Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s


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She woke up from her sleep to the divorce papers that the original owner’s husband tossed at her.

Shu Yan picked up the document and took a look. She gets the house and the savings, but not the car.

Oh! And her son and daughter.

She had been a single woman in her 30’s in her previous life, and now she’s a mother?

How exciting is that?

She searched her memories. Two million dollars in savings. How much is two million dollars in the 90s?

What’s a husband? The other woman can have him. I’m taking the money and my instant son and daughter to go and enjoy ourselves!

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New IrisBay rated it
May 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Overall the novel was good. The MC and ML was not overpowered. The author did a 👍 job for this. There's no golden finger or any talent of MC and ML.

This novel had no sweet and fluffy romance that tickles you but it's just a straight and direct way like "MC and ML don't have chasing counting, it was they think they like each other then they are now lovers" like that.

This novel are more on development and face slapping.

It was good that the MC's 1st son didn't get back... more>> to his ex-gf, I think that girl was fake and greedy for money.

MC's daughter was good and she found a warm husband and taking care of her, after her trauma from her biological father. And it's also from ML effort for overcoming it.

MC and ML son was hilarious 😂, I think he will still inherit the ML's company after he got older. And his siblings will take care of him. <<less
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February 8, 2020
Status: c22
My only compliant is that the translator has broken up 6 chapters into 22 chapters. I assume this is to speed out releases, I thought the original author just wrote super short awkwardly ended chapters. It was only when I went to the raws and MTL them I realized what was going on. The story flows much better as it was originally intended. My recommendation is to ignore this translation until there is a few dozen "chapters" to read at a time so you can read two or three chapters... more>> as the author intended. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: Completed
I was supposed to rate it 4.5 but I realized that this isnt your usual transmigration story, most trnasmigration story here either takes place in ancient china or another 20th century modern, interstellar. This is the first one I encounter 1990's it was quite a new experience for me. I read it in one sitting from 7 pm to 1 am.

Of course some parts made me uninterested but it was only because I'm still new to 1990's era. This was great, if it werent then I wouldn't be able to... more>> finish it in one sitting and wouldn't be reviewing it right now. Most of you have probably read my reviews on bl and other shoujo romance.

I really recommend this novel. Whenever fuyu neko releases a new novel I would immediately read it and if I like it then I would machine translate it. I think there's only one novel that she translates that I dont read. Getting back to the review, THIS ONE REALLY SHOWS EMPOWERMENT TO WOMEN.

It's not bias to women because it also shows the flaws and everything

I like how the authordidnt beautify the female lead and inteadshowed the process of how she thinned and how she cleared the spot on her face


The ml


I like how the ML isnt the usual overbearing president that is otherworldly handsome, although he is handsome but it didn'tover shadowed his character


All characters have flaws and not one dimensional. Its cute how I imagien the story as I read it, retro style, old school, ohhh the good old days <<less
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Ejsama rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: Completed

Good novel! Not too dramatic but since we're modernized and not familiar with the 90's in China, you can be super biased. So you'll get really sad cuz of daughters being sold for money. Original host is very pitiful. I'm glad FL fulfilled her wishes and gave her 2 children a good life and a grand wedding that she never had so her relatives can finally notice her. Since she's just a daughter no one paied attention to her.

Karma is a b*tch. The ex-husband and his "moonlight" got bad endings.


Ya'll, I love how the FL swiftly destroyed their future careers in just a couple of chapters. She took all his money/assets/properties and had her 3rd cousin to be in the same career path and suppressed him all sides. She also spread their pictures to the girl's parents and job so she doesn't get her position in the future. I was kinda sad how the novel FL was just gone like that. She got aborted and LJJ, the novel FL's mother damaged her body so she can't get preggo anymore and the ex is a SCUM all the way. He ended up getting together someone 10 yrs older than him SMH. LJJ got arrested!!


FL is straightforward and very generous. She helps girls who needs an escape from the backwards thinking and helping her friends with their divorce. She's not the damsel in distress kind of girl. I mean she got help in someway but everything was so smooth sailing. The problems that just popped up was because of her parents and ex was thinking of trying to take away her son


(ended up getting another younger girl pregnant so he forgot about it.)


