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It has been five years since an Omega held a post in the military of the Empire. After all, the delicate and soft Omegas are obviously not suited for the tough military system. Until one day, the Imperial Navy with an Alpha-Omega ratio of nearly 99:1, appeared a freshman like Lu Jingning, who directly overwhelmed a group of seniors in a competition on the first day of school.

The whole school was shocked, this Omega was as explosive as an Alpha! Lu Jingning, the Demon King of Chaos and Light amidst the sea, Emperor Wen Xingchen became the two great legends of the Imperial Navy. During the military school league, the two teamed up and infiltrated deep into the enemy camp, directly obliterating the strongholds of other schools.

Everyone was very curious, if these two get into a fight, who will come out stronger?

One day, Lu Jingning blocked Wen Xingchen in the corridor and stretched his neck in front of him. “Come, take a bite. Be good and mark me,” he said.

Wen Xingchen: “I’m happy to help.”

Many years later-

Wen Xingchen: “Why did you choose me?”
Lu Jingning: “Do you want to hear the truth?”
Wen Xingchen: “Speak.”
Lu Jingning: “Of course it’s because you are the first person who didn’t kneel when you smelled my pheromones.”
Wen Xingchen: “?”

Lu Jingning’s quote: if you smell my pheromones but don’t kneel, count me as the loser~

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New tt2005 rated it
February 3, 2024
Status: Completed
This is very much a romance novel. We don't get much backstory or conflicts. It focuses mainly on the relationship of the main characters and their development. The MC and ML are very powerful to begin with. They both come from families with strong military background and famous reputations. The Alphas in ML's family are all S class and MC has to hide his relationship with his father at school because that's how well known his dad is in the military. MC is also born with strong pheromones, trained like... more>> an Alpha as a child and his whole family (regardless of whether they're Omegas or Alphas) are on top of their industry/career of choice. So they are very OP to begin with and in the story, no one can match their strengths expect themselves. Also, we're sort of told ML doesn't get along with his family (mainly his dad) but they still very much support him. Regardless of their conflicts, they care deeply for ML and do the best they can.

The MC and ML are okay. They're not the worst characters I've read but also not the best. I really do like their relationships with their family though. MC's family is amazing and ML' s brother is so adorable. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
solivagantsoul rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: Completed
an interesting ABO novel. As the first reviewer, I encourage anyone who enjoys AO romance with a badass omega MC who is evenly matched with ML. He shines the brightest no matter where and can truly cause alphas to kneel at his feet with his pheromones.

loved the proactive MC and how the two never shied away from the public or each other. The side couples were not explored much but are matched well.

this to receive its full potential would have focused more or academy rivalry, domination by MC and ML,... more>> more missions and maybe explored more with zergs and diff intercellular races. the start was good mid-story was not bad but later it could have been more exciting. anywho, I definitely recommend one to try this. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
qeesa rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: --
I gave this a high rating because when I opened it, there's only 1 5 star rating and one 1 star rating, so I did it to counter the bad review from what I could only guess to be a bot or a homoph*be.

However, after I read a few chapters (was at chapter 39), I just couldn't find myself liking it all that much. Not because it's Gary Stu novel - I LOVE Gary Stu/Mary Stu novel - but how much the MC gave off the "Pick Me Girl/Boy" type.... more>> I honestly can't handle these types of MC lol.

So after chapter 39 I just decided to drop it. I'm giving it a 3 Star because it honestly doesn't deserve too low of a ranking. It's okay the MC is just not my preference. I was a bit disappointed since the author's other novels, E-Sport Toxic Camp and the other one with Omega, I quite love both MC from both novels. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
talkingtothestars rated it
January 13, 2024
Status: Completed
2.5 stars.

The novel had a lot of potential but never lived up to it.

Let's start with the good parts. While the MC and ML were overflowing with Gary Stu-ness, I got what I came for and I really didn't mind it. The MC is really funny and his tacit understanding with ML made for some really funny scenes. I liked the MC and how unashamed he was to be himself, he's the kind of character that lives in the moment and lives to the fullest. The cast of... more>> characters and their humour really carried the novel for me. The MC and ML's family, their friends and the enemies turned allies after face slapping all added to my enjoyment of the novel.

Other than the characters, I was disappointed by everything else in the novel.

The plot: The author focused a lot on writing about their lives in school, in classes and on missions, but for the climax of the story, they just sped through it. The story felt incomplete, because the author built up to the war towards the end of the novel, the war started but never ended (in the main story) ! The story ends after the main couple's engagement banquet. Like what...? And this supposed huge war that has been brewing for a hundred years was ended with a few sentences in the extras. Before the war, there was a tournament arc that spanned at least 20 chapters. The whole war was wrapped up in the same number of chapters as a tournament arc. In comparison to the tournament, the war seemed like a joke.

