Destiny Unchain Online ~I Became a Vampire Girl and Eventually Became Known as the “Demon King of Blood”~


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In the near future, full-dive VR technology is widely used in everyday life.

VRMMORPG “Destiny Unchain Online” ―― A perfect skill system without a leveling system, with an emphasis on player skill, and PvP. It is the release day of such a new VR game.

At the request of his father, the developer of the project, Mitsuki Kou descends into the world as a tester of a new human interface device.
However, the next thing you know, he’s a vampire girl…

In addition, he is unable to log out, and due to a glitch, he finds himself not in the first town, but in a remote forest…
Believing his father’s words that his life is not in danger, he steps out to enjoy the game for the time being.

He trains himself, recruits friends to join his guild, and for some unknown reason, he ends up role-playing as a “Noja Loli,” gaining popularity among viewers through the streaming function… Before long, Kou became famous as Crim-Luersheia, the “Demon King of Blood.”

And the effect of this on Kou’s body in the real world――…

Associated Names
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Destiny Unchain Online: Kyuuketsuki Shoujo to Natte, Yagate "Aka no Maou" to Yobareru You ni Narimashita
Destiny Unchain Online 〜吸血鬼少女となって、やがて『赤の魔王』と呼ばれるようになりました〜
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08/06/22 ButterTL c1
07/29/22 ButterTL prologue 2
07/28/22 ButterTL prologue 1
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