Destiny Unchain Online ~I Became a Vampire Girl and Eventually Became Known as the “Demon King of Blood”~


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In the near future, the full-dive Virtual Reality technology will be commonly utilized in daily life.

Mitsuki Kou is enlisted by his father, the developer of the new VRMMORPG “Destiny Unchain Online,” which features a skill system that prioritizes player abilities and Player versus Player over leveling, to test a revolutionary human interface device on the game’s release day.

However, he inexplicably finds himself transformed into a vampire girl and trapped in the game with no means of logging out. Moreover, he ends up in a remote forest due to a malfunction.

Despite being reassured by his father that he is not in any immediate danger, Kou decides to immerse himself in the game and make the most of his experience. He hones his skills, forms a guild, and inadvertently attracts attention by role-playing as a “Wizened Loli” character, captivating viewers with his streaming sessions. Soon, Kou becomes well-known as the “Scarlet Demon Lord,” Crim-Luersheia.

But what impact will Kou’s prolonged exposure to the game have on his physical body in reality?

Associated Names
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Destiny Unchain Online: Kyuuketsuki Shoujo to Natte, Yagate "Aka no Maou" to Yobareru You ni Narimashita
Destiny Unchain Online 〜吸血鬼少女となって、やがて『赤の魔王』と呼ばれるようになりました〜
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5 Reviews

Mar 25, 2023
Status: ss 5
Hey, translator (read: MTL editor) here, and I decided to give this one a review, about my thoughts on it so far.

Unfortunately, since this is not a professional translation and an MTL, the quality could be better (roasting myself, yeah).

The main genre is undoubtedly Gender Bender, but the writer doesn't overdo it. We have yet to face most of the inconveniences that comes with changing gender.

The story itself is good, that minus one star is me protesting against s*upidly placed interludes, pointless intermissions and most of the times annoying side... more>> stories. The main chapters are good, it doesn't have obvious flaws yet, like a person suddenly changing personality or something like that.

Arc 2 (which I just finished translating) is still before some of the main events of the story, that are coming up. Like

Guild Battles, finding out that he/she actually changed genders and meeting her (most likely) vampire mother

and probably others. The author doesn't go into nonsense explanations too deeply. I hate nonsense stuff that tries to look legit, but I personally find it experience breaking.

It is not the most original attempt, but it has an original (ish) combination of different genres and themes. Like character wise, it feels a bit like an isekai, because the NPC-s are set to be realistic, as I wrote the genre is gender bender, mixed with a game theme. The (Fe) MC is a vampire (which are starting to get some momentum as of late), but not too overpowered, rather he is more of a problem solver, who is hiding his (her) full capabilities. Yeah, it has the Middle Ages and magic & swords setting, we already know and love.

Summing it up, it is good stuff, with some faults here and there. <<less
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Apr 13, 2023
Status: prologue 2
If this series had an obnoxiously long Light Novel Title, it would be, "My Dad Made Me a VR Game called [Destiny Unchained Online], but it Transformed Me Into a Female Vampire in Real Life!? Turns Out I was Born from a Lineage of Vampire Matriarchs! ~Adjusting to My New Life as a Gamer Girl~"

Honestly, it is one of those gender bending light novels where the MC should have been a woman to begin with, AND THEN, they unlocked their vampirism. Anyways, I dive in dumpsters for treasures like this.... more>> 5 stars for me, but perhaps not for thee. <<less
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Akase Nagari
Akase Nagari
Jan 30, 2023
Status: v15c20
The story is good. There's some kind of mystery about the game world and about the MC background. The action are top tier too, and the MC is so cool especially the moment when the MC want to create the alliance and become the leader of it. The plot is good too and the characters personality is good too, even the npc can become more human-like because they suddenly adapt an ego.

Well if you wanna some cool action novel with a little bit of mystery and a little of ... more>> (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) then you can grab this one. But don't worry, if you like some kinda slow paced story' with a little bit of other people reaction, then you won't regret this. <<less
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Mar 19, 2023
Status: c19
Reviewing this mostly because I think it deserves a bit higher rating - less than 4/5 definitely isn't justified so far, though 5/5 is maybe a bit high, dragging it up above 4 would give a better idea of the quality. Though I'm only a little way in, so it may change later (maybe for the better - some of the things that drag it down feel like an inexperienced writer as well as start-of-story jitters). Everything I say has the big caveat that I'm not that far into a... more>> pretty long story - I'll say that here so I don't have to repeat myself...

The basic setting isn't particularly original, but it's done pretty well and feels comparatively natural. This is helped by the fact that this isn't one of those cases where the author is trying to shoehorn super-advanced VR tech into the current world - this is explicitly some distance in the future, and the tech that supports the super-advanced VR is also super-advanced, and has made the world visibly different in reasonably plausible ways. The game world is pretty much Just Another MMORPG (tm), with wrinkles that are made plausible by the super-advanced tech - it's not going to make you go "huh?" when the NPCs are decently complex characters while still being actual NPCs in a game. All of this makes it feel like the background mostly hangs together without having jarring bits and sharp edges - the setting is getting out of the way of the story without being irrelevant. It's not perfect, but it's the kind of not perfect that a decent editor could fix pretty easily without a complete rewrite.

The core character is likeable, relatable, and pretty believable (caveat reminder - not far in, can't say how he'll develop). He's reacting pretty much the way you'd expect someone to react given the personality he's supposed to have and the background he's been set up with, and honestly, that's about all you can ask for from characters in a story. Other characters are less well developed (again, not far in, don't have too many to talk about) - they're either NPCs (game NPCs or the story equivalent, background characters), or secondary characters, so this is reasonable. But no one's been jarring or painful to read, and the MC has actually been a lot of fun to read.

Plot... well, I'm not far enough in to have more than the hints from the prologue and the earliest part of the game world to go on, but it does seem to be going somewhere - the prologue sets up the world a month or two in the future before dropping us into the game, so we know it has to get /that/ far, at least. The in-game plot also sets up hints about the future, and then puts some effort into developing towards those hints, not super fast but not so slow that nothing happens in the first 20-odd chapters. There's a lot of chapters to go, so who knows if the pacing will end up being consistently good, but it's definitely not been bad so far.

Finally, the elephant in the room - the translation. So far it's all been MTL that hasn't proceeded all that far; the current translator (Bersleid, as of ch19) is doing lightly edited MTL and while the light editing affects the readability we're actually getting the big benefit of lightly edited MTL: really fast updates. Personally I can handle it - I have to think a bit about parts to figure out what the point might be, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it. If you can't handle MTL that's probably going to be a deal breaker unless/until someone does a proper translation (which may happen).

Summarising, from my early perspective this looks like the bones of a solidly done story - not attempting to be really groundbreaking or original, but doing what it does well. And there are hints that it may actually do what it does /quite/ well - time will tell. For now, modulo the MTL caveat I'd say give it a shot if you like the broader VRMMORPG and/or genderbender genres. <<less
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Apr 26, 2023
Status: prologue 1
I really hate the fact that some people consider this tr*sh! I mean did they ever read the full novel in kakuyumo, because this is definitely not tr*sh! My only issues are the translation and the fact that the editor didn't even run this through a proof reading platform for grammatical errors and didn't even bother to correct the misgendering caused by the translation app peeves me off the most!😡😡😡 @BersleidTL can you please send me the link of MTL NOVEL translation of this story I'm having a headache making... more>> sense of the raw, my Japanese is crap. I can't find your work in mtlnovel. <<less
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