Womanizing True Immortal


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Half-Immortal Yang Tian faced off against 9 Half-Immortals for his vengeance. While he succeeded, he sustained critical injuries and returned to Earth for his final resting place. However he managed to break through to True Immortal and his temperament returns to that of a young man. He just wants to have a lot of wives and live a quiet life. However, trouble always comes knocking.

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Phong Lưu Chân Tiên
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LoneDK rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c935
I don't usually do a novel review unless I'm done with it but since I'm the current translator, I might as well do one. First off, ignore the title of the novel, it sounds better in Vietnamese and womanizing doesn't mean sleep with every women like in English. There are definitely a lot of women and the MC does sleep with some of them but don't expect any R18 scene. The novel is good and becomes so much more than just about picking up women (though that's still very prevalent).... more>> Be warned, I am the translator so I am a bit biased.

Story (4.5/5) : There's an actual story to tell here. The first part is just the MC roaming around being awesome and picking up women but the later part has a actual story and an actual main antagonist. Several in fact and some of them are pretty interesting and not just some pissed off self entitled young master. It opens up much of the universe and the lore and very interesting so far. The world building is decent enough and it doesn't feel barren as in everything just revolves around the MC. The later part of the story feels more like ED without all the repetitiveness and with an actual story. And while the story is nothing too groundbreaking it's still a very solid foundation for the story.

Writing (4.5/5) : Could use a bit more work, I find that the author can be a bit wordy. This is especially true since I'm translating it and have to go over the novel line by line. I didn't have any problem the first time I read it since my brain just automatically skip over the wordy parts. It definitely improves later on in the novel. The flow of the story makes sense, there's consistency and I never had trouble following the story. Everything is explained very well and plot holes are few and far between. The cultivation system is explained and very clear. The novel is not too repetitive and it actually kept me surprised.

Character (4.5/5) : As far as xianxia goes, this one is pretty decent. The MC is extremely likable, he behaves like how you would expect expect a normal person to behave and doesn't go around wantonly kill people for the slightest offense. He's someone I would actually like to sit down and have a beer with. The side characters are miss and hit. Some of them are pretty memorable and others are kind of just 2 dimensional. The harem reflects this as some women are super memorable and developed while others are just kinda there. The non-harem characters are decent and interesting enough. They don't feel too 2d and all of them have drives and aspirations. One thing that this novel shines in though are the villains. They are actually decent as in they are not solely written to be hated. You'll hate some of them but others are sympathetic and logical. They don't just act stupid and throw everything at the MC. Later on I actually rooted for a rival of the MC.

I enjoy this novel immensely even after 900 chapters. It's one of those novel that you feel good reading and you just have fun.

Total score: 5/5 (It's 4.5/5 but I told you I was biased). <<less
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vamsip000 rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c400
This novel satarted intersting but it cannot be fully matched with the title as what we are expecting form title like womanizing mage. This novel was as our ML tries to get to make many women love him by his efforts and there was no elobrate s*x scenes just single line. After nearly 400 chapters we know the true identity of MC and after his life and death battle he was rest and recuperates somewhere and the plot gets boring as he restarts cultivating from sctratch. When we first started... more>> reading and from synopsis we think rolling MC all the way but not in later and thats all the filtring was somewhat likable but it stops later. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: c111

Womanizing True Immortal the irony is he can barely get any girls to like him. One of the most mess up harem novel I read so far I can't remember who's who with the ladies it's just like author dump woman A, B, C etc to MC without much progress and MC is an idiot who have no idea how to court a girl and always ask for advice to other people yet he blames other people if the advice won't work.

Reading chapters 100+ I realize who confusing and... more>> annoying this novel is. The MC is a true Immortal so he don't gave a care about his surrounding but he always complain when things doesn't go well or something bad happen yet the MC won't take action because he is the so called TRUE IMMORTAL so he won't be bother by mortal problem. It's so stupid I am speechless.

Another part is the annoying game filler, Imagine reading a few chapters about MC playing game and you have no idea what kind of game the MC is playing. Was it an online MMORPG? No idea!

