Rebirth of a Supermodel


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In his past life, Ming Yu struggled in the European and United States fashion circles, eventually becoming the well deserved king of the catwalk.

After dying from a serious illness and being reborn, Ming Yu was surprised to find:

Huaxia stars shone brightly, there were successful names everywhere!

In this better world, on a more vigorous and brilliant stage, the first supermodel tries to reproduce the glory of another world!

Interviewer: May I ask Mr Xi, this year Ming Yu said he would surpass you. As the number one global supermodel, what is your opinion on this?

Xi Ze: This is a bad question. My family has very strict rules.

Home Owner Ming Yu: …….

The pair of black-hearted husbands will sweep the fashion industry, conquering the world.

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Trọng Sinh Siêu Mẫu
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hy-d-ra rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c159

It's not even a concealed one, it is straight out xenophobia throughout the entire novel. And there are so many people who recommend this fest of hate? I've heard before that some novels are like this, but first time seeing it for myself:

    • For a supermodel BL novel author uses Huaxia, which for some reason is superior in all aspects of life and is a leading force. Why this unnecessary setting, we're in BL novel like WTF, but whatever;
    • Chapter 122: "Among the 121 members, 38 were Chinese, 19 were American, 3 were Australian and the rest were from Europe and other countries" (Goodbye Russia from author, I guess we're not worth even mentioning) ;
    • Chapter 154: "It is because they are afraid of the power of our Huaxia. They feel fear so these ugly people gave up on fighting and uniting" (This is said by the MC a person who previously never called anyone names or shared his opinions on people/foreigners).
Maybe for Chinese readers it will sound cool, but for foreigners it sounds xenophobic and for intelligent readers it sounds childish. World doesn't work like that. Just simply because "alienation" is a tactic used to suppress the unwanted rival. The part I found weird and once again it makes foreigners sound s*upid, is how everyone speaks Chinese (and Chinese make fun of their accent). In practical aspect it's impossible, this is actually their barrier for dominance - the language barrier. English is most-spoken only because of its' simplicity in communication. And most spread because of colonization in the past.

Now onto the novel, which is BORING AF!

Don't fall for these positive reviews that tell you it's a good read, if that's a good read, then I think I have too high standards. This novel is unimaginably LONG, REPETITIVE and WATERY. Breaking it down:

    • # OF CHAPTERS. For this type of novel it is just unnecessary. One thing if you want to tell some thrilling story, but if the story lacks substance and it's purely descriptive with no real ups and downs then it turns out long and boring. I mean, why wasting time on something like this when there are tons of better stories.
    • WATERY because many parts are just filled with unnecessary information that won't be used later on and it's repetitive. If you skip a part and nothing changes because of it, then it could be cut out, which deems it not needed.
    • The contents could be shortened to - been reborn, realized he could work as/is a model, took some photos, took part in fashion shows, met ML, took more photos, filmed ADs, took part in other fashion show and so on. It's boring. The most thrilled I felt was only when MC and ML met for the first time, their first kiss and MC getting hurt during filming. At leats I felt some fluctuations, but every part of it was somehow spoiled by author. So. Nope.

    • Surprisingly the author's vision of fashion is flat and childish. The clothes described sounds atrocious. There is no distinction between "high-end" and middle-class except on words, but if you read closely it's all the same. Each designer has same description. There are no trends, themes etc. Number of T-stages makes you cringe. At least if you want to steal #1 Fashion spot, describe few Paris fashion weeks and you'll be good. And honestly, the part that made me laugh so hard - denim clothing in a collection. Really author? Are we in 2000's? :'D Anyway the language of author who supposedly writes about supermodels is quite poor.

    • OP, both MC and ML. I personally find it boring, when there is no challange, there is no thrill tbh. MC is being reborn and due to his experience as a supermodel he knows what to do, that helps him to progress by leaps. His beauty makes him special. So this makes his career quite smooth. Then being noticed and pursued by ML, then being in a relationship with ML and smoothly moving forward. Because ML is there to debuff too. To make things cute MC likes to crouch in a corner when thinking, deserving the nickname 'small mushroom', which is honestly one of the few if not only cute things in the novel. He can't cook shit. And is never afraid of ML. But that s*upid part os 'I want to top' out of nowhere is kinda weird.
    • I personally think that ML is a SICK f*ck, due to events that take place around chapter 158 (Due to incident at a charity dinner, actress uses MC to spread rumor that he left her on a red carpet (omg, what an important news!!*sarcastic*) and they published it so MC gets some dirt water on him, but in return she got: her career blocked, her s*x photos leaked, rumors of her deeds spread and even forced to plastic surgery. How that should twist in a f*cking BL novel? What is the purpose of this cruelty?! Like WTF?!). That's just plain cruelty. Second episode is with the actor responsible for the accident. Sure thing he's a scum for what he's done, but honestly the sh*t he got in return is just vicious. Any positive feelings I had for ML before these scene went to nothingness. And honestly after this ML oppressive and obsessed MLs from other stories sound like cute bunnies.
    • Side-characters that you can care about are non-existent (though I actually don't care about anyone tbh). People are empty shells. Even the so-called MC's ex-flame Cheng Su is nothing but a thin air.

    • Would have been OK if not for the shadow of ML's actions against anyone who somehow offended MC.
    • The s*x scenes to my suspicion handled by a virg*n. Strange enough, some scenes had great erot*c potential, like their first kiss or a fleeting mention of Ming Yu's long hair on the pillow. These scenes don't go into detail but give a hint of what happened and these descriptions are simple yet beautiful. When author wants to do something more it turns out vulgar and is wasted, which is basically their true nature (e.g. "Only exchange of saliva could be heard" I laughed like a bit*h at this).
I needed to vent before dropping this shit, but I really have no idea how people pass this as one of the greatest novels or even recommend it and give it high marks. In novels there is a slapping face factor, but those people who get it actually did some horrible thing to protagonist, but in this piece of crap the retribution for getting closer to MC results in plain cruelty, which is simply disgusting. Actually this deserves no stars at all, but unfortunately there's no function like that.

