Peerless Martial God


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Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence.

Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed.

Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect.

Those who plot against me are seeking their own death.

This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng.

TL’s Synopsis:

Lin Feng tried to be the diligent and hard-working good guy. He studied hard, did his best to make his family proud and not get into trouble, but when he saw a girl being taken advantage of, he had to intervene. He had been tricked, sentenced to 10 years in jail and framed for a crime he never committed, all was lost. If his life was over he would take those who ruined his life with him…

Suddenly he opens his eyes again. He is not dead, but alive in the body of the Lin Feng of a different world. This Lin Feng had been killed as trash of cultivation. This world where the strong had no regard for human life and would kill freely if they had the strength. Called ‘trash’ and thrown away, with vengeance in his heart he will rise to new heights opposing the will of heaven and earth.

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riida rated it
February 21, 2016
Status: --
This title consists of:
1% – bits and pieces of a good story with personal and political twists
1% – somewhat interesting cultivation
1% – few interesting characters
1% – several of the protagonists’ good decisions
1% – small but unique pleasant things
95% – ignorant and arrogant evil idiots who get massacred to give the main character something to do in those TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED chapters…

“how dare you not (figuratively) kiss my feet? I’ll have you crippled” -any random person
“how dare you fight back and cripple the... more>> first dude who tried to cripple you?! I’ll kill you!!”
“how dare you defend against and kill the 2nd dude who tried to kill you?! his family will go after you!!”
"how dare you kill his family and disrespect his sect?! they'll murder you!!"
“did you see how he killed ALL of those dudes? but I’m sure they were weak trash anyway… and since we have nothing to do, lets go up to that guy, tell him he’s worthless and try to cripple him…”
“how dare you…” <<less
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Arch rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: c421

Lin Feng wearing neat clothes walked out to stroll. Suddenly a random person having no reason goes in front of him and says: “Kneel”. Then Lin Feng says “Excuse me?”. The random person gets enraged, saying: “How dare you still stand in front of me, Die…” Here comes the best part of the novel, the onlookers around them gather and whispers among them: “See…see someone picked up a fight with XoXo of YoYo clan. Yes, he is definitely going to die.”

Then, Lin Feng truly pissed off by the random person, soars in strident anger: “Die…….” (Random person final words before he goes to see his grandma)

At last, he finally died a glorious death in Lin Feng hands.

Seeing his battle prowess, the crowd again gathers and says: “Wow..He is truly strong…..Imma respect him and will try to take a stroll like him from now on.”

He continued his stroll, suddenly…yes suddenly…a random person walks in front of him and says: “Die…”

Lin Feng kills him too. Crowds praises him. Lin Feng takes another stroll. Random person walks……..

In a nutshell, the whole story goes like this,

(.) -> Random person -> trying to kill MC -> crowd gathers praising random person -> MC kills random person -> crowd disperses praising MC-> Random person (may be a relative or of same clan) -> trying to kill MC -> crowd gathers praising random person-> MC kills him -> crowd disperses praising MC -> (.)

EN: (.) – starting point

Thus the story of a random person(s), Lin Feng (MC) and curious onlookers begins and continues to progress in a never ending loop.


Recommendation : Read it only if you have got no other novels left to read coz the author keeps on plunging the story deep into a quagmire of repetition. Don’t know when it comes out of the loop.
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listy rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: --
It's so bad, the prolonged exposure gave the translator a brain tumor...


On the other hand, the author made lots of money by tirelessly milking a few good ideas and growing a horrible and ugly monstrocity of 2500 chapters, using any means necessary besides closing his eyes and just leaning on the keyboard...
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Homura rated it
March 6, 2016
Status: --
Ah PMG. So bad it makes me cringe. To start, the MC keeps making enemies over every pointless reason possible that, honestly, he’d be better off finding a cave in some mountain and training there for the rest of his life. He could go into the bathroom and find some arrogant prick there, starting a fight. As for how fights go, I can’t remember a single one against other cultivators that doesn’t involve a brainless spectating crowd. It’s always “The crowd thought that he was gonna die” “Wow he... more>> is so strong” etc. It’s alright a couple of times but as you read the same lines dozens of times every single fight, it gets boring. Why is a crowd necessary for every single fight anyway? And finally there’s the speeches. Every single time, the MC has to give a speech before a fight, talking about justice and shamelessness. It’s disgusting to read through, especially when they can take one or two whole chapters.

