Akugyaku no Black Maria


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He was publicly a town physician who used healing magic, but an assassin undercover. The young man, Shizuru, had lost most of his memories seven years ago and was transported into another world, who had through the help of a blind woman helped him, taken that path in life. Surrounded by beautiful women and girls with peculiar personalities for companions – a beautiful black wolf who understands human language, a liquor-soaked demolisher, a sniper with magic eyes, and a young lady with split personalities – the man would mutter even now: “I want to run away.”

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Atrocious Black Maria
Evil Black Maria
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wuhugm rated it
November 1, 2016
Status: c297
First review~

One of my favorite novel. Thank you larvyde for translating it~

It's about a man who was in his childhood got picked up by the boss of an assassin organization, Black Maria, and was raised as the perfect assassin. BUT, not in the sense of physically strong, in fact his combat strength is maybe the lowest in Black Maria. He was molded to not cause people to have negative impressions on him. With his front identity as a kind physician, he gets along with many people including the targets, and... more>> kill them using that very affection.

Shizuru the MC does have relationships with many girls, but it can't be considered harem since most of them are yanderes and they don't want to share. <<less
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LordGrim102 rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: --
Honestly speaking, I am confused and don't understand the story in this novel. Why was he always saying he wants to leave when he didn't even make an effort at achieving that or make a thorough safe plan to leave. Also why japanese authors like to brandish their naive MC's even if its for mature or seinen content. Even the theme is assassin, the MC is still a peace loving idiot. Its okay to be peace loving but its not okay to be a peace loving idiot. Also its irritating... more>> to read a yes only man, even though he could normally refuse and nothing harm will be done to him. The MC has a weird setting of being japanese but no memories. Then he should have adapted to that world instead of having some weird japanese ideals.

I'm really surprised to see the rating but I guess most of it comes from 2017 and earlier chapters. So that's why they have positive opinion back then. <<less
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Avil rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: c17
This is the way adult novels should be done, sadly this kind of novel will never make it to the west without heavy censorship (localization?). Thanks to Larvyde for translating this great novel. I have only praises for this masterpiece, everything is balanced:
-The MC is neither the usual JP mangina nor a xianxia edgy MC.
-The female characters are interesting and attractive.
-Dark but not edgy and there's comedy.
-Only 17 chapters translated so no plot in sight but everything looks promising.
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LeeEzekiel rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c17

1. A mature, likable MC. Someone whose personality actually enjoys helping others, but at the same time doesn't really have any hangups over murdering people. "It's just business." Also, no blueballs.

2. Funny cast. Personalities and backgrounds are a bit cliche, but their interactions (and sheer craziness) are a treat to read.

... more>> 3. We have a protagonist with limited strength but is very good at utilizing it - exact opposite of most JP main characters.


1. VERY Frequent grammatical errors. Not enough to make the story unreadable, but they are serious eyesores. Some members proofread and offer corrections in the comments, but the TLs don't respond to these comments or apply the changes. This is confusing...

2. The Translator's Notes of some chapters are inserted right after the relevant sentences, instead of being in footnote form. This can break immersion, especially when the translators are just joking around instead of explaining or offering alternative interpretations.

3. One arc has an "Idiot Ball" moment that made me facepalm, but nothing too drastic.


Really, Shizuru, you weren't suspicious at all of a little girl who can steal a knife from under your nose and move like a genius killer? No, wait. You actually were suspicious for a while, but immediately dismissed the possibility because she's a little girl. How have you not learned that appearances can be deceiving when you have Elizabeth in your team? God.

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Yuehan rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: c281
I don't how to write a good review but these are my thoughts on this novel:

I actually just tried this because of the yandere, slice-of-life, harem genre but I didn't expect that this is actually a great novel. Not perfect, lot of unexplained powers yet I'll recommend it 10/10. It's been a while since I've read a novel like this where it's relaxing to read yet at the same time you will not get bored when you binge reading it. Most of the slice of life novels I've read are... more>> not comparable to this. The author successfully portrayed the daily life of a certain group of assassins at the same time advancing the plot in a timely manner so you will really not get bored.

The MC of this novel for me is not likable since I feel bored watching an MC that have no goals nor ambition. As he stated himself, he is a "sl*t doll", an outlet for the female members of the group, can't easily refuse others and can't disobey his boss (few exceptions as plot progresses). Despite of that, the other characters make it interesting and each of them are lovable. Of course this doesn't mean that the MC is shitty. He's probably far greater than those arrogant-edgy MC or those dense-naive one.

