The Dungeon Struggle of an Earth Dragon!


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Waking up from his sleep, the protagonist has been reincarnated as an earth dragon.

Unable to do anything in this situation, he’s now enjoying his life as an earth dragon.

However, he found out he is the best material humans can find.

I’m not a material game!

This is bad! At this rate, I will be hunted by the human!

This is the story of a protagonist who was reincarnated as an earth dragon and his struggles in building the dungeon and making golems to protect himself and sleep.

Associated Names
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Chiryuu no Dungeon Funtouki!
The Earth-Dragon's Struggle Against Adventurers
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15 Reviews

Jun 17, 2018
Status: c5
How is this 4/5 at the moment? It's ridiculous. Don't waste your time.

The MC falls asleep normally after work, wakes up as a dragon in a strange place, and in the next chapter he's like "oh well I was getting tired of my job anyway". At one point he sees a giant bird fighting against a dragon in the sky and in a later chapter climbs a rock to look at a birds' nest where he finds a bunch of metre-tall newly hatched chicks, then looks at the unhatched eggs... more>> and describes them as "shockingly" being larger than Ostrich eggs... OF COURSE THEY ARE IF THE BIRDS ARE THAT SIZE!!

It's also full of sentences made of less than 5 or 6 words, and some paragraphs are just a handful of these tiny sentences thrown together. The opening paragraph of chapter 4 is literally just:


What's over here.
Let's go over there.
I tried walking for a while, but there's nothing here.


The TL itself is probably good, but the novel is so shockingly bad I can't understand why Sub29 are still working on it. <<less
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Apr 13, 2018
Status: c75
I have read ahead because it seems interesting but unfortunately the MC turned out to be a utter fool even more than I expected which ruined the story for me a bit.

Be warned for a dragon he is one of the s*upidest dragons I have read about so if you're not reading it to laugh at the MC then don't bother you can't really laugh with him.
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrd
May 09, 2018
Status: c13
Not much to say. Generic kinda slice of life ish but in a boring way. As per norm any special aspect is extremely NOT made use of (aside s*upid lame joke kind of way which is never amusing). Heck all special aspects the author shits on themselves. "Dragon" is just a thin excuse for his OP status. Monsters particularly the ant he meets is extremely human and nichely very japanese... why even bother having the any if it ain't gonna be antlike in any conceivable way? MC is a buffoon.... more>> It is pretty clear that down the line after the more or less prequel (the dungeon sets up) there will be extremely unfunny and lame misunderstandings <<less
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Sinking Ship
Sinking Ship
Jan 12, 2024
Status: --
MC becomes enemies of the entire human world by sleeping quietly in a cave in the middle of the desert. It's frustrating and absurd to read.

coincidentally a lowest level monster went into the desert of death where no monster dares to tread
coincidentally this lowest level monster doesn't die in the desert (highly unlikely) but instead, coincidentally wanders into MC's cave to get picked up by MC
coincidentally human soliders report seeing random lowest level monsters in the desert
coincidentally the prime minister is alerted
"What?!?!? A tribe of tr*sh monsters, far from human civilization, in the middle of the desert?!?! I'd better investigate!" The prime minister screamed, apparently having nothing else to spend his energy on
coincidentally the investigator sent by the prime minister is also the sister of the country's foremost powerhouse
coincidentally, said sister has taboo surveillance magic cast on her not once, but twice, so when this VERY FIRST HUMAN INVADER of the dungeon gets mu*dered by MC's subordinates twenty different studio audiences are all treated to a magical livestream of the events, complete with sound effects and slow motion replays

Finally, all these stars have aligned, and the author has an excuse to send an army and a bunch of top powerhouses to raid MC's lair even though he has literally never left his f*cking cave one single time and it's years away from the period where the "magical accumulation" of the dungeon would start attracting outsiders.....

all so we can have this le epic fight between dragon and dragon slayer


what a coincidence
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Feb 22, 2020
Status: side story 6
FINALLY a story where a dragon MC actually acted like a proper (earth) dragon in its natural habitat instead of acting like a human or anything............ not. Or at least it was at first. Unfortunately it didn't go that way for long.

Turns out even reincarnating as a dragon can't fix s*upid, MC still has a dumb pacifist human mind who won't kill anything. He just hides, nothing but eat sleep and shit, clueless about what his underlings are doing. They do all the work and they're the ones f*cking things... more>> up that will eventually endanger his home, all without him knowing anything.


MC wants to avoid humans because they see him as the rarest material, so he lives underground and blocks the entrance. Then the underlings started killing human intruders.... who were there in the first only because they fking opened the cave and swarmed around outside as if advertising themselves.


