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When I was 15-years-old, during the year that I graduated from middle school, my father told me this.

“The Devil’s blood runs in our family.”

That was the truth. Sadly my father was the owner of a takeaway chicken shop with the talent of turning his eyes blue, and I was the son of the takeaway shop who just happened to be slightly stronger than others.

But five years later.

They came for me.

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Mr.E rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c43
The overall story is great but I'm ticked off with the grammar. The translator really need to know the difference between they, them, their, and you, he, she, it. Because when describing one person the translator most of the time use they or their. This really broke the immersion of the story.

Example from chapter 42

... more>>

The Clay Golem looked like they threw their body as they attacked Foras.

The Treant was waiting for the right moment and when the cold and fire were mixed into the air, they extended their vine out.

Skull’s body flew towards the wall as if they were hit by a car.

The translator describe the clay golem, treant, and skull using using they when describing 1 character.

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Unrivaledfury rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c82
Gentlemen, I have read some reviews about the issue with grammatical errors.

It's true that around chapter 60, previous translators has used "them" instead of he/she. Seems like English professors were ticked off by reading this.

But this is free translation, there will be mistakes here and there. Question yourselves are you here to criticize English or Read this amazing story?

... more>> Current translator is enthusiastically trying to get new chapters out. Show some love.

Now regarding the story, when compared to other dungeon building novels, this one makes a better sense. Although system helps with evolution, purchasing and building, story is not overly reliant on the system. NTR haters rejoice! Seems that author is brought up in a good family. Usually, it is not surprising for Demon novels to have this, but so far I have not seen any NTR elements/foreshadowing. Nor are there any "R"pe. Demons have proper wives.

Regarding the characters, I find the desposition of MCs spirits to be quite amusing. They get emotional even for a small thing.

About our MC, although he is not initially strong, he will grow in power eventually. He plans his battles and dungeon structures wisely and trusts his comrades. Instead of greedily leveling himself up, he gives a chance for his spirits to level up. There is nothing to hate about him.

Although there is little information about the surroundings and elements in the world, more information may be revealed in upcoming chapters when MC gets to interact with outsiders who have information.

This is a good novel just give it a try. <<less
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January 2, 2019
Status: c89
Really great story and no complaints about the translation. The action scenes seem somewhat stilted but not sure if that's the nature of the original or the translator, but still a great story with interesting characters. Unfortunately, it looks like Qidian is pulling some BS and going to take down everything so this is just the beginning of a story that we will never get to appreciate fully now. Original review:

I'd just like to comment in response to all the complaints that "they" and "their" are the 100% correct pronouns... more>> to use for an individual with a non specified gender. I think the people complaining about the grammar may want to check their grammar rules before complaining. I personally always wondered why so many translators would use he/she or have a comment about how they dont know the gender so they're using he for this mysterious character now and may come back to change it later when they always could have been using they or their, but now I realize that everyone is probably as ignorant of this as the people commenting. Granted, when you know the gender, it makes sense to use English style gendered pronouns, but both Japanese and Korean rely on context to make gender clear so a more literal translation would avoid gendered pronouns. Finally, if you use they and their you would probably avoid upsetting individuals that do not identify with the s*x they have been assigned at birth. Oh, one last language fact: you was originally considered plural and thou was singular, but as thou stopped being used more and more, people felt that you was not specific enough to denote a group of people, giving rise to things like "you all", "you ones", and their contractions "y'all" and "yins/youns". The correct plural form of you is you; similarly, their is always an appropriate choice of pronoun regardless of number or gender. <<less
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Chourou rated it
January 17, 2018
Status: --
It is written by a korean. It is dungeon building novel but better than the other japanese versions.

Not everything are made of golems.

It is a bit fast paced, lacking some world explanation, lacking more details to picture how and what kind of dungeon we are looking at. All we get is "it is in the south, and its big"

It has an end, a closure, no hiatus left and right.

Translation: Grammar error when it comes to singular and plurals (a lot). Otherwise its ok.
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Ascension rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c16
This is still a bit early to comment, but I guess I can make a review with what's available currently.

For the moment I gave it 4 stars, but it's probably gonna change for the better in the future since I have high hopes for this. This novel will probably become similar to other great korean novels such as Dimensional Sovereign, Dungeon Hunter, Aquiring Talent in a Dungeon, Book Eating Magician, Tutorial is Too Hard and so on.