. She gets sad a lot since her parents from the original world are still alive :C

ML is cute and caring. He's the rare type of species in that era. Since first hand witnessing his family crumbling, he vowed he'll do better. Not how other people let other people's nasty behavior influence him. He didn't really appear until later in the novel and he pursued her really quickly cuz she said how they're both old enough and didn't do the "you chase me, I chase you." BS.

The antagonists come and go. Like 1 chapter and they poof. Its a really good read to pass time! Honestly the novel picture best describes the whole novel cuz damn, everything went smooth sailing and she just throws money everywhere lmfao. 10/10.

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RizYun rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Story about a divorced single parent woman in her mid 20's venture in business management. All trouble came and forth starting from the closest kin, parent; ex family; land lord; neighbor; business rival; even in-law family.

... more>>

ML is a scarred face tough looking guy whose ex ARMY that once jailed cuz misunderstanding and miscommunication for killing a rapist. He also the owner of the largest Security Company in the country (when his kids became adult, the company already became No.1 in the world with it's member were all ex soldier, some were ex-soldier who disability)

MC kids were adorable. The eldest daughter was obedient and serious girl, the younger son was.... well, just a baby that need to coaxing (and threated cuz often making MC headache in her early periode of moving + in diet program). In the end he became a soldier in his dad old camp cuz of broken heart. The youngest son whose born wit ML are in the end of story became a HIpHOP dancer idol (at this time very likely already in 2010's era).

MC business were : a shop which selling woman cloth targeted to mid-hi end customers (give away to her Subs later cuz she was way too buzy) ; a half share of world class reknown underwear company (later inherited to her daughter) ; 60-70% share of first world smartphone maker company (as CEO, later inherited to broken heart son after he back from enlisted in army).

31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I absolutely love this story. There is zero bullshit, every character is mature, all actions are reasonable and there is no mindless antagonists. Sure, they're petty and selfish, but they make sense. Also, the main leads are good people who reach out to help others, which is a plus for me.

And I actually ship the main couple! The romance in novels (that I read) usually is just some cute interactions for fun, but I really wanted these two to get together and I was not disappointed, although I would've liked... more>> to see more interaction between the characters and less about management (which was ridiculously smooth). <<less
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shdill rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: c56
FL is the b*tch. She's the best b*tch. If she were to be transmigrated/reincarnated villainess, she would be way more savage and ruthless than the original--but still survive the execution and punishment.

She's kind to the children, but not excessively. The children have good behaviour, not too unruly, but they are children. Sometimes they could be unreasonable and annoying, I find myself want to ass whoop that brat.

I have only read until there. No sign of ML's appearance yet. She's still focusing on having a better life for her family, and... more>> the narrative is all about money management. If you want to read full fledged romance from the start, maybe this one is not for you.

Oh and I feel it's necessary to mention FL's third cousin. He's awesome.

Translation is also very enjoyable. <<less
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November 23, 2021
Status: c172
I'll be honest, at first I was pretty interested in this story, but at some point it became bland, and I stopped caring.

Also the whole 'educational' process of MC and her youngest son was just... In short, if you think it's okay to raise kids like this, please, don't have any. You can't just ignore all the temper tantrums until they go away, and snub your child into being obedient.

Sure, it'll work out, and they'll stop throwing fits around you, but it will also leave them with long-term psychological trauma... more>> where they wouldn't be able to step out of people pleasing frame, fearing they will get ignored again if they're not perfect.

It was really bugging me all the time she did that, and how author concluded that this was a right way to treat a child, making them into a happy little obedient quiet family. <<less
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Mmailah rated it
January 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this novel. It has its pros and cons. As the story progresses, you may begin to become bored since it focuses more on the mc's road to becoming a successful businesswoman. She cares about her children, but she doesn't really interact with them much once her business begins to grow. However, that's what makes this novel more realistic. She's a single mom who decided to open a business to raise her children, but ends up hiring a nanny to raise her children when life became... more>> too busy and stressful. She's pretty normal compared to other MCs who have golden halos and there's hardly any drama, besides the greedy people in this novel. Her family sucks, but that doesn't make her unique because almost all the families mentioned are equally horrible. The ML is a really great and lovable character despite his fierce appearance. The development of their relationship was natural and there was no "love at first sight" which is a good thing. <<less
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January 13, 2022
Status: c356
The main draw of this story is for the cultural lesson alone. It's like a peek into 90's China, which I knew nothing about. Completely fascinating. It's like a mirror-verse if you're only familiar with Western and European cultures. Watch as workers think a 12 hour a day job with 2 days off a MONTH is a good deal. School officials embezzle kindergartner lunch money, and literal mobs of angry parents burst into the school to scream at everyone for giving the kids wholesome vegetables and "only" 1-2 slices of... more>> meat. Rival shop owners try to sabotage merchandise and steal copyrights. The need to rely on fixers/ negotiators/ relatives to find out information pre-internet and negotiate as an in-between. Plus all sorts of interesting little tidbits, like how people 'air out' their new apartments for months and months before moving in, getting bedsheets made by a tailor, and the transitional attitudes from the previous, communist regime, to the influx of 'capitalists'.