If her other novels are filled with the same hate, my advice - don't read it, it's ugly.
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18Yuki rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: Completed
Definitely one of the best novels I’ve read!! Comparable to Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil but the MC isn’t as omnipotent. Everything is realistically structured, taking account the main idea, plot and growth overall!

... more>>

First, the MC. On the runway, in front of the camera for a photo shoot, he is The King, yes the caps are necessarily. In his field even the ML could only be an equal. This is one of the best parts about this novel, you don’t have an ML that completely overshadowed the MC. But, what is best about the MC is that he’s realistic and down-to-Earth, he is peerless as a model but get him to act? He s**ked, where most actors have 5 NGs at most in one movie, he can get 20 NG in one scene. He can’t cook well, even tomato fried is hard for him, he recipe he posted for his fans on it was extremely detailed and the results weren’t that good. He even said it was difficult. His handwriting is bad too, his talents lie in modeling, he has a high EQ but he doesn’t have many talents. But he grows, he doesn’t stay a bad actor, he slowly improves so that while he will never be a good actor, he can, at least, act at a decent level enough for blockbuster films and such. His writing doesn’t improve though, and he relies on the ML fo home cooked food... Anyway, he is the type of MC who could stand on his own two feet just with his own talents and capabilities, the ML just sped it along and gave him a goal.

Now, the ML. First impressions are the typical cold, domineering and black bellied ML but he is more an artiste and craftsmen then a cold-hearted CEO. He has major sway over the industry, which is common, but he doesn’t interfere with the MC’s work. He supports him, doing things like buying a 1000 copies of magazines the MC featured on, and gives him little pushes, like making sure the company allocates suitable resource to him. He doesn’t open any back doors for the MC, anything the MC does, every cover shoot and movie, is of the MC’s own merit. The most he does in interfering with the MC’s work is helping him deal with people who aim to ruin his reputation, but in the entire series that only adds up to a handful of people. He isn’t overly vicious, true he ruins heir careers but generally what he does is legal and not particularly violent, in other words no torture or mu*der. There is a reason for why, which I won’t spoil, and it’s not cliche. Initially, the ML viewed the MC as his muse, his source of inspiration as a designer, and endeavoured to make the MC his personal model or “muse”, eventually their feelings grew and the naturally came together. He tends to eat vinegar though, and that translates to cooking foods with a lot of vinegar for the MC to let him know it. Although it’s not one sided, the MC gets jealous too lol.

The MC and ML don’t dance around their feelings and misunderstandings between them are minor and few in between, not really noticeable. They have a mutual understanding and trust between them, especially once they entered their relationship, and there aren’t any characters trying to get between them because they were in love with the ML or even the MC. Usually they are jealous of one or the other but never being in love with the person, which is logical if you think about the author’s interpretation of the fashion industry. Their relationship progression is steady and you don’t have to wait 200 chapters to see them get together, I think they’re already together by half way?

I should mention though there are characters who exemplify racism, but in the novel things such as gender equality and anti-racism is promoted and tranvestites, homosexuality and such is widely accepted with only a small minority of discriminative individuals in the population of the novel. One of the top female supermodels, I believe, was actually a former top male supermodel and gay marriage was legalise in most countries in the novel and Huaxia not before the MC and ML married. In addition the MC has worn dresses in official fashion shows, as well as a skirt that was designed by the ML and a wedding dress in one of the ML’s fashion shows, he’s also been photographed with long hair and mistaken as a girl several times.

Smut scenes aren’t prominent and initially not graphic, maybe R-15 mid way? Either way they’re easy to ignore if you don’t like that kind of thing, [

Plot development is realistic yet conforms to the MC’s abilities, also the end isn’t rushed, the MC will steadily make his way up from 3rd rate model to 2nd to 1st to a Supermodel to the top 50, 20, 5, etc... The end is very satisfying and the journey is just as incredible.


5/5, maybe even more since I read the MTL version. <<less
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GtfoRightnow rated it
February 10, 2018
Status: c37
I'm a sucker for well done BL where the uke isn't a snivelling, cowardly mess who acts like a very feminine chick and exists to weep and take in the stick. Nothing against feminine girls, my best friend is one. Anyway, the protagonist Ming Yu is an intelligent and good looking man who knows what he wants and won't stop till he gets it. The male lead Xize (forcefully suppresses my inner fangirling) is a wolf wearing fox clothing, not sheep, cause everyone knows he's no herbivore.

The story is set... more>> in an alternate dimension, not unlike ours. Original Ming Yu has killed himself over love and been taken over by an expert from our world. This expert now goes on to climb the ranks of the model and entertainment industry by charming everyone with his skills and looks. Ming Yu does all of it while remaining fabulous and attracting the bachelors too (wink wink). The translation is on point and the release schedule/ rate of release is super fast. This translator is a hard worker and deserves all the love us fujoshis can give her/him. REJOICE FUJOSHIS FOR ANOTHER 5 STAR BL NOVEL WITH FAST RELEASE RATES! <<less
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softmatcha rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: c160
I dropped this at c160 because I couldn't continue the mind-numbing repetition. To confirm my suspicion, I skipped to

the last few chapters and, unsurprisingly, felt like I hardly missed anything in between at all.

