Womanizing Mage


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This is the story of Long Yi, who was killed because he took revenge for the girl he loved. Before he dies, a strange lightning carries his soul into a different realm. How will he live, when the first thing he noticed upon arrival is that, the man whose body he possessed is raping the country’s princess?

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Merry Master of Another World
Phong Lưu Pháp Sư
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93 Reviews

Sep 09, 2017
Status: c219
Let me start by just dismissing almost all the reviews with less than 4 stars. Now I'm not saying they suck (but let's be real...), but almost every single review that put this novel with less than 4 stars complains about the same things. 'Character developement sucks', 'It's all just sex' and last but definitely not least, 'Girls fall too quickly, new girl each chapter'. Now don't get me wrong, this novel has a lot of girls and saying that a new girl every chapter (I know it's a use... more>> of hyperbole but fr, there's a certain line of exaggeration that just turns your hyperbole into a lie) isnt that far away from how it actually is... at the start. Emphasis on at the start because the reviews are written like they've read far enough to realise that their exaggeration is just plain s*upid. What confuses me more is the fact that reviews complain and complain but even if it were a new girl per chapter, who are they to complain. Let me remind you that the name of the novel is 'Womanizing Mage'. If you came into this novel expecting massive character development and some massive plot where it all comes together at the end with a bow on top then you're mistaken and are an idiot also for expecting so much even after reading the title and genres... so for those with these similar complaints, shut up. Like my review even if you havnt read it yet.

OK, lemme start on why you should real this novel and why it's definantly one of my favourite novels.

Reason 1 - Plot

This novels plot and World is just amazing imo, it's not some over the top plot that can frustrate you and there's no massive info dumps at all as far as I can remember. The world is nice easy to follow and there's no massive suspense, just an easy cruise through the life of Long Yi. It's a wish fullfilment kinda novel and it gives exactly that. Plot is great and it flows nicely, no massive emphasis on levels of power etc, so those here for cultivation and levelling up are going to find this not as enjoyable but it's still great and you'd still enjoy it even though it takes a back seat. Even though this novel emphasises on the harem the girls and s*x ;) it doesn't forget the plot and world, every girl plays her role and every girl has a place where she fits so even if a whole chapter is dedicated to the main character and another heroine that's going to join the harem, the story still progresses, all canon guys.

Reason 2 - Harem/Girls

Those who like harems like I do are in for a treat with this novel, girls here and girls there while still progressing the story and the main character not neglecting s*upid sh*t (can I swear? Don't ban my review I'm new), win win right. The girls aren't all basic af but like idk about you but even if they were, I'm fine with that.

Reason 3 - Overall enjoyment

The overall enjoyment of this novel is one of the best reasons to read it. I've read a lot of novels (in my opinion) and I can't say that I havnt gotten bored of reading certain parts of certain novels. When a part comes I get bored and I may put the novel on hold but I can honestly say that this novel is the only one I've never not gotten excited over an update. Every update I look forward to and every part of the novel is enjoyable, I havnt ever gotten bored of this novel and I wish the chapter release per week could increase but it's fine since it's still fun to read.

Reason 4 - Best Reason - Main Character

The main character Long Yi, he is a god. He does not give two shits about people in power and he's not some dumb naive idiot, he's arrogant af but I mean, no one can step to him so it's fine. He's not some wuss who gets nose bleeds and isn't some overly sensitive main character. He gives off the vibe of someone who just doesn't give a flying f*ck about anything but then for some reason he still gets sh*t done. He actively pursues his harem and makes it bigger and isn't some idiot who ditches his harem members to go do something else. Harem members are there and he's almost always got at least one harem member with him at all times. He's not scared to have s*x and will pursue that also, which I like about him cause I hate when it's just built up but main character gets scared and freaks or something happens which stops them from doing the deed which pisses me off more. Reasons to like the main character go on from either his background, his life story, how he carries himself to even his goals and morales.

