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Jiang Yu, a well-known stylist, was reborn. From then, she began to work on two things:

1. To be known as the strongest influencer, open a Taobao clothing store, and then open a personal studio to do styling for celebrities

2. To conquer the world, started by becoming a Weibo big V!

The actor Gu Shenliu had a small problem. He always heard strange noises in his ears, so he suffered from insomnia day and night.

Until he saw Jiang Yu, a woman that could make him want to sleep as soon as he saw her.

In order to live a sleepy day, Gu Shenliu decided to sleep with Jiang Yu!

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November 3, 2021
Status: c35
As @meatshield said in their review, the FL is admirable & likable.

I’m going to list content warnings for readers who would rather avoid certain types of c-novel typical bigotry though.


  1. ”not like the other girls” trope — typical misogynistic opinions about all other female celebrities, particularly “internet stars” who are portrayed to all get plastic surgery & sell their bodies/looks provocatively on social media.
  2. skin whitening references — tips on bleaching skin as a beauty practice, & hate for darker skin as “ugly”
  3. ”big boss behind her” trope — FL secretly gets aid from the ML with her business & with online “battles” against bad publicity
  4. age gap (but it’s ok bc she’s mentally 35?) — the FL transmigrates in a 20 yr old college student. A youthful beauty. Everyone is in awe of how young she is, despite her accomplishments & demeanor “beyond her yrs”. ML gets turned on by a photo of her where she looks “pure yet smexy”. Connotations abound.
  5. the not-so-subtle nationalism when it comes to comparisons with Korean or Japanese beauty

Those were the most noticeable ones to me, & only up till where I read (chapter 35).
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Meatshield rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Y'all, don't be deceived by the mediocre ratings, this story was a gem. No joke, I haven't read anything this fun in a long time and trust me I've read a looooot of novels.

Firstly, the MC is great. Unlike other older heroines who transmigrate to a younger body, our MC actually thinks and acts like a 35 year old. She's not naive, shy, or cutesy; instead, she's independent, forward thinking, decisive, ambitious, and hardworking like a grown woman whom had a successful career in her previous life should be like.... more>> Moreover, she's not written to be a super indifferent, cruel or malicious person either. I appreciate this because I get tired of people that assuming "strong" characters have to behave like cold-blooded a**holes. It's like these authors sometimes forget that you can be a strong individual without constantly drugging and/or beating people up. For example,

I like how she handles her annoying and jealous schoolmates. Most of the time she can't be bothered to acknowledge them because she knows she doesn't have time to waste on peasants. However, when they confront her to her face, she can always shut them down in just one or two sentences.

Besides her immense talent and luck, she feels like a real person and not a cliche. Furthermore, you get to sense that the author really knows what she's talking about in terms of fashion and makeup because the various job related tasks the MC has to handle are well described and a lot of the products the MC recommends on her weibo (of which there are many) are all reputable products us readers can actually buy. In fact, I made a little list of products I wanted to test out after reading this story because lol like the C-nets in the story, I too was sold by the MC's promos. Basically, she's the best hustler I've ever read about lol.

The focus on the romance is a little less than the MC's career but there are still plenty of sweet (and spicy ;P) moments sprinkled throughout. The ML's a great lover. Like the MC, he actually feels like a mature and stable 30 year old man. He's caring and attentive and despite his fame and position he never tries to oppress the MC (unless it's on the bed lol). He just supports her unconditionally. For example,

because he was worried the MC would feel neglected because he worked too much, without telling the MC, he chose to take time off so he could spend more time with her at home. The funny thing is the MC soon became so busy with work that she barely saw him at home. Instead of sulking, the ML takes over of all the household chores and learns to cook so he can take better care of the MC's daily life. When he notices that she's too busy with work to eat, he drops off meals for her. Later on he practically reduces his workload to a minimum so he can essentially become a house husband so his wife accomplish her dream outside. I think one of my favourite things about their relationship is the fact that the ML peels peaches for the MC because while she likes to eat them she can't peel them herself because she's allergic to peach fuzz. Once he even ran over to her office with two peeled peaches after finding out that everyone in her workplace was enjoying peaches as a company benefit because he was afraid there would be no one to peel them for her.