Reading other xianxias, I’ve found that each of them has their respective flaws. Like how IET’s works have ridiculous time skips (100,000 years passed in the ‘blink of an eye’) or TJSS’s novels have cheesy writing. Even ISSTH has some repetition (5 chapter breakthoughs in cultivation multiple times). What sets these novels apart from PNG is that you can enjoy them by not overlooking their respective flaws. PMG on the other hand, is written so poorly, its flaws are blatantly obvious and can’t be overlooked. I still check it out from time to time to laugh at how terribly it’s written but I’m giving this a 1. Check out other xianxias because this one is among the worst of the genre. Props to the translator for putting in the effort for quality translations of this, but a good translator can’t turn a poorly written novel into a masterpiece. <<less
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Sae rated it
November 19, 2016
Status: c485
There are so much I wanna say but, after escaping to some other novels with my brain in a mushy mush after almost 500 chap of this one, I forgot most of it. Anyhow lemme scrape up what I could remember (more like couldn't forget no matter how much I tried).
This novel, like many not so decent xianxia out there, has stupid crowd who have no job other than crowding around for good stuff to watch, and even more stupid villains who have no backstory and nothing to do... more>> but piss MC (and only MC) off. But why is this one so much badder than others that bad becomes its identity? Like if you want to read a bad novel, you go to PMG. Don't get me wrong, like no brainer xianxia is a genre, PMG makes its own genre called "bad", and there are people who want it. Like me, once in a blue moon I want something bad, I would go to these no brainer and "bad" novels.

Ah well back to PMG. First thing you will probably notice is the writing. No flow, jumbled paragraphs and jumbled events. Feels like a kid with a xianxia fantasy just writing down whatever comes to mind. However, a very remarkable thing is that after around 90 chap the writing got better. It flows better and there are more explaining, like the writer learned as he went. Even though the writing is still somewhat naive and immature, it's not intolerable. Now with that out of the way,

Cultivation? What's that? Just breakthru breakthru breakthru to higher levels, what those levels signify? Nothing, nada. It's like I have 2 apples you have 1, so I have more. There is nothing else to it but to tell you who should be stronger.

The feature of the story is OP MC going around screwing "villains" repeated 9000 times. There are 3 types of villains:
1. How dare you exist, you are trash, die!
2. I have heard of you, you are trash die!
3. I don't know who you are, but you are trash, die!
After MC was known as a genius and as the son of 2 geniuses, villains stop their trash song, but look down on him/overestimate themselves all the same. After MC killed them they all regret but too late, "because they are already dead" (various excerpts from PMG). Pretty much whack a mole, same and no end.
But what makes them even badder than other novels' villains? They bring stupid to a new level, that is, saving faces by doing shameless things. For example, to save faces from losing to MC, they gang up on him, which causes them to lose another kind of face. Also, they talk a lot, all nonsense that you would begin to doubt if logic and reason ever existed.

As for MC, decent kid but later turned into a hypocrite preacher, though not too many times to be overly noticeable (I think?)

One time is when he looked down on those who use an unspoken school rule to reserve cultivation rooms, and erased their name to get the room for himself. After killing some peeps who came at him, he used that same rule to reserve all rooms under his name though he only needed 1. lol? Another one is when MC killed a dude to take his treasures, reason: "he's weak so he's gonna be killed by someone else if I don't anyway". Okaaaay lol?

Now I don't mind reading about anti hero or hypocrite MCs as long as the novel itself is clear about its MC type, but this novel raises MC up as a great guy and excuses the bs he does with nonsense double standard logic, my pet peeve right there.

Anyway back to MC. After a while of reading and passed the decent stuff, MC is all about: shameless! you trash! die die die! That's right, peeps stopped calling him trash, but he missed it so much he now uses it to call others. And by 3 dies, I mean 3 dies. During fights he would say multiple "die"s to one villain, but you see, they can only die once, sooo.. imagine the irritation *sigh*

Not to mention the fights are not already that good. Besides a bunch of techniques shouting out which is pretty easy to imagine, there are only this and that types of qi shooting around.