Appears to be thoroughly researched, with many bizarre and quirky details about the clothing business, and how it's run. It makes me wonder if the writer's family was in a similar business.

The good:
  • The above mentioned cultural perspective. Worth a look just for that.
  • The MC would be overly lucky in her business ventures for the real world, but is down right reasonable for a webfic, and not a Mary Sue or super powered MC. She has set backs, and things go wrong for others she helps.
  • Her transformation to "pretty" is realistic and takes time (she spends over a year of extreme dieting and exercise to lose 60lbs and endures expensive, painful laser treatments for her "dalmation" blotchy skin).
  • She hits upon her multi-million dollar idea a bit on accident, and it's a non-flashy market (basically long-johns, winter underwear).
  • She is fond of the children who belonged to the original owner, but not excessively or in a creepy or sappy way. The story is not about them acting cutesy together. Plus the kids accurately come across as children of their stated ages. Not once did I think "why is the 7 year old acting 2? The author must not know any children."
  • She has slightly more Western-ideal morality than is typical. She will step in occasionally because it's the 'right thing to do' without thought of benefit, she treats her workers well, is very into helping other women. She is on board with cutting off scumbag relatives, which is refreshing when compared with other novels where the MC sticks with family come hell or high water, solely because they are family. This makes her more appealing to Western readers than normal.
  • The ML is atypical, having a facial deformity and a considerate, sensitive personality. He has less money than her and he does not mind that she has children.
The bad:
  • I do not give one flipping F*** how much things cost. Everyone is obsessed with cost and food.
    Meat and money seem to be the primary motivations of nearly all Chinese novels, same here. There are just lists and lists of she spent $x on a building, negotiated down from $y, and $z, $q, and $r are all being spent on the super fancy renovations and furnishings, and $s was offered as a "thank you" bribe to the agent, and $t---I DO NOT CARE. I DO NOT CARE. I DO NOT CARE.
  • It is really, really long.
  • The endless face-giving and saving exchanges with the requisite gifts are exhausting and make you wonder if poor people in China never, ever have anything nice every happen to them, because they can't afford to pay for it. I have no doubt that if the MC wasn't a millionaire splashing out money and tips and presents like free air, she would immediately find she has no more friends.
  • MC can be fairly hypocritical at times, despite being mostly modern and feminist. Like, she is a dumpy, ugly, divorcee with 2 kids, who regularly takes off at 4pm to get them from school. Yet, she refuses to hire other single moms or ugly women, since they won't want to work the ridiculous 12 hour days she expects, or because she thinks ugly women can't sell clothes (she seems to do just fine). While she is definitely more generous with pay and benefits than the typical 90's employer, she most certainly is not for a modern one. Or there's a bit where she regrets stepping in to stop a child's kidnapping because of minor inconveniences to herself and resolves not to do so again in the future. Or she says haggling is tr*shy and doesn't allow it in her store, yet we have to read pages and pages of her haggling for stuff.
  • Controversial, but I actually don't think her ex husband should get quite as much flack as he gets. He had about as much choice in marrying her as she did him, they didn't live together for the majority of their marriage, and, to be blunt, OG owner was not a lovable person. (she was unattractive, both physically and personality-wise, uneducated, unskilled, unkind, bought into the same sexist garbage as her parents and in laws, didn't care about her kids, was a crap mother, never tried to improve herself, etc.)
    • He was right to want a divorce and pretty generous in his original alimony offering (a house, all the cash, and more alimony/ child support a month than she later pays her shop manager in salary) since she had little to nothing to do with his business success.
    • Having an affair was bad, of course, but it feels like they had to retroactively shove in details that he was mean to her for refusing the divorce several chapters down the line because he wasn't seen as villainous enough.
    • OG may have killed herself, but that was her choice, he didn't push her into it, and the majority of the bad crap that happened later in the 'og book' happened because she had killed herself and wasn't there for her kids, (not that she was a good mom in any way, shape, or form. She was SUCH a crap mom.)
    • A shaming and some extra payout was warranted, yes, but he really didn't deserve to lose his life's work or for his unborn baby to die because he wanted a wife who wasn't a hideous sad sack with leach relatives who keep begging him for hand outs.
      • Now his relatives, whom she actually lived with and who mentally tortured her for a decade and mistreated her daughter? And her relatives, who turned her into that sad sack of worthless? Both of them deserve the full wall of hell to fall on them like the ocean.
  • They couldn't have left her at average/ normal, but went the full "she's beautiful now!" route, which is annoying (though, it did take 300+ chapters to get there), nor could they leave the ML as poor and underprivileged. Suddenly, he's got sh*t tons of money and his own, very prestigious, company. Really?
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Counterintuitively, the story starts to go downhill once the prologue arc is over and she starts up her own business.