I do NOT recommend reading Rebirth of a Supermodel unless you have the patience to endure this:

... more>>
  • Cultivators Supermodels develop their beauty and temperaments to immortal heights, hiding and unleashing their qi aura as easily as adjusting the heat on a stove. Ming Yu and Xi Ze are masters of this.
  • Ming Yu's "development" is measured by a ranking system + Weibo and fansite popularity growth, in response to the rising quality of his endors**ents and his appearances as both a runway and cover model. That's it, that's his journey. And not joking, half of the story is simulated social media activity and PR machinations. Never mind absent internal character growth, these "plot devices" only pretend to drive the story by teaching you how to count numbers, with the author literally acknowledging Ming Yu's INHUMANE (yes, author says inhumane at some point) career growth occasionally for emphasis.
  • OP protagonist has a golden finger in the form of his obsessive, all-powerful ML & his former life skills of possessing the camera lens into capturing 60 perfect poses per second.
  • In fact, Ming Yu is so OP that he's a better agent than his own agent, and can advise the PR director how to manage his public image. But it's just "suggestions" and "guidance".
  • But he's well-rounded and not all-powerful like his golden finger ML because (1) he's too original to act roles, (2) his writing is dog shit, and (3) he's not a white lotus because he can't cook for his man, and isn't benevolent enough to stop his enemies from getting what they deserve. In one arc, Xi Ze destroys an American actress by leaking compromising photos and even forcing her to undo her plastic surgery - because she snubbed Ming Yu at a public event. Ming Yu finds out and feels a tiny bit sorry for her, but shrugs his shoulders like c'est la vie. Let that sink in.
  • Ming Yu's androgyny makes him so versatile and universally pleasing that he can bend men & women with hair extensions. But don't dare mistake him to be feminine, his beauty defies gender categories.
  • Ming Yu draws every powerful, high-status model/photographer/designer to him like moths to a flame, rendering their seniority and personal accomplishments and skills negligible.
  • Every positive first encounter fosters an instantaneous, cult-like belief that his magical supermodel aura can challenge the best. Every negative first encounter sets up cannon fodder for career su*cide or a fall to obscurity.

Really disappointing that the author set up a decent premise & start only to show off a pretty vase with no content.

Some characters are contradictory to the author's own description, ex. The author kept describing Ding Bo as a hidden threat/ace agent but he talks and acts like a half-wit.

Other characters fall flat and one-dimensional. Case in point: the ONE standout thing I liked was the building ambiguity and tension between the MC and ML in the early chapters. As characters with equally high self-esteem and personal ambition, they developed an interest in each other in a way that was contemplative and restrained. It was refreshing up until the early stages of their relationship, then it fell flat into a cliched

gong/shou comedy of interactions.


I don't know how the same author manages to write a damn good first kiss scene, and then completely drop

the settings that make the characters unique to begin with - like Xi Ze's minor mysophobia went poof. Their romance devolves into a one-trick pony.


I didn't mind the Huaxia setting because it's very interesting to imagine China as the dominant global power. But I also agree with other reviewers that being racist is a different matter entirely, and there are some pretty superficial but repugnant anti-American sentiments weaved in, ex. The Sun scandal:


In this arc, American netizens are portrayed as being too blunt and dumb to comprehend the layered meanings of the Chinese language,

and only know how to flood Chinese forums with a bunch of crude profanities. Contrast with Chinese netizens' collectively higher moral ground & grace in verbal slaps to the face.

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May 2, 2018
Status: c47
I don't know how I feel about this novel, to be honest. The plot seems good and I don't dislike the characters but, the way the author writes makes the story kind of... hammy? It's just...I feel like the author says one thing but the story and characters say another. Or the story will have tons of random unnecessary details purely for the sake of an ego boost. It's disconcerting enough to make reading a chore, even though I feel like this should genuinely be a good story.

First off, the... more>> interactions between characters seem really fake and contrived. The author specifically describes the MC as not being flattering or servile yet, for the next 2-3 paragraphs, every other sentence out of his mouth is a compliment to someone. I'm not asking him to be aloof or act like he's better than anyone, but come on. At the very least, the author should at least try to make her MC match her description of him. Or let's talk about the fact that the ML is

not only the #1 supermodel in the world, he's also concurrently the creator and chief designer for the #1 brand in the world. Seriously? He's so amazing he can design for 4 shows a year, never model or show his face, and yet still not be forgotten as the #1 model on a list that updates every 3 months? This author relies too much on suspension of disbelief.


Going back even further, even the most basic detail like the setting is an unnecessary ego wank. His country Huaxia (China) is the leader for fashion. Cool, right? Yet, somehow, the country is also the leader of politics, technology, sports, yada yada yada. And it's just like... seriously? Is all that really necessary? Outside of the fashion bit, none of those details serve any importance to the story and only make me pause and wonder why the country of super humans hasn't just taken over the world by now. But that was a super minor one, more funny than off putting.

Frankly, none of these details is anything major- they're all just ego boosts for her characters and country and whatever, but it's just so exaggerated, especially because she tells and doesn't show (or will show the exact opposite of what she tells). At best, I just roll my eyes a few times whenever the author says how awesome something/someone is or when MC acts like some old sage evaluating everyone left and right. What makes this novel so uncomfortable to read is the conversations. THEY'RE SO AWKWARD! Honestly, you'd think you were reading an interaction between robots trying to learn human society and not two humans! At times, the stiffness comes across in the narration as well so I'm sure it's not (solely) a translation issue. I should like this story- it has so many things that appeal to me and is similar to novels I also enjoy (True Star, etc) but the author is making it hard for me to genuinely enjoy reading it. <<less
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Aria rated it
February 7, 2018
Status: Completed
Oh I love this story!