Now what else? There are some good ideas here and there like MC's family secret. After it resolved though, there is nothing, it's just plain bland. Family interactions? Terrible. Wellll it's fine MC is not even their true son anyway. Any family stuff there is is like floating clouds to my memory, nothing good enough to remember.

One good thing is the romance with the main girl. Interactions and development are undoubtedly better than many out there. But of course, the author ruined it by shoving more beauties who have nothing to do but follow him, up his butt. Even though he is sure that he only loves one, he is obliged to receive others' feelings and let them be with him.

The only good character regarding character building is the Second Prince. He stands above the rest of the world population in terms of intelligence.

That's it. No more redeeming quality. No humor, not much of deep emotion. Or may I say that the only redeeming quality is the consistency of the badness so far, so bad that its point of existence is to be bad, you can't even cringe at it. <<less
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Shikonbel rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: c428
Alright, let's just go ahead and get this out of the way: the translator is incredible. She translated hundreds of chapters at an insane speed, with only a bump here recently due to an illness or something.

However, the translation speed is at this point literally the only good thing about this novel. Some people will try to tell you that this novel is just a great "action" novel with a focus on "fight scenes" and is therefore not for everyone. Similarly, people will tell you that it... more>> is like ATG and MGA, with an arrogant MC whose main focus is to satisfyingly beat the living s*** out of various antagonists.

Let me tell you, this story is in an entirely different league. No, this is not a compliment. ATG and MGA are entire TIERS above this novel, which is one of the worst, most boringly stupid things I have ever had the misfortune to read, and I read Twilight.

The entire thing is filled with fight scenes, and not one of them (especially recently) is remotely satisfying. What is there to be excited about? You don't even meet the villains long enough to actually hate them properly. Killing them is no different than killing air. Air that likes to spew petty insults, but still ultimately just air. The love interests and side characters lack any depth, and the MC is so contradictory I question whether he is even the same MC.

I actually liked the novel at first too, because the initial plot (while somewhat vague) was engaging. There were a lot of points that could be developed, like the MC's background, his spirits, finding his parent(s), learning more about his mysterious love interest(s), political struggles between family members and princes. . . Unfortunately, and for reasons I can't fathom, the author completely gives up on all these interesting points, just so he can force in another copy-paste fight.


Even when the MC finally finds his mother, whom he has never met before, the interaction is boring, empty, bland, and stupid. You'd think meeting his mother for the first time would be a touching moment or a time for him to finally confront his parents for basically abandoning him his entire life for no apparent reason, but no. Instead, we get some useless, vague descriptions and not a single sentence of actual emotion or character development.

The worst part is that the MC easily accepts the random excuse that his parents ignored him to allow him to grow stronger by himself. In the same chapter, it turns around and says they wanted him to live an ordinary life. Then it again contradicts everything by saying that they wanted him to be ordinary, but then learned he had potential, so wanted him to be strong and left him alone despite knowing he was actually too weak to survive alone, but that was ultimately something they, as two of the the most talented people of their generation, had to do. Just because. Um, what?

Clearly, the author only has half a brain cell, and assumes that the readers have even less.


This is the most repetitive novel I have ever seen. Every aspect is shallow and poorly done at best, from the constantly reused fight scenarios, to the dialogue and word choice. Apparently the author doesn't own a dictionary. It's pure laziness.

Aside from the repetitiveness, the worst aspect of this novel is undoubtedly the MC's hypocrisy and unbelievable arrogance. He is literally making enemies at every turn, then killing them for the exact same f***ing reasons they attacked him in the first place.


It basically goes like this:

Bad Guy Clone 1: Hur dur what a weak trash, kneel before me and I might spare your corpse!

MC: You kill/provoke/ignore/look down on others for no reason, and I take offense to that! I act like a non-descript weakling and you actually believe I am one, and I take offense to that! How dare you tell me to kneel, DIE!

Crowd: Haha, what a weak idiot! The MC will never beat Villain Clone 1!

*insert chapters of drawn out "fight scenes" consisting of a few moves punctuated by random insults, the word 'DIE' in all caps, and lengthy commentary by the ignorant crowd. Inevitably, the MC or his companion(s) win the fight*

Crowd: Wooaaaaahhhh~! Lin Feng won. Look how awesome he is! Besides, Lin Feng is just so powerful that he could kill "talented" Villain Clone 1 instantly!