There's barely any action because MC does almost nothing and just lives lazily. Probably the most interesting part of the story so far is Elibel. <<less
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Mar 10, 2018
Status: v1c4
Too soon to give a thorough review at chapter 4, but it's a fun, slice-of-life, from a feral earth dragon's point of view. He still hasn't even found a place to live and is just running around in the wilderness (read: desert environs, of some sort) and eating things. Like any good D&D-esque dragon, he seems to be able to consume anything- even soil!

The translator does a nice job of portraying the author's happy-go-lucky, please don't eat me I'm a small, insignificant creature, feel.

Be forewarned: The first four chapters are... more>> quite short. <<less
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Feb 16, 2019
Status: --
It's interesting and Amusing novel. Some of you maybe not like a bit dumb MC, but some of you like it. Yeah the MC a bit s*upid, but overall it make the story more funny and amusing to read. And it's POV not focused only on MC, there are POV for his creature that reside the Dungeon, a Creature that he created, a certain king in certain kingdom, a certain person.

Well, this will not boring you, I Sincerely Hope someone will pick this Novel, because it's a waste to abandoned... more>> this Great Novel~ <<less
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Nov 17, 2018
Status: c27
The theme was like slime tensei but different, the MC (also salaryman like rimuru, he reincarnated as earth dragon for unknown reason why) was scumb*g and doesnt want to work as he just eat (he likes to eat stone, soil), sleep and create his home.

... more>>

But he doesn't know the thing he eats was the thing that makes him stronger like the magic stone (aka soil and stone) because of his skill gluttony (like rimuru)

The home he create just like the meaning of the title (where he struggle LOL) become dungeon, as he create statues (aka golems to golem humuculi, he doesnt know in early chapter, he will know later) as hobby

His subordinate (he can also name his subordinate like in slime tensei and become slight stronger) also become op because of evolution

He treats his subordinate (particularly the ant queen) like meat shield, and the funny thing was how he describe his subordinate like annoying and disgusting like the ant (like queen ant, because of her body and how annoying her soldier ant as they bite in his big limbs)

Also the funny thing is the reason why he doesn't go outside because he is rare dragon (he will have basic knowledge about him and the world later) that target of subjugation right away at the sight, that his scale nails and any part of body that wants the adventurer, which record in the past that makes him scared and go deeper in his home (last floor dungeon) but now the current era, people of that world was already weak


Cant understand why other reviews are low maybe they didn't properly read until chp 25 and higher, the premise is there for sure, even though slow, expectation for next chapter was there...

I cant wait for another chapter <<less
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The Best
The Best
Dec 07, 2021
Status: c50
I almost felt bad rating this a 2.0 but that would be a major insult towards every novel I've rated so far except for invisible dragon (Yeah, the invisible dragon is terrible and I gave it a good review but at least it's a meme, this novel on the other hand is just not good) and after seeing the 4.0 rating it has I was half convinced to rate it a 1.0 because the good rating + an interesting synopsis actually at some point baited me into thinking it's alright... more>> to put this in my to-read list just for me to waste my time a year later. Like the tags state the MC is lazy, carefree, a coward, as well incredibly dumb despite the missing "s*upid MC tag".

My Review

Be prepared for chapters upon chapters of the MC just eating and sleeping while his subordinates which he treats as expendables work their butts off. Other reviews will say that he's a cool scumbag MC but that's not the case, he's not ruthless but because of his past life as a corporate s*ave he just wants to laze around for the rest of his life and so he just couldn't care less about his surroundings (so carefree it actually ticks me off). They later try to justify the reason for laziness but even before said point the MC only ate, slept, and made golems for fun. Despite having the knowledge that earth dragons have the most powerful physical abilities among dragon as well as multiple other dragon inherent abilities he continues to believe his dragon breath is his only ability and refuses to use it in case of causing massive damage to his environment. The author brutishly changes the pov every so often and even admits to such but imo? Every time the pov is switched off of the MC the story actually becomes decent so I completely forgive the author.


Don't waste your time reading this as I did, the translator has been missing for over a year so unless you want to read MTL for a novel which at the time of this review has been in hiatus for over two months you're unironically better off reading the next isekai novel your see. <<less
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Sep 13, 2023
Status: c138
The story starts slow, and the MC? Not the bravest. Ann should've been the lead. It began with cool dungeon stuff but then shifted to drama with the MC's subordinate. But the translation? Top-notch! Seriously, Sub29 translations did an amazing job – better than most official ones. Worth a read, especially for the solid translation!
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Eyes Are Gone
Eyes Are Gon
May 15, 2018
Status: c13
Loving it so far. Wish there were more chapters, more often but the story's pretty good and it's funny to see the MC bumble around the world unknowingly becoming super strong.
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Oct 27, 2023
Status: c107
2.5 *the 0.5 star is just a bonus*

I really can't get absorbed in this story, why?