The story, starts by throwing you directly into the action from the first 2... more>> chapters. The MC is a descendant of one of the 7 Deadly Sins (7 great demon families). But he is a human in the human world, anyway to make long story short, he is accosted by 2 demons and he is told that he was the descendant of one of the 7 Deadly Sins, the line of Mammon. The head of the Mammon lineage committed suicide for some reason (seems s*upid for me, it was because they were left out of a banquet, and were not invited). And all the subjects except for the 2 that are in front of him deserted/left. So now he is invited to become the head of the dungeon otherwise the 2 demons (Catalina - succubus/fighter and Eligor - butler) will die. He accepts, only to find out his inheritance is a run-down dungeon, where he needs to sleep in the same room, and almost gets squashed day 1 from a relatively normal monster (an ogre). He awakens and gets a special power/trait, which is Demon of Evolution. Up until recently his power was shown to let him evolve his subjects and probably himself as well. But there is a lot of foreshadowing so I believe it's much more than just this. He also gets another special power/skill called one of the 7 deadly sins...

My suggestion would be to read the first 10-something chapters, since chapters are very short to give yourself an estimate on how the story is. The first 2-3 chapters, were kind of boring honestly and didn't excite me at all into wanting to read more of it. But now last few chapters it has been picking up, so now I'm expecting more from it.

Edit: Currently on chapter 16, so far the story has remained somewhat bland, nothing super, it's been going the same as the first few chapters. It's still good as a pass-time. But it's not at the same level as the other great korean novels such as BEM, DS, DH, TTH. <<less
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Drake888 rated it
September 1, 2018
Status: c70
An interesting story with good combat and fun characters. Lots of focus on dungeon-building and guiding character stat growth but never so much that it becomes excessive. The plot is also engaging, with clear goals and to reach and looming threats on the horizon. Unfortunately, this is another story with pacing that is only good when binge-reading. But when you are binge-reading, this an exciting story about a young guy rising to power in the demon world while discovering powerful legacies left behind by his ancestor.

The grammar of the translations... more>> is a little annoying. The translator clearly has trouble with pronouns. Good quality in other respects though. <<less
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VLNReader rated it
November 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Not bad as a leisure read, but definitely not top quality. There are some major gripes to be had.

Protagonist: First and most importantly, the protagonist's development. This story's focus is on how he slowly inherits bits of the strength of his now-deceased super-strong predecessor, including his abilities, money, equipment, inventions, subordinates, enemies and dungeon. This isn't a 'dungeon maker', this is a 'dungeon inheritor'. At no point will any 'making' take place. Women as well - he inherits the past women of his ancestor, described to be the most beautiful... more>> in the novel, and even a main heroine is the reincarnation of one of his ancestor's most loved wives.

I'm sure the problem is obvious - the protagonist never has his own unique identity, ideals or abilities. He used the equipment of another, the power of another, the subordinates of another and the dungeon of another to fight the enemies of another.

The entire novel follows his process of inheriting, and even when he finally surpasses his ancestor (with his ancestor's help), there's nothing especially special. His entire final growth process is glossed over within a few paragraphs, and the full novel ends within two chapters after.


Pacing: The story's pacing picks up far too rapidly. Rather than power inflation, it's power deflation. One of the strongest beings in the world first introduced supposedly could "light the heavens on fire and evaporate the ocean with a single swing", and that served as a general estimate of the power of the highest echelon.

Due to rapid progression and hasty writing, at a time when the protagonist feels to be around ~intermediate tier or so, working with his 1000-2000 subordinates to fight with similar enemies commanding minions on the thousands scale, he suddenly jumps straight into battling the strongest individuals in the world - and winning through brute force, head on. From there, the plot advances at a blistering pace, glossing over fun details like subordinate evolution which previously received focus, and the protagonist half-asses his way straight to the world stage. Readers suddenly realize that the strongest in the world... really are pretty damn weak. Evaporating oceans with a swing? Total BS. This is made even worse by the fighting scene descriptions. Regardless of early stage or late stage of plot, there's not much difference in how the fights are described, making it hard for readers to get any impression of the 'strong' being strong.

TL Grammar: The other reviews complaining about grammar are valid. While not as bad as mtl, translation mistakes are plentiful, to the point I'm seriously wondering if this work is extra-edited mtl. Pronouns and tense get switched around every once in while. 'He' can become 'she', and 'they' can become 'you'. Subject and objects of sentences can get confused sometimes. 'Wrath' is mistranslated as 'Fury' in later chapters, which while not incorrect, obviously clashes with the rest of the 7 sins. Most strangely, the word 'embarrassed' is always used in place of words like 'shocked', 'surprised' or 'flustered'. An enemy gets confronted by the protag's strong, deadly spear strike? They feel embarrassed. A character gets caught off guard due to an ambush? They feel embarrassed. Pretty clear the translator or MTL cleaner has misunderstood the meaning of 'embarrassed'. Other similar mistranslations exist, but this one stands out most.