MC: You (Villain Clone 1) offended me, acted arrogantly, and killed recklessly, therefore you deserved to die! Blah blah weak excuses blah.

Clan/father/sect of Villain Clone 1: You trash dared to kill my disciple/son/relative?! I heard about how strong you are but still can't believe it! Obviously you should have stood there and let them kill you! Now I have to bring a bunch of other people to kill you in front of a crowd, despite the fact that you've become famous for your strength/ruthlessness and everyone knows who and how you are!

Then the MC goes and trains (no interesting description of his cultivation either- everything just gets handed to him. He just keeps leveling up for no justifiable reason) and then proceeds to beat into the ground the latest batch of idiots. MC moves to a new location and repeats the exact same scenario.


The author has the vocabulary of an elementary school student and an ego the size of the entire country of China, with every chapter repeatedly and shamelessly praising the MC as intelligent/strong/handsome/unrivaled/carefree/honest/kind/*free and unrestrained* when he is clearly none of those things. Every time I see these often repeated words, I cringe so hard I'm pretty sure my neighbor's dogs are cringing too. It's just ridiculous and unjustified.

The MC offends then kills/cripples/beats virtually every character introduced in the story for no reason other than "you've offended me", but he still makes these horrific preachy speeches about how and why the latest Villain Clone completely deserved everything he got.

I did my best to stick with it, because I hate leaving things half-way finished, but I really, really can't take it anymore. I have to drop it, because every new chapter I can feel myself slowly dying inside. If I really stuck with this until the end, I'm afraid I'd end up morphing into the MC/Villain Clone #don'tgiveas**t.

To sum it all up:
1) The MC quickly became a preachy, arrogant a**hole who spends all his time killing off other stupid f**ktards. I promise, no matter how promising the beginning looks to you, no matter how much free time you have on your hands, this novel is absolutely not worth it. You'd be better off reading basically anything other than this.

2) Plot: Shallow, repetitive
Side Characters: Unimportant and undeveloped
MC: Arrogant, boastful, an insane killer who believes he's a good man, has the emotional range of a toaster
Antagonists: Clones of the same villains over and over again
Dialogue: Copy-pasted from previous chapters (I swear it's almost word for word)
Cultivation: Barely mentioned, poorly described if at all, sudden jumps in level, no real description of power levels, and skill mastery, technique and philosophical aspects are all non-existent

-End of rant- <<less
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ln_ rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: c421
I am not sure why people keep praising this story and the translator. The story is about a mental psychopath who would go to a guys wedding and kill him because he had some time to spare. The MC is an insane asshole who needs to be killed just so that he stops massacring. I still do not understand why he needs to be reincarnated to randomly kill people.

The translator speed and quality might be good but she is someone who constantly berates her readers calling them worthless leachers.... more>> Frankly speaking, I would prefer decent translators like Bagelson with lower translation speeds than someone who disregards readers. <<less
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omarct rated it
October 26, 2016
Status: c400
This series gets a lot of shit. But in reality after reading some other Chinese novels in this site, I have realized that this is actually a gem by comparison. The main gripe with this novel that I have is the nonstop talking before and after the fights which happens around ch100-200. The talking smack thing is annoying and makes the author look silly because of how hypocritical and nonsensical it is. But after this 100 chapters the author tones it down a lot and the series is goes back... more>> to being very enjoyable. This series has everything you want in your xianxia, with very little inconsistencies and good quality of training and pace. Dont listen to the haters and be put off by the ratings, I recommend this series and if you can look past the talking smack part which is not as bad as it sound, I would actually laugh quite a bit because of it, then you will enjoy this novel. <<less
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Rah rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c421
People complain endlessly about the MC's arrogance and the tropes the author uses, however, I still find this novel to be very entertaining and well written. While these complaints are justified, I believe this novel should be given a chance. The fights are entertaining and the MC's cultivation is well paced and interesting. Despite this novel's flaws, it is better than a lot of the other novels out there.
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Promethean rated it
April 23, 2016
Status: --
Edit: Skimmed through another 200 chapters. Exact same thing happens over... and over... again. Not changing my mind about this one.

Worst series I have ever read. I have read 300 chapters, just so that you people can’t say shit about me not giving it a chance, or not reading enough to “get it” (albiet, I ended up skimming 200 chapters because I can already guess what would happen anyways). In fact, 50 chapters should be enough judge the series. But not this series. No, that is when it goes downhill.

