This Omega is Sweet and Wild


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Li Cheng is an omega, but he is thoroughly like an alpha.

He regards teachers like friends, is unrivalled in the swimming pool and also has 80 betas as his lil’ brothers.

One day, Li Cheng loudly declares ⸺ He’s determined to win the campus male god alpha Xiao Yiheng over. He must become his!

“Xiao Yiheng is smart, handsome, and tall! Moreover, he has long legs and a perky butt. His strong XX capability can be seen with just a glance! Only this kind of alpha is worthy of me!”

Long-legged, perky-butt, and has strong XX capability Xiao Yiheng: “……”

To show his determination, Li Cheng proclaims that he would give him a love bento every morning.

The next day, Li Cheng stayed up all night playing games and can’t get up.

The third day, Li Cheng danced the night away with others and can’t get up.

The fourth day, Li Cheng fought with the gang from the neighbouring school and can’t get up.

Then came the fifth day… The sixth day… The seventh day…

Just when Li Cheng is just about to forget his plan of courting the male god, Xiao Yiheng obstructs him inside one of the locker room’s cubicles before his swimming training.

“Xiao Yiheng, w-what do y-you want with Laozi?”

“Because I was waiting for your lunch box, I haven’t eaten breakfast for a whole week.” Xiao Yiheng had a cold expression. With a fake smile, he continued, “But… Your pheromone smells quite delicious.”

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Cái tên omega này vừa ngọt lại vừa dã
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xxriane rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I saw a review on jjwxc that the novel was a bit lacking and was nearly persuaded to not read this.

But!!! The writing style is fluent and has a reasonable flow of events. The descriptions evoke vivid imagery. It is meticulous, humorous and interesting.

Plot-wise, on one hand, this is a story about two outstanding boys falling in love. Super duper sweet and loving; On the other hand, this is a story about two youths walking towards their dreams.

... more>>

One would be a world champion in swimming who triumphed over gender discrimination through hard work while the other would be the most talented in the new generation of painters who managed to completely break away from his straight A cancer* parents.

*Refers to alphas who think that they are supreme. Alpha "chauvinists", if you will


If this can't be regarded as a good novel, that reviewer on jjwxc will definitely miss the opportunity to read a lot of good novels. <<less
45 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
VHanuel rated it
August 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Li Cheng is such a mood, there are times where the greatest things ever just came out of his mouth and caused me to wheeze.

Li Cheng and Xiao Yiheng don't just fall in love right away but instead it takes times to build up their relationship and it's very satisfying to read.

Update: I came back after finishing the book.

... more>>

I was a bit disappointed that when he left his parents he didn't take the Gold Medal that Li Cheng gave him earlier in the book with him.

When Li Cheng won and broke the WORLD RECORD at the CHAMPION, I was so happy and almost cried! I was so proud just like a mom watching her son.

Also, Xiao Yiheng exposed his parents for gender discrimination at their work place. Karma hits hard!

Xiao Yiheng also showed off that he made a permanent mark with Li Cheng in the face of the guy that was chasing him and he was pissed saying stuffs like, "I don't believe you" "He and I are the perfect match". Sorry to break your bubble, dude, but Li Cheng is Xiao Yiheng's only.

Anyway, I'm glad that they have a happy ending. <<less
28 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kitsunesuki rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c20
I was hoping this would be like the short story of ShaoWang and as a result I was bitterly disappointed. This is absolute sexist tr*sh. The author takes a bold and fierce Omega and forces him to submit to an arrogant a**hole Alpha who definitely does not deserve it. XY -"So what if the little wild cat had a bad temper? If he continued petting, stroking and cuddling him, there would surely be a day when the lil’ wild cat trusted him and depended on him. That was an irresistible... more>> attraction to all owners." There's so much wrong with this metaphor, we'd be here all day if I actually unpacked it all. But I will say that it's disgusting that this jerk thinks he can be LC's owner. Just gross. If you have even a spark of feminine pride, you'll think this is just as disgusting as I do. <<less
27 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ARB.HJP rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c56
This is not a terrible book, but I hate the way that the dynamic between the MC and ML is. I feel like the ML is always in control, and the MC off-balance. The power dynamic is so messed up, and although it is to be expected of ABO-verse, I was really hoping for something different based off the synopsis. It feels too much like a het romance in some ways with all the most annoying 'female MC who is wild and free tamed by the domineering ML' kind of... more>> tropes. Not my thing. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
potxki rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: --
this can be easily turned into a live-action BL drama. There's enough scenes of the plot that can make this into hilarious, interesting BL drama adaptation.