The last ~20 chapters have been some of the worst slog in my life. It was actually so bad that I cut my lunch break short to go back to my data analytics job.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arrange rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of the best slice of life I have ever read. Heck, it may not even be a "slice of life", this is life with the whole package of real-life problems included.

I love how "4D" this novel feels. I learned a lot of this while reading MC's journey. Clothing business, the importance of branding, networking, family relationships, real estate, parenting, etc...

I love how each character feels alive as if they were my own neighbors. Their life and struggles are so real I felt almost too attacked by it... more>> lol.

Cheating men, neuropathic men, mistress, and how often is easy for a person to change into someone completely unrecognizable.

How everything has a double meaning like in real life. People always calculate their own advantages first, and that alone can change the perspective of a person.

Every new information of the story is introduced using many mundane events like a school reunion, gossiping housewives, and personal informant- Uhm... Well, that's not so normal. Doesn't matter, what I want to say is that I also really love the flow of the story.

MC has her problems, but other characters also have their own issues. And MC, if possible, always lend a hand. From helping many women stuck in a sticky situation similar to her's, to help other people by giving some business counseling. Also! She's a great matchmaker~

ML is such a considerate man he's like a clear stream in MC's life.

I really like a lot of things in this novel lol. It may get too repetitive, but I have to stress this point. Don't let yourself get turned away by some over-critical reviews.

This novel is a must-read.

The most authentic slice of life I have personally ever laid my eyes upon. <<less
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aas9999 rated it
February 6, 2020
Status: Completed
This story has really good world-building plot, how the MC restarts her life in another city with her two children, and how she started her own business, met both the wrong and right person, and really reflect the society. There's not much conflict in the story but I like how the issues are not exaggerated rather it likely resembled the society in rl. Definitely a recommended read. Oh, it's more of a josei romance hehe.
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znukhsoc rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: c80
2, 5 stars
This story is very... stagnant. It's surely not bad but I couldn't get enough joy or excitement while reading this. The MC is quite colorless. The only thing that I remember about her character is:
1- She has some wrong ideas about losing weight and she was pretty obsessive about it, to the point of harming herself.
2- She tries to become "an object of envy" (her own words).
These are the main points why I didn't like her. Another point was the story is built around her just robotically commenting and doing what she planned. So I'm dropping this story on chapter 80. I don't see a point in reading about someone else's plain daily life.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xiu_er rated it
October 3, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't usually read slice of life novels as I get bored easily when nothing major happens in a story. But I read this novel to the end not once but twice. The first time was a long time ago that I forgot a lot of the plot points, but managed to recall as I read on. I never felt bored reading this even on my second read so that should say something, right?

The story is pretty realistic considering that it's a transmigration novel. And while the MC does have... more>> a golden finger through her knowledge of future economic developments, her knowledge is not always reliable as the book she transmigrated into does not exactly mirror her old reality. The MC makes the best of her advantages and works hard not only for herself but also for the children she had gained through the transmigration. She isn't reckless in her endeavors. Instead she acts rather prudently as she has to consider her options and the children. This is also why her relationship with the ML is satisfying to read. The two are very considerate of and supportive towards each other which makes their relationship a bit special, especially when you consider how many people have divorced in this novel.