The... more>> Characters:


Main Character:

Everything bad about every xian xia protagonist out there put together into one package with an overdose of blandness.

In other words, he is extremely bland and boring. He has nothing unique, doesn’t do anything unique and is so bland. You see, I can’t even describe him. I don’t even hate this character. There is nothing to hate. Why? Because he barely has any character. I really don’t know what to say.

He is just so bland. That the only thing I can do to describe him.

Side Character:

Typical and generic cookie cutter characters. No really they are. Actually, forget that. They are simply forgettable. Even the harem members. Even the MC is forgettable. There is nothing unique. You can pretty much mistake them for any other character in this series. They don’t really have any personality.



Lets move on to the next one.


Its a typical harem with nothing new. If you have read any harem before, then I don’t need to explain anything. Just imagine every harem you have ever read, no matter the culture, and combine them together into a blender with a gallon of plain, and a cup of poor writing, and a dash of no imagination, and there you go.

Character Development:

None. Its a typical Xian xia with nothing unique about it. How can it possibly have any? What were you expecting. In fact, what was I expect? Something, maybe just a little. But nope. There is none. What you see is what you get, and it won’t ever change.


The Plot and World:



Typical xianxia plot, in that it is plotless, or that if one does exist, it doesn’t really matter, because it will just replace everyone that is typical about the xianxia series anyways.

I can’t describe it because there is nothing to describe it with, so…

Here is how a typical even will happen (and this represents the majority of the chapters), as loosely quoted from Arch’s review:

“MC goes outside.

Guy A walks in front of him: “Kneel”.

MC: “Uh….”

Guy A: “How dare you still stand in front of me, Die…”

Random Crowd: “Blah blah blah… offended clan… blah blah… he will die.”

*MC gets mad for his pride being trampled upon and instakills Guy A*

Crowd: “Oh, he is so great, so righteous, praise him for murdering in front of our eyes for no reason”.

*MC then proceeds to kill Guy A, B, C, etc.*

Crowd: “So righteous, such a man. Nothing is more righteous than murder”.

Yup. That’s everyone you need to know about the plot (there is none).


Generic with nothing unique.

Lets move on.





Ah, yes. I do enjoy chinese writing conventions #sarcasm. Its not good. It isn’t the translator’s fault, since they are good translators. So its terrible because the source is just that. Terrible.

Bad pacing, and writing that can bore your eyes out. Extensive use of the f**king peanut gallery, almost like we are supposed to give a shit about random people, even though we don’t. It’s writing style isn’t unique, nor does it have a flair. Author is exceeding repetitive and rants a lot.


Boring. MC screams skill name out. Enemy gets instakilled.


So all in all, the best thing I can say to describe this series is this:

Its the blandest of the bland.


There is nothing interesting or special about this series. It is the culmination of every overused xian xia trope and cliche all put into one series.

This is quite literally, the worst series on this website. Not because it’s badly written. There is merit in that, because at least it can get me angry or pissed of at the characters. But not this. Its just so bland I can’t really say anything about it. I mean it has ever single cliche and trope I hate. But it doesn’t make me mad or hate it, because it is so bland, that I have expected and accepted it.

And for a Xian xia series, that is the worst that it can get. Nothing stands out enough to read this over any other series.


That is why, if I could give 0/5, I would. This is probably the only series I would ever want to rate 0/5.


So I do not recommend this series. Unless this is the first Xian xia series you ever decide to read, don’t. Find something better. This will probably turn you off to xian xia forever. Literally (in the truest sense of the word), any other xian xia series is better than this. <<less
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Read DxD
Read DxD rated it
January 27, 2016
Status: --
I’m at chapter 280 right now and I’m enjoying the series a bit, but I have to make fun of it.

Peerless Martial God, in which 30 antagonists with the same personality all get more screen time than the supporting characters.

Everyone being murdered and supporting characters should be around? Nah, just focus on the protag and douchebag of the week then say they lived 3-4 arcs later.

... more>> Support harem member’s father about to get murdered? Mention her 3 times during the 20 chapter arc even tho she’s right there.

Have the protagonist save a hot girl from being raped in public who proceeds to follow him? Never mention her again.