imagine a flashy, loud, school brawn omega who belongs to the school swim team (that's why he can get away with not studying seriously, he earns the school so many sports medals and trophies) proudly declares in any given chance his goal of getting a world championship meeting a cold, silent, straight-A alpha (also earns a lot of academic medals and trophies) who is hiding... more>> his actual dream career because of his overbearing parents.

their first meeting all the way to them reaching their dream goals are well-written and 'action-packed'. The dialogues are funny and believable. All the characters are vivid and three-dimensional.

it's a recipe for a romcom sprinkled with a tiny bit of angst and soaked with hilarious and cute moments.

and boi, the story is truly funny at times, mostly because of our omega MC. The last time I laughed so much because of chinese webnovels, it's when I was reading Love Stops Rumors and Everyone Thinks I Like Him. Come to think of it, this novel has the same funny and cute vibe of Everyone Thinks I Like Him though the characters here are a bit younger. If you like how well fleshed out the characters in ETILM, then you'll like this story as well.

i rarely read a/b/o stories but this one is a must read if you're up for something to warm your heart. Both MC and ML are well fleshed out, even the side characters. I find myself cheering MC and ML, emotionally committed to their own ambitions. They don't hinder each other's careers nor overstep. Sometimes I lose interest the moment the couple in a story gets together but I read this until the end (and the extra chapters) because I'm really emotionally invested at them at this point. Lol. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
XianYiXi rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.6 (0.6 for extra chapters..... I just f*cking loved it).

Get ready to fall for Most Coolest Omega in novel. I just f*cking love Li Cheng ❤️.

This is the kind of novel that I would gladly re-read it again. The story is about Tyrant Omega X Cold Male god Alpha and the story is not just only about their love life and romance but also their dream and how they achieve it.

Our MC Li Cheng is the type of omega I love....... Strong, Wild, Cool and Confident but also Clumsy, dumb and Sweet. His existence is the best things about this novel. He's such a mood. I loved how author portrayed his character and personality..... The kinda character you can't help falling for.

Well, before reading this I saw some negative comments about ML and I am just saying, Action are all same, the difference is just the way we see or prefer to see. ML actions....... You see, when someone unknown or you don't like pursue you and draw your picture, you might find it creepy and disgusting but the same action, if done by someone you have crush or someone you like, you won't find it creepy instead you might even like it and this case is similar with ML. The thing with ML action before confessions, some might not like it but people like me is fine with it because He's freaking ML whom MC like and He (MC) doesn't mind ML action and is just shy about the whole thing, so who cares. And also some comments about ML being controlling....... Are we reading same novel??

Well, ML is like all rounder perfect (he isn't male god for no reason) but lack at the things his partner is good at. Kinda like how he will also do clumsy things when in love.

I love their Romance. Their development is neither too fast nor too slow, although ML falling for MC was actually quick. I actually love their differences and how despite that they love and support and respect each other. ... more>>

I freaking screamed when ML let the other guy hear why MC love him...... pahhhh the audacity of the guy to dare say that he's the best for MC


Also this is my first time reading SPORTS genre novel and for me The sports parts was good.

Overall it was good. I liked the ending. It was good but the extra chapter made it very beautiful good ending.

It was nice to see bit of their uni campus life, their cohabitation, the variety show, the retirement and mostly the baby..... yes Mpreg.


Spoiler but not actually Spoiler

Since Many ABO novel getting sequel with their child love story, I would love to see the sequel for this one too. I want to see what zhizhi might differentiate into. I am fine with anything but my imagine prefer him to be a Alpha..... with looks like his alpha father and cheerfulness like his omega father and relationship like his beta aunt.... kidding, but I can imagine him as playful and a bit playboy kinda character alpha, who end up falling for cold and strict omega.... or it can be beta or alpha..... oh my imagination.


Thanks to the translator for translating this novel ❤️ <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vennix rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: c107
Overall, this novel was... pretty nice.

The story that was shown throughout the chapters was quite refreshing, funny and inspiring. Very sweet at the end, too. The MC and ML s personalities felt realistic and it was obvious that the author had an idea of how to develop the plot and move throught the arcs... at least until the 3/4 of the novel.

... more>>

When our MC Li Cheng goes to the international competition, there are some scenes that can end up causing some disgust if you pay too much attention to them. At the beginning of the arc (if I'm not mistaken), our MC meets Alexander, another competitor (alpha, Australian) who discriminates against him for being Chinese and omega.

Quite realistic, in my opinion.

The discrimination against the 'weaker' gender and other races is something that happens in real life too. I, as a girl and a person who grew up in a poor neighborhood in Latin America, can attest to that.

