Kininaru Kanojo wo Tokoton Okashi Tsukusu Hanashi


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The story of thoroughly ravishing the girl you like.

Like the title says.

No plot, only sex.

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The story of thoroughly ravishing the girl you like
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Framee rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c39
In comparison, if good ero-light novel is a full length 24 minute hentai anime with plot and s*x scene, then this web novel is a 5 second porn gif.
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ninthlite rated it
April 12, 2016
Status: --
Each “chapter” is around fifteen sentences long. So far the character just kidnapped a girl and rapes her. The characters are obviously not even qualified to be called one dimensional. Good erot*c novels are due to the believability of the reactions and tension created by erot*c actions. When the character's personalities are non existent and they are just cardboard cut outs, one may as well read a s*x ed textbook to fap too.
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Tokin rated it
April 12, 2016
Status: --
*reviewed as of the 7th chapter*

Haah... *sigh of disappointment* too bad no regret pill, eh?

Yet another terrible ‘novel’.

... more>> First things, first. The tags are very accurate, or rather that is all there is too it.

Now then. Plot. The MC (he was never named, probably the authors shallow attempt to have the reader imagine themselves in his position) is a guy is what I am assuming high school Japan (its from Syosetu, so most likely), it was never stated but assuming his mental age more than likely. Ah wait, plot yes. He, so far wants to r*pe the number one idol. Of course he succeeds, I don’t know where he got the drugs much less the time to plan it. Also aren’t pretty girls like her usually surrounded by people (and the annoying fan club trope). Also another girls comes and is raped, will be at chapter 8.

Kidnaps her. How the neighbors did not see him with a unconscious girl is beyond me because she was knocked out in school, of course the transportation method is glossed over, because its convenient. Rapes her, many times of course.

The thing with Japanese males is this weird trope/cliche that women will eventually enjoy r*pe if done enough, same occurrence here. I know this for a fact due to... ehmm *research*

The length of each chapter varies... a 5 marks question would take longer to answer than the ‘prologue’

chapters on wards after that are as long... actually even the average RR chapters is longer than it. I could skim read 1 chapter from any xianxia chapter and be finished with 3 chapters on this.

Dialogue is as poor as most syonsetu works, heck even I could sound more interesting and longer lasting and I speak about 3 sentences a day (throat problems).

The story tries to sound light hearted, of course being r*pe and all it doesn't work. Also an obvious plot hole is the parents, much less the school bothering to find her, its been a couple of days (then again its only chapter 7).

As for the translation quality, well its average. Its proof read well enough and I can’t detect anything too obvious with my measly grammar detecting skills. The translator himself is only translating it because its short, justifiable enough, then again this particular translator has similar tastes to what he translates (I'm not targeting the translator before you white knights in your shining bikini armor thrash me with hurr durr don't insult the translator be grateful you criminal scum and pay the fine as you have committed crimes against the empire).


Only because there was a thread about [1/5][ /5/5] being too ‘biased’. <<less
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jfnac rated it
November 2, 2016
Status: c54
Ok, I don't know why this novel has so many bad reviews. In my opinion, it is pretty good.

Our MC is basically a pervert who rapes the girls he likes, but the girls accept him in the end (like some r*pe jp stories.) I think is one of my favorite erot*c novels here, the blackmail scenes are not really that bad (only pictures of the girls after sex) and the MC is a normal student (not some fat or older ugly man) . Also, it is pretty interesting to see... more>> Mc's personality (his personality change a little for some things that happened in the past.) On the other side, he has a pretty weird past that is not explained yet but it's related with susuka's sister.

Well, overall this novel is for the people who are searching for erot*c material with some plot (I said some plot 'cause is not explanaid how his past affect him yet or if is gonna bring some twists in the story.) However, I truly like how the relationship between the MC and the girls change (I know is pretty imposible for a girl to like the guy who have raped her but I don't really care much about it, maybe is 'cause the Mc's vigor is truly legendary, he can do it all day long xD).

That's all for now. I update this later if I change my opinion but for now is a pretty good material to "read" is you want some weird romance and a domineering MC (obviously 'cause of his legendary vigor, HAHAHAHAHHAHA) in a normal world with some secret past.

PD: I nearly forgot, there is no NTR till now and I don't really expect that to happen ('cause the girls kept falling in love :3). Till now only netori. This is acceptable for me 'cause I really don't like NTR. So, no problems. <<less
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frfr rated it
May 6, 2016
Status: --
Well its a porn clearly written by virgin, exclusively about a single fetish of mythical falling-in-love-after-rape. Writing, characters, s*x scenes are just plain bad, but it serves the purpose, I guess.

Description is 100% accurate, after all there is little need for good plot and high literary value when all you need is porn about your favorite fetish.
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John34404 rated it
June 4, 2016
Status: c41
Tiz not bad.

Accurately describes how to break women who value there reputation. Accurately describes Stockholm Syndrome cases. Its a good read that is starting to show actual plot development.

The problem is that each chapter is too short one can combine 3 chapters and that would make a standard length chapter. The low score is due to the anti-r*pe crowd on site.
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Arkturion rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c20
"The story of thoroughly ravishing the girl you like.

Like the title says.

No plot, only sex."

Description is on point, it's fap material.
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omgitsriley rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: c55
Well at first the quality was terrible and the chapters were short but eventually it became longer, more detailed and like an actual novel. There is some backstory hinted for probably why the MC is a s*x addict but it's only slight which is enough for a novel with the description 'no plot, only sex'.

It's a decent ero novel but pretty average I guess
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Aho555 rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c29
The summary already said it's simple so I wasn't expecting much, but the writing is inconsistent in setting up a sense of reality. So if you need that in your adult stories, this doesn't have it. It feels more like the delusions of a horny schoolboy, in how illogically things happen. The rest of the writing is good enough if you want to take your mind on a side trip to the dark side, I guess.
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