There are also some social issues addressed in this novel, mainly Chinese society's preference towards a male heir and the resulting neglect/abuse towards daughters, complicated family dynamics and the difference in treatment of people based on their wealth.

People who like more mature slice of life stories might consider picking up this novel. <<less
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xuexin rated it
March 5, 2020
Status: c75
The translation of the novel is very good. I like how the story gets straight to leaving her husband instead of dragging the story too long on that part. MC isn't too unreasonable so far as she's just trying to protect herself and her children, and in that process get back at her ex-husband for all the crap he's done to them. Her ex-husband deserved it. Since nobody will be on her side, even her family, she only did what she needed to.

She eventually starts a new life while trying... more>> to learn how to handle having two children. It's going to be an interesting journey, BUT the journey after she left her husband is moving very, very slowly. Each chapter is basically a step by step explanation of how she's looking for a place to rent, a place for school, etc. It's so slow.

Edit: While I had previous enjoyed the novel at the start, I have found it very hard to pick it up again as it has become very boring with how slow and uneventful the chapters have become... <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Addictedtoreading rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a nice read. It is mostly slice of life and MC doing business and building up her company. ML appears quite late in the novel, around ch 100.

Shu Yan is transmigrated into a book.

She wakes up in the 90's married with two children, a son and a daughter. Her husband has just handed her divorce papers. He has a girlfriend who is pregnant whom he wants to marry.

MC asks for help from a cousin to take pictures of his infidelity and cleans him out. She demands all his... more>> money and sells everything, getting her about 2 mln.

To prevent her family and her ex-husband from looking for trouble with her she moves to another town with her 2 children.

Her children lived mostly with their grandparents before that. Her daughter (7) has been neglected by them and has to do a lot of work, because they only value boys. Her son (2 or 3) is treated like an emperor and is spoiled rotten.

She buys an apartment and starts a clothing store.

This all happens in the beginning of the novel so is not a spoiler I think.

Here follows more information of the rest of the novel.


On a shared taxi ride MC meets ML who has a big scar on his face from his time as a soldier and has spent time in jail for killing someone. He tried to save a woman from being dragged in a car and one of the men he fought against died. Since the woman did not come to his defense he was convicted. ML sets up a security company after he got out of jail and hired his former army friends in the company. His company is quite succesful.

When MC takes a train ride back from a trip to buy clothes she sees a couple with a child they have kidnapped. She tells the police and the couple is captured. The child turns out to be the son of a former army mate of ML. He protects and follows MC for a while until their accomplices are captured.

There is a lot of fighting when buying clothes. Shop owners all do their best to get the best clothes.

When a parent of a classmate of her son sees that MC's clothes store is succesful she decides to start a clothes store as well and askes for her help. However she does not listen to MC's advice (goes along when clients try to lower the price, hires help that is not fit, holds actions regularly, etc), so her store becomes quite mediocre. Though she herself thinks she is very succesful.

MC gets a wealthy friend who proposes to start a clothes line in China. She goes along and this later becomes the biggest en most well-known luxury clothes chain in China and even becomes well-known in the rest of the world.

Another parent of her son's classmate also decides to start a clothes store and this friend does listen to MC's advice and this becomes a pretty succesful store.

ML proposes and they hold a big wedding at sea, so her family will not find out where she lives and she can invite everyone at once.


And here are some things that happen to other characters. There are quite a few women who move to another town without telling anyone where they went.


-the first employee of MC's clothes store falls in love with the guy who designed and decorated the store. She later becomes 50% owner of the store, when MC becomes too busy with her company.

-the parents of second employee try to force her to marry a man she does not like for money. She decides to follow MC's example and moves to another town where they can not find her. She later becomes a teamleader of MC's company in that town.

-the brother of 2nd employee sees that the parents have 30.000 in cash when his sister looks for her credentials and gives this to the girl whom he wants to marry so she can buy a house. When she has the house in her name she denies ever receiving the money and marries someone else. I don't understand why women have to leave town to avoid problems family can cause, but they don't cause trouble for this girl.