Introduce 3 friends at the start? One of them phased out of existence the next time the other 2 appear. (Qing Yi)

Take Jing Yun to the capital? Dont mention her at all for atleast 100 chapters.

Its so god damn terrible, but I cant hate it. This is literally fan fiction tier, and I mean a really shitty one, but its so god damn bad its slightly endearing. <<less
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SlightNovelFan rated it
March 6, 2016
Status: --
I'll leave this in note-form, since no one is interrested in reading a fairy tale review:

1.1) Awful narrating, almost written the same way as telegram
1.2) The grammar is awful, very poor translation/proof-reading
1.3) Randomly adds subjects, such as cultivation levels
1.4) The author/translator can say something in one chapter, and then say the exact opposite during the next regarding fact
1.5) The first 10 chapters are god-awful, absolutely 'trash' (as the author puts it). It's like any other novel, just without any of the required descriptions.
2.1) Everyone is... more>> basically a hypocrite
2.2) People aren't getting introduced, considering this is a 3-person narrating. The author skips introduction, unless it's useful for filling a chapter or lack of imagination
3.1) The author requires you to have read prior novels, otherwise you won't understand everything, simply due to skipping through the story and adding things randomly as he goes.

Td;dr The story by no means deservevs to be on any top 20 and is both awfully written and translated. I would not recommend reading it, instead I'd recommend 'True Martial World', 'Chaotic Sword God', 'Martial God Asura' and/or Douluo Dalu if you like this sort of mini-genre in light novels. <<less
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oezsoyb rated it
February 21, 2016
Status: --
I would give this series a huge -1 / 5, extremely repetitive, dumb enemies, dumb and half assed side characters, dumb harem girls with jade skin and 0 personality. It is the first time in my chinese novel life that i have seen such a half assed lazily written story and character build up (this tops world defying dan, cause there u got the gist in the first chapters and u knew which direction and format that novel will have, but here u dont know if the author is still... more>> trying to be serious or just try to meeting the upload deadline of the chapter with some repitive sht).

Utterly disguisting, arrogant and self righteous MC and its the first time that i want to see a MC to die. Dont read this shit. I rather read naive japanese MC retards than this one. <<less
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Shashadowow rated it
November 16, 2016
Status: --
If you read this in one shot, for the first time, are high in drugs and blessed by the tolerance of the good gods, maybe this is tolerable. But just the first time, don't try to pile up chapters, you will probably want to drop the novel.

Everyone and everything is stupid here. Example: At least two times in every 10 chapters this happens - MC is underestimated, some random guy for no real reason decides to kill him, MC kills him and say something like "You try to kill others... more>> but don't want to die? Die" Then the clan/organization/family of that guy appears, and the MC says "So he can try to kill me, but I can't kill him? Die". And the impressed and awed crowd, who seconds before are saying that he couldn't see Mt.Tai, praises him (why don't they stick mt tai in their mothers third eye?).

That's why a hate this MC. Not just because he kills others in the most idiotics ways, in the worst times and places possible. Not just because everything he does becomes a show for retarded crowds to be awed and impressed. But also and heavily because he can't shut up, always this endless disgusting discourse after he kills some random idiot. Remembers me of an aunt that a have, she is a fervent religious and comes to my house to lunch with us one time a month, and seems to have as goal for life naggingly kill me slowly with her discourses. (My aunt > Lin Feng)

Yeah, I know some would say "But this is a thing of the genre blah". It is, but not like this. Everyone drinks water, but not 1T, and definitely not mixed with fecal coliforms.

And the romance is savourless. I just couldn't immerse myself in the romantic emotions here. The girls are boring too, the best of then for me is the princess, but...

The power ups pace was good, the cultivation concepts was interesting and all, the fights are not that bad. But that's it.

Ps: All of the said above are my viewpoints mixed with rage. You are you and I'm me, so perhaps you can like the novel. However, I don't recommend it, lol =P. <<less
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funtastic rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
The early part was good. basically the author has creative ideas but bad story writting skills. The story itself was quite enjoyable until MC started gaining power and became a dick himself.

I get it that novels like this has the typical formula of some powerful arrogant punk comes and provoke MC all the time only to have his ass kicked in the end but the author tends to push it too far. the MC cant take more than 5 steps before being offended or offeding someone himself (cause... more>> he's sooo powerful that he can offend whoever he wants). The MC literally just finished fighting this dude and got into another fight on his way back to his room. like seriously?

