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[Worldgate Online] the worlds first full-scale VRMMORPG.

After maxing out the notoriously bad healer class and completing an ascension event, I got transported into a world that closely resembled the game, but in which most of the game’s systems had disappeared, even though my appearance and skills remained the same.

Even though I am a boy, the pretty girl I was playing as became my real body, with shining wings on my back. A race that can “heal” the wounds of the world, which should have been extinct long ago.

But isn’t that a bit too harsh of a start for a level 1 healer?

The story is about a protagonist with low combat power and various handicaps, relying on those around him to overcome their problems.

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Worldgate Online ~Sekai no Tsubasa~
Worldgate Online ~世恢の翼~
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AnAnonymousPasserby rated it
March 15, 2023
Status: c26
Decent read, albeit surprisingly dark at times. The genderbend in tags seems to be surprisingly pointless as of current, although I suppose it could just be the author trying to highlight the difference between the protagonist before and after they get isekaied (To clarify the author could have basically written the MC as female and the story would remain unchanged). I would advise anyone who can't stomach things like s*xual assault to not read this novel, or at least skip certain chapters. The plot prior to chapter ~20 is basically... more>> the protagonist accepting their current situation and overcoming certain traumas with the help of their friend and younger (?) sibling. The biggest problem I have with the story is how it seems to speedrun the protagonist's character development, more details in spoilers. For those familiar with VRMMO novels, the VRMMO itself is pretty much entirely a backdrop and basically serves only as a semi-important part of the setting, meaning that the VRMMO is pretty much nonexistent, the game system does not transfer over during the isekai meaning that the typical setting of extremely broken janky unbalanced game that for some reason everyone loves is not present.

Everything after this point is spoilers albeit only up to chapter 25


Once the whole isekai event occurs, the story immediately starts trying to heap as much trauma as they can on the protagonist, they end up encountering an injured person while making their way to the nearest town, since the MC is a healing class they help them out, and try to give them some advice once they see that said person seems to be in a difficult situation. Normal enough interaction, right? Except, the person who the MC helped sells them out to a bandit group which results in the MC being captured and sexually assaulted, barely being rescued by their aforementioned friend and sibling before they reached the "point of no return". This event reignites their old trauma and amplifies it to the point that the MC cannot accept the events that occurred, so they rationalize the event to themself as if it didn't happen to them, but rather their in game character, which results in the MC developing a split-personality. Normally, this would be where the story takes a large pause for maybe like a month or so, give the MC time to recover, however not even a week later the spirits (?) of the bandit group, somehow fuse together to become some sort of dark tentacle/tendril monster, and I'm sure you can guess where this is going. Series of events happens, MC almost gets completely violated again, gets saved by sibling, sibling goes back to defeat monster, but doesn't have enough power to defeat it. Now that you're up to speed, the MC worries that their sibling will die, and realizes that since they themself are incompatible with their current body, they don't have enough strength to save their sibling. So they accept their split-personality (the game character), leading to what is basically a fusion of the MC's personalities (although it seems that the only thing retained from the original personality is the memories) which gives them a power boost and lets them save the day. It's a decent, albeit somewhat cliché character arc. However, I really think that the author should have drawn it out more, I understand that drawing things out for too long is annoying and can decrease the quality of a story, but the MC basically goes from college age/graduate boy to 13 year old girl in terms of personality in the span of a week.

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ggezdotcoms rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: --
The 1st part of the story (1-20) was very intruiging and captured my attention, and then it rode down hell's lane and now it genuinely is hard to read. I liked the GB part of the aspect more than the pathetic female lead we have. She was a man before reincarnation, and she was even an older brother. Why the hell is she too pathetic. I cannot fathom how much I hate the protag. I know I know, "Yanagi" has already been long gone, but the story telling makes it... more>> seem like they're both different characters! Like, they're supposed to be like a fusion between Yanagi and Iris, but it feels like it's more of Iris instead of the both of them.

To top it all of, "Iris" is like a genuine brat. And it is not enjoyable to read. When it was Yanagi that was actually controlling the body, he was calm, collected, and perservered through tough times. Iris is just that bad of a support that I feel like Yanagi would be able to easily dealt with everything Iris has.

4/10. It ruined my standards and also was genuinely hard to read. <<less
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Aceric rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: c27
If you think this is gonna be just another Sword Art Online. No. It's not. The premise is semi uniquely executed but it is shockingly dark but not in a very edgy teen angst way. It depicts SA and it's effect on people pretty well and the PTSD is one of the best depictions of it I've seen in Japanese media so far. The author isn't afraid to go too far and the stakes feel real enough.

One gripe I do have with it is that as the other reviewer says,... more>> the pacing feels off and the story wouldn't feel any different if the MC was a girl from the start. And character arc is too fast. <<less
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chairlight rated it
April 6, 2023
Status: c39
A pretty good story so far. It's hard to tell where it will end up once it fully starts exploring its world (thus testing the author), but where it has been so far is a step above the average webnovel, and even some popular but cliche stories.

The plot starts with a brother sister pair who play a vrmmo with a small group of friends. Due to circumstances, the siblings play the character of the other. The MC is a high level who plays the notoriously downplayed healer class, which only... more>> in more recent times has only just started to become more in demand. And being a very rare top healer, increased the demand and notoriety of the healer, giving her (him) the nickname Princess.

The main plot starts with him (character name Iris), doing leveling to catch up to his sister and friend, with the new "reincarnation" system that resets a character level to zero in exchange for unique class/abilities and increased stat growth (while keeping skills/gear) Only when he reaches the level cap and tries to reincarnate, something goes wrong, and himself and others who had reset their levels, mysteriously vanish.

He awakens as the character he played, Iris, in the real world the VRMMO was actually based on.

This story has some common tropes to these sort of genres. Its not a complete reinvention of the wheel, or a story that completelely subverts the genre (so far at least). But neither is it a cookie cutter of other stories/genre.

It is unique enough to be it's own unique thing. It is written quite well, with characters actually acting like real human beings overall. A lot of series I just kinda glaze over dialogue because I basically read some variant in another story, but here I read every word.

The main character has experienced severe trauma in his past due to a burgler killing his parents and stabbing him in the spine as he desperately protected his sister, leaving him mostly paralyzed (he could walk and stand briefly with support, but spent most time in a wheelchair). And then when entering the other world, experiencing more trauma in his new female body, when he she is

nearly r*ped by bandits, before being rescued.

The way the character has to deal with trauma past and present, really grounds the series, without being too overbearing. It just feels reasonably real, like how I have heard people with trauma/ptsd have to deal with it and can be triggered, and have to work through it.

My main critique thus far, seems to be a bit of how neatly the trauma and incongruity with his her new body may have been resolved, at least in comparison to how things started (

in large way, in a climatic moment

). That is to say, I would've preferred it to be more gradual in resolution. That said, the story is still early on, and perhaps it still lingers in a big way, its just too early to tell.

All in all, this story is written well enough, that it catches my interest in a way more unique than many other stories. The author is very good at describing scenes/details in a pleasant way to read (kudos to good translators!) It has some real potential, to be a really well done story. I am very curious to see where it goes from here.

I recommend if you want something a bit different, to give this a shot. <<less
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