It was an interesting Idea but the author failed to support the idea and as a result you have a very annoying things to read. It started good yeah the author didn't even finish the first part before jumping to another and this is repeated for the next 100 chapters. Imagine in just a 100 chapters I can't remember how many girls MC encounter how many enemies MC encounter and How many problems MC left unsolved and if you even insert the how many MC played game chapters.

I might be bias but I'm dropping this novel. <<less
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eray.gns rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: --
I stopped reading this novel at chapter 60.

... more>>

MC acts like a salivating baboon everytime he sees a woman (he has like 10+ girls he is pursuing at the moment) but when it comes to confronting the girl he effed sometime ago to cure her cold disease (cultivation disease) he is like a total Japanese beta MC. Acts like she doesn't exist or isn't woman and tries to avoid her. I mean wtf, why? Just a word and you literally have your first harem member ready and waiting but NOO! Better act like a douche! OH and mind you, story starts with "MC focused on cultivation and had no time for girls before and wants to enjoy love filled youthful life but then some tens of chapters later he reminices about how he had many girls and wonder what they are doing at the moment.....


Also I don't like harem novels where MC chases so many girls simultaneously that you don't even feel the love and instead it is just pure frustration and pokemon collecting novel.

There is also some cultivation stuff but currently these are irrelevant. MC stomps everyone if he isn't lazy or chasing/deceiving girls. <<less
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Bond000 rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c114
This story is a pretty good modern cultivation novel (although the bar is set pretty low from what I've read). There isn't actually much cultivation on the MC's part since he's one of the top 10 strongest in that verse (you read this in the 1st chapter). Therefore, it's basically a slice of life novel where the MC goes around collecting girls like pokemon. There's some action but it always gets resolved pretty easily. Actually, this novel would be a pretty fun read if it wasn't for 1 aspect. The... more>> MC.

The MC becomes a complete b***h every time a beautiful woman talks to him. If they say jump, he says "how high?". No matter how unreasonable the request he won't refuse them. Plus, he basically won't do anything if there are no women involved. This is funny at first but becomes tedious when you realize that he could literally just wave his hand and solve the problem. Expect the vast majority of beautiful women he meets to be potential harem members no matter how abhorrent their personalities are. A significant amount of potential harem members to date don't even like him but are using him for his power (even though they don't know the full extent of it). The author doesn't care and is just throwing new women into his life without turning any of the previous women into real relationships. Adding to this, the dude has zero game. ZERO. He lacks any amount of common sense when it comes to interacting with women. It's played off for laughs but it becomes irritating because you'd expect someone who's lived for 1000+ years to be able to know when a woman likes them and not **** it up.

I'd give it a 6.5, its worth a read but if you don't mind what I said. I'll evaluate aspects of the story to round out the review:

Story: 5/10 - It's not really a plot driven novel. More slice-of-life and comedy but it looks like there might be an exploration element in the future. Expect the same sh*t in a different setting. (E.g. LOHP)

Characters: 4/10 - I won't repeat what I said about the MC but the other characters aren't great either. Pretty 1-Dimensional in general. The women range from trash to pretty nice. Of course, the nice ones think the MC is earnest about wanting to date them and they don't know about the other girls.

World building 3.5/10 - Typical modern cultivation world. If you've read 1 you won't see anything shocking. At least the MC leaves the city he's in once so that's pretty good? There's a number of factions but they're basically all the same (generic good faction, generic bad faction, bunch of other groups noone really cares about and are basically only mentioned in exposition)

Translation: 8/10 - Good translation with notes about the cultural influences of the story and references a western reader might not know about. The grammar is also good.

Concept - 5/10 - Not original

Execution - 5/10 - Not great, not garbage. I've seen some truly trash novels with a similar set-up.

If you read this novel looking for a womanizing type MC, read womanizing mage instead (set in a fantasy world). If you wanted a modern novel, read tranxending vision (not cultivation but still good). <<less
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