However, the way our MC addresses this issue during the following chapters until the end of the arc is something that not only does not show a wrong way of reacting to discrimination, but a prejudice or 'joke' (quite crude, in if it is) that it seems that the author of the work has against 'white' people. Which seems pretty serious to me, considering that this arc is trying to teach a lesson related to discrimination.

But hey, let's get on with this. In the book, Li Cheng, immediately after Alexander's first act of racism is committed, begins to refer to him as 'white orangutan', doing derisive actions towards him like throwing a banana at him (which is just s*upid) .

Uh-huh, I know many people think this... is probably okay.

"Come on, girl. That white orangutan was being discriminative against him first, so he deserves it. Blah, blah, Li Cheng is fighting against discrimination, blah, blah."

Well... no.

Li Cheng is being racist. The comment of 'white orangutan' is just what it is.


Just like calling someone 'cholo' with the objective of making someone feel less is an obvious indicative of racism in my country, someone calling other 'white orangutan' repeteadly (even if its only in his own private thoughts) is a BIG red flag.

It doesn't matter if you were discriminated first, for more fair that it sounds. That goes for our MC too.

Anyways, all of this may have sound like 'too much' for others, but it something that should concern us a lot.

Which was the message that the author wanted to give us with this arc? It would have been really amazing if they made this to show us that discrimination is something that we all do and it doesn't matter the race because just like others discriminate us, we also do that to them.

However, that... may not been the case. This arc and how it was written only show me that the author wanted to share this message: Chinese people are better than others and white people are obviously not only worse than them, but rude and disgusting.

That's s*upid and too 2D!

The problems that Li Cheng has faced in this arc are realistic, but badly developed until the end. Besides that, this part of the novel made too obvious the bias that the author has towards Chinese people (which, well, might be understandable considering that it's a Chinese novel, duh) .

At the end, it could only made me think that just as 'white' people are discriminative with others, the Chinese are the same, just that they won't admit it.

(Yes, I'm not white and I'm not complaining about this arc because I discriminate Chinese people, d*mn.)

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Amy1613 rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c42
Apparently based on the reviews here and the comments under the chapters, there aren't a lot of people who share my opinion but this is literally one of the worst novel I have ever read. I didn't have high expectations but my god this novel sucks so bad.

The MC (Li Cheng) is just very annoying and so damn dislikable. He is supposed to be a strong omega who breaks gender norms, which is a great concept, but the way the author writes him comes off as very rude and sexist... more>> most of the times.

ML (Xiao Yiheng) is on the other hand is a very strerotypical cold, good looking, misunderstood guy who is talented and is desired by everyone. Like would it kill the author to give him a few flaws.

I have read 41 chapters and have not personally liked any of the characters so far. All the characters in this novel are bland and uninteresting as f*ck. In addition to that, one of the main tags in this novel should not be comedy. Like there literally is no substance to these 'jokes'. It's always like someone says or does something offensive/rude (like one time the MC was bodyshaming a kid in front of a school and the security guard siting there didn't say anything and instead thought that the MC was doing a brave thing.) Or someone embarrasses themselves and it is somehow supposed to be funny. And if it's not that, the characters just show a very exaggerated reaction to things that not a big deal.
Also the storywriting is terrible. This whole novel is basically tell not show. Instead of showing us how the characters feel, the author just shoves the information down our throats. The characters also act very unrealistic. Like I'm not expect them to act like real teenagers, but a lot of the things they think/do are just very odd. Along with that all the things always seem to work out for the main characters. There is very little build up to the story. Like when the MC needed to go to a junior high to attempt the nation health education couse, the ML conveniently had to be a teaching assistant for the same class MC was going toto attend.

But I did like the temporary marking part so 1 star for that.


Overall, I do not recommend this novel to anyone who doesn't like a bland story and unfunny characters, along with sprinkles of misogyny, colourism, sexism, unfunny, cringy and weird/inappropriate jokes. So don't waste your time on this. There are plenty of other shorter and more interesting novel out there with good character arcs so read them instead of this clusterf*ck. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Min Shallots
Min Shallots rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: c59
In general, I thought the romance in this novel was pretty well written. I like the MC's brash, school-tyrant character and the romantic development pre-temporary mark. The first couple meetings between MC and ML were definitely the most interesting for me, where both of them were teasing back and forth. ML accidentally leaves pheromones on MC, MC gives ML's name to gangsters he beat up, etc.

Later on, it always seems to be ML teasing MC or MC trying and failing to tease ML, which is a lot less interesting. It... more>> generally devolves into, ML says something mildly inappropriate and MC blushes a lot. I really wish MC would troll the ML some more. It might just be part of the MC's tsundere personality, but he sort of folds like wet tissue paper whenever the ML is involved later on.

