When I Was Reincarnated, I Was a Dragon. Now That I’m a Dragon, I’m Going to Build My Own Castle


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I was reincarnated as a dragon. Well, I was still a young dragon, but now I’m officially becoming a full-fledged dragon. Becoming a mature dragon is all well and good, but what to do now? I’m not particularly interested in finding a mate. However, I do need to decide where to live. It would probably be good to have some interaction with human settlements. Maybe I should dig a cave at the foot of a mountain near a human settlement to live in. Well, who knows what will happen from here on out.

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4 Reviews

Dec 11, 2023
Status: c50
Not exactly awesome.

The story is severely lacking in several aspects.

The characters lack motivation. The main character wants to build a castle but doesn't have any plans on what to use it for other than building a castle. The first follower is there because of their contract and what little motivation she has is irrelevant for the story so far. And everyone else can be summed with one sentence.

There is no challenge or drama or romance or comedy or anything so far. Chapters can be summarised with a status update, conversation... more>> about the city building plan and if there is combat it's over in two sentences because the MC is so overpowered. This could be excused if the planning would be used for worldbuilding but even that aspect is rather limited.

The dragon aspect and reincarnation aspect are pretty much irrelevant. Dragon enables things like power that could be handwaved over easily with the typical OP MC stuff. Oh, and to send adventurers after the MC as little as that matters. Reincarnation has played essentially no role and the MC seems to have even forgotten how humans think at times.

The whole thing feels like two friends discussing their model railroad project, where to add more trees and if the area there should be a parking lot while every chapter a tiny bit is added to the railroad.

The whole thing isn't atrociously bad but it needs something to spice things up. Even the basic romantic interest who chases after the uninterested MC for whatever convenient reason would be an upgrade. Perhaps things will get better at some point but even reading 50 meh chapters is a pretty big ask before things get good, and I have no idea if things will get better.

Perhaps someone will find people talking about their hobby project fun but it's definitely not a must read. <<less
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Dec 12, 2023
Status: --
Uh... Boring. "Blahblahblah so imma make a castle!" While it's basically you doing minecraft for the first time and no guide.

MC is a dragon, quite a powerful one to boot, and all he does is... Digging caves. Or make walls. And he does anything and everything without any sort of emotion. Heck his subordinates ' PoVs are more entertaining (hence why it's 2 stars instead of 1 - decent TL quality gets 1 point but unfortunately storytelling wise it's absolutely bland)
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Jan 15, 2024
Status: c84
Sounds like a progress log.

Most of the time the chapter's content is just a description of the chapter's title.

If title says X happened, the chapter describes X happening. If title says X, Y and Z happened, then the chapter describes exactly X, Y and Z happening, and nothing else.

So if you are lacking time just read the chapters' titles...
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Dec 08, 2023
Status: c10
The details are very lacking. Don’t know anything about how the MC looks other than having wings in human form. The MC and his servant girl are barely 2 dimensional and others are 1 dimensional. You don’t know anything about the characters other than a single emotion (more like a base description of the emotion). Only physical description you learn is the MC is a male dragonoid with wings, and the servant is a female.
That’s literally it. Not even a simple words like tall, short, ugly, or pretty. The other characters s*x is also omitted. You also don’t get a description of the surroundings other than it’s in a mountain near a human town.

I was hoping to at least read until the current chapter (C46), but it’s so dry. Though, the plot kind of has potential if the writing was improved.
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