I have MTL it twice, from start to end, and still enjoy the translation cause yes it is that good!

(implicit/minor story spoiler)

MC's personality and status

... more>>

MC's pretty similar to FOD's MC, in case you didn't read FOD -> MC transmigrated into a person in bad position, but unlike most transmigated MC, he got skill and knows it!

Which means he didn't feel the need to immediately show off/take revenge/does common face slapping.

MC is calm and smart, tends to be lenient but when someone ticks him, his retaliation is very cool/high class xD

MC's skill comes from his single minded dedication in his previous life, and it shows in which while MC is 100/100 in modelling area, he tend to suck at area other than that. He can't cook and his acting teacher throws the towel and ask him to just act less x'D.


ML's personality and status


ML is the best model in the whole world and also a major shareholder+famous designer in the best fashion company in china (Muse, the one MC work for).

Now what I really love, is that ML did work hard for his position instead of just being there cause author made him so.

That and the realistic fact that ML keep his "best model" title despite being busy is by "cheating" a.k.a designing his own clothes for fashion show and then model it.

Thus unlike most model that's busy with modelling, he just need to model 1-2 in a year and get [perfect/perfect] cause it's his design, so ofc he knows the best how to make it shine xD!

ML himself is a great character xD! (In fact I love him more then MC huehuehue)

ML is rather cold towards stranger and people he felt unworthy (which make sense since countless of people want to use him/his status for their own benefit).

He loves verbal trapping/trolling people he's friendly-ish with.

And if he dislike/hates someone, he is capable and ruthless enough to destroy that person.


MC and ML : how they start


So ML, as a designer, always wanted a muse (an existance that serves as inspiration source)

After meeting MC and watching him catwalking, he is 99% sure MC is his muse.

ML then directly tell MC so, and ask MC to become his exclusive model.

Now here's what I love about MC; MC refuse that offer, even though he knew it is the quickest way to become high tier popular model.

Why? because his goal is to surpass ML, and he can't do that if he works for ML. (10/10 I love your confidence MC ♡)

ML didn't force the issue, but he began to insert himself little-by-little to MC's life because to him, 'a muse is an existance that stands in the pinacle of beauty, if he didn't chase that, then what will he chase?'


MC and ML : work etique


ML make opportunities for MC because he believe inMC's strength, but whether MC succeed or not, depends entirely on MC himself.

MC is smart and humble enough to not reject ML's help, but never abuse it either.


MC and ML : relationship progress


It's refreshingly straightforward ^^♡

ML pursues MC, MC knows and play along with it until just for a while to make some things certain, then they date :p

#no misunderstanding, miscommunication, 3rd person interfering, etc etc #god bless the author


MC and ML : relationship dynamic


Mature adults in healty relationship ^^

On top of mutual love, they respect each other's decision and didn't keep secrets.


MC and ML : continue from above but is explicit story spoiler


... well except for one

ML start a (secret) hobby of mass buying product/item that feature MC, then he bought a house to be used as a garage just because he ran out of place to store them.

ML then make a new social media account, "Z God" and flaunt those items.

When MC found out, he make a new account named "halting my wife's leg" just to make snide comments to "Z God", lol those two!

After ML found out, MC (semi jokingly) said that all ML's purchase beyond certain digit need to get his approval xD


Antagonist : in general


Sadly, even in our world, the strong using/trampling the weak is very common. That is what happen to most of this story's antagonist.

Most of the antagonists are either misinformed/ill-informed about MC's real status in showbiz world, they think MC is lower than them thus they use the MC as a stepping stone/scapegoat/etc. They don't deliberately target MC because he is Ming Yu, if MC is exchanged with other "similarly status-ed"model, they'll do the same thing too.

I can't say they're good nor smart (since good and/or smart people won't want to/dare antagonise MC :p), but they're not cardboard 2D completely brain-dead antagonists who are oddly fixated/created just to make MC suffer (like god knows how many novel spawn them like c*ckroach).


Antagonist : First antagonist and his history with the real Ming Yu and MC (explicit spoiler)


Immediately after you start reading, you'll know the name Cheng Su.

Cheng Su was a small model who deliberately get close to the real Ming Yu in order to take real!Ming Yu's resources.

Now the catch is, Cheng Su is straight and homophobic, while real!Ming Yu is gay.

Because of that, Cheng Su felt disgusted by real!Ming Yu's advance so after he got enough foothold in the industry, he ditch the real!Ming Yu and trade his broker for a better broker.

Real!Ming Yu is too naive/s*upid, he falls too deep for Cheng Su and even though Cheng Su show his true color and coldly/harshly treated him, he continue his pursue futilely.

In the end the real!Ming Yu can't take it, and commit su*cide in order for Cheng Su to forever remember him.

Enter MC who honor real!Ming Yu's wish. But he did it in "the best revenge is massive success" way. He is determined to make Cheng Su regret his action by being better off than him.


Antagonist : Seriously major spoiler that give away the last chapters.


Cheng Su is the first, the most heartless and the last antagonist.

His most heartless action is when he got very fed-up with real!Ming Yu's advances, he lied and gave drugs to real!Ming Yu to set him up to be discovered and taken to jail.

Luckily (?), real!Ming Yu is so dead set on pursuing Cheng Su, he only use the drug once to try and "tempt" Cheng Su, and then stashed it away when it doesn't work.

In the end, the drug that real!Ming Yu stashed is "returned" to Cheng Su's place, police find it there and Cheng Su got interrogated. The lawyer he got arranged had no interested to protect him, purposefully lead him into saying his wrongdoing and then making sure he paid it in full.