To finish off if you didn't read the whole review which you know what, you suck, I spent a good, idk I can't remember when I started typing this but like 20minutes? 30? Idk but yes you suck for not reading it all. To finish off, read the novel cause you won't regret it, trust me. Unless you want some complicated plot then get lost or if you're one of those guys who love tragedy, sadistic people need to go too, this is a light hearted novel, take my holy water with you when you go. <<less
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Mar 26, 2016
Status: --
Somehow I read it to ~500 chapters. It seem good. The world wide and complex. The characters many and some was quite alright. Minus is some useless "snu snu" fanservices.

maybe the girl MC loved on earth also Reincarnate to this world, and some hints point that she is the last boss.

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Jul 05, 2016
Status: c80
Its bad, every chapter after the intro is just girls girls and more girls, I mean he meets them by coincidence but not even god has that kind of luck, I'll say they aren't any males in this novel at all, is just all females, this is just a harem novel with the Xianxia tag that doesn't do it justice, in the end this is a boring fest of females here and there. If your into harems only novel then I guess this is the right novel for you.
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Dec 19, 2016
Status: Completed
I somehow managed to read it all through to the end. I don't know how to explain this, so bear with me, like it was bad but I still felt curiosity for its ending so I pushed through. I guess I'm still a horny teenager on the inside.

... more>>

As one can tell from the title, we have a talented mage MC and a ton of women. Why? Because "the world reveres the strong" and the stronger you are, the more women you get by just breathing. Hide your daughter, your sister, your mother and the widows in town, cause if they are peerless beauties they will somehow fall in love with him. By the end of the novel one struggles to remember who was who and I dare say that even the author forgot some of the women introduced.

As a typical modern Chinese novel (not sure if Xianxia) it fails to explain a lot of stuff and relies on luck granted by the heavens, where things just fall into Long Yi's lap.

It starts off lighthearted (minus the first thing Long Yi did when he arrived at that world) but then it tries to get serious, and fails at it. The sad moments don't actually have the impact the author would like on the reader, like you are supposed to cry at times but you didn't really get to the point of caring about certain characters. On the other hand, this story did make me laugh a lot.

In conclusion, if you have a lot of free time, you aren't looking for a serious read, you want a huge harem and an MC who doesn't beat around the bush, this might be the story for you. I warn you though, the ending seems poorly done.

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Vali Lucifer
Vali Lucifer
Jul 01, 2017
Status: c55
I love it. This is just what I like to read. Its not a full blown p*rn but its a mix. It has some plot, MC trains and there are some s*x scenes. You dont find such a mix often. Most of the time you either find novels with no interactions/sex/romance at all that have a lot of action and training, or either p*rn novels where there is next to no action. For example I shall seasl the heavans has not romance/sex/or anything. Its action and plot all the way.... more>> 1000 chapters and still no romance, its sad. On the other hand you have Dragon blood warrior that its only p*rn, every chapter there is sex, the romance is "fast" to say the least :D. And then you have this novel which is a mix of everything.

Its a fun and enjoyable read. Its good that the translator started to upload daily now. But better wait until it has 150-200 chapters before reading cuz the chapters are short and addicting. You will eat the firs 100 chapters in day or something like that.

It has its problems like any other novel. But everyone has his opinion. Read the first 20 chapters and see if you like it. I want say read the first 30 chapters but some might find that a little too much. <<less
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Oct 27, 2016
Status: c22
First of all if you are a modern minded person and can't accept harem this not for you. This is fairly good novel and It target a set of audiances to like this novel. I have only read few chapter so I can't say more about the story but it have a great start. The MC is seem to be quite serious in his previous life but when he awaken to this world its look like his attracted toward opposite gender rise to a whole new level.

For other who got... more>> annoyed why the author throwing girl to the MC, well you should remember why the title is called Womanizing Mage. Lol

The current translator is still need more improvement if you compare the first translator it have a quality different, but its great he pick this novel up and I hope he will not get discourage and improve in the future. <<less
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Oct 24, 2016
Status: c25
This one is a bit odd, it clearly doesn't go full on the "p*rn novel", but it also goes out of its way to throw away the pretense of a story by throwing females at the protagonist, that acts like a horny rabbit.

World building, character building, none of that really exists after you scratch the surface.

