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Through a chance encounter in a RPG, Ye Ying, the [Player Boss] , accepted the invitation of [New Capital Gaming Co.] to participate in the Full-Immersion game, [Fan Tian].

‘Mwahaha, mortals, are you all ready to accept your divine punishment? As the strongest player, I am going to dominate this game!’

‘Wait why is everyone looking at me like that?’

*opens up status menu* —-World Boss…

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Shìjiè boss wǒ bùdāngle
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Rosver rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: --
This story just doesn't work at all.

What I hate most with this story is the comedy. No, not because it is a comedy, but of how terribly executed it is. With comedy, there is a need for a straight-man. Someone who is serious to contrast and bring the humor forefront. In this story however, everything is just silly. Without the contrast, the silliness is just mundane.

And many might think that being silly is funny. No! Silly can be funny, but being silly does not mean it is funny. There is... more>> an art to it. The author has to bring out the funny side of the silliness, or of anything really. It is to make us look at things and make us see it in a funny way. The author didn't manage to do it, I don't think the author even tried at all. The author just inserted something silly and expect us to laugh at it without doing anything about it. That is not how it works. This is usually done by having a straight man. It is the straight man's job, usually to react to it, to bring out the laugh.

The main character... I don't know why but most writers here who writes comedy doesn't know how to write a funny character. They seem to think that a funny character is a silly character or a stupid character. How wrong they are.

Just being plain silly doesn't make a character funny. There is more to it. One thing that is needed for it to work is honesty. If the silliness feels forced, it wouldn't be funny. And this is what our MC is, forced to be silly. I even think that if he has remained serious, the story would have become funny. Yeah... humor is just like that. Sometimes the opposite of what you expect is funny because humor depends a lot on surprise. If you can see the joke a mile away, it wouldn't be as funny as when it blindsided you. Also why a joke stops being funny after you see it a few times because it wouldn't surprise you anymore. It become familiar.

The plot... EH? What plot? Is there a plot? No there isn't! What a shitt* story. It can't even tell an actual story! This is another problem with these comedy writers wannabe. They seem to think that plot is optional. NO it is not! The worst thing is, it is supposed to be an Adventure story too. Really, remove that Adventure label. Adventure this story is not.

Setting... Meh! Author is so occupied with comedy that setting is thrown out the window. You might as well forget about it.


This story is pathetic. The author believes that he is the best comedian ever that everything else about the story is just ignored. Character? Plot? Setting? Dialogue? Theme? Style?... Who cares? And for the comedy? You are more likely to laugh watching paint dry. Not worth reading at all. <<less
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Asf rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c3
A game expert gets a new life of a world boss inside of the game world.

Its pretty interesting since I havent read anything like it. A world boss as in the raid boss where you gang up on it and it drop epic materials for crafting.

Not to mention the MC isnt in a human's body but a giant dragon's.

Its a new point of view on the game mmo world genre and I would like to read more of it.

Hopefully it will be updated often.
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CLE9595 rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c7
First, Really thanks you !

It is hard to find CN novels that doesn't either go harem / speaking about chinese superiority/having " cultivation " in his story

And if all that is respected we have often a boring MMORPG (a rogue that roamed the world is just boring, Lengendary guardian is even worst and only repetitiv farming with no story at all)

Here we have a Badass dragon that is targeted by all player for being the world boss <<

That is fun x)
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Arkus86 rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c25
It has promise, but early on it has completely thrown the original premise of the story out the window. From player dragged into the game as a world boss, it switched to transmigration story heavy with RPG elements and random gimmicks probably meant to create more silly/funny situations (refer to the review by Rosver). Other players were last seen in chapter 6, and the few other intelligent beings are clearly not AI from the game, nor do they seem to be controlled by humans.

Story is all over the place, it's... more>> developments make no sense, world building almost zero, characters bland...

It could be worse, but it's certainly not something I would recommend. <<less
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