Cheng Su got thrown into jail for years, his career un-salvageable, and we know what happen to pretty/good looking man in jail.

He came out of jail looking awful completed with androphobia.


Tl;dr great story-line, great characters and characterisation. Each one; main, supporting, minor and even antagonist have individual personality.

Transmigration isn't exactly new, but this story is capable to make you want to know what's next? What's next?! To top it all, this story is fast paced without feeling rushed. #satisfaction guaranteed

5/5 "a good book, no matter how many times you read it, is good"

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rinshi rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: c160
I actually really wanted to like this. After reading The King of Classical Music I wanted something similarily enjoyable. However, I was bitterly disappointed. Just like many other reviewers, I had to drop this story halfway through. I won't delve too much into it, since the other reviewers perfectly described my concerns.

... more>>

the blatant propaganda (and racism) really threw me off. I couldn't stomach all those overgeneralizations and the xenophobia, which was pretty much present from the beginning, but gradually got worse.

The ultimate reason for dropping it was the whole the Sun scandal. The author pretty much assumed that all of the Western media and Western opinion was represented by a single (most likely tabloid and unsophisticated) newspaper which presumably had so much bearing on all Westerners (which is frankly ridiculous and offensive). The way the ML resolved the issue was just over the top.... and all that for a very petty reason (snubbing the MC)


Up to this point, however, the story was okay (don't get me wrong it is far from excellent, but it was good enough to kill time). If you can overlook the underlying xenophobia and just want really shallow entertainment, I guess this story is for you. <<less
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Ease rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: Completed

This might be the one of the best danmei novels out there. The characters, the plots, the developments, the ending; TIP. TOP.

Both Ming Yu and Xi Ze have very solid characters.

Ming Yu is a very responsible model, thriving to become the top supermodel in the new world. You might think he is the common OP MC like in other novels; but nope, people. Ming Yu only excel in modelling.

... more>>

He can barely act. He can barely cook. And aside from his signature that he already perfected in his previous life (even better than Xi Ze's), his writing is near horrible.

He needs to work hard in acting because he's actually interested in it, you know. He takes classes and improving his acting little by little, first by acting in an ads, then later in a movie. You can see his gradual improvements in time.


Xi Ze, IMHO, is a typical OP ML. What can't he do? He excels in modelling, designing, and even cooking (He can even carve flowers on carrots!). His downside might be that's he's very sarcastic and annoying towards people close to him, including Ming Yu. But at least it shows a flaw in his character. I also love the fact that Xi Ze respects Ming Yu's request to not become his muse (yet). Xi Ze is continuously trying to tempt him through out the novel but he is persistent without being pushy.

We of course have other characters but TBH, the MCs overshadow everyone else.

The plot revolves around the modelling industry, which I am quite surprised with how detail it is. I never knew models take still pictures before they walk the runway (but I never care about models or modelling so...). At least we know the writer did some research.

In the novel, you can see Ming Yu rises from third rated model to become the top male supermodel. The development from modelling for small magazine to high-end brand are described in details. You can follow Ming Yu from his preparations in the make up room to his professionalism in front of the cameras, later to the advertis**ents of the brands and the critics and compliments from the pros and fans. You can understand the reason why he succeed what he did because the author did a good job building the story.

The ending is in line with Ming Yu's goal; to become the top supermodel. Yay!

As for Ming Yu and Xi Ze's relationship, you can actually see its development. It starts from a 'designer and refused-to-be-muse muse' to 'friends' to 'lovers'. It's not abrupt but the transition is not too subtle either. I like this couple

I recommend this novel to anyone to read, even the MTL is quite easy to understand. It only takes a few early chapters to get hold on their names, after that you can breeze through. <<less
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DameSkyler rated it
October 11, 2018
Status: c40
Look, I really wanted to like this novel. I'm a sucker for transmigration premises, where you'll have a kickass MC about to conquer the world (in this case, supermodel world). It may not be the best literary work out there, but I thought there'd be enough plot and content to keep me captivated, much like QWTFD.

But forty chapters in, I can't take it anymore. I'm not sure if the translations needed proofreading, but when you have sentences using THREE exclamation marks !!!, characters whose dialogue just breaks your brain, and... more>> dialogues that run along the lines of this:


Shen Xiang, "?"

Xi Ze replied to the puzzled Shen Xiang. "Since you have to divide the models in accordance to level and Ming Yu's level can't be judged, then... he is at the highest level."

Shen Xiang, "(⊙口⊙)!!!"

Ding Bo drinking water, "Cough cough cough... "

Acting as if he didn't notice his agent and the director of Muse's Pr department's aghast eyes, Xi Ze raised his right index finger to his lower lip, speaking as if he was embarrassed, "Temporarily set it to the highest level."

Shen Xiang, "!!!!"

What do you mean by temporary?

It seems like you are still very dissatisfied with the highest level!

Come out, say what you aren't satisfied with! I will let you know who is at the highest level!!!

(/"≡ _ ≡)/~┴┴


Are you kidding me? Inserting chat emoticons into a piece of literary work? Even worse, these are littered on almost every chapter, to the point where I'm starting to suspect the author is depending on this gimmick because she lacked the talent to pull off proper prose. Nevertheless, I gritted my teeth and pushed through, because it does have an interesting premise, and I am interested in the MC's journey, but no. I have had ENOUGH of the s*upid emoticons that has no place in a NOVEL, and I regret ever reading this. <<less
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maimim rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: --
The novel is enjoyable, but mostly due to the interactions between Ming Yu and Xi Ze. They have an interesting relationship dynamic and are unlike the couples I have encountered in a number of novels. They are not the lovey-dovey type of couples, and I don't recall them even saying "I love you" to each other. They kind of have this tacit understanding of what their relationship is without having to say it out loud. I like Ming Yu in particular because he is not a damsel-in-distress type of character.... more>> He can handle his problems himself although Xi Ze likes butting in and making himself known. Haha. A really great power couple (and their smexy times are *-*).

