Castle of Black Iron


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After the cataclysm, the rules of the world have all been rewritten and the Black Iron Age descends. Steel, steam, martial strength became humanities largest tools for survival.

Zhang Tie an ordinary boy, amid confusion was fiercely kicked in the arse by the God of Fate and obtained a sapling that can continuously grow various varieties of magical fruits.
The boy screamed, rolled and dived headlong into the torrents of the infinitely vast continent – Massive waves of human clans and demon clans gather as the Third “Hundred Year” Holy War is coming.

The mysterious vast continent of unknown origin!

A magic cultivation system that uses crystals to unlock the body’s potential!

The hot-blooded legend about the descendant of God!

The many secrets of the eastern mysterious gate!

The endless treasures in the core of the world!

Everything in the “Castle of Black Iron”.

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Benteng Baja Hitam
Citadel of Black Iron
Fort of Black Iron
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New Vlaeghe rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: v2c2
The story is a post apocalyptic futuristic cultivation novel with a steampunk flavour.

Briefly summarized: The modern world as we know it 'changed' by something called 'The Star of God' and the world was set back to the early industrialized era. Meaning there's steam power, but no electricity. Tectonic plates also shifted and the world is no longer the same, countries and geography changed. The change was a Calamity, as many beasts and mutants rose up to power and devastated 'mankind's world domination'.

And the story of our protagonist is set at... more>> 889 AC (After Calamity).

The author does a nice job of building up the world, getting you into the story. Although it's a little vulgar at times, it's not offputting and it does set the tone to what kind of world Zhang Tie lives in. (let's just say it's a 'hard' life)

The game element of the story doesn't appear until chapter 14. The cultivation system in this novel appears to be based on lighting up points in your body, a not unfamiliar system if you've read more xuanhuan novels. This is in line with traditional chinese medicine (meridians/acupuncture). The game element also has a rather familiar ring to it, as it's concept has been used often in other stories. Briefly put, the protagonist obtained a 'space' of his own wherein he can create his own world, for now filling it with plants, and he has to fulfill some conditions before he can make better use of it.

Volume 1 basically introduces the world and the cheat the protagonist gained.

So far I'm enjoying the story. It's really still in it's infant shoes (translation wise obviously). Other than thinking it's a fairly ok story so far, there's really not much else to tell. I do think you should give it a try, particularly if you like xuanhuan stories and don't mind the game element of it. <<less
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