Ordinary I and Extraordinary Them


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A very ordinary high school student, Shinra Minato, had his life changed, completely during the spring break of his first year of high school.

He got into the same class as one of his few friends, called “Prince” by female students, as well as his childhood friend who had extreme popularity among the male students.

He attracted unusual attention from the girl, sitting next to his seat, called the “Ice Queen”.

He got forced by the highest ranked and immensely popular, student council president to enter the student council.

Contrary to Minato’s intention, his surroundings changed into a frenzied one.

This is an everyday story of an ordinary Minato and extraordinary them…

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Heibon na Ore to Hibon na Karera
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Drake888 rated it
August 7, 2018
Status: c20
This novel is clearly missing a fantasy tag, because magic is the only explanation for why anybody would want to be around this whiny douchebag. The MC has supposedly been friends for years with the two most popular people in school, but whenever either of them wants to hang out with him, his reaction is either "I want to go home" or "ugh, popular people are so annoying". Fortunately, the author quickly gives up on trying to convey a believable friendship and jumps straight into the "dense MC being pursued... more>> by 2 beautiful women for no reason" cliche.

It's decent enough as wish-fulfilling fluff, but other novels do it better and have more believable character interactions. The author wastes a lot of time on unnecessary descriptions in the first few chapters but seems to be improving as the story progresses. I honestly hope that the super poplar guy turns out to be a jerk who only befriended the MC in order to get close to the beautiful girl. Because otherwise he's just a nice guy who is getting treated like sh*t by a whiny loner that he thinks is his friend.

Edit: starting in c22, the author finally starts to properly flesh out MC and his relationship with other people. Presumably his earlier actions were some sort of exaggerated sarcasm for comedic effect? Bad writing either way, and to make it worse, the excessive descriptions appear again. <<less
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Vodka rated it
April 16, 2019
Status: --
The current translator for this novel, Vodka here.

Gonna leave a small review. This novel is nothing like Oregairu.

Hm...... wrong wording, it does give off Oregairu vibes but that's pretty much it.

... more>> The MCs has nothing in similarity. Their personalities are like heaven and hell. Hikigaya was anything but ordinary. In this novel, the MCs popularity has backstories.

Anyways, give this novel a try. It is quite deep, and it goes on to explain everything, but slowly.

This novel is not fast, and that is exactly why it is good. Nothing that develops too fast can hold up for too long. It has story and substance to work with. Anyways, whether you like it or not is up to your personal taste, but as the translator for this novel, I am gonna say one thing -

You will be in for a unique (at least fun) ride.

Cheers! <<less
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November 1, 2017
Status: ss 3
I don't get it so he is an average guy with a handsome friend and some gorgeous girls that are apparently into him for no obvious reason.

This makes no sense to me at all.

If all it took to get women is to be bored of mondaine sh*t and want to be left alone all the time I would be sorrounded by women.

... more>> Plus getting pushed around and made to do things you don't want is not attractive at all.

Is this supposed to be somebody's fantasy or something?

The MC needs to have some boundaries and willingness to take what is offered regardless of what his peers think to make it interesting for me.

So instead of caring about his averagenes he should just take the girl up on their offer and see where it takes him but not let himself be pushed around. <<less
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hiamir2 rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c28
The chapters are kinda short, but the translator seems reliable with the releases.

If you've read or seen similar stories (think Oregairu, Masamune-kun's revenge, or Nisekoi) you'll find the main character either a hopeless mess with no personality or some loner, either way having no emotional awareness. This story seems a bit different.

Unlike other series, and what makes this series refreshing, is how ordinary our protagonist is. As far as I can tell, this MC is able to hold normal conversations, has normal grades, and has normal hobbies. The crux of... more>> the story is the "extraordinary them". Unlike other protags in his position, surrounded by several gals held in high regard by his peers, usually fumbling the ball or are outright oblivious, the MC in this story is dismissive of propositions of love; knowingly aware of difference of appearance and social standing.

In short, harem - school - romance story that everyone is familiar with has a refreshingly grounded MC. <<less
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Vielge rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: c142
This story is very, I mean very slow paced. I did have low expectations though since I wasn't sure what direction the author is going, but after around 60 chapters some mysteries of the character (s) gets a bit of light though it's not much. So, it made me continue reading to find out (meanwhile I love the retorts that the main character says and thinks) and this novel has surprised me in a different way than I thought. Although it's a bit baised since I love reading these types... more>> of stories of "ordinary MCs" with a mysterious way of thinking.

So continuing about the story, the author is slowly building up the background and such to the characters, which is why the story is slow-paced. Also, the author does leave hints here and there without the reader noticing and I'm amazed at that. I've seen people complain about the author's writing skills or the MC's personality and such, but there is actual explainations why this is and later shown in the story.