My main problem, though, is the author's strong nationalistic pride that's evident in the general setting of the novel. In some cases, the author uses first and second person, so it seems like the author is the one making all of these comments about how powerful China and its people are. I am not denying that China is a great country, but this kind of sentiment is not something I want to read in fiction. I do not want to deal with personal beliefs when I am trying to enjoy something. I do not mind that the author has Huaxia as one of the leading countries in fashion as it helps create a unique storyline, but I wished the author didn't make these kinds of comments so prevalent, especially towards the middle of the novel. At the beginning to establish the setting would be fine. That way readers can put it in the back of their minds, but these comments are brought up a lot when it is a US celebrity that is involved. <<less
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Myouki rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c128
I try so hard to liking this novel enough to finish it. But I just can't. I drop this at chapter 128. Don't know if I'm gonna finish this novel.

I can stand the xenophobia. Since many Chinese novel quite rampant with that. (All genre, not only BL). While that's unpleasant, it's kinda okay. (At least I'm stop read this when it's still bearable for me. Don't know about the xenophobia in the later chapter.)

And the reason Huaxia more flourished in the novel quite clear. It's alternating universe. So, okay.... more>> I can kinda accept that. (But, I think it;s gonna be more interesting what point in history is different and make Huaxia more flourished in the novel. Unfortunately, all the setting kinda like an afterthought. Never fully explained in detail.)


  • ML. I start with this one. THIS NOVEL ML IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST BULLY OUT THERE. He's a reminder that people bully just because they can. They have authority, and power to do that. And that's a lot for me, since I read a lot of face-slapping novel with disgusting bully. But this ML is really top notch bully. And we supposed to root for him? He's the reason I drop this novel. In another novel, he'll be the main villain. And I see him as a villain. He's not a black-bellied character. He's a bully that crushed people for a petty reason.
  • MC. I have mixed feeling about him. I kinda love him. I continue to read the novel to this point because of him. It's kinda refreshing to read some non white lotus character. But, like other reviewers point out. It kinda boring with every arc he's never failed to do anything. Even with his crappy acting, the Director just give him a pass. And other character that had just a slightest bit disagreement with him written off with some unpleasant consequences. Just because of ML loves him (and ML loves him because of his face, let's admit that. No other reason.) At some point, he's just too Gary Stu. I only love him for "the small mushroom" thing and how un-wifey he is. But until chapter 128, there's still no character development. And he's another bully. (Just not as severe as the ML. I can still accept that.)
  • Zhao Rui, Lao Ru. MC's manager and assistant. I feel they have more character than MC or ML. Zhao Rui in particular, even if he's in the background, he's the one with most character development. At first, I rooted for MC and Zhao Rui. (or Zhao Rui and Cheng Su's manager.) He's just too cute.
  • Cheng Su, the original body's love interest. Is this a revenge, face-slapping novel? Why the main villain is not that strong and memorable? MC and ML just finished him in a filler chapter. Not worth mentioning.
Setting and Fashion

  • The setting is fashion industry. But the industry itself just empty. There's not much detail about them other than to glorify MC or ML. ML is supposed to be #1 Supermodel. How he's even #1 supermodel if his works as supermodel in a year is just a few? What's the difference between supermodel and first-tier model? What's the criteria for World Supermodel Organization to add the name into the list? It's like ML is supermodel just to give him some powerful background.
  • Huaxia. What makes them so great in the first place? What's different from MC's world's history? This never been clearly explained. In several paragraph, Huaxia equal to USA or Europe, but what incident that makes them more powerful than the original MC's world?
  • What's make fashion and entertainment industry different? There's several instances that emphasize this. But never fully explained.
  • Temperament. This world thrown left and right to describe how powerful and above-the-all the MC and ML is. But, I don't really understand the concept. Is this world something that lost in the translation, or some result of the author incompetence to describe fashion industry and the MC greatness?
Bullying and Xenophobia (and MC, ML's 'greatness')

  • Bullying is the reason I drop this. At chapter 128, it became unbearable for me to continue. In the novel, there's an accident few chapter back when this actor and MC involved. The actor got broken leg, MC got bruised hand. For the sake of him staying in the movie, he throw some subtle dirty water to MC. ML is angry his wife got some bruise and a bit of bad name from fans because of this actor, and punch him one day after his leg got broken. And there's no repercussion. Because he's powerful, and ML. Because this actor bad-mouthing his wife, ML destroy his career. It just wtf. But when other canon fodder bully MC, there's always a repercussion. Even if just bad-mouthing him.
  • It seems like author can't make MC's halo bright enough, so they bully canon fodders to make them kneel at the greatness of MC.
  • I never got the part where the xenophobia is really makes me shiver with disgust. But, the way the author describe #1 and #2 female supermodel just weird. It looks like the number 1 female supermodel (American) only got there because her "clean and angelic temperament". Not because of her strength. While ML got there because he's powerful enough to swept other opponents. All the powerful thing and description only belongs to Huaxia. Others? Just a bit lucky.
Beauty standard

  • "Don’t take photos with the following three types of people: Thinner than you, whiter than you, have a better temperament than you... " (chapter 121)

  • Yeah. That's quite disturbing. And considering this novel's 2017 setting, the beauty standard should vary among the models too, right? Wrong. There's only 4 type of man's beauty; manly, feminine, androgynous, MC. At chapter 121, there's even a bit disturbing implication. MC is thinner, whiter than the female actors. Wtf with this beauty standard.
Writing style

  • I don't mind this type of writing. It gave me more relaxed atmosphere and not take this novel seriously. Make the character more lovable. If this novel written with more serious style, I'd drop this novel faster.
I don't think this novel deserve even 1 star. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KairaYK rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: c56
This story is just so awkwardly written. I feel like it had great potential that was completely missed. Don't get me wrong, I really like the characters in this story. They have their flaws and quirks that make them feel real and relatable. But then why are most of the interactions between them so boring and awkward ?!

