World Hopping: Avenge Our Love


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The dream you lost because of love, I’ll help you get it back on this redo with my own hands.
Song Yucheng is an eminent personage among the legal practitioners known by the moniker “Expert Home-Wrecker,” specializing in handling divorce cases. Because of an unexpected event, a quick transmigration system bonds with him. From then on, he transmigrates through various worlds one by one, especially smacking the faces of all the self-centered scum men and the manipulative two-faced women in these worlds.
If you have 100 reasons to give me crap, then I too have 10,000 ways to break up with you.

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rhianirory rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I put off reading this for a while because I'm not into netorare and the summary made it seem like the MC would have to cheat on his host body's boyfriend in each world but the relationships weren't like that. This is more of a revenge setup with lots of face-slapping the scum (who is not the ML) and often times any relationship between them was one-sided love on the host bodies part or he was used by the scum in the past and then thrown away. I can only... more>> assume I don't understand all the subtleties of the green hat term

in the first world the scum says he was given a green hat by his white moonlight despite the fact they had no relationship, and everyone else who knew the scum liked the wm joked about him being given a green hat. He also says he was given a green hat by the MC, who he had thrown away before the start of the story to pave the way for the wm and whom he was also not in a relationship with. Since he wasn't in a relationship with either of them, how can they give him a green hat? Thus my assumption about the subtleties of the green hat term; I always assumed it meant cheating on your lover/ spouse but it's obviously used a little differently here.


the system is typical and annoying; any time there is a competent MC in a world-hopping novel he is always hampered by a nieve and s*upid system (it's like the author fears that if there isn't one small animal idiot character no one will like the story). I will always find idiot characters annoying so it's a minus in my books, though I know a lot of readers find them cute for some reason.

I probably would have rated this a 3.5, but after a series of stories starring nieve, small animal "pure" MCs with low IQ and negative EQ, it was a huge relief to find one where the MC can hold his own with the ML (even when there is more than one piece of him in play at a time) and doesn't always have to be protected and treated as though he were a small child or a pet instead of a lover. I can't speak to the realism of any story set in the world hopping+face slapping genre but I enjoyed it well enough for what it was so I rated it up instead of down. <<less
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attilde235 rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a wonderful novel! I couldn't wait for the translations so I MTLed the whole novel and parts of it definitely made me cry! Ultimately though, the ending of the entire novel, while a bit abrupt, is a happy ending as a heads up for the readers who are like me and hate tragedy. It is so lovingly written that you could feel the emotions even through the unspeakable grammar of Machine translation. This novel was not too hard to MTL so readers that can't stand the suspense of... more>> waiting can definitely give MTL a try!

Additionally, this is not one of those novels that have many multiple arcs. It has 4 major worlds and each was wonderfully written with good depth. It really tells a complete story and goes into good detail.

My favourite was the second entertainment arc, it was so sad yet incredibly moving and it really made you feel for the characters! MC had such a wonderful personality, he is gentle yet strong. The ML matches really well with him and you can feel how much he cares for the MC. For the most part though, MC is quite independent and he resolves most problems on his own.

I love this novel and I cannot wait for the rest of the english translations to follow. 4.5/5, one of the best novels I've read! <<less
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judeiiro rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: Completed
The alternate title for this novel is probably The Grudge (Transmigration) sjsksk I'm joking but seriously it could be

Our MC, divorce lawyer extraordinaire, world hops to resolve grudges and fulfill wishes of the dead (previous hosts). Most importantly, he's also bound to a newbie green hat system who is underaged and gets censored at the most inopportune moments. He also receives special powers in each world with ridiculous names (named by your one and only green hat system!) sigh He employs various means to faceslap the scum gongs and... more>> manipulative characters but completely pinning the green hat still needs some work.

ML is present from the first arc but seems to be confused about MC's true identity (and unconsciously, vice versa with MC towards ML). They slowly progress from world to world. As for where I'm reading at the moment, I'm not sure what to expect from their development yet!