The current translator at totally insane translation seems to burned herself out. she translated too much in the span of a few months that now its been almost 2 months and only 3 chapters were released. Translator does not even bother to explain her current status to readers, well unless she's not even on earth anymore then it might be acceptable.

Conclusion : Not the best novel to read if you're looking for some serious plot, just read while waiting for your favourite series to be translated <<less
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Beel rated it
November 15, 2015
Status: --
This is how my journey through this novel went so far

In the initial chapters you feel sorry for the MC and want him to succeed as he goes through a lot of unfair circumstances and struggles his way through a lot of chaotic scenarios and rises to the top.

And from the later chapters it turns into a talk show followed by a one hit kill scenario and the the repeated usage of the word TRASH SO MANY TIMES IT MAKES YOU GO BAT SHIT CRAZY!!!!!
He also somehow learn... more>> incredibly hard techniques which takes years to master in a week without any proper explanation.

It follows the same freaking scenario for 100 times and that is what it PMG turn into a crazy world where there is a fight after every five normal sentences followed by the use of word TRASH and some bullshit self reasoning to make the MC feel himself better.

The only thing it has going for it is its insane translational speed(Hats of to the translators) and the use of the word TRASH as if there is no other words in chinese language . <<less
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Vejay rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: c421
I'm really "loving" this novel just because it's so ridiculous and i'll probably follow it till the end.

Yes every step the MC takes he either insults (if you can even call it insulting) some young arrogant special master or he gets insulted by one (How dare you argue against me! i'm a disicple of the "most awesome sect" if you kowtow 3 times maybe i'll let you off with a clean corpse.)

Have an "intense" dialogue war before every fight, annoying crowds "oh this country bumpkin insulted master bubu of the... more>> most awesome sect he is surely going to die." and after the crowd will praise the mc so much that its stupid.

I do love his waifu Meng Qing, it's just a shame many supporting characters don't get much screentime.

Oh well looking forward to more laughs when more chapters get translated <<less
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Espinasse rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: --
Well I like when MC is OP has OP skill has unique skill (and of course they should be OP) so the reason I'm reading this because of OP things but if you don't like OP things then for your health please don't read this. Characters one dimensional you don't feel like oh this guy has other sides ,they only has one side. But I liked the spirit idea.

About MC there is nothing much the say but about him I have a theory, he has killer instinct he wants to... more>> kill everybody but he thinks himself as a good man so he finds stupid reasons then kills people "this guy offended me he should die but that's not enough I want to kill more oh, I found lets kill his whole family. I feel lucky to have found someone who offends me. What was this guy did to offend me? oh well screw it I can't remember why was I offended every time it happens a lot, oh shit I step on a spit whose spit is this I will find and kill his whole family!!!"

Of course this is just a theory and if you support what MC is doing, well you shouldn't. <<less
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aceXD rated it
March 6, 2016
Status: --
Our MC is such a badass, whose mouth keep cuming with top grade bullshit, that it amazes the Crowd and esteemed older people.

If He kills, He has all the right in world to do so. Crowd will accept it.

Others kill. He will lecture them, humiliate them (by words) in front of crowd and kill them. Crowd will accept it.

... more>> I have read 335 chap before droppin it. Always hoped it may get better. But only thing gettin better each chapter is his inflated ego and other people's IQ

Oomg it has 2500 chapter seriously.

And the translator is so goood.

Our MC - 1/100
Crowd- 100/10
Story- 1/100
Powerups- 100/10
Translator-100/10 <<less
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ninthlite rated it
December 11, 2015
Status: --
Start of the novel the mc is imprisoned by injustice, and when he is transported to wuxia world he states he will treat people fairly and kindly and always fight for justice. In fact whenever he was disrespectful he would speak up to not get beheaded for long ass monologues that end up saying it is wrong to kill someone over slights, and then everyone ends up saying the mc is smartest person ever. I was thinking wow that is going to refreshing not reading another chu feng mc,... more>> and instead a mc who does not approve of killing….. Then the mc starts fucking killing people for not giving him face and being disrespectful.

Also the harem is shit, I honestly think the story started to become shit when the harem girls were started being added. The harem is so artifical and the girl’s reason for loving him are so unrealistic it just made me sick. <<less
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