Even between the 2 main characters, I keep getting disappointed in every conversation they have. The best talks are between the MC and his manager, and you can sum them up with 'where... more>> to model next'.

There's no conflict and no tension in the story. And I ended up feeling the plot was very bland.

I gave up after a while since there was really no fun in reading further. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alamerysl rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: Completed
Overall, this was a rather enjoyable BL novel that felt more slice of life than anything else. There was no real drama or high pressure stakes, but not every novel needs to be a thriller.

I really enjoyed the relationship between the MC and the ML and how ML had to work for the MC's attention, while MC was super focused on his career goals instead.

The reason why I gave the novel two stars:

... more>>

About half way through, there is some very, very, very blatant pro-China/anti-Western propaganda that really threw me for a loop. I was not expecting actual propaganda in the middle of this very not straight Chinese BL novel. I was completely immersed in the story up till that point.

I can gloss over the Huxia (aka China on steriods) thing even though that was a spectacular bit of potential world building that was completely ignored by the author who probably just added it in for minor background propaganda. But I cannot deal with a "us Chinese are so much superior over these white Western barbarians" and also our exclusive industry parties are only for people who are from China and not even other Asians are allowed to join.

Honestly, I'm here for the BL so I can easily gloss over bad euphemisms and minor background propaganda. But this was very obviously inserted into the novel for no apparent reason and since it was the first time I encountered such blatant propaganda, I was unable to mentally gloss over it. My enjoyment of the second half of the novel was completely ruined.

It wouldn't have been so bad if I had been prepared for it, so future readers, consider this your warning!

On a positive note, the novel also has a trans character and their situation is actually dealt with rather respectfully and low-key which was a very nice after-dinner Chinese propaganda dinner mint.

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shoujokaguya rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c7
Do you like rebirth?

Do you like OP characters starting from the bottom again?

Do you like face smacking moments?

... more>> Then read this chinese bl novel for an another amazing story to be hooked on!

I like the new chapters so far and there's already a lot of mysterious characters waiting to lay all their cards! And the MC is not a weak character to be trampled on! I'm looking forward to that sweet revenge he will served on those black bellies, as well as him meeting the ML!

I will add this to my reading list! <<less
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leviii rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c133
In contrast of all the negative comments below, I will give only the good things that I observed halfway of this novel!

  • Easy reading, the chapters are not so long but not so short plus the translations are great!
  • NOT BORING. Well, this is my opinion. Its your own loss to stop at the beginning of the story because many GREAT things will come if you read further.
  • This is so FUNNY! Inner monologues are hilarious and I can't help but laugh out loud.
  • Both MC and ML are so lovable!!!
  • So many fluffy scenes and heart fluttering moments and you'll enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT of it.
  • The interactions between the MC and ML is sooo adorable!
  • I don't know why some readers here hate the smooth sailing romance between the MC and ML, but me? I FREAKING LOVE IT.
  • MC and ML are on equal standings in their relationship, which I really love.
  • OP MC that is intelligent and knows his good capabilities? YES PLS!
AND waiting for the smut scenes are really worth it! Long and hot AF 11/10 *nosebleed*

I'm not finished reading yet but im really itching to give a review as early as now. So far, I really enjoy reading this and I'm not planning on stopping.
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Saphie rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Let me summarize this novel in simple words: "Mushroom (MC), wow! Amazing! Huaxia superior! westerners? Disgusting hmp! Xi Ze... ?_? "

This novel is simply... outrageous and exaggerated. Everyone who met just goes, "Omg! Good body, slender waist, a god in front of the lens! No one is better than him! His aura blah blah blah..." I thought only transmigrated assassins to cultivators would have this kind of empty compliments. Every single words are ego booster. So many unnecessary details that can be simplified in one word but prolonged for 2-3... more>> paragraphs... im not even exaggerating.

It's the same old cliche novel where the MC has a halo and those who don't side with him must perish, no exceptions. Like, literally everybody is sucking up to him... no matter if its the super duper famous photographer #1, #2, #3, the three awardee film empress, the super top models and so on... He has no flaws, even his bad acting got him the best newcomer award?? Really author?

I was quite enjoying it up until he went to the west. The xenophobia literally jumped out... Huaxia like, dominates the west, so many huaxia on the supermodel ranking, so many huaxia on the western boards... the MC even said this himself.. "those ugly people", goodness... You will see the author's prejudice over the westerns...

The ML, I actually don't feel him that much in the novel. Even if the author deliberately said he's literally the most perfect thing and most talented person to ever existed. His love for MC was also without basis, no one courted, they just kissed and viola! they're together suddenly.

It was a good read up until that point... then everything went downhill. I couldn't stand every single praise for MC.

The plot is repetitive, boring, the counterattack is sooooo cliche. I was expecting new things but well....

Not worth the high ratings. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
CookieMonster rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c7
Don't mind the 1-star rating. *Rant in the spoiler

... more>>

Really people, stop killing reader counts when the novel translation has just begun!!! You are making people miss out on great novels! Temporarily rating this 5 stars to make up for the 1-star rating made by some prejudiced person.