There is a foreshadowing of MC's dark past and I'm looking forward to unravelling it soon!

edit: After reading all of it, I love this even more! The first 3 breakups/arcs are very lengthy (110 chapters together) but the final one takes up only 13 chapters. MC's backstory was unraveled painfully and beautifully in the final world, my heart physically hurt for him! There's just so much that happened omg

I loved the beginning, the juicy middle and the ending. This was the perfect QT novel! Would definitely recommend for an unhealthy serving of faceslaps and situation upheavals, and for a good time.

I'll just list out the arcs in here:


I'm not listing the funny names the system gave because I don't remember and MTL doesn't do them justice lol

  • First breakup: Business world
    MC - Stockholm syndrome, neglected sugar baby

    ML's soul is split into 2:

    a) scum gong's uncle/backer, b) scum gong's white moonlight

    Special power : Nimble hands and knowledge for crafts, weaving etc

  • Second breakup: Showbiz
    MC - Godlike showbiz manager who was destroyed by scum gong

    ML - scum gong's cousin/backer

    Special power : all-rounder showman skills (acting, directing, screenwriting, etc)

  • Third breakup: Ancient China Dynasty
    MC - General's deceived & abandoned son

    ML - Crown Prince, 3rd Prince of the dynasty

    Special power : Everyone and anything wants to talk to you, beloved by and talking to animals, plants

  • Fourth breakup
    MC - Poor abandoned student who works as an online writer

    ML - Rich business mogul

    Special power: "I will impress you with my hardwork and determination", literally.

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hy-d-ra rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c67
This is a really heavy-plot novel. By that I mean that events that happen in the arcs take the front line, unlike MC and ML's relationship (ML occupies little screen time) and even MC sometimes moves to the background, which to me is a double-edged thing. From one point worlds are immersive and chapters are long, from other point I want to know about MC's origins (except the fact that he's a lawyer in the past), and see their relationship, which got the push off the bat, though world settings... more>> make it impossible for them to get together so far (spoilers? But in first world ML is split into two souls = two men and MC left before knowing the rest and in second original owner has severe PTSD and depression, which influenced our MC and his ending). So be prepared for this before reading.

Few pros:

  • MC works really hard himself and doesn't involve ML's force, which could sole things in 5 seconds, but it's not MC's main aim, for example the second arc, although the ending is a bit idealistic, but you can see that MC's aim is higher than simple face slapping;
  • MC being quite OP does not always get high marks, although he achieves some of the goals with amazing outcome, he might not achieve them with perfect score from the system, which is def refreshing;
  • The arcs are long, it's either good or bad, but they are long :D
  • There are some interesting twists in system usage. I'd be honest, the first arc is like testing grounds, with second arc it was a bundle, there were few elements that I never expected to appear. Can't say for the rest I'm at the beginning of Arc 3, thus might update review later;
  • For a reason I liked the involvement of social networks in this one. The influence of mass opinion;
  • ML doesn't involve himself with MC where he's not needed, he protects MC from sidelines, but he doesn't force himself and he's not unreasonable, which in comparison feels refreshing (but I feel sorry that ML is kinda abused for no reason).
Although it says Avenge our love it's hardly could be called love, if you look closer when reading. Some of original owners were simply deceived and their good will was trampled over and in other worlds it's hardly could be called love at all. So I take it as ironic title :) <<less
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SheTurnedMeIntoANewt rated it
December 29, 2019
Status: c9
As of writing this only a few chapters have been released However this first arc so far has been cute and the chapters are long enough that I don’t feel completely blind on the series

First off the translation is good so no worries there

about the series itself, it’s still too early to really tell about general trends especially with some of it’s genre’s Trappings, but I’d say at the moment it appears to be a pretty standard quick wear/face slap setting with a efficient MC. It’s pretty well written as... more>> far as these things go and I’d say wether you’d enjoy it depends on wether that interests you and if it’s individual style appeals

the most unique aspects so far are probably just that the MC seems like a generally decent guy uninterested in really face slapping randos that just happened to have been unhelpful in the original scenario and that at least as far as I’ve read in the first world the MC’s relations ship with the ML (?) seems rather innocently teasing and I found it charmingly refreshing

I’m personally going to keep an eye on this series to see if it follows through on what it seems to be going for <<less
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GrimmyAF rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: Completed
4/5 for the novel and process, 3/5 because of the ending.