It's like a puzzle piece, you can't judge a picture before completing it and that's what people are doing in the comments. They don't have a full picture yet only just two or one piece in their hands. This story is not even close to Oregairu or "stories with the same personality" which people are comparing this story to and I can say this since I read chapter 132 and it has something surprising about the MC. The author is building up the "true personality" of the MC and slowly changing it without the readers noticing.

Every action and word that I've seen in this story has a meaning in it surprisingly and the author is teasing us with the answers of such actions and might slide it in hidden in the walls of text. People won't obivously understand this whole story in just 30 chapters because that's just only 30 pieces of a thousand piece puzzle.

Finally, let's go to my thoughts of the story so far; I find it really enjoyable to read the thoughts of the MC since there are a lot of things that I'm thinking about from those thoughts alone. The character are all interesting in how they talk with each other or with the MC. Those "special traits" that the MC have is pretty normal at the outside but the inside is something else. I can compare myself with the MC because the thoughts that I have are alike and the attitude too, however that doesn't mean that it's the same exact thoughts and attitude. There are some thoughts that I think are separate from mine but that's obvious, since we are human.

At the end, I find this story really fun, thoughtful, and creative in it's own way. If you like romance (obivously), slow-paced stories, negative thoughts, and such. I would recommend it.

Thanks for taking your time reading this!



The MC says in his mind that he has that personality because of the people that surround him is talented or overshadows him that he can never have any kind of pride and such (what do you think would happen if surrounded by such people. It's just sucking up all the postive emotion of joy and such from him.). So, he can never smile with any kind of postive emotions (it's better explained in the story) which the two girls are trying to melt that "frozen heart". Kirazaka Rei has a past with the MC (not just only liking the MC because of the way he acts) but not truly revealed yet, however I can guess that the MC said something to her that nobody has to her because of her looks and such. Kanzaki Shizuku has spent her childhood with the MC but never seen him truly smile (love is confusing being with someone for a long time can develop feelings for them and her childhood past has yet to be revealed at the current chapter that I'm at). I have the same thoughts as the MC; what is a relationship, but I don't need it. He doesn't understand it and I wouldn't say he's dense but lost and confused about the postive emotions that others feel but he can't feel them. It gave me the goosebumps when reading the part that he never smiles in every picture that he has been in and it's hinted in various parts of the story. The MC's outside is what you call ordinary but the inside is nothing alike the outside. His thoughts are thoughts that I wouldn't come up with and I'm impressed at the author of think about such thoughts, like "Preference of a man/woman is just a thought that isn't always true, even you say that you like someone because of their personality, it's not always true since people judge and talk about other for their looks." I don't completely remember what he said but it's close, however this doesn't even scratch the MC's mind. I can go on but I'll stop here and read more to have more information about this MC. Btw, the MC knows that the two girls like him but he can't answer them because of the "wall" of emotions that he has to break.


(Hmm... I don't feel like this is a harem story though from the direction it's going) <<less
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DannyOC rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: c70
I managed to somehow survive this garbage untill chapter 70, but I honestly can take no more.

The MC is a boring, useless, depressed, spineless, introverted piece of crap that spends his days complaining and complaining, "Oh, there's too many people" "Oh, I don't like the silence". He has absolutely no redeeming qualities, and zero reason to have the female protagonists even consider him as a partner.

... more>>

He gets confessed to by his childhood friend, but he does not care, the "prince" who has a crush on said female MC, lied to him about them going out, and his reaction was, oh, that seems unlikely.


He does not give a rat's ass about anything, he is unmotivated, dull, the list is f*cking endless.

I cannot even begin to understand the s*upid reasons the female MCs give for liking him. I don't know if they will be explained better later on, but for now, this story is just dumb, I just cannot get into it.

2 stars for translation quality <<less
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Bugai-sha rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: c83
Despite being frustrated by this novel's lack of logic and almost non-existent pace, I continued reading this because of reviews saying it gets better later. Trust me, it doesn't. It is full of pointless exposition. And one lengthy monologue, about

... more>>

how ordinary the MC is, how extraordinary the MC's three friends are, and how everyone always surrounds two of MC's friends


is repeatedly delivered by the MC after every few chapters. The MC has absolutely no redeeming qualities, and wallows in self-pity and gloom all the time. Although the MC never explicitly says he feels sorry for himself, the lengthy monologues complaining about everything in his life make it absolutely clear how he actually feels.