The world building: It's a typical sci-fi world with mechas and communicators, but the world building was so inconsistent. The students used mechas to fight for combat classes and during their club activities, but strangely when it came to actual combat on missions and the war, there was no mention of mechas (which I would have thought was their main weapon), and some characters even used weapons like swords and knives. I can't really recall if guns were mentioned but surely these characters would be wiped out once the enemies whip out a gun. For a supposedly advanced society they sure are rather backwards in their war strategies.

The romance: The story always had a rather huge leaning towards the romance side. Even when there was war breaking out, the MC and ML took a leave from the frontlines to have an engagement banquet. While I did think that the main couple was cute together, I felt like the MC had no understanding of what romantically liking someone was. When the MC decided to chase the ML, it was because he was physically attracted to the ML (pheromone compatibility) and he felt obligated to make it up to the ML for using him. It didn't feel like he did it because he was romantically attracted to the ML.

The translation: It is decent edited MTL but the translator often gets confused between characters mentioned in the previous paragraph and the next paragraphs. It seems like the translation is still being edited as the translation quality went down towards the end of the stories, and especially in the extras. The translation is still decent, thank you translators for your hard work!

Overall, fun characters hard carried a story that was in shambles. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluedrop rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: Completed
The translations aren't as bad as one reviewer mentioned. I was actually dreading opening it up expecting a huge mess but I think the translators must have fixed it, because the links don't work, however the novel is still listed on their site which I ended up reading from. It was dry but pretty decent translations.

To the actual story. Man. I love ABO. I also won't turn down OP MCs or MLs within reason. And since this is mostly tied with humor, I went with the flow. It was a... more>> pretty ok read.

But I kept feeling it lacked something to push it into a really really good story. It is honestly a very light read with little depth. We see glimpses of it occasionally, like a deeper undercurrent but we never delve into it. I felt like I was left hanging a lot.

Relationship-wise, there were times I felt this was more of a romantic subplot. Because after MC and ML get together, their relationship is barely focused on besides the occasional smexy times.

I liked MC and ML as individuals and as a couple and I wish their relationship was developed more. Several story threads were left hanging and we kept getting introduced to new characters that were easily discarded a few chapters in. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cygnusblack0303 rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Aight, I might be a bit biased coz I really loved this novel so welp

If you need too OP, confident, troublemaker omega MC with a doting, supportive, literal equal strength ML, then give this one a try. The translations are very good and it's nearly done so give it a go.

Also it has surprisingly detailed smut, though fr they're a bit too fast but well this is A/B/O.

Just don't expect profound plot. Although the world building is a bit OK, most of the time it's just MC (with ML) showing... more>> off his strength in various occasions and contests, with a bit of face slapping from ppl who underestimate his strength coz omega.

Still give this 5 coz I enjoyed it, it tingled all the right nerves and I didn't feel bored. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zuzuo3o rated it
August 15, 2022
Status: Completed
its a light read novel

i would have loved it if the zergs and humans could co-exist : (; I dont like unilateral slaughter : (as shown

MC and ML characters both are vivid it was nice to see them bicker in start xD

... more>> i like strong MCs so it wasnt bad ? Hes kinda childish more like he developed more muscles than brain

i like all side cps they are so cutee


i wanted to know if mc's roommaate every found about his dads whereabouts : (

and if tang guy reached his goal

i wish if it had more chs it was really interesting af <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jiiemm rated it
December 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Another story with a very OP MC character!!

I liked how the process of them getting together didn't have to be full of twists and turns, no rejection of feelings, no distractions, and how our super strong omega chased her husband in a refreshing way..

side characters have their own powers and stories.. And they're fun too. Their cute family characters.

quite entertaining and fun to pass the time, but honestly this is not the best omega story.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sporky rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c139
I freaking loved it!!! I am such a fan of OP Omega Lu Jingning! The author shies away from hard sci-fi / mecha topics, but the strong and playful characters, COMMUNICATION, respect, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS?!? Sign me tf up! The arcs are interesting, pacing is pretty good, spicy bits are spicy, and banter / comedy is off the charts. It's a great mix. I'd love to see a little further into the future but that's just because I want to see MOREEEE! Worry not, the ending is still satisfying. 10/10 would... more>> recommend. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
art3micia rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: c1
While the novel isnt too bad, a bigger issue is the translation. There are many chapters where names are wrong, I / he/you/ she are mixed, in some instances, I'm pretty sure paragraphs or sentences are missing, and lastly, sometimes the translation itself does not make any sense.

I'll be blunt and say that reading it MTL could be better, because at least you know it's MTL.

Now, the story it self.... We have two OP protagonists, but it really isnt explained in the novel why and how they re so OP.
There are plenty of plot holes, both in the romance part and in the world-building but honestly, it doesn't detract... more>> from the fun of reading the novel.

I cant say I recommend it wholeheartedly, but if you want a light novel with not a lot of drama this is an ok novel. <<less
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