When A Destructive Wolf Joins An Escape Game


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Gu Muzhi was a demon who had snuck into the human world to eat, drink, and play.

He found that the human world was simply paradise compared to purgatory, which never saw the light of day.

One day, he accidentally entered an unlimited flow game…

Gu Muzhi: The ghosts here taste really good.

The ghosts there: ! ! !

The players there: ? ? ?

That day, the ghosts learned to fear Gu Mozhi as he hunted them down for their delicious taste. As for the players…the players were still trying to rebuild their three worldviews.

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2 Reviews

Apr 03, 2020
Status: c1
I wouldn't normally give a rating after only one chapter, but the person who gave it one star for no reason was annoying me. The translation is good, and though it starts a bit abruptly, we've read enough of these escape game stories to know what we're in for. I also like the setup that the world the players came from was destroyed, thus making this a proper opportunistic and reasonable setting for revival in a new world instead of a random game solely meant to terrorize the players, which... more>> I always felt was a lot of work for nothing.

The protagonist seems lackadaisical at first glance, which isn't a problem, really. It might be challenging to make him interesting, but he hasn't had a single line of dialogue yet, so I can't say much. <<less
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May 24, 2020
Status: c25
3nd arc already.. As described, MC is a demon who eats ghosts so u can expect that he is OP in the infinite game. He seems naive (not really dense) but physically strong (he can't use his power in the copies) since he is a demon. The arcs are no brainer nor deep plot. Probably, just to cater humor (though not totally funny but a lil entertaining). The MC made a lil girl to be a demon, hence becoming his apprentice. She met his brother in 2nd arc.

The ML is... more>> introduced in 2nd arc, which is the MC's fiancé. Unlike the MC, he thinks. He's also caring in every way to the MC (though not needed). As usual another OP.

Their goal is to clear instances to go to world that has lots of ghosts. The many copies they clear, the higher the world they can go and live in. However, both MC and ML are OP and the instances do not have a deep plot, this novel becomes a lil bland. Dunno if will drop <<less
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