On the other hand, we are not stuck with the usual (well, for poor Japanese novels, I know this one is Chinese) simple, disconnected phrases, which makes things even more awkward, as if a somewhat... more>> good author decided to do the wording well, but put together the content without much thought.

The author being Chinese, you remove the tropes of the Japanese protagonist that says he wants to hide his power while using it all over the place. In its place, you add the overly aggressive characters willing to start a blood bath for the tiniest of reasons, especially if they are stronger than the opponent (or if they have a strong backer). I know it's just an exaggeration of a cultural thing, but it always makes things look even more stretched just because the author wanted an opponent and couldn't be bothered to put in real reasons. I mean, one or two overly aggressive people because high birth makes them look at everyone like they are tr*sh can work, but when it's the vast majority, it just makes a trope.

Also to be noted is that the translation is not that great, and not just because the original is in Chinese, but because there are quite a lot of cases of using an English word that sounds close to the correct one ('with its body riddled with scares', why is there an 'e' ?). Punctuation is also used in places that don't always make sense.

Anyway, rant is over, I'll conclude by saying that it's not really good as a story, nor is it good as a 18+ thing, so I'd advise to give this one a go unless you want to check for yourself. Not everyone likes the same things, so it most likely has an audience after all, it just doesn't include me.

TL;DR: OP protagonist harem building, but from a Chinese author, so add in the tropes of "I'll kill your entire country because I don't like how you look and you seem weaker than me" instead of "I'll vaguely try to hide while doing crazy things that will get noticed really fast". <<less
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Oct 01, 2017
Status: --
This author has never spoken to a female before.

This makes literally no sense. Nothing makes any sense. The characters act in completely ret*rded ways. I have VERY low standards for Xianxia and Xuanhuan stories, but this story has both utterly crap plot and utterly crap writing.

Honestly I wouldn't even approve this as a torture device. Too inhumane. I wouldn't want to force reading this garbage on anyone.
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Nov 21, 2017
Status: Completed
Its a good novel to read.
it's a good one for me but not for everybody.

also kudos to the translator for his dedication!

MC is Powerful but not OP since there are still many powerful people than him.
MC knows how to handle women!
MC has a harem.
MC has pets.
MC is smart but sometimes idiotic in love..... sometimes.
MC has god damn luck with women.
MC knows when to be ruthless and when to be kind.

Edited : 10/5/2019
Note: Ending is rushed.
Thank you for the dedication Translator.... more>> From translating this from start to finish. That was a ride.
I'm giving this 5 stars for the translator's dedication. Would be 4 due to the rushed ending though. <<less
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Jan 04, 2018
Status: c20
This is disgusting. That's coming from a guy by the way. The synopsis doesn't mention the guy enters the new body right BEFORE he r*pes the girl, and decides to r*pe her anyway. So far every good looking girl he's come across turns him into a raving s*x maniac. Peeps on a girl bathing in like chapter 5 and jerks off into her underwear. Same girl later is meditation and her robe slips a bit and shows cleavage. Apparently his only options are.. A.) Push her down and r*pe... more>> her or B.) Fix her robe. Of course just leaving her alone is impossible right?... so he picks option B (barely) and still touches her breasts.

Honestly think the author is just a pervert with no real writing skills. It's not even funny. The girl gets peeped on and he's the only person anywhere close by, yet she believes him instantly when he makes up some ret*rded excuse of how it couldn't be him. Anoter few words and she's traveling with him. It's like the author was thinking.. "I want this scenario to happen so I'm going to say it happens. Who cares how badly it's written, as long as my never-to-be fantasies happen in the story.

Don't bother with this novel if you have respect for women or writing.

