My Reality is a Romance Game


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A protagonist whose reality turned into game; the power of save-and-load bestowed to him; heroines with different and unusual personality traits. This is a story that turns around the whole concept of a romance game.

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My Reality is a Romance Game~ That’s What I Thought Before It Turned Into a Life-Risking Game~
Ore no Genjitsu wa Renai Game?? ~ ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta ~
俺の現実は恋愛ゲーム?? ~かと思ったら命がけのゲームだった~
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03/30/20 Hinjaku Honyaku c7
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03/02/20 Hinjaku Honyaku c3
02/26/20 Hinjaku Honyaku c2
02/20/20 Hinjaku Honyaku c1
01/05/19 diwasteman c3
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10/27/18 diwasteman c1
07/15/17 WuxiaNation TL c5
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07/11/17 WuxiaNation TL c2
07/10/17 WuxiaNation TL c1
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