Song Yucheng is a lawyer ... more>>

not really

, to cuck all the scum gongs and make them wear green hats!

(Not really)

Across the different worlds, SYC transmigrates to poor and pitiable shous who really doesn't deserve their endings. His mission? To solve their wishes and cuck the scum gongs that mistreat them!

With face slap along the way. Face slapping! Face slapping! Face slapping!

Important things must be said three times!

And the system would like to say that it is not! The! Face! Slapping! System! Next door!


As a transmigrator who is really, really weak to pretty guys who act cute and young children who pouts, Song Yucheng ends up accidentally picking up a bunch of kids in the various worlds, and the biggest one of them all is the ML.

A cute and jealous transmigrator (?) who finds Song Yucheng in every world, who blushes at his slightest provocations, whose ears go red with each teasing.

(Psst, he's the Gong. It's 1v1.)

The romance doesn't happen until the 3rd world, where the ML's identity doesn't have any relation to how the original owner ended up, which is the main reason why MC doesn't want to do anything with either one of the identities despite some emotions being there.

The ending feels very rushed. It feels more like an infodump with a not really unexpected plot twist, and a ' lived happily ever after' tacked onto it, and like it could be elaborated on much more.

Although plot wise, it's a very standard copy and paste transmigrating face-slapping story. With occasional green hats to colour the way.

The residue souls of the original owners remain in the body, which influences the MC's attitude over the course of the world and even after that. For instance, in the third world, he asks the original soul for permission before getting together with the ML, a problem not mentioned in a lot of other QT stories.

The system is adorable! As a young system, who is still a minor and gets mosaics with every unmentionable act, it is ironic that it gets assigned to being a green hat system

not that there isn't a reason for that

. With it's cute expressions bags and child-like attitude, the system adds humour into a tense situation or sombre one.


Good read if you want the MC face-slapping everyone without much tension, and a standard ML is the most powerful existence in the world, etc. <<less
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08phamann rated it
February 6, 2021
Status: v1c27 part3

Don't liken this to Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. That is an insult to me and QWtFotD.

This novel is far worse that that.

I only read 1 arc, and while the plot is somewhat similar to a specific arc in QWtFotD, but the writing style, the angst, the emotion, the character development, is far far worse. This is a perfect example of the author telling the reader how to feel, and instead of feeling emotional or angst, when I was supposed to, all I felt was s*upid. Because I... more>> was reading tr*sh. <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c21 part1
A novel where ML understands consent. MC is a transmigrator and has a system.

This story is pretty fast-paced.

I put off reading it because I didn't like the novel summary, but I am glad I finally gave this novel a try.
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Severe rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: v2
Tried it, didn't like it.

My main problem is that the novel has very obscure plotline. It was okay in the first arc (well, I would say barable), but the second arc is just a mess. What is the plot here? To follow everyday life of a manager? When what? It has zero stimilus to continue reading. You can delete the scum role from each arc and it won't change anything.

And here is one word about romance line - it su*ks. Unbelievable as it can ever be.
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neverlookback rated it
February 12, 2021
Status: --
Boooooring (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I keep reading even if boring, hope will interesting later.. But that keep boring make me sleepy to read and grasp emotion on this story.. And give up in the middle arc 2
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IndusEla rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: C120
Loved it.

Three of the four arcs had incredible depth and were planned really well. Each character was three-dimensional, each with their motives. None of the arcs were predictable and all of MC's actions were within character (of the original host) which had own true personality mixed in and was incredibly fun. He solved everything beautifully. Each arc was really, really amazing. I'm so glad I read this!

The MC actually held true to his status in the story, which being the main character. He's the one carrying the scenes. The ML... more>> was just the love and didn't hog MC's position as the main character; he was done well too and stayed as the love interest. He didn't become a pseudo-MC. This novel is really different from the rest of the world-hopping novels and held some similarities to Western writing style which was a very good change. I would have loved to read more of this wonderful novel but it has just 123 chapters. : ( Highly recommended! I don't know this is so underrated!