My main issue with the novel is the ML's personality. Overall, ML is a pretty standard ice king, perfect all around guy. (This man is not only a master painter, but top of his class, and really good at athletics. Would it kill the author to give him some flaws? &Gt;.>) However, the way he approaches courting the ML rubs me the wrong way. As another user mentioned, some of the language he uses is pretty sus. ML's confession scene to MC was hot, but bothered me just a bit.


Not only is the ML painting the MC in his spare time (creepy much?) but when he baits MC into looking at his painting, he bites the MC's neck out of the blue. Which I'm pretty sure the MC mentioned earlier was a form of s*xual harassment, even if ML knew the glands weren't there. Mind you, this is before they actually get together.


TLDR: I liked the MC, didn't like the ML. You'll probably like the novel, I'm sensitive to this stuff. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Common_people rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Full stars for this novel. I like the pair MC&ML. Their relationship development is good, but it's not disrupt their passion that they want to relize. Our MC is a muscle brain omega with strong personality and an orphan. He the kind of school gang boss, but talented swimmer, respected by his Bros and classmates. And our ML a standard gong sue, handsome in face, academic and economic minus his over too strick robotic parent. But I think he is pretty friendly. Just like a popular guy in your school... more>> with everyone surround him but still feel distant, not the kind of social brothers.

Eventhough our ML have a nature alpha who want to dominate his partner, but he never step on the mc's dream. Because that's what makes MC shine and what make ML attracted to MC. The ML have to sue his dream too. Of course ML a bit black bellied, thinking how to claim his omega and make him sit still as his.

I like the supporting roles, like MC's bro and ML's friend who misunderstand their relationship, their teacher who support them, the cute MC sister who a lil pro playgirl, even the Canon fodder who chasing after MC. They pretty much bringing the fun of the story. Some villain still hatefull. But thats what the need of the story.

After all, this is one of the best Abo novel to me, with light plot and joyfull. If you like sweet and fluffy but fresh and not greasy, I think this one is good choice to read <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gumamela rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is surprisingly excellent. I mean, at first, I thought I can already tell the whole story based on the synopsis so I am very happy I decided to read this.

I don't want to say anything about the plot. I just want to share that the MC and ML's love story is very sweet, funny and just all in all lovely.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
southend rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: Completed

A super hot chili boss omega MC X cool and artistic alpha ML. I like how the MC is tough and an athelete while the ML is more detail-oriented and a painter which is the opposite of most BL novels. NOT CLICHÉ and I really got attached to them ♡ FLUFF-PACKED, great writing, and the best character development! (Li Cheng 爱 Xiao Yiheng)

Def one of the very few novels I'd rate 5 stars, I HIGHLY recommend reading this <33
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jwel rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this novel.

MC is not your common Omega. He proves that Omegas are not weak. His positive and independent attitude make people follow and like him.

ML is smart and with his indifferent attitude it is no wonder why he fell for MC. He is cunning but he never force MC.

I love how their relationship grew.

The little sister is very adorable.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is sweet and wild like the title. In this novel, the unbridled MC and the apathetic ML have a chance meeting and become entangled with each other. Thus begins their relationship from strangers to enemies, enemies to friends, and friends to lovers.

The genre is slice-of-life and bildungsroman, but there is a fair amount of plot. MC's motivations stemming from his past are explored, and ML's faces his own struggles as a product of two high achieving and exceedingly controlling parents. Together, they work to solve their problems and... more>> grow from them while achieving their goals. However, be prepared to roll your eyes as MC can be exceedingly silly.


I can't believe he wanted to name their kid gold. In the end, they settled on... lychee?! First you got orange, then you got pomelo, and then lemon, now lychee? What's next? Lime? Grapefruit?


There are several topics are explored in this novel including sexism, racism, s*xual dimorphism, gender identity, autonomy vs authority, and sibling relationships in foster care. They were well written and inserted into the novel in a natural way without appearing to be forced.

Overall, a great novel featuring a cute couple and highly recommended if you're looking for fluff. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Authornim rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: --
This is the first eveer I am reviewing a novel. I read it via mtl and just regeret that it ended too soon.

I write stories myself and this one has given me enough inspiration and motivation. The feeling of youthful recklessness and strong determination are hidden in the humour of the story. At the start I did not realise the depth of the story until I finished reading it, did I understood, the feeling of deep love and the grandness of life are hidden in this story.

I would like to... more>> talk about main characters too. But infact I find myself unable too say anything because my intelactual level is too low.

I have read at least thousand of online chinese novels. And some of them were very great. Assistant architect is one of the best.

