Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!


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Aramiya Seiichi is an ordinary high school… eroge otaku who’s given up all hope on girls in the 3D world due to a certain incident. One day, after he’s bought a bunch of new material in consequence of experiencing the frustration of a perfect eroge character turning out to be “used goods,” he encounters a delinquent-like-looking girl being about to get raped by a bunch of guys. By mere chance, he rescues her. Days later, when school starts again, it turns out to have been his classmate, Ayame, a feared delinquent girl who’s got all kind of rumors about her – especially that she’s “used goods.” And it appears that she’s set on becoming his ideal girl to make him fall for her.

Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai! average rating 4.2/5 - 100 user ratings
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Even a ‘used goods’ wants to experience love
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02/17/17 Kondee translations v2c2v2c2
12/04/16 Kondee translations v2c1v2c1
10/17/16 Kondee translations v2 prologuev2 prologue
09/11/16 Kondee translations v1 afterwordv1 afterword
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06/05/16 Kondee translations v1c1v1c1
06/05/16 Kondee translations v1 prologuev1 prologue
06/05/16 Kondee translations v1 illustrationsv1 illustrations
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NekoMK2 rated it
September 11, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
Hmm since no one make any review and the only one say's hateful thing since he dislike the novel (seriously guy's you not even past prologue).

If I must say it just your average high school Romcom comedy although the title like that. As far I read there not really any NTR or so it just denial otaku meet feared girl (full of rumors) and somehow the girl set trying to get close to him, so if you dislike type where the male lead kinda slow at notice girl feeling or... more>> want some Op MC who kick other right and left then scram rather put low rating without even read it first.

Put 5 for now to balance it at most maybe 4 for me <<less
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friedstoat rated it
September 12, 2016
Status: v1 afterword
I like the story so far. The MC may be an Otaku but he does have some balls. The heroine is cute with some dramatic background (It's not dark or too dramatic though). The pacing is good and quite enjoyable.

If I try to be knit-picky, then the translation is kind of confusing some times and they definitely will do better with an editor. However the story is still easy to follow.

I think this series has potential so I'll continue to follow the translation.
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SchwarzVoid rated it
February 27, 2017
Status: v1c4
Ok at first I was rather sceptical about this one since it starts out pretty slow and the main character starts out being annoying AF since he would reject everything because he would strongly side with his "only virgins" mantra, which I respect his commitment, but he starts to grow as a character as the story progresses and he's not as rigid as he began. THAT SAID, CHAPTER 4 IS SO FKN HILARIOUS, IT'S FUNNY HOW
... more>>

the mc is almost ntrd but later his WAIFU almost gets ntrd as well because the villains somehow decided to ganbang him instead lol and the epic line from the heroine after is just PURE GOLD!!!! Haha Princess Peach MC cracks me up. Mc and heroine get saved SO don't trip.

All in all I am really enjoying this LN and I hope to baby Jesus that the translators can make this one their priority, albeit sometimes I get confused with what is going on in the story because the sentences are structured in a Confusing way, because I want to read it all completely. <<less
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Dannyskr rated it
February 17, 2017
Status: v2c2
There’s a bunch of good comedy in this too, but comedy’s not the biggest part of it. It’s more rom/drama if you ask me. But although the drama’s topic is pretty dark, it never gives off the vibes that something really bad’s going on. There’s always a “oh well” floating around in the subtext. It feels a bit weird but makes the heavy subject less repulsive, I guess. The author never gives you the feeling that it all might end bad. Like I stated under 1, it feels kind of... more>> weird at some points, to be honest. <<less
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Magicflier rated it
January 24, 2017
Status: v1 afterword
So I completed volume 1, and I can say it was pretty interesting. At times, the protagonist made me cringe from his otaku mindset... but it seems after completing the novel, I barely remember what exactly made me cringe. It seems that the relationship between the protagonist and the heroine outweighed what made me cringe. I did not get used to it, but there are far more positive points I remember over the negative. I did however get used to his paranoia of trusting '3D women', and it was really... more>> nice to witness his mindset slowly change for the better. Also the heroine is absolutely adorable to see as she is trying to give it her best to be the protagonist's ideal girlfriend.

Oh yea, this novel needs to attach this tag:

Attempted Rape

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October 18, 2016
Status: v2 prologue
The characters are easy enough to relate to, none of them are overly eccentric as you would usually expect in this type of story. I found it pleasing that they didn't shy away from the rape aspects of the story.

I think it would be harder for people who are not familiar with anime/manga to relate to some of the context, but if you can understand it it's quite enjoyable.
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