And to top it off, MC describes his surroundings like there is not one single ordinary person in the entire world. All the normal looking people other than the MC are brainless hardcore fanboys/fangirls of the good-looking people. <<less
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Eternal Liar
Eternal Liar rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c35
I don't understand what this novel is trying to convey, ordinary I and extraordinary them.

You follow the life of a normal guy, who has little to none redeeming qualities. I do not get the relationship between all the popular people crowding around him. He rejects all romantic notions, denies their friendship and puts a damper on everything. Despite that, everyone accepts that and flocks to him like he has some special qualities that enraptured them.

There he's basically no one, just like every other person out there. He hasn't achieved any... more>> noteworthy of attention yet attention is served to him on a silver platter on no groundable basis.

I kept on reading for anything that defines him as a person, a character, some semblance of personality that sets him apart, but it never does. <<less
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BrutalBotX rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: c327
<Novel's caught up now (till author updates it), there wasn't any updates since the past couple of years, read more at the site>
I'm now the current translator, after Mr. Vodka.
And like how he said that this novel is not something like an Oregairu ripoff. Sure the author may have used it as a reference or as an inspiration but that's it.

Some people say that the plot's garbage or how it doesn't explain anything about the MC or his surroundings or how his 'friends' came to be, to them all I'd like to say this isn't your cup of tea that's it.
If you aren't patient enough (I mean very patient~) don't expect something from this. Many have stated it already but the story's progress is extremely slow. And now cuz the author isn't updating we might never get to know more...

The reasons for MC's and his friends' behavior towards him aren't further explained till much later (a part of it in explained by Realge's review). That along with a bit more is the tip of the iceberg which we've managed to discover till date about that.

Some things I didn't like: The world building isn't something amazing (not a big deal since it's a romcom, just expected a bit more), the characters imo could have been further improved upon instead of relying upon the already served platter. What the author is try to do is serve some more on the same plate which we're already eating upon and instead of giving another, y'know that kinda feeling...

That said I wanna reduce my ratings to around 4 or so but since NU doesn't allow that, can't do anything uk? Main reason not being the slow pace, it was perfect for me, but why did he have to leave so abruptly!?


The MC's character development can be seen starting around ~160-170, obviously because he's dense, nope he isn't, well for the most part (you can see it after Shizuku's confession in his monologue).

Edit1: It took him about 280 chapters just to smile genuinely, dammit!

Edit2: So, there it was, our MC taking the initiative for the farewell, and having his character development at the end, the rest remains mistery... sadly


(Edited thrice.)
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October 28, 2017
Status: c21
Cute. Just very frustrating to read. Wait until it is finished to read my honest advice. The fluffiness is very frustrating if you're waiting for each small release.
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manahax rated it
October 7, 2021
Status: c10
I feel like the author was inspired after reading oregairu, so tried creating his own, but then missed the mark by a lot.

MC is a loner type who seems to hate his school and the people in it for reasons I can't comprehend. Surrounded by popular people who are trying to give him the attention that he is clearly so desperate for, yet can't be assed to treat them like friends, let alone human beings.

Clearly I'm not far in enough to determine why said friends tolerate him, but so far,... more>> it looks like they enjoy getting verbally lashed by his attempts to have nothing to do with them and repeatedly come for more.

Honestly, it would be wrong to call this a generic wish fulfillment novel, because at least in those, the MC is inoffensive and lacks a reason to not like them besides maybe the trademark denseness, but here, the MC is completely unrelatable and flat out unlikeable. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
December 13, 2017
Status: c31
Somewhat cliche but likeable MC, realistic and true to his personality and desires. Kinda similar to Oregairu (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU). Somewhat similar to "B Group no Shounen" but better and what it should've been.

Reminds me of Saekano (How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend) as well. There's a childhood friend, a mature ice queen character like Utaha, and finally MC has the personality of Megumi imo.


Siscon MC cares/favors his cute brocon imouto more than the 2 beauties kek. Funny interactions whenever sister is involve.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
posinw rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: --
This novel is something I don't know I want it until I actually read it. Since there are so many isekai genre out there this is really a change of pace. The wrinting also easy to read while the story don't have much going on you can actually enjoy its simplicity.

Everything is great I like it a lot. It's a little short though so you will feel frustrate sometimes but it just mean it's fun so I don't have any particular problem with it.

Ps. I just noticed that this story's... more>> character kind of like Yahari in some aspect. Well, Yahari MC is just too much ranting for me. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MinosML rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: c76
Although I'm not entirely convinced about what exactly our protagonist has that people want to hang out with him despite his general gloominess and blunt attitude, it makes for a damn interesting read, let me tell you that.