As for the other reviewer said, MC is NOT a peace loving idiot nor naive. He is actually wise and mature. He kills even if he didn't want to because it's an order. He mourns for his target because of his good nature and I think no doctor wouldn't grieved if one would personally take a person's life. He didn't attempt to escape because he knows his limits and his boss capabilities well. He have a hard time refusing others unless it's an order of his boss because he is made/trained that way.

Continuing my thoughts, the author also successfully portrayed the feel of how psychopathic the psychopath characters are. Although the story is dark, you cannot hate any characters at all. Every time you gonna start to hate a certain character, there will be a timely explanation for the actions/attitude of that certain character dispelling all bad impressions for that character lol. There will be lot of tragic scenes as well but I'm quite thankful that there are none to those characters I love.

I've read that this novel is on the process of being rewritten but the last update I've read was on the last March of 2018. I really hope that the author will still continue this work. The story is really promising and I love to see how it will end specially for the MC. <<less
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joelout rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: c20
Absolutely worth a read.

MC is surronded by pretty OP characters but he himself is fairly normal, relying on strategy, planning and knowledge. He is pretty OP as a doctor tho, possesing first-rate healing magic.

MC is a first-rate assassin but dislikes his dark life and would much rather just use his healing magic to work as a doctor. But unfortunatley you cant leave the organization once your in or you will be removed. MC does get along well with his partners in crime, even though they all have quite excessive personalities.

So... more>> far the story hasn't really revealed the overall plot och goal so can't say much about that. The MC is a little bland but atleast he's not dense. He also get quite a bit of off-panel loving, even using his body to seduce his female assassination targets (again, only off-panel so far). In general he uses the favorable opinion that almost everyone has of him to make them lover their gard. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: c200
This novel really suprised me since I usually like my MC's to be OP in some ways. In this case the MC is actually fairly weak, he is an assassin but his greatest power is healing, he hates being an assassin but has no choice.

MC want's to run away but is unable to because when he first transfered into the world he was picked up by one of the worlds strongest, and probably the strongest assassin and she owns him.

So trying to run is a big no no. The story... more>> mostly revolves around how the MC hates what he does but has no other choice but doing it.

The MC also has a special power that makes people like him. Especially for females who are a bit crazy since he is able to easily slip into and fill their empty void inside.

Thus for the assassination group the leader uses him as the glue that keeps them all together, which is a big reason why he's not allowed to leave, the leader is also crazily in love with him but she places her ideals and pride above all else so she wouldn't hesitate in killing him if he goes against her wishes, but he is still used as a "reward" for the other members because sharing is caring :D.

Now for some heavy spoilers from the WN just to show how dark the story can be and go give some context, also not sure if this is or will be included in the rewrite.


During one of their assassinations they capture one of their targets, to get some information.

The MC who is in charge of the interogation, discovers through magic that it is his own sister that is captured. The MC however while sad kills her without hesitation after getting the information. As she dies his sisters memories returns and we the readers find out.

That the reason why the MC is in this world is because of his big sister. The MC while in our world had the same likable thing about him and everyone loved and doted on him. Jealousy gripped his sister and she lured her naive little brother towards the mountain edge close to where they lived. She then pushed him off the cliff, since anyone who fell off the cliff would mysteriously dissapear.

We then learn that falling of said cliff would take one into the other world and one would be blessed by one of the gods and thus gain magical powers. You need a blessing to use magic as a human. But the price for comming into this new world was all thier memories.

Sometime later guilt gripped his sister and as an act of atonement and a small wish of finding her brother the sister also jumped of the cliff and then while dying at the hands of her little brother she remembers everything.


On a side note the story is a bit slow at first since the first 20 or so chapters are spent on world building and introducing the stories characters, the story switches viewpoints a lot so while there is a MC his assassination squad takes up almost as much space in the story as the MC so give it time and the story will prove that your time was well invested in my honest opinion. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
April 18, 2018
Status: c54
It's a slice of life about psychopathic assassins. However, the author clearly didn't intend for it to be a slice of life novel. Every chapter is about someone's backstory, and the story and characters never develop.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuzuhaa rated it
December 1, 2016
Status: c17
This is pretty damn good. Caught up to chapter 17. Even though it's a transported to a different world tag you seem to forget about that early on, the fantasy setting is there and it works well! I love the MC, definitely not your typical one. The harem is mature in a sense, there's only one that's love dovey with MC-kun but the others still get some spotlight.
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Cedd rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c101
I'm digging this MC. A man who's mastered manipulation to the point where I'm kinda confused if he's genuine most of the time. And the basic explanation that novel gives is that he's incredibly attractive and has his way with words.