EDIT: Almost forgot.. translation/ editing gets a 2 out of 5. Horribly done. <<less
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May 13, 2017
Status: c300
Many things have been said here for this series and I will briefly go over what I think. But before that, let me give a slight warning: this is not a novel for CERTAIN experienced readers who want to find intense and complex fighting scenes as well as admiring the MC's persistent determination and cunning

tactics against enemies of higher levels (our MC does have high intelligence but he will not be like those serious MCs)
. MC has his good points but this is... more>> more of a light read with a slightly distorted MC and his carefree attitude (except when things involve his girls and companions)

    • Great (3-4 out of 5 sometimes) plot and cliffhangers that make you want to read continuously whenever a chapter ends
    • Great world/cultivation/power levels settings and author doesn't blabber too much about the same scenery or world settings over and over again like many CN novels
    • MC is not a bad person in terms of personality (excluding the original owner of the body since he got reincarnated into another guy's body who's famous for being a tyrant rapist) but he is not a hero for justice either since he worked for an assassin's organization from the past life
    • Many comedy elements that will make you laugh just because of how sexually-related it is or how the MC gets into trouble with the girls
    • Spoiler

      A small con: quite forced relationships (3 out of 10 occasions) between MC and his girls since many of his girls fall for him almost after their second encounter but the girls' character development afterwards is not bad compared to many CN harem novels (author tries to eliminating the possibility that the girls turn 1-dimensional after they love the MC by separating them with some sort of "urgent situation")

    • Even though it's listed as R-18, this novel is not filled with explicit sexual scenes/descriptive words but the author only described "sexy time" very briefly and the story goes on forward.
Edit: As the story goes on from c400 onwards, many "boss" fights or major conflicts are set up with great anticipation and seriousness of how the MC will handle it.

The author does try to switch the novel's tone to a more serious one because literally, our MC is the key to handling everything (because the continent is not alone as everyone thinks) but the outcome is quite expected and most of the times, how the conflict or fight ended quite shortly (which is quite disappointing)

But then again, this is classified as more of a story of MC getting girls (hence the title "Womanizing Mage") and so, the expectation of anyone reading this series should not be raised as high as those xianxias or wuxias with over 1000+ chapters. THIS IS A LIGHT AND FUN READ, NOT A SERIOUS ONE (even though there are sad moments inside the story). <<less
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Feb 07, 2019
Status: c560
I am writing this novel mainly to show my support to it. I like this novel. This is without a doubt a novel where you find tonnes of girls and that's what you should expect if you read the title. It is a light-hearted novel with its own moments of seriousness, drama, and tragedy. Trust me, He Wins almost all of the time but that doesn't mean he doesn't lose.

What I didn't expect was that the story has a decent plot which itself can make you read the novel, but... more>> you have the Harem+ Romance added with it, making it only more interesting and entertaining. Honestly, Even if the novel doesn't go too deep into the character development, it is not terrible. If you can keep an open-mindset and look out for the things to enjoy, you will feel that the novel is not bad and you might even like it for that matter. This novel has *** scenes, so if you are a naive kid, I suggest you don't read this novel at all. You can skip it once or twice, but this novel has no lack of the *** scenes so be aware before you start reading it.

It is a Real Harem Novel. The MC is not a p*ssy who only gets sandwiched in the harem, he is the real deal. He does the deed if he decides on the girl. No shirking away from responsibility, no unnecessary shyness. He acts from his heart and mind. He manages his harem and is not managed by it. He is the main character and the man in charge, he acts like one.

So for those who are looking for Harem Novels with the plot with *** scenes (or no problem with it), This Novel will be a Rare Gem for you. I didn't find any novel which is similar to this till date. This might very well be one of its kind, the only one in this style.

Try it and you won't regret it. <<less
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Mar 31, 2018
Status: c378
First, I want to announce few things. I hate useless Fan Service. I hate protagonist who has ambition to make harem. I hate harem whose number more than 4. But... when I read it, eventhough all those elements mix in this novel, I want more!!!

-The MC has strong foundation. He wants harem, but he didn't use any cheat. He makes relationship flow normally by his sweet talk and charming appearance.

-The girls. The girls come from many background and have different nature. Fvck with Tsundere or something, the girls react... more>> normally with every action that MC does. There's no sudden love without sacrifice together or understand each other.

-Reader's Fantasy. Every man wants harem, it's normal. Here, if you're a man and want some fantasy to rise your libido and endorphine, this is for you. Every beauties are your food, they could be eaten if you try hard persuade them. And if you had tame them, they will follow you with all their heart. But, you must know the rule: looking for the new one, always remember an old one. So, where ever you go, you will have beauties to warm your bed.