The fourth arc was average compared to the previous ones; not bad, but not as amazing as the previous ones. I haven't reached the ending yet. <<less
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MadCC rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: c30
The MC is intelligent and the interactions between the main couple are great. The stories aren't cliché or based on other quick transmigration worlds
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: c23 part2
I like this so far! MC is clever and ruthless - not sure who the ML is yet. It reminds me of Don't Pick Up Boyfriends From the tr*shcan, in that the MC genuinely wants to avenge the original hosts' grievances. The first arc is an entertainment/reality TV arc, which I love. Not sure why it's categorized as ecchi or gender bender.
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banoffee rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I do think the arcs were a little long, especially the third arc, which seemed to last an age and a half. It seemed even longer because I was reading it all in Chinese, after Chaleuria put up a paywall. Also, the amount of typos this author had was simply endless? She put 在 instead of 再 and 哪 instead of 那 so regularly that I was beginning to wonder if I was the one who had them backwards. This was especially funny because in the fourth arc, she goes... more>> into a little spiel about authors who mix up 的, 得 and 地. Which... well, yeah, she never made that particular mistake. I guess that's one good thing about reading the translation instead — less typos. The plot was also particularly heavy on the face-slapping, which has never been my thing. But while the arcs were only okay, I liked the way the novel wrapped things up, which I find is often the opposite for me with quick transmigration novels. The ending was so sweet and made up for everything, in my opinion.

"There's one person in the world who will stay by your side, even if he has to go through the world tilting and the stars shifting, even if he has to search through a thousand mountains and rivers.

And Jian Zhengyu was that man, who Song Yucheng had awaited for so long." <<less
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numba1nobody rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: --
Tsundere Shou x White lotus Gong.

What more do you want?

A heartwarming and sweet story that literally is killing me through and through.

... more>> As a matter of fact, I usually go around BL novels and only rate for the romance and interaction between ML and MC.

Indeed, the face slapping is not really that much of a "show" but hey, let's think outside the box and let's say, "interaction" not like "revenge mode".

It bothers me so much how the ML in the first few worlds relates at the "downfall" of the original host of where the MC transmigrated on but whenever I see those sweet and literally has the tag of "not for single dogs" scene made me forgive the ML and ease my annoyance argh it really is I mean like c'mon as a matter of fact, this is the first QT novel I've read where ML is like the one who made everything worse for the original host and it gives the feelings of "indifference" as if.... he is also a transmigrator.... (currently at first chapter of 2nd arc so relax I'm not sure T_T) <<less
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1Sami rated it
March 26, 2020
Status: c2.5
Im currently reading three second arc but while the translation is good the plot is overused. The MC is from three future and when he dies his soul is broken and scattered so he has to go through worlds to fix it. There's been two noticeable Mc's in both arcs so far which I don't particularly like but can stand since they have the same soul. I guess I was just expecting more from the plot.
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KeraShr rated it
April 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 5 Stars 🔥

There are few reasons for good rating:

1. MC is awesome! He is... I don't have words to describe him. There are 4 arcs in total. The 1st 3 arcs which he had some talent and the last being as an ordinary guy. I loved the fact that despite ML proposing to him in 1st 2 arcs, he didn't marry him. I found that confusing. But later in 3rd Arc, his system reasoned out that MC loves ML but his sense of responsibility cannot be discounted in the... more>> least. ML in 1st 2 arcs was indirectly responsible for the death of original person in which MC transmigrates. He had supported the scum. Even if ML was not directly responsible, MC won't let the original body feel any injustic while carrying out his mission. Because for MC, justice must prevail 🔥🔥

2. ML was great as well! Ofcourse he was overshadowed by MC but that is because MC is so OP! But I liked ML because nowhere in this novel, ML stopped MC or even remotely hesitated to support him. He was always there for him 🥰 Of course the end revile of his true identity was also an surprise.

3. ML's cute system!! He is so kawaii and loyal to MC! For some, it might appear that MC didn't use his system as much as he should have. That is not because he didn't believe in the system's capability. But it was more because he is used to doing things on his own and he took the system as his family, since it is still a child. It was later revealed that MC was given a choice to change his system as it was still a child and had little to no experience in working tasks. But MC refused! The little system also loves MC and protects him in its own way! It was heartening to see their interactions.