The way they go into detail on what makes him attractive with his facial features and gestures really convinces me that this must be a huge ass chad. There's those time where they switch POVs and we see how these character fall slowly in love and I love it lmao

The... more>> story is pretty chill and great but don't let it fool you, it can get pretty dark with one of the later arc being one of sadder ones. <<less
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Aisyl rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c261
People die all the time in this novel and sometimes I kind of liked the characters too, but it's a good read. If you're looking for xxx scenes, there aren't any. They're just implied. Setting, while it's another isekai genre there isn't much reference as he lost his memories.
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Fourthaid rated it
May 17, 2017
Status: c38
I do love me some dark comedy, and this has plenty of it. The MC's relationship with all the other side characters is absolute gold, especially the other assassin's in his squad.

I was at first hesitant when I saw the harem tag. Don't get me wrong, I am not one to shy away from stories that involve harems, it's just a fact that more often than not I find myself distraught over how they usually end up portraying the female characters with one single characteristic that is eventually replaced with... more>> "superduper loves the MC". This is not the case in AnBM. And also, the harem is not really the main point of the story either. It's just a bunch of messed up people in a messed up situation doing messed up stuff. If anything the harem is there to lighten the mood with some laughs at how absurdly these people display their affections.

It's also quite refreshing to see an Isekai story that doesn't involve an MC that is absurdly OP. Instead he is surrounded by OP people, and is very cunning and uses words and emotions to sway people rather than a dagger or a sword.

There is very little I can say is negative about the story so far. It's far too early to complain about world building, but I am hoping that the world opens up more in the next arcs, since all we have seen so far is one section of the city and nothing has really been mentioned about the rest of the world out there. <<less
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shylight rated it
April 2, 2017
Status: c33
A story of broken people brought together by fate as a part of an assassin guild. It is dark, bloody, and realistic (as far as fantasy genre allows for). Novel itself is well written, there's a refreshing lack of clichés and crutches that one might come to expect from Japanese web novels. It's hard to call characters unique, but at the very least they are not bland. Some of them are even memorable. In all honesty, it's pretty hard for me to single out things to praise this novel for... more>> and I can't find anything negative to say about it, so in my eyes it makes it good and wholesome. Give it a read, you probably won't be disappointed. <<less
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fly_high__ rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: c108
Sup guys want to read a novel with weak but emotionless MC and a Yandere harem then this the basic premise of the story.

MC transmigrates in another world, but luckily or unluckily meets boss of an Assassin organization and result a fullproof Assassin. MC is weak because he has healing magic which not suitable for offensive and as for martial arts, boss does not teach him it has its basically useless in Assassination.

MC is shown emotionless nothing much affects him much. He is a perfect tool for assassination. MC also... more>> shown some caring side of his but I don't know if it's facade or not.

Now for most important reason why I read this novel binge is because of its side characters.

All members his organisation are psycho bastards and b*tches, some are cannibals, some like to paint with blood, (some remains forever virgin) thats joke but there is a character like that, some are two personalities with multiple personality disorder some elites without flaw of character almost perfect, some are hedonist and many more but one thing is common no one is right in their mind and it has its own unique reason and traumas which may maybe not shown or will be shown in the future.


Almost every side character with few remaining have relationship with MC one way or another. And MC role is to keep them sensible because of their weird tendencies and personalities which MC handles flawlessly

It becomes enjoyable with every arc to know mor about MC and his Yandere harem with his Assassin mission and also with somewhat little world building.

If you like yanderes and don't have problem with gore than your welcome to read it just give it some time to build up and you definitely enjoy it. <<less
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Funggen rated it
June 20, 2021
Status: c17
MC and other side character is a great and unique on it's own character.

MC is a chad and a lady killer

    1. Spoiler

      After he was saved by the blind woman. Spend 6 month to melt her heart during which always sleep together with her and ultimately Have s*x with her

    1. Using his ability to seduce women, he would sleep with any woman target before killing her
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Sherrynity rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: c17
Wow, something with isekai tag turned out to be a dark story about assassination and crime guild.

Don't be fooled by the harem tag; it's not its main point. This story is about a bunch of misfits with messed up head, joining an assassin guild and doing their job. The MC often acts like a beta, but turn into totally alpha if needed. The early chapters are like a compilation of introduction about each character, and it might be boring for some of you, but I hope you keep reading because... more>> so far, the story is enjoyable imo. <<less
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Noris rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c1

  • MC: he's smart and charming but not strong physically. He has a good cover-up. All of that makes him an interesting assassin. He behaves like a beta but it's ok because he chooses to, as the best way to control the girls.

