NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System


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A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better looking, and this new world also possesses futuristic technology as well as mysterious Yin Yang masters!

After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game-like system, which enables him to increase his own stats and transcend the limits of the human body. This system even has a game-breaking ability to save and load in real life!

In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants enjoy life and head for a glorious future… However, he is quickly embroiled in a complex plot. Can he unlock his true potential and utilize his system to break the shackles that confine him and discover the truth about his previous body’s circumstances?

NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System average rating 4.2/5 - 142 user ratings
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Callista Soo
New Callista Soo rated it
July 17, 2017
Status: c20
This novel is AMAZING!!! I love the good quality translation, it flows very well and u can understand what the story is trying to say. And it's probably just me but I like the novel. Plus I love it's vibe. The MC character is something I admire, even though he is OP and is very handsome, he is still kind and mature. He knows his limits and treats everyone equally. He's a smart person too. Just read the novel first few chapters and if you don't like it u can... more>> always not read it. For me,  I love it. <<less
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New InternetHitler rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: c17

A lot of stuff in this novel is just so...plain Not saying that its a bad thing but really it quickly started declining as soon as he got to school and lost a lot of my interest in this before this School arc happened it was intriguing to an extent and entertaining. It doesn't help that the Author completely made it easy for him to attain a Greek God body in a matter of few chapters. Part of what made me interested in his relationship with the people in this... more>> world is that they superficially base their opinions on looks and I think it would have been more way more interesting to build genuine relationship not because he's God level handsome.

In conjunction with what I said, It certainly is a treat that Dialogue for the Main character is just so generic. There's nothing distinct about his personality at all. I hate that his 'Dating sim' system isn't explored upon. Its just there..Like you could remove the two words 'Dating sim' and It would have been mostly appropriate. <<less
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LOTRfreak101 rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c6
This is my first time writing a review for any story on this site and I actually made an account in order to review it. I've read over 70 novels on this site for reference. I'm generally not a fan of reviews before about 30 chapters as we aren't introduced to the plot or characters in general, but this story after the first 6 chapters has just really resonated with me as being amazing. The MC isn't like any other MC from chinese stories that I've read (you know super... more>> cocky and declares that he will kill any one who sneezes in his direction). The system that the author has created for the dating sim seems like it will be pretty interesting when explained in full as the parts that they have revealed so far seem pretty interesting and unique. I'm really excited to see where this story goes and I plan on updating my review when it hits about the 150 mark, but from what I can tell the author knows how to write a very good story with intriguing characters, plus the translator and editors seem to be doing an excellent job as well. <<less
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The8Sinz rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: --
Currently just released till chapter 4 but don't think it your normal dense or freaking pervert master MC the MC is a thoughfull person he does not spout crap and piss of other people just like that without a reason like other MC and thinks before he acts and also working extermely hard ( currently , don't know if later the author just make him a retard perv or not ) 


it's just beautiful till now the MC works hard in his new body trying to get rid of its past... more>> mistakes and getting thinner and also improving it motivating how hard he work's but he also has the game system which is pretty cheat which allowed him to improve more faster but he still is hardworking and does not lazy out and get a out of the body neet life . <<less
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TheluckyRookie rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: c4
First review. The MC is calm and likeable despite a NEET, doesn't do pervert thing and the system is convenient. This is only an early chapter review. I'm enjoying this novel for now. This novel need more love.
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TheUnbreakablePlotArmor rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c7
Despite there only being a few chapters out, but this is an amazing story so far. The translation quality is good and the story is great. Our MC is calm, hard working and doesn't mind making a change for the better. He's quite likeable and it's a cultivation novel! but not your typical one. Despite him getting stronger, he stays the same and isn't arrogant and cocky, he's quite humble and caring towards friends. 8/8 story m8.
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Redmi rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c13
There is only one reason why you should read this novel: the MC possessed the most OP cheat you will ever find in a web/light novel.

... more>>

The save game system, assuming that it has infinite slots and he saves regularly, allows him to return to the past with only loss of character stats as penalty (this is assumed, else if this penalty did not exist, then this cheat become even more formidable). Plus it seems that MC can save without any save points, and can reload at will.

I hope that, in the event of the MC sudden death, he cannot reload his way out. Else, this cheat practically will make him invincible and immortal at the same time.


Plus, this is a Chinese novel, therefore the possibility of a beta MC will be low.

I don't think the author actually intended it to happen, but the parallel world setting this novel has is actually excellent; much better than Absolute Choice, and is up there with Infinite Stratos and Chrome Shell Regios. I hope this author will actually utilize them to the fullest with a storyline that befits it. <<less
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donzel00 rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c11
The novel is pretty good despite the dating sim system. The story is typical chinese setting where the mc is transported to an alternate earth. But the writing style is japanese like how they use "-chan", "-kun" and so on. Chapters until 11 deserves the rating but it might change in the later chapters.
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CosmicAquaShade rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c10
Let me first start off by saying that, if the title is what drew you to read this book, take it with a grain of salt. Although it claims the main character is a NEET, the MC gets a Full Time Job in the second chapter, and if that isn't enough, he goes back to school before the amount of chapters gets into the double digits, making this title extremely inappropriate for this story. And if you just take a look at the first few entries on the Table of... more>> Contents, it is clear that the author doesn't mean to make the character anything like a NEET, although he is an Otaku, which is a fairly common trait when writing NEET characters, but I digress.

My problems with the lack of a NEET aside, the story does seem to be fairly good. It is revealed that the MC has some unique bloodline in addition to the Dating System, which makes one wonder if his growth in physical aspects is a result of the bloodline, the system, or a combination of both of them, though I don't expect this to be revealed in the near future. If I had to say one problem I had, It would be that the landlady, who had an overwhelmingly bad outlook on the MC before he had the system, was seriously willing about having sex with him before 10 chapters, despite the fact that her daughter is in love with him, a fact that she knows. However, I can accept this to be a result of the bloodline and Dating System. <<less
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July 12, 2017
Status: c11
Can't give a real rating because there's simply too few chapters out so far but I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by this novel. With such a title, I expected a harem like situation which did happen though.... and a fairly bare bones storyline revolving around getting on the capture everything under the sun route. So far though, it seems to be skirting the edges of changing the genre, or at least inserting a very Chinese feel to a genre that is predominantly Japanese (in fact a large amount... more>> of character names and settings seem to imply that the author is a fan of Japanese things. ... Well if the title itself wasn't enough of a giveaway.)

I especially like the idea of combining cultivation and the stats that are common in Dating Sim games, although it makes sense, it's still a fairly innovative way of connecting two cultures without disrespecting either side.

Unfortunately, given the low amount of chapters right now, it's really hard to get a handle on the overall plot, but there does seem to be one unfolding, I'm holding off on giving an actual rating until it does but tentatively I'm more than happy to award 3.5 stars due to the setting and the author's attempts on covering a genre I didn't expect novels to play with. <<less
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