Their wedding was super sweet! Overall, the story was very fun, sweet and sometimes even educational because you'll pick up fashion and beauty tips incidentally. Highly recommended!!! <<less
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nikhil123 rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: c3
Interesting genre but way too much self boasting.

... more>>

Jiang Yu was sure that she had never seen this girl before. Why she could become the number one celebrity stylist in the entertainment industry, in addition to her ability, was also because of her extraordinary memory. She had a good memory, she never forgot what she had seen or heard. Therefore, after becoming a celebrity stylist, which actress had a small breast, which actress was short, and which model had a big nose and small eyes, she remembered all of these. When doing makeup and styling, these memories always helped her in magnifying the clients’ advantages and covered their shortcomings.

Even if the faces of the artists had just gone through surgeries, or if they just had hyaluronic acid injected to their noses, Jiang Yu would help to cover them to ensure that it wouldn’t be seen by fans. She didn’t need to use notes, but she could also remember the birthdays and preferences of all her clients. On their birthdays, she always presented them with gifts that they liked to express her gratitude. If a man had just cheated on her female client, she would also be careful not to touch the topic during conversation. Over time, her popularity had become better and better, and she had become more and more popular in the entertainment circle. After she had gained popularity, she planned to open a clothing company and changed her styling studio to become a small workshop.


All this to just say she couldn’t remember who is in front of her. It feels just boring and frustrating to just read MC is a top stylist and fashion designer again, again and again. This just feels too much. <<less
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November 3, 2021
Status: c28

Mixed feelings, c. 28 where her manufacturer made a mistake and the sleeves were different. Instead of saying it's their wrong, she lied and said it's a design. Lol that irked me pretty badly idk

C. 28

Typical c drama tropes abundance

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beasama rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I liked it at the start but things became repetitive. She's too OP it became boring. And the romance part came so suddenly. I loved the translation, though.
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Gfreecs rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c47
It's not bad, like the writing style and use of pictures for the products are very easy on the eyes and helps to get a handle on what the writing is trying to say.

But it's really not the best. I haven't gone so far ahead but even the transmigration thing is really odd when you think about it. She transmigrated from her own body to the body of someone else that's younger with the same name in an apparently different timeline, but she's still so on top of product recommendations... more>> that she can name them off without additional research?

The other question there is what is the year? When was she active in her own life and when is it that she is coming into? Experienced knowledge of styles and combinations are all fine and good, and she said she got some of the knowledge form the original body's Jiang Yu. But it's crazy that there aren't more changes.

It's just too convenient. Fun if you don't wanna think about it and just follow along as it goes, but not if you want things to make sense outside of her sphere of influence. <<less
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Iluvstorys rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: c103
(The rating was an accident- I wanted to leave a 4)

The reason why such an interesting novel is so underrated is finally evident to me - the romance is terrible. The career oriented plot is engaging and fun, but the romance is so forced that it comes off as creepy. There is zero chemistry so far and honestly, the I literally need you for survival stopped being romantic a long time ago. In the past, this trope evoke the soulmates feeling. Nowadays this trope just makes the reader... more>> think that the heroine is more of a necessary object for him and is more desirable for her biological characteristics than her soul or personality... any sleeping aid would do it for him. His interest originates from her making the noise go away and feels very abrupt. There was no reasonable transition between curiosity and his interest in her personal life plus attraction. Hence the romance feels forced... maybe because she is capable and doesnt actually need him? So no hero saves damsel vibes- he does try to help but I feel she can manage without it. It is overall an interesting read if you are into the career making plot but I wouldn't recommend it for the romance. When other novels' MLs pay attention to the FL and help her behind the scenes, I squeal. When it happens in this novel, I feel creeped out for some reason. Maybe because she has zero interest in him. This kind of online stalking is only palatable (in fiction) when the other party shows hints of reciprocating the interest, otherwise it feels creepy (ofc it would be unquestionably creepy under all circumstances IRL - any behavioural trait remotely similar to a yandere is only cool in fiction and would be toxic, illegal or disturbingly creepy in reality).