-The wealthy partner of MC gets a suitor, she does not like. He kidnaps her and intends to commit su*cide with her. He is mentally ill. Luckily MC and ML find her in time. She never remarries (is divorced).

-A clothes store owner of another town helped MC in the beginning by showing her the ropes. The ex-husband causes trouble for her because he wants money which causes her store to decline. She decides to sell the store and move to another town and start a franchise store of MC's company with help from MC.

-the parents of MC try all kinds of things to find out from her cousin, whom she keeps in contact with, where MC lives to get her money. At a certain point they even suspect that he killed her and took her money and turn him in to the police. Of course he is proven innocent. To prevent her parents from continuing with their antics MC pays 50.000 to build a road to their town so the town leader will keep them in check and promises them a certain monthly allowance.

-the cousin of MC was a gang leader in the beginning. After advice from MC he turns legit and starts a company and becomes quite wealthy. He later marries.

-The ex-husband marries his pregnant girlfriend, but she miscarries and can never have children again. He divorces her a year later when he gets another woman pregnant. He marries the ex-wife of his partner who is 10 years older after his partner dies. His 2nd ex arranges for his girlfriend to miscarry and for him to lose his d*ck. MC sees in a dream how she would have killed her and her children if things had gone according to the novel. She is later arrested by the police under suspicion of mu*der.

-MC has another dream of her first life and sees how she died and her parents and brother grief for her. She appears in a deam to her parents and tells them she has a new life and is happy.

-The sister of MC also follows MC's example and divorces her husband and moves with her 2 children to the same town as MC with MC's help. She is illiterate. MC helps her start a small shop near a school selling school utilities.


I liked that at the end we see how MC, ML and her children are doing.

MC and ML are very happy together. They have 3 huge companies together and decide to leave each of their children 1 company.

Her daughter is running the clothes empire with help from her mother's friend. She is set to inherit the 50% share of her mother later. She will probably also inherit the rest of her mother's partner later, because the partner only has an autistic child who can not take care of herself.

Her son is rejected by his first love and becomes depressed. After that ML throws him in the army for 2 years. When he comes back he goes to college and falls in love with a girl who also studies there and marries her. She is from a normal family. He is set to later inherit a phone company MC started which has become huge.

Her youngest son between MC and ML is set to inherit his father's company but is not interested in it at all. He wants to join the entertainment industry.

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YeongEunJi rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is really good! Love the love story, the ML and FL and how the FL raised her children as a single mum and how she met ML!!! You guys should try and give this a shot!

PS. I read the MTL version of the novel
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Xaviera rated it
November 11, 2021
Status: c301
I really loved it at first but then it got a bit dull at the middle parts but when the romance was starting by the later chapters, it redeemed itself hahahaha. Now I'm looking forward to next chapters. Also, the translation was done pretty well aside from the slight mix-up with names sometimes.

I love that the MC is very reliable as a mother and I'm glad she knows when to seek help and when not to. I hate the usual transmigration FLs who disdain asking for help even when it's... more>> appropriate just bc of their useless pride and bc they don't want to owe others. Like wth, if you owe someone then you just have to pay them back appropriately. Just make sure you approach someone with morals and professional integrity then all's good. It even makes life easier so why the fvck not?? For the plot? Hahaha <<less
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KaitoHeart rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c74
It's pretty average.

After MC divorces his cheating husband and moves to the new city, that's where everything becomes boring and really slow. I skipped a lot, especially when he was buying the apartment, I couldn't care less about the size, hehe. The kids are very cute, but it's not enough for me. The novel felt a little bland, but maybe it's just my preference of humor.


I thought we don't have a male lead here, but after reading some of the comments there was actually one, maybe he'll appear later. So, for those who immediately want to read for romance, unless you can bear reading through her preparing of becoming successful, maybe you should look for another novel.
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housyspecial rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Heartwarming, cute, and inspirational novel.

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The main character (mc) transmigrated into a novel she finished reading as the wife of a somewhat rich but scum cheating husband. Used her intelligence and connections to obtain most of the money & property shared between their husband and wife, then happily divorced. MC took her two young children and started over in another city. Successfully started a business, became a billionaire, then met a handsome, mature, and caring veteran to be her husband.


A very easy-going novel, some drama, and cute scenes, no antsy plots.

Of course, the original female lead and scum husband got what they deserved in the end. <<less
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