  • Harem: basically group of guys with tits, they talk like guys, behave like guys and most of them look like guys. Their personalities feel like they're created by character trait generator. I think it's first time for me I felt like every single one could drop dead and I wouldn't care.
  • World is not described at all. Where they are, how it looks? No, nothing, not a single clue. I don't need an elaborate description but I would appreciate at least a single sentence with simple hints.
  • Assassins: ???? Where?? Beside MC there is bunch of murder hobos and that's it.
  • Yandere: again, where?? There is no dere just some predatory "females" fighting over pristine meat and doing so in most basic and pathetic manner, there is no love.
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Seregosa rated it
August 30, 2022
Status: c11
Just put it all in a spoiler bubble, long story short, dropped due to countless flaws, logical fallacies and plain s*upidity.

... more>>

The logic feels really lacking and poorly explained in this novel, the author seems so-so at best. His reason for not leaving is idiotic, that he can't get away and will be chased and hanged. Meanwhile he has the skills to leave without a sound and he can bring lady, his clearly extremely loyal companion super OP wolf, loyal to him, not someone else. With her, or even alone, he could go anywhere. He could go to the other side of the world and easily find a job, why does it matter if he has no contacts or know the places? If you really hate it, you would leave it up to fate, especially when you can survive anywhere with your skills and have lady as backup and defense.

Oh, and how the f*ck is it a doctor's skill to hide or stop their own heartbeats to pretend being dead? Can he will autonomous systems like the heart to stop? How is that tied to being a doctor? Because he can heal himself afterwards? Also, please explain how you can tell exactly how many there are and where they are from tiny vibrations, does he have some form of magic to do so? Like a magic sense? Because that's honestly not something you can do without some extremely heightened or almost supernatural sense, even more when it comes to details. I could buy knowing someone's there and rough location, but exact room and number? That's not in the realm of a human, doesn't matter how trained, unless there's magic or something similar.

Also, why is he supposed to be some cold assassin but clearly gets pushed around by everyone around him? He's clearly acting like a fcking doormat so far, being stepped on by everyone around him, at least those he knows. He even pays off some useless btch's debt and spends his own hard earned money on it and puts up with all that crap? Come on. People in the reviews talked about how he's ruthless and emotionless, but while he's clearly ruthless towards enemies he's a pushover in all his relationships and he's nowhere close to being emotionless.

I feel like people are hyping this to the high heavens in the reviews but so far I'm really not seeing it. I like the wolf but the other is an annoying btch (a selfish drunkard that steals money and food from the protagonist and even forces him to pay back all her debts when she borrows money and puts drinks on her tabs in bars) and the MC is a pushover btch as well and there seems to be logical fallacies all over the place.

The author even actively tells us he's weak to pressure and that he's meek, as if it's a virtue, as if that's going to make us like him more. Unlike kids, adults don't appreciate someone being a wimp, especially not if you're supposed to self-insert and project yourself upon the protagonist. His neverending complaints about wanting to leave doesn't really give him any plus points, he keeps on saying "seriously, I want to get out of here...", that's probably supposed to be funny but the only thing it does is show us even more how much of a wishy-washy baby he is, he simply has no courage to act, instead just complaining to himself like a baby. Either accept it and give up or leave.

Every power has one day of extra power and then one day where it suddenly sucks. Corresponding to weekdays? Sounds like the brilliant idea of a teenager with chuunibyou, at least explain the reason for it being the case, if it's reasonable, I could accept it. Like magic power cycles for a reason, like balance of the world and so on, but it makes no sense for it to correspond to weekdays. Also, this means that once a week, these people go from OP to weaksauce according to the initial description of it, where people can probably kill them way more easily. What, do they need to hide during that day? Sounds s*upid and one of the reasons why authors don't do that.

I kept on reading as much as I possibly could and finally dropped it at chapter 11 because more and more disappointments and huge flaws popped up every single chapter, all while the protagonist is a little weak-minded dipsh*t and all females except for the wolf range from boring to plain annoying. I can see why groups kept on dropping the translation and why the author deleted the web novel and re-wrote it, he must've felt ashamed. I hope he fixed a lot of the bad parts, not many novels can manage to make me drop them in such a short time, it's just that bad that I couldn't even keep giving it more chances, I simply couldn't fathom how it could somehow be turned around so my conclusion is that it doesn't. Meanwhile I wonder what all the other reviewers are talking about. So misleading and just made this more disappointing than it had to be, the higher you are the longer the fall.

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MokoN rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: --
4/5 for me.

Finally a novel with properly matured characters. You might think this is another slice of life isekai, but no this is not, you'll realize when you read it has dark stories on many of its chapter.

Too bad even though this novel has a high rating on NU but unfortunately the update is very slow, it potentially possible to bring a lot of new readers if only the translation group can update little bit faster and not took a whole year just to update 1 chapter.
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