PS: I will edit my review every 10 chapter if there's something wrong <<less
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Dec 16, 2017
Status: c148
I’ve read a lot of novels and I knew that sometimes the ones that sounded bad could be good so I gave this a chance.

I was so wrong, if you’re not a horny teen then this novel is terrible.

The story started off decent, but now it’s going nowhere. The author is basically making it up as he goes along, every plot development is linked to a girl somehow.

He leaves one place, meets a new girl or two, they fall in love for no reason other than shallow character development (as... more>> if there is any), eventually have to stay for some reason or other and part. Repeat.

I wish I was just being harsh, but I’m really not. He smiles at a girl and it’s the same reaction every time - “Why is my heart suddenly speeding up? I like him?”

The author cannot differnate personalities even if his life depended on it.

Cold beauty? Let’s scrap her personality and make her want to be a spoiled wife.

Hot temper? Hm, spoiled wife is better.

r*pe victim who despises him? Let’s conveniently make her forget what he did simply because looking at him makes you fall in love with him. Oh and let’s make her a spoiled wife. Oh and let’s make her want to have s*x with him because she’s totally not mentally scarred from what he did.


I mean literally copy and pasting everything from attitude to opinions, none are unique.

The author has a lot of growing up to do, because this story is about a man who goes outside his front door only to coincidentally meet a beauty with a big bust every time and have s*x with them within a week of meeting.

1/5, shame I can’t rate a zero.

Combat is ok but nothing special.

Romance? It can’t be called romance because there’s no depth or character.

Plot? Hah, good one. <<less
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Apr 28, 2018
Status: --
If I can give 0 star, I will give it without doubt.

Little character development, one track-mind of harem member, bland MC. Romance? Pretty sure female char get catch into harem without proper development isn't romance or romantic subplot at all. And Plot? What plot? I only see MC collect poke- I mean harem member. And do pa pa pa.

... more>>

This story MC, after he r*pe someone because so called plot that he can't control himself and that's it, even the victim is princess and he can still walk away? Sure, strong clan and doting parent on his back. After 100++ chapters the victim become one of his harem member because he is MC and all women eventually fall in love without proper development.


Plot? Hmm, from the title it already implied what kind of plot it can have, MC collecting harem member and that's not the problem. But the problem is the author can't deliver the proper development, if the main focus is how the MC get women, then at least make the part when female char develop her feeling for MC decent or good. But no, the author can't deliver it or make it decent. Welp, clap for a 'good' plot and writing that deserve 5 star. <<less
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Jan 10, 2018
Status: c300
I guess this one of those novels you either hate a lot or like a lot.

To begin with... the title of this noble is a bad one... no matter how you look at it, it has a bad title!

The MC is a righteous man before he dies, but he reincarnates in a perverted guy so his soul is influenced by the previous guy personality... and sort of becomes a degenerate but he is smooth as a river so he can get away with his shamelessness and when I say he... more>> is smooth... is because he is truly freaking smooth!

The leveling up and the whole world structure is fantastic! One of the best ones out there! The serious conflict that occur and many characters are very well constructed and their interactions are fun and deep as well.

overall a good novel! <<less
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Sep 11, 2017
Status: Completed
Okay, there's a big harem for MC. Quite natural, looking at the title's name. The problem is, although the girls all have different characters and personalities at the start, they all become the same after they fell in love with MC. You'd think that they are the same character if author didn't specify the setting good enough.

But if you love flirting dialogues like me, definitely give this a read. 5/5 please flirt more. (C166)

edit : I finally finished reading this. It was truly a great read, however some... more>> arcs near the end were quite disappointing.. Especially the last arc and epilogue. If author can stretch another 400~500 chapters for a proper closure then I'm pretty sure this will turn even better.

Though I can say that I am decently entertained for reading the whole thing. Some of the girls' romance were written nicely and I even felt quite depressed when some of them didn't get the perfect ending for their relationship with MC. <<less
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Nov 09, 2016
Status: Completed
Reviewed at c27 (proper tl) and final Postcripts (mtl), rated 3.