Ming Yu is not the usual timid, need-to-be-protected shou. He's calm, cool, and determined. He's also not an MC who randomly picks fights. He's amiable and sweet-talks people into having a favorable impression of him.

The novel is off to a great start, and the translation quality is pretty good too. Don't judge it by the ratings just yet! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RaymondTale rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel makes me sigh a little because I'm not sure how I managed to finish it and why I loved it so much. It's all about the MC wearing this and that, and some bad guys trying to harm him, and him face-slapping them into next week, rinse and repeat. But I read it a long time ago, and guess what? I still remember some of the MC's outfits, photo sessions and movies he participated in. So... whatever shortcomings it has, I loved it.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TerraRising rated it
September 30, 2018
Status: c233
Good for a light read but lacks excitement overall.

What could be said to be the story's strong points are also it's weaknesses. The relationship dynamics between the MC and the ML is refreshing in that they are completely straight-forward with each other, and there aren't any push and pull games. Even instances of jealousy are played up completely for comedic effect and as a bid for the other's attention; at no point does either character waver in their understanding of each other's feelings.

That being said, the story itself is also... more>> straight-forward to the point of boredom.


There is absolutely no conflict or obstacle in this story that gives readers a sense of real suspense. It's hard to experience that 'worry' for how things will turn out when there was never a single doubt from either the writer's standpoint or the character's own view of their eventual success. Every single conflict is resolved swiftly and beautifully by the MC, he doesn't even bat an eyelash in worry. Even when he is being wronged, he doesn't show anger, just shakes his head, sighs, and then turns things around so he comes out on top.

This lack of struggle and lack of the MC or ML taking any threats seriously makes it so that I, as a reader, was equally unable to become invested in the storyline. From start to finish, there was only a smooth ascent - the conflicts along the way were too small to even be described as molehills. Every single person trying to stand in the MC's way were fodder characters with no actual strength and an inflated sense of their own value. There was not a single competent villain character in the entire novel.

The lack of real struggle also hampers character growth in the story, and I would argue there was very little and possibly none at all for the MC and ML. From start to finish there is only competence and complete self-assurance, no "can he?" but only a "when will he?" win. In their relationship with each other, they fell into roles easily that never had to shift again. Even with MC's only 'real' problem in being a bad actor, there are no unpleasant consequences and he rather smoothly improves while winning the good regard of those around him. There was no learning or change, only (a) high-handed, overpowered god character (s), which, if you enjoy just reading your mains effortlessly plowing everyone over because they are and always will be the unchallenged kings of the throne, then I guess this wouldn't be a con for you.


Overall a fun read saved by the sweet relationship between MC and ML, but lacking real conflict and substance. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DynerisCyrus rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: Completed
I hardly ever write reviews but I'll do it for this novel simply because of the huge number of reviews filled with criticism over here.

  • Issue number 1: Huaxia is the leading force in the field of fashion. It's a fact that this isn't true for the real world, but this is a WORK OF FICTION. I think it's pretty reasonable for an author to introduce world settings like this, especially when the MC's journey can be better explained with them.
  • Issue number 2: MC and ML are too OP. I think not, throughout the MC's journey from a no-name model to a world renowned supermodel, including his previous life experiences as well as the support from ML, which wasn't too exaggerated by the way, there is hardly anything that seems undeserving. The comments saying that the MC had an 'inhumane career growth' need to understand that this MC has previously already reached the very peak in his life, so yes he's a natural in front of the lens, and yes he can walk better than most first and second tier models, which part sounds unbelievable? It's REBIRTH of a SUPERMODEL, please. As for the ML, yeah he's kinda OP but nothing new here.
  • Issue number 3 (probably the reason there are so many heartbroken snowflakes) : Xenophobia. If I may add first, I'm not saying this because I'm Chinese, I'm not. So there is mentioned in the book that the foreigners were unable to understand the deep meanings of Chinese words and phrases. And? Is that wrong? Unless you speak and understand Chinese despite not being one, which is a not so common case. In general, I do believe that to understand the deeper implications of a language, the translations are simply not enough, and meaning is indeed lost in this way, it's not a jab at your IQ okay? As for making fun of some foreigners appearing in this story, their accent or whatever, it's not like the Chinese cannon fodder villains were not made fun of, or that they didn't pay the price, but if it's a foreigner getting messed up, it's xenophobia?
  • And the accent, my dear, when you fight with someone, it's nothing special to catch ahold of whatever flaw is on display and use it to taunt the other person, it can be accent, it can be the dress they're wearing or their goddamn teeth being 0.5% yellow.
  • Countries not being mentioned: So if a particular country has not been mentioned by name in the gathering of supermodels, that's xenophobia. How many countries are there in the world?? Is it possible for the author to mention every single one, or even come close to it? Wth?
  • American netizens are made to sound dumb: You mean the cannon fodders not being as smart as the protagonist's side? Sorry to inform you but that is the norm is most novels, doesn't matter whether it's a Chinese or a non-chinese MC. As for the Americans using more profanities than the Chinese, in general, most Asian countries have controlling parents that will skin you for having a foul dictionary, as a result, the younger generations usually have a efficiently working filter installed in their mouths. Not to be judging right or wrong here.
  • The ML being sorta crazy for MC: He DID go too far at times, no defense for him here, but he's not a bad partner romantically.
  • Boring: I think this depends from person to person, but just saying, the 1000+ ratings for this novel are facts hehe.
I was just annoyed by the undeserved bad reviews over here, but this fricking sounds like I have a personal attachment or smth. Don't mind me, please.
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