Not only is he a totally unmotivated guy but he is also pretty direct with his words, and yet there's something to be said about him being friends with the 2 most popular students in his whole school, that they somehow fit together in a werid way. Their interactions are pretty well written... more>> and even if you may find it annoying how little f*cks he seems to give about what is happening around him, personally I find it kinda endearing watching a (kinda ordinary?) loner guy trying to maneuver his way out of social situations that he definetely did not ask to be involved with (reminds me of Oregairu sometimes in this regard). The small cast can be somehow one-note at the beggining but there's hints of depth here and there so the promise of that keeps you engaged on the story as well.

Another thing to notice is that there's subtle signs that the MC may be actually depressed

see, his monologue after the confession

and still hasn't found something that actually makes him want to enjoy life to the fullest or to give his all (damn, relatable), so I hope the story will revolve around him finding something/someone like that, and watching him evolving as a person alongside the rest of the cast.

Not that I'm sure that's the route it will take, as the pacing is (as many people mentioned here) excruciatingly slow. Plus the translation isn't that fast either, so there's that (although the quality is good and we get at least 2 chaps per month... but it's still not enough T^T).

Basically, even if it's not that similar to Oregairu, the MC's narration is somehow similar in tone with Hikigaya's, so if you enjoy that kind of MC (see also Oreki from Hyouka, Kyon from Haruhi), you'll perhaps enjoy this novel. <<less
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Vandille rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: c29
At first when I read the title it would be more of a wholesome romcom, although the story is somewhat a romcom, it remains stagnant for most parts of the story, the MC redirects everything that the girls say away from him and basically take up the attitude of "mhm, thats cool" with a monotone voice, although its nice, the romance doesn't really appeal to me, it's so stiff that I need to keep reminding myself that im still a few chapters in and theres more, but the MC is... more>> just, hes not even dense or anything hes just like._. To everything that has girls in the situation, as long as theres girls MC would act like a mountain sage clear of any worldly desires.

instead of bad, I'd say its a tad bit mediocre, I like the story for the most part, tl is wonderful, but characters feel too cliche and ita visible like on how they use the ojou sama type and osananajimi typtle, im all for it, but it would've been better to slightly make them realistic as characters feel, robotic, like they just do this because they could or the plot needs them to do it, it doesn't show much for the other characters that basically get discarded after their 3 chapter use. So 3 stars but its a nice read. <<less
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dandoh1015 rated it
September 13, 2020
Status: c84
Abysmally slow pacing and a boring plot up until what I’ve read. I’m not asking for much, slow pacing is fine if it serves a purpose, but I’ve read through more than 80 chapters and still nothing interesting has happened. You still don’t understand why the girls like him or why the MC acts the way he does. The initial premise seemed interesting but it quickly devolves into mundane tr*sh.

1 star would be a bit harsh since the story’s only problem is it’s boring, so I’ll give 2 stars
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Strigoi rated it
September 5, 2020
Status: C22
Should've tagged fantasy on this tripe because the absolute wish-fulfilment scenario on this LN is so f*cking unbelieveable, so bloody pathetic, so blatant, that with every words I read, with every chapter I finished, I felt my soul dying inside.

Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Malazan, Book of the New Sun and even A Song of Ice and Fire are infinitely more believable (and more enjoyable) than this mastrubatory garbage.

I genuinely hate the MC, this is not an exageration. Him and his ilk of "unpopular, whiny, cynical, b*tchy, pathetic that... more>> only with the sheer volume of tears of hundrefs of losers everywhere get the attention of the popular girls" MC are without a doubt the most obnoxious trope ever created. I'll take one hundreds Issei over these patheteic losers. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Manga LOVER rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c36
I'm not really fond of ordinary, Romance, School novels that take action in modern age, like Oregairu and stuff (I like watching the anime or read the manga, tho), but this here is an extremely rare exception, in fact, this is the first time I liked a novel of this type, it has good sense of humor, no evil or manipulative characters, no over explanation for things, the other students don't like him but it doesn't reach bullying, neither verbally nor physically, just a slice of life easy to read... more>> novel, neither short nor long chapters, it still doesn't tell us everything, why everyone is gathering around him which means it will take a long time to reach the ending, it has good translation, from both translators, I really recommend it! <<less
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Snooty rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: c25
This one is really really bad. I'm actually shocked at how highly it's rated. I'm a sucker for wish fulfillment light novels, so I'm ok with unrealistic scenarios. But this one on the other hand is just pure delusional fantasy.

Our MC is below average in everything. Looks, grades, can't cook, and has probably the worse attitude I've seen a wish fulfillment MC. Somehow he has the two most beautiful girls in school fighting over him (physically) even though he keeps trying to push them away.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
-Isa- rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c114
Decent at first hundred chaps, after that it gets kinda nowhere which is pretty frustrating to read
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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