Womanizing Mage told the story of an upright man who was transported into the body of a womanizer wastrel. After the event, his personality seemingly "fused" with the wastrel, so the individual that appeared afterward was a super playboy with sufficient strength and charm to support his tendencies. He was not exactly ambitious, but in order to be able to live unfettered and make his women live happily, he became embroiled in power struggles.

The story was littered with numerous supposedly... more>> worldshaking beauties who fell in love with the MC, while he went on many adventures all around the world. Some of the adventures shared similar motives, but they always present new twists that was pretty interesting despite it's cliche factors. IMO, the number of harem was superflous since the MC adventures was interesting enough even if there's only a third of them. All the women clearly shared similar traits, although they came from different backgrounds, and generally were unable to grow as character. The dramatic twists became less heart-rending and even turn into plot hole because of the super-sized harem. Also, by the end of the story, it was apparent that the author had forgotten some previously key people.... which could probably be avoided if the harem size is far smaller.

Long story short, it was a sufficiently satisfying read, although I'm not interested to re-read it. You would probably appreciate it more if you like the combination of harem, cheesy lines, ecchi moments, and unrestrained OP MC. Not recommended for those looking for seriously tricky power struggles or weak-to-strong training stories, because these factors were oversimplified by fortuitous encounters here. <<less
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Apr 14, 2017
Status: c86
Firstly, the good points ~ The story is definitely not bad for a smut novel; in fact, whereas with most smut novels you'll end up reading it for the [plot], in WM, sometimes you'll actually read it for the story. That said, it's nothing really special. Conversely, compared to other H novels, the x scenes are not nearly as prevalent; however, they are definitely there and they're good/ok comparatively speaking. Basically, it's a smut Xuanhuan with an ok story and a somewhere between good and ok [plot].

The story itself revolves... more>> around Long Yi, a golden spoon fed young master whose depravity and sexual deviance was famous the world over. He somehow dies and another Long Yi (the real MC) who dies on earth gets transmigrated into the other Long Yi's body... who was at the time of his rapture, in the process of raping the Dragon Empire's Princess. Overcome by his passions, earth Long Yi r*pes the princess and so begins the story of the Womanizing Mage... Earth Long Yi was a gifted martial artist back on earth and he had perfected the art of inner qi something something which gives him plot armor... helps him out in this new martial world.

Concerning the bad stuff, well, realizing full well that this is a smut novel and going into it with the attitude of, "I'm really not expecting something great, " I don't really have too much to say about it. The one major problem imo is the fact that the women in this novel are too unbelievable. I mean oc they're the gorgeous peerless beauties trope but that's not even my issue; basically, these girls will accept any girl that the MC looks at. Additionally, our MC really and truly is a womanizer... and women who would otherwise want to murder him almost instantly fall in love with him soon thereafter ~ and so the harem balloons. In short my issue is with the unrelatable characters and the insta-romance. That said, the characters are actually kinda likeable but the romance is warp speed fast. <<less
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Mar 25, 2017
Status: c74
I really enjoyed it, it tends to focus on a typical story of weak to strong after the main character is forced out of his house due to some reason. Its nice in that his family actually likes him (most of it anyways) and plus he is from a powerful family rather than those loner type MC's who are all like: "i alone will stand at the summit" and forget all about their family. This novel actually covers many aspects and make's sure no important side characters are cast aside.... more>> There are not too many plot holes. What some people might consider a downside though is the increased amount of s*x and him picking up girls. What I have to say about this is that its not that bad. The women are not 2D and actually get fleshed out slowly, and the s*x makes it more maturish and enjoyable, the MC is not a traditionalist prude that never actually does anything with his harem of beauties.

Plus the number of girls in the harem is not extravagant, it is actually, so far, a fairly manageable size. Each girl has a personality and a cool background. Finally, the plot itself is interesting, the novel slowly expands the world and shows us the MC's rise to prominence.

I could write a lot more, but I will end this with me saying that I found this to be an enjoyable mature read. <<less
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