The Good: That said, the novel isn't all bad. At the very least, I very much enjoyed the opening arcs, back when the protag was getting used to the world. His evolution ability was explored in detail, and the steady growth/evolution of his subordinates alongside dungeon exploration was pretty fun to read about. Some parts of the plot too were planned ahead of time, making for some fun surprises. I really liked the fact that author never made protagonist perfect - he definitely made mistakes and miscalculations at times, while the enemies were competent enough to take advantage of his openings. <<less
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Nightrojan rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c4
It's just a transported MC and a dungeon defense world. Concept seems interesting and the author is adding enough plot and world building to keep things interesting. The story is different from the norm which helps a lot however it does have a lot of random distractions that I personally dislike. Overall, this story should be popular with most people and will probably be enjoyed for quite some chapters in the future. Summary:

Kid knows he is different, devils/demons come to ask him for help when their boss commits suicide due to depression. Kid agrees and ends up being the boss of a ruined maze/dungeon that he has to protect with no resources. The main character also gets some kind of skill to go along with the dungeon but we don't know anything about what it does yet. Most basic trap/monster dungeon theories apply.


Tried it, going to drop it personally. Nothing against the story or the overall skill there-in, it just bugs me a little when I read it.
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Kergonan rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c89
Dungeon Maker is the third Chwiryong novel I've read, And I must say it's pretty much like his other works, i.e good but not great and certainly not excellent.

The main character is okay, but not outstanding. The secondary cast is pretty much at the same level, except a few who are actually better written than the MC. The antagonists are good too for a few of them, but most feel token.

The romance aspect is okay too but quite simplistic.

The world building is functionnal and does its job, but overall lacks... more>> fluff.

The power system is initially quite good but after the half-point/three-quarter of the novel, it fades away, just making a last apparition close to the end of the book, as if the author nearly forgot about it.

The story is good at first and I must say it has a number of very good (and unexpected) plot twists. But the tale accelerates quickly after the middle of the novel. The latter part and especially the ending feels rushed and some points, which I can sense could be epicly told, are passed over in one paragraph.

So, Dungeon Maker is, like the previous novels of this author, pretty much the equivalent of a short/mid run Shonen Jump manga, the the worst I have seen so far. It is not bad, but there is not the same "characters' alchemy" as in The Breakers and the characters, power system and overall storytelling are clearly not as good as in Valhalla Saga. The book is clearly just a slightly above average filler novel, the efficient writting style of the author is here too efficeint and rushed, most of the elements are okay but the whole thing is too bareboned and simplistic. My final verdict is a 6 out of 10 (maybe a 5 for the last quarter of the story). Read it if you want, but there are way better novels to read, including by this writer (try Valhalla Saga).

Thank to Chwiryong for writing this novel and to the translator. <<less
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Chepelink rated it
October 28, 2018
Status: c76
Due to an error I gave the novel 5 stars. My current rating is 4.

The novel in itself is good enough to recommend. It is nice and cute. The grammar is good enough for what it is worth (you get what you pay) and the development is interesting. The dungeon building is passable at worst and, for my taste, it needs a bit more development.

I have two major problems with the novel. One is that, even though the novel is tagged as clever protagonists, the protagonist is at best... more>> normal. To give you an example.


Around chapter 40 the dungeon can manage/install basic training grounds. Undead and golemns don't get tired and the only upkeep is mana. He has the power of evolution He can buy cheap spirits and grow them. By chapter 7X he stated that de core have problems with mana because there are a lot of rooms, with a good of them being empty rooms and almost conquer the first floor. And he has tons of corpses that he forgot?

Anyone with a good head can put two and two together and think to reduce the rooms to the minimum. Increase the fighting forces in quantity and, with the training grounds and power of evolution, quality Form a hunting team and feed the dungeon core to increase its mana, and increase slowly but steadily the numbers of rooms. And with enough fighting forces strom other dungeons.

And, well, he is greed The author has stated that the demon world is ruled by survival of the fit and the jungle law. There are no nice predators.