I believe writer of this story must be great as a person.

Tahnkyou very much for writning this story. I know I did not describe what happenes in the story and people won't find this review useful but I just want to thank the author. And the story is just like it's name a "sweet and wild surprise". <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whimsandfantasies rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Worth the ratings! An amazing ride filled with both youth-filled passion, a little bit of angst and fluff! Kudos to the translator for her amazing translation which made reading this novel a smooth ride!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I usually don't like the ABO trope but this one was was recommended to me by a friend and I have no single word to describe how great this novel is. The love between the MC and ML is so perfect and adorable. Second-hand embarrassment does happen but the scenes are so sweet. If you are contemplating on whether to read this novel, go ahead, it's a great read and the ending is so satisfying and adorable. Glad O isn't portrayed as weak in this novel.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JuneV rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: Completed
No words!! 1000/5. BEAUTIFUL JUST AWESOME!!

One of the rarest novels where I wished it would never end, I just wanted to keep reading without ending.

MC is such an inspirational character who fight against all odds, tbh he is truly an amazing person, though during sometimes in their high school he was unreasonable, after confessing he became the best lover. MC's life before he met ML really makes one cry.

ML is one poor kid with heaven deafening talents, have a sly as well as gentle personality who suffered in hands of... more>> controlling parents, finally met MC who is full of freedom and fell in love.

The story revolves around both of them, and both characters are fleshed out and in depth. I really feel like I witnessed a story of life and they are really characters in the world.

Their story progresses from strangers to not-friends-not-enemies to friends to lovers to Partners to A Family of three. Their child is so cute though.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dee_ism rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: --
One thing that a must for me to liking a story is the characters. I have to like the main character, which I can't bring myself to for this novel.

MC and ML are not likable.

MC is arrogant, rude to everyone, unreasonable. ML is the overused ice king trope and the way he approach MC is rubbing me off. I also dislike their dynamic as a couple.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
petalfy rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Such an adorable novel. The translation is amazing, but it was hard to wait for chapters so I MTLed immediately. Truthfully, I had dropped the novel at chapter 2 because those were the only chapters translated when I first read it. I thought that it wouldn't be worth waiting for, so I left the novel alone for several months. I then finally came back and absolutely do not regret it.

I loved the dynamic between the MC and the ML. MC is a tough and strong omega, which I personally really... more>> enjoyed. The ML is just the average untouchable male god that you see in most novels with the school setting. The ML fell for MC rather quickly, but it wasn't too spontaneous or rushed in my opinion. I did see his character development as the story progressed and I adored watching him grow as a person.

Here's some spoilers if you want more elaboration:


The ML's relationship with his parents is a large plot point in this story. His parents are extremely controlling and see him as a puppet to fulfill their unaccomplished desires rather than as their child. I saw how much he realized he needed to break away from them after he fell in love with the MC. It was a relief when he broke away and built a new life for himself. He sent his parents to prison for their crimes (I'll leave this unelaborated, let's just say they were very bad at their jobs). I wish we could've seen more from them to close off that chapter, but they didn't appear anymore after that. I get it though, as the author probably wanted to focus of the relationship of the MC and ML.


I won't summarize any overall plot, as to not spoil the story too much, but:


In the extras, they have a kid! I love how MC still held his confidence and kept the same attitude even though he had a child. It just shows how solid of a character he is, especially since I find many MC's tend to become weaker and softer in similar plots, which isn't a bad thing but it's a complete shift in character that is usually unnecessary.


The side characters also had a lot of substance and were- most of the time- not flat, although there were some that you could tell were specifically created to cause momentary drama. There were also things that were never brought up again after a mention, like the author would mention the feelings of characters in the future but never even write them into any future-based chapters. For example (translated paragraph courtesy of Chrysanthemum Garden) : "—Many years later, whenever editor-in-chief Wei, the head of the No. 1 gossip magazine in the entertainment industry gave an interview, and was asked about the reason he went on this paparazzi road of no return, he would always grit his teeth and fall into madness." Surprise, surprise, never mentioned once ever again. It's funny, but I don't really understand the point of including this. Not a common occurrence in the novel and not something to shy away from, it's just a little thing I noticed. Highly recommend this novel. I'm not much of an Omegaverse fanatic myself, but it's sometimes nice to enjoy this trope. It's a rare ABO that I liked, and addresses gender inequality/sexism as well (although skewed in a way that conforms the ABO society, the points are still applicable to real life issues). Not only that, but also racism, amongst other issues. Overall, it's a great novel that follows the sweet and fluffy relationship between a swimmer and a painter. <<less
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