4. The 1st 2 arcs were superb and it made me cry. The author's writing and translator's work was so great that kept me going. 3rd arc was not that interesting but it was fun watching MC & ML finally getting together. But the 4th Arc was great because it revealed a lot of surprises!

4. The writing may be ordinary but the story was skillful. The story line was absolutely unpredictable! There were times I got completely floored but I loved that!! 😍

There are less ratings given to this novel. But trust me try it out, you won't regret!! 👍🔥 <<less
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July 23, 2021
Status: --
I was reading the first arc and really really liked the arc untill the romance part I guess??

I liked the MC untill the ML confesses cause... more>>

ummm the MC was flirting and teasing the ML quite a bit, but he seemed as if he was completely taken aback when ML confesses? Also he maintains a hot and cold approach towards him, neither rejecting him and neither accepting him. Which is scum like behaviour to me cause really? You gonna keep playing with his sincere feelings? Accepted the MLs necklace which had so much significance behind it and still went "I only see you as a younger brother" oh bitvh please. And yeah this playing with others feelings kept going on for years.


So you see the MC isn't really sincere towards ML but still enjoys MLs care and attention.

Another thing I hated about the first arc


There was this really confusing subplot of two MLs and one soul in the same world. There was chu rong, the sweet younger version, and Ludwig, the mature version. And that... was just so confusing??? And MC kept wavering between the two which was disgusting to me cause Idc if they are the same soul. Like they are still acting as two different people in the same world so it's still disgusting to me.


Yeah so I gave up cause there was no need of that really confusing subplot, and the arcs were dragging on for far longer than was necessary, and the MC seems undeserving of the deep love ML has for him. I kinda wished ML gave up on MC in the first arc and found someone else. <<less
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BeneathAHibiscusCanopysWarmth rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: v3c1
MTLed until Chapter 66, then I dropped it after after the 2nd arc.

Arcs are long because of the heavy plot, but the quality of that plot is, well, debatable.

I generally rate the novels I read in terms of Entertainment Value and Quality. When it comes to Entertainment Value, I'll give this novel a 3. It's neither especially bad nor especially good, just average.

When it comes to Quality, I'll also give it a 3. As I said, the plot is dense compared to other worldhopping books, but it's nothing especially good... more>> or especially bad. I would have rated it a 4 because that plot seems like a masterpiece compared to other QT novels (which can be quite braindead, in all honesty) but the plot went wild during the last part of the 2nd breakup. I admit that the depiction of the assaults made me tear up, but that's not really an especially hard thing to do when it comes to that subject matter.

But, when it comes to the revenge, the suspension of disbelief just couldn't hold and to be honest, the plot felt too stretched out, especially in the second arc, where villains felt like they were being added randomly. They were literally being introduced after the older villains were dealt with. So, instead of being excited about the progress the MC is making in his revenge and anticipating the comeuppance of the bad guys, we just feel let down by the fact that "Oh, it's not over yet?" By the arc's end I was just reading it in order to complete the arc and be done with this book once and for all.

To be fair, plot conveniences and leaps of logic are not at all uncommon to webnovels. The System was so underdeveloped it sometimes felt like a mere plot contrivance, but the ML isn't a romanticized abuser either. That is why I'm giving it a score of 3, the average score, because, well, it might not be great, but it's nothing too bad.

All in all, very average novel. Not especially bad, but not that great either. If you're looking for a good plot, romance, revenge, face-slapping, or catharsis, this isn't the book for you. If what you want is long arcs and a non-abusive ML, ehhh, the ML is barely present, but you'll probably enjoy this. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5/5

Despite a good number of illogical aspects in the plot that I can't seem to recall at the moment I really liked the novel. I especially liked the second arc as the tragic end made me bawl my eyes out. After that one, though, the later two arcs gradually became weaker with the last one being the weakest. The main task of putting green hats onto scumbags also got put on the backburner which is a shame. I'm always open to witnessing a good face-slapping of scum characters.

Either way,... more>> my high rating is mainly due to me being moved during the second arc. That one left quite the impression. <<less
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