Edit: Ok I exaggerated a bit because I just dont ship it- the same monitoring, lending a helping hand behind the scenes, unjustified possessiveness, communicating with her under a false identity etc that I dont mind reading about in other novels somehow arouses my discomfort in this novel... makes me feel like a hypocrite but I have a hunch that as their actual interactions increase, the discordant feeling might subside. Anyway this is definitely worth the read for the main career oriented plot alone.

Edit 2: Fine, I have been conquered and have fallen in love with this couple. Yes, I still find some things problematic because he often acts first without getting her explicit consent like the time he kissed her abruptly without any confession etc but she doesnt seem to mind so I have let it all go. At the end of the day, he treats her extremely well and pampers her to death without infringing on her independence and personal space. Their relationship is unbalanced in a refreshing way because he seems to need her more than she needs him on the surface, but he always available during those rare moments when she needs a helping hand or shoulder... they have a pretty interesting dynamic going on as he works hard to accommodate her needs like a virtuous housewife. I love it and I especially love how she is strong enough to resolve her own problems- she never needs the ML to step in... sometimes he does and only adds icing to the cake, but she can always fix problems herself and doesnt even mention many of them to him. Reading so many C-novels has conditioned me to expect the ML to save the day, no matter how supposedly strong the MC is so this is a wonderful change. She refuses to accept the label of damsel and wait for a rescue and solves lots of problems that the ML doesnt even get to hear about. Kudos to the girl power. <<less
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pirateking rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: c58
Writing this review and rating it 5 just so that others can also enjoy this underrated novel. Was searching for a female protagonist career oriented novel and found this gem. Romance is sweet but most of the novel is about FL's fashion and entertainment career.
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TenkaDXS rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: c54.2
I really like this novel because it’s like a pretty career oriented chill type of slice of life story Without too much drama and even if there is a bit of romance and love it’s not the main plot of the story. And the translator made the reading pretty enjoyable and takes a lot of time to find pictures so we can reference the text better since it’s mostly about fashion.
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Quenthel rated it
September 30, 2022
Status: Completed
General: 8/10

A good short novel with happy ending. Mary Sue with golden finger, cold yet warm ML. Barely no face-slapping, no blood-dog drama. Below I shared some points I find important. Even though it is not the best novel ever, I don't regret reading it.

Translation: 7/10

... more>> As usual, the translator adds great explanations to less known terms and adds pictures which makes a great reading experience. There are slight gramatic or spelling errors though.


+ FL was reborn

+ FL makes use of her knowledge to get wealthy

+ it is warm and easy to read. Good for change of pace

+ FL's best friend in epilogue is well-written

+ no in-laws drama

+the epilogue stories are really good

The following are plus-minus as it depends what the reader likes.

+/- FL is career oriented, to the point of pushing all home stuff to her husband (I am more fot 50:50)

+/- FL has such d*mn good luck it pisses one of starting middle of the story.


need a photographer? The best one will lower his standard to take photos for Taobao. Need a shoe factory? Will get connected to shoe making master who creates the only painless heels in the world. That kind of luck. Makes one feel depressed sometimes.


+/- FL is perfect. Sure, she works hard, but some things are just too OP

+/- ML is cold, yet inside the warm and homey type

+/- ML and his family are all-powerfull

+/- no final villain, no dog-blood drama or repeated face-slapping

+/- villains are simple and s*upid

- FL makes some business decisions that are not advised or even are s*upid, naive and make people prone to abusing the new rules

-everybody sees FL or her work and regards her immediately as a genius goddess. If somebody doesn't agree, they won't suffer but also they won't succeed <<less
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nicomcla1995 rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I have no flowery words for this.

Is the MC a Mary-Sue? Depends. If you can go back 15 years to the past will all of your memories and knowledge of the good, the bad, and the ugly; what will you do?

This novel is too wholesome! 5 stars makes my heart want to believe in love again.

The ML is too perfect. No other words.
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