothing romantic about this story.

School Life - I'd be surprised if the author managed to stuff this one up.

Tragedy - this ties into both drama and action even the story overall. Sure some things are tragedic, the presentation and style is so bland and boring that it's not nearly as impactful as a tragic, drama story should be. Everything is dialogue exposition from others even things the about the main character that the main character could think about and show us himself are divulged by others, mainly new characters as if the author was covering bad writing with "on purpose" as an excuse. Yes this is how you find out about the Mcs incredible no thinking sex ability.

Overall - it's pretty bad, but I do want to say the author has guts for writing so many chapters after starting so badly, though I am question why there are two author for a novel. Were they working together from the start? Or was it that the guy gave up and another guy took over? Who know, I don't really care. Anyway I don't think I'll continue reading this any further because I only read this far in for the sake of seeing what Pun sees in it and the destination may turn out as good but the journey is so dreadful it may not be worth it. Also if you think a slow story is a good excuse for a story being boring, your wrong. <<less
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TheHeroicDelinquent rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c110
This is my first review on Novel Update so please bear with me.

I was roaming NU searching ''For Academic Purposes'' materials and accidentally clicked on this novel, as I was reading this, my Dragon was ready to spew Fire but unfortunately it didn't, or rather, it cant. Its not that the H-scenes aren't arousing but I found myself clicking NEXT as soon as I finished reading a chapter. RAPE isnt my thing but I stayed solely for the Netori; I want to know how the MC will break her... more>> and will she ''love'' him.

The deeper I go into the rabbit hole, the more I became interested with the story. Heck, I even forgot why I read it in the first place. The story is complex and has twists like a twister in Kansas; at first the MC seems shallow and empty but it was explain in the later chapters as to why he's like that but of course also why the women are in love with him.


Everyone in the novel, from the MC to his waifus, are Broken and you know what they say ''birds of a feather, flock together''


The author did a very good job in making the Heroines interesting. Each of them has secrets and that made them ''unusual'' but also strangely loveable. The downside (to me anyway, apart from rape) is the slow progression of time. I believe 3-4 days had pass since the beginning of the story and my goodness, the MC's life is too eventful. Its amazing that he's not dead! I mean a lot of things happened in just that few days!

If you do read this novel, please read on. Its worth the read. <<less
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Scaethys rated it
November 29, 2016
Status: c53
I honestly was surprised when I saw all the one-star reviews. Perhaps the story just didn't click with those people, or they just don't really understand how intricate it is?

This novel is definitely a good read. It's on a completely different level compared to other R18 novels.
... more>>

The MC is most assuredly not just a wimpy piece of garbage who one-sidedly desires and rapes his "love" interest. That's the type of MCs that other typical R18 novels have. He's just another broken toy thrown aside by garbage parents (especially the mom) and is taken in by other equally broken toys who are trying to live life as happily as they can, doing things they want to do. Each and every one of the characters introduced, even casually, are tied in to the story. The author meticulously develops the main cast and reveals bits and pieces of trauma experienced in the past. The MC is also a key component for helping the rest of the group recover some of their sanity. Perhaps he does get everything delivered to him on a silver platter, but nevertheless he is an integral part of the group.

It does require quite a bit of reading though, probably at least 30 chapters or so before the main plot starts to show.

If you want a simple R18 story read Kininaru or something. <<less
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mineiro rated it
November 1, 2016
Status: c33
I'm impressed so far, this novel is so rich in plot and character growth that doesn't look like an ero-novel.

I loved so far, number one-novel.
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Overclock rated it
September 19, 2016
Status: c5
1300+ chapters since 2011... the chapters aren't even short. Just how does someone write this kind of story for so long? What does being wimpy or not have to do with a heavily descriptive rape and mind breaking smut story? You can't just say its fiction and enjoy this one, but feel proud if you don't enjoy this. Its proof you are a good person.

... more>>

The mc is garbage who wants to get his love interest pregnant and for her to service him forever. His advisor is the devil who wants to ruin the girl's life and goes as far as to say if she get pregnant with the mc/rapist baby, getting rid of it is murder to scare her. Shes says to a just recently sexually abused high school girl. She has her past to explain her actions, but it just makes it worse.

The translator insists that you find the rape victim to be the bad guy eventually, maybe he's right, not because someone told me it had nothing to do with the rape victim but rather her father, but so what that wasn't the case?

If this was a revenge story where the MC rapes girls who physically and mentally abuse classmates, teachers, family and who get away with it, that would be a good story. Still evil and unacceptable in real life, but a good story. Not this. Its just a wimpy kid who gets to rape his crush which gets overlooked by future heroines who come one after the other.

Whatever the ultimate reasons for everything is, the wimpy MC raped and repeatedly rapes a girl because she was his crush and was worried her new boyfriend would take her virginity. And as someone points out in a review he doesn't love her. Just her body, and its like at best. He gets a harem of girls super easily who willing want to be with him and are better looking, but he just has to rape this girl over and over again. And it gets video taped and pictures taken by the devil advisor who laughs and laughs.

I can't say this clearly enough, so I wrote a review. The characters not being raped or wronged are the scum of the earth. No excuses. This has set a whole new low for the Japanese culture I grew to love and its popular just shows how messed up the world is. If this had a bad ending for the mc I might have endured by telling myself it was just fiction, but seeing as its 1300+ chapters and is ongoing, I can't expect such a ending. Some of you might say it just the one girl and mc improves as a person, but so what. I like Dragon Ball Z, but if Goku raped a girl over and over again as a kid I would never had watch it.

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Libert8 rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c82
Really good story. It is not what it seems like at first. This is not a pure rape/sex story but a psychological story of many broken people. I strongly recommend it. This is the best story I have ever read.

Btw, I edited the tag and added comedy tag :)
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summers rated it
January 26, 2017
Status: --
Don't get turned of by the tags, this is really good. Translation is understandable. characters are well flashed out and plot does not drag. This is not a rape-fic, but it does have many characters with rape fantasies due to trauma. Its like a one of those old rape-revenge films. There is more than meets the eye going on, the plot not being to different than a hentai but this has dozens of chapters to flesh out story.
OK if you want major spoilers read bellow.
... more>>

Turns out the sensei is on a revenge quest and all her victims are really the victims of her father and his shady patter, or her toys already had problems of their own and she helps them with their dark tendencies;since she herself is broken that help take on a sexually sadistic form. This way our MC's become likable. Though I think story could have worked with them being outright antagonists.

The main guy is the only guy we get to know, that's good thing, he has his harem of broken women and he himself is broken up in a way that tragic. He just does not feel happy or sad for himself, this passive character does what his told but not in a annoying way. The true victim here is shiruza yukino who is being used as a tool for revenge; but even this is put into new light when we find out her father has raped and is planning to rape his daughters!

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jartal rated it
January 24, 2017
Status: c49
It's a really amazing story for a R-18 type. The characters are well development and the story advance slowly but without losing emotion. This is very rare in this type of stories. I recomended it to anyone who does not dislike rape, although it only happens with one character and I think it is explained well because it happens.
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ZeleniyKrokodil rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: c28
Where there is a tag on the comedy? Damn it! This is so funny. Really! I do not understand why, but I am laughing. The sad clown, burn! Ha ha ha ha! Show me more funny masks!
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Apex Photon
Apex Photon rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: c131
The story is slow paced. I mean really slow. Still the plot in this one has certain charm. We are like moths getting attracted to fire. When you start reading this one you will forget everything else and keep clicking next. Each and every character has a past or a circumstances. The plots deep. Came here for research purposes? You will forget that and get absorbed in the story. Well I am not good at writing reviews. But try it. That's all.
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