My second problem is that the author does not know how to develop characters, particularly other than the main one, and he keeps introducing more characters to the main team. He is more like, ups, I forgot that I have this character so here is a mention of him but nothing really happens. I think that the author has too much of on his plate with plot, Dungeon development and character growth that he stumble in one category. At least the plot and dungeon development is good enough

Overall the novel is good and if you like a bit more of plot and dungeon development rather than a strong sense of characters growth, this novel is for you. Just don't expect a really clever protagonist. <<less
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talosparoxi rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c56
The story is interesting and it has some real potential but at this point it's still in it's infancy, once this gains 1 or 2 hundred more chapters it may be something great. However as this is the kind of series that slowly ramps up, at the moment there isn't a whole lot to differentiate it from it's competition.

in closing, good but nothing special so far.
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Torina rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: c5
hmmm so far I didn't find any things worth mentioning 'bout the novel yet, and also the novel seems to be like most of the usual dungeon type build JP novels but without the dense, lazy, want to introduce earth foods trope MC.

Well to sum it up and base from the title we could see that this novel's all about dungeon building, management etc. So for people who like this type of novels might enjoy reading this one too.
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Fever rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I like this author's work. I'm a big fan of Valhalla Saga and I like Breakers.

The story is good, and it's worth a read. There are some problems with the translation, but it's mostly minor things like pronouns. There are also some phrases that sound awkward in english. It didn't impact the reading experience too much though.

I found the characters to be a little bland. The MC didn't really show any personality throughout the story. I'd say the only change is that he became more Greedy. It's similar with most... more>> of the characters, they are one-dimensional. The plot also was very straight forward without any twists.

Altogether, it's a fun read if you want something a bit less suspenseful. <<less
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SerinaPark rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Solid 4.8 stars from me! Hwaaa~ this kind of plot is always my favorite. If it's involved seven sins, I don't care if the rating was bad or good, I'll read it! I'm really glad stumbled upon this novel. I really am.

The author of this novel knows how to insert comedy to stop the serious situation from escalating further and made me could enjoy it again to focus on reading. As for our MC, Yong-ho wasn't a hero. ... more>>

He didn't have the drive to save anyone recklessly, he even didn't flinch or got angry when a human was auctioned. I think this was because his demon half made him that way. I'm not complaining, I like it.

In other words, he wasn't naive. I couldn't exactly call Yong-Ho a protagonist lol.

The con? I wish this novel was longer in chapter or epilogue... <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c27
It was pretty interesting at the start, and I really liked the 2 main side characters. However, it started getting boring after a while due to the repetitive plot structures and somewhat bleak and dull atmosphere of the dungeon. The story lacked descriptions and thoughts, reminding me as if this was instead a diary of a character's actions in a video game. Most of the chapters after he got settled in the dungeon was literally that, stating actions and improvements. With the lost flair from the starting chapters which were... more>> prettt interesting into this filler like writing, I got bored and finally dropped it. If you do however give this a try, I suggest only reading on WebNovel after you read what the old translator had went to so u do not waste money as compared to every other novel on the site, it became premium very early at C14 when the newer ones all start at C40 for pay to read <<less
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Epythymy rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: c240
The earliest novel of a pretty good author. I've read all his works and enjoyed all of them, or so I thought before I've reached the later chapters of this one.

At start it was a standard isekai with cliché setting. Nothing particularly extraordinary but interesting to read nonetheless. It was this way till the middle part of the story.

When story went a bit deeper into world building, its backstory and other details of the setting, all the plot holes and illogical matters became glaringly obvious.

What was at first a minor... more>> and irrelevant detail of the setting will become something so ridiculous that you wouldn't be able to control your urge to facepalm again and again.

I will give this novel a solid 4 out 5 for the first 95 chapters and a recommendation to drop it after finishing them. <<less
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Mighty Action X
Mighty Action X. rated it
January 30, 2018
Status: c19
I'm liking it so far. A dungeon management story very typical from a Japanese novel. However, this is written by a Korean writer and as far as I can observe, it's righting everything that the typical Japanese dungeon management novel is doing wrong.
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firedrake915 rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c23
So far Dungeon Maker is shaping up to be a fairly generic dungeon management story, although that may be due to the limited number of chapter. The story is relatively well written and enjoyable. The chapters are short but this also makes it feel like things progress rapidly. Overall I would say it is worth watching but there isn't a lot there yet.
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junniebug1010 rated it
November 22, 2021
Status: Completed
liked the story, the translation quality was quite poor but at least it was more readable than mtl; the climax paid off, albeit a bit rushed. I didnt like how the author said the MC acted like this because ... more>>

"oooh he had no female interaction when he was growing up" whenever he was even remotely near a girl. It really felt like the author fixated on that one aspect of him for no reason and it got annoying after like the third time it was said. Because of that, it's been engraved into my mind and I won't ever need to be retold about that fact again.

nonetheless enjoyed it though. <<less
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Shwima rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the best dungeon building novel I 've read so far without a doubt.. It started off slow but it got better by every chapter. Wonderfully written action sequences too. Highly recommended..
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