One thing (plus some more)...

MC *as chapter 107* don't even have development in his s*upid characteristic, sure you are a hikikomori BUT can't you even try to know anything in your own dungeon, after sending "my home this, my house that, I gotta hide, I gotta lay low.." kind of vibe to the readers, he is s*upid *yea he is literally s*upid as he don't bother to use his brain other than minimally required*, only... more>> relied on plot armor *Author gives too much plot armor to MC, sure he hurt some other times but that's it, no threat of dying or limbs gone in battle, safe approach won't make reader compelled to read more*, can't even develop his own spell or study anything in his idle time which is 24/7 unless there is some emergency AND PLOT ARMOR requires it, and author always forced these so called "DISASTER" rank monster to MC just to FORCE the story to move forward as author's novel MC can't even have any motivation to do anything unless author did that again and again and again, till I am bored to even read 10 chapters in between..

If you like reading one dimensional MC with no char development *as of ch 107* ig this is fine for you to pass time, if not try other novels... <<less
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Nov 22, 2023
Status: c170
This novel is a gem for those who love a unique protagonist and a story that defies the usual action-packed tropes (lol).

Jk, he's just a lazy bum actually. Like a drunkard who can't do anything by himself.

It wasn't that much of plot twist but there's some.

... more>>

Late into the story, it was revealed that, his actual human body was actually in that world too who is an S rank adventurer. Also, he has split personality because his human soul is now mixed up with the earth dragon soul. Like two operators in one body.

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Oct 03, 2023
Status: --
This story is about a main character who gets reborn as a special dragon known as 'Earth Dragon'. Even though many stories are about monsters, this one really stands out for me, for its laid-back vibe. Even though he's clumsy and often unaware of dangers, there's something captivating about how he acts in this mysterious world. As he tries to live peacefully in his self-made dungeon, many other monsters work hard to protect it.

I enjoyed the mix of humor, battles, and unexpected twists. And if you're looking for a character... more>> who's powerful but totally clueless, this is the story for you. <<less
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Sep 29, 2023
Status: c33
This story effectively killed it for me. I think he's new to this so I'm open to seeing how he improves in the future but this ain't it.

Tl;dr: The author writes whatever he wants at that moment without any regard for what came first or what's to come next. Fun when your mindlessly reading but falls apart when you start to pay any attention.

  1. Tone: It starts off essentially like a tower defense game. The tone is light and funny and there is no real drama instead opting for a more slice of life approach, which isn't by itself a knock against it. But constantly the story jumps into different genres with vastly different tones and will just switch back and forth. In one side story, we're suddenly introduced to a party of adventurers that the author makes us emotionally invested in, has them killed in cold blood by the leading cast, and then tries to pivot to the same slice of life bullshit. It would be like if Death Note took a break from being a cat-and-mouse, battle-of-philosophies drama to be a melodrama based romcom and went back to the cat-and-mouse. It tonally ruins the story. This problem comes up every time we go into a side story.
  2. Characterization: Characters are added seemingly on a whim by the author, however he doesn't seem to have a solid grasp on how he wants the characters to behave so he'll just have them act according to whatever feels coolest. For example, the homunculi are added and they are initially characterized as doting, reserved, and childish/playful (For Una, Dos, and Tres respectively) but the moment they are allowed to act in a space removed from the main character, they turn into uncaring, mu*derous psychopaths. Another is when Ann (another supporting character) kills the party of adventurers mentioned in 1 but when explaining how she got the equipment to the MC, she says it was from goblins. She is characterized by being 100% dedicated to the MC so either she lies to the MC because she doesn't want him to know, in which case why would she do something that would knowingly upset him; or she believed she was right in killing the adventurers, in which case why would she lie about it. Neither make sense, but it happens anyway because the author wants their cake and to eat it to. He wants a protagonists that acts like a happy-go-lucky doofus while still having those cool moments. It doesn't work. In universe reasons exist but they are neither mentioned nor developed by the author so ultimately its up to the reader to make up reasons to cope with the narrative whiplash.
  3. The MC is in the wrong web novel: The slice of life, tower defense tone that I mentioned earlier is the primary tone whenever the MC is the focus of the chapter, but whenever a different character takes center stage it drifts wildly into action or a political drama or something else. The question naturally arises if the author actually has any idea what he wants to do with the story. It reads like he's making it up as he goes along, which is only fine if whatever he decides to do makes sense within the preestablished setting and characterization. If you've read this far, it is clear that it doesn't.
Ultimately, the story is fun at that specific moment, but at any time you think back to previous events in the story, that fun is... more>> shattered and left hollow. It was always a problem but it just kept getting worse the farther I got in and after skimming through some later chapters, it seems it didn't get better. <<less
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