Transmigration of the Famous Cyber Star


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Liu Man transmigrated from thousands of years ago to the modern world. Before she transmigrated, she was completely broke. She was still worried about her wealth after she transmigrated. And so, for her to survive, she decided to start earning money by becoming a cyber star by trading and selling products, recording daily activities with her kittens, and showing off bits of her skills. One day, she realized that, unconsciously, she had become one of the most famous celebrities.

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astroblues02 rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: c738
This novel is interesting. Each character has his/her own story to tell and demons to face. It asks the question of how far will you go to reach your goal? What's your bottom line? No, this is not a dark story. I like this because I got to experience different kinds of romance: between a transmigrated FL and a veterinarian ML with an awesome background, a 31 year old virgin CEO and an actress who plays a villain, a playboy who wore a green hat for 6 years and a... more>> 30 year old no name actress, another playboy who has high requirements and a guzheng player who wants to be free of her mother's control, a second ML who undergoes a personality-sort of change and an unloved Bai Fumei, an IT fan and a pianist, and, of course, a 40 year old divorcee and a 50 year old foreign man.

Except for how the author explained the FLs changes which I still find funny, all in all I can still read up to the latest chapter. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c1107
What can I say except that it's really excellent? I've spent the last 4 days reading it day and night, haha. The greatest strength of this story is the enormous, enormous spiderweb of characters. It's certainly difficult remembering who is who after awhile (to the translator, I recommend creating a character glossary for sure!), but it makes it feel incredibly realistic. The author is amazing at fleshing out side characters. Every single one of them has not only their own realistic emotions and motivations, but also character growth over time,... more>> chances to shine, and lessons learnt. They make dumb mistakes, have ugly breakups, deal with rejection, and some of them finally move on to happy relationships. Romance is a point in their growth, not the entirety of their journey, so you won't find too much messy "this cannon fodder character only exists to further the plot" shit. Aside from the transmigration part, any one of the MC's regular friends could be someone you know in real life, and I just love her mother's slow transformation from housewife out of her depth into savvy businesswoman.

All the female friendship in this story is like balm to my soul. MC has a really great group of girlfriends, all of whom have their own strengths, weaknesses, and character.

I also really enjoy the fact that there are multiple couples in this book that get together and embody good healthy relationships afterward, instead of it being a perpetual will-they-won't-they misunderstanding between the FL and the ML. The MC actually gets together with her boyfriend quite early on, and they slowly weather struggles together as a team, having each others back, communicating well to avoid misunderstandings and slowly growing closer. ML knows when to express his protective instincts and when to rein in his jealousy for the sake of supporting FL in chasing her dreams and building her career. In every sense they are a team against the world.

Downsides: While I hesitate to call the MC a Mary Sue because she does work hard for her strengths, have emotional struggles and things she isn't good at, she leans in that direction. She's just too amazing at a whole spectrum of things across the board. Some of the main character's projects also come across as way too smooth-sailing, almost a bit cringey, as if you can kind of taste the MC halo. All in all, the author is great at writing depth and hardships, and not amazing at writing success.

Secondly, the American plot arc was rather weak. The author does not have the distressingly nationalistic tendencies of some others, but you can tell that they haven't lived abroad for long, because when compared to how fleshed out their Chinese characters are, their foreign characters are somewhat flat and stereotypical. They sometimes espouse views that Westerners don't tend to have (such as Peter from NZ having an arranged marriage), which is a bit jarring.

Things also get a bit humdrum plot-wise mid-way. There's usually always something happening, but the story leans very drama/slice of life. Who knows when it's going to end? It could probably go on forever. Anyway, I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes the genre! If I have time I'll update this review with spoilers, but TBH I don't know how to summarize it, it's so much to keep track of. However, we are all lucky that it is a very, very easy MTL and reads smoothly for the most part. <<less
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Nelle rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: Completed
It's well-paced and the plot consistently thickens up to the end. Several times, a conflict will begin at the initial chapters, but will be revisited after a few hundred chapters. It works well, I thought the author already forgot about it, but the author eventually writes a resolution for that conflict albeit it took a long time. I especially like the way the author constructed Tang Tu's story. I hated him at first, but he became my favorite character. I also like that scum men, who are friends with the... more>> ML, were acknowledged to be scum men. The deep relationship with the ML did not turn their characters' plots to be all rainbows and sunshine.

I was really disappointed with the romance of this story. You'll read descriptions such as "their love is unbreakable, " but you are not really given the whole story of why it is unbreakable. The romance made me feel giddy in the initial chapters when the ML is still pursuing the FL. However, once the FL decided to tell the ML she likes him, the romance started to dim down. I really like reading romance novels with devoted love interests and indeed they are devoted to each other, but I did not read much of the romance part. It's quite disappointing.

One thing was disturbing throughout the story:

The FL's father was manipulated and sent to a mental asylum when he's sane. It touches a sensitive topic of morality and I personally find this act of the FL and ML to be disturbing. Yes, the father's character is very hateful and he deserves to be in prison, but you can't brush off the cause and effect of things. He was manipulated and the author did him dirty.

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EmpressRouge25 rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c230
Ok so I actually love the story. I’ve spent about two days straight with no sleep just to continue reading because the book is so interesting. The female protagonist is just amazing, she is able to face all problems and actually tries to find a solution to fix them by herself first (which is something the male protagonist gets frustrated about since she does not ask for help). The male protagonist is also amazing, he’s just in the background, yet ready to come forward for the female protagonist. They are... more>> both so cute together and even if they have a lot of advantages and are op, they don’t go around looking for trouble like the other mains in other books. Even the other characters are complex (ok maybe not complex), but you can see the development everywhere and the author definitely does not skimp around on details.

Something I’m dissatisfied about is the female protagonist’s transmigration dad. I don’t know if he will eventually get better later on the story, but he just triggers me with how foolish he is and how unaccepting he is of the female protagonist. He’s just incredibly useless he should’ve just stayed in jail smh. Also another thing is the real daughter (since she and the female protagonist switched lives) has no problems at all. Not saying I want her life to be difficult, but when she went to her parents dreams to let them know of the switch she was so annoyingly nonchalant. It was like ‘hey parents, I switched with her but I hope y’all are happy cause I’m happy and please treat her well’.

Now I just want to continue the book, but I got online school and if I don’t drop this now then I’ll drop my assignments lmaooo. I’ll probably get back to this when break comes. Also can anyone tell me why this is still ongoing! Like, HOW do you have this for more than 1k chapters. The saving grace is definitely the greatness of the author. I don’t know if she will get repetitive later on but for now she’s great. If anyone has spoilers from these chapters (200-the most current) please tell me about it because I would looooove to know. <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: c127
The story is about how a neglected princess from the ancient times transmigrated into the body of a spoiled and haughty college girl, and how she strives to help solve her family's problems through live streaming and various other side-jobs.

Over-all the story isn't as overdramatic as the usual princess-transmigration, and all the characters are still pretty much realistic.

What I specifically loved about this novel is that all characters aren't made to be totally braindead just to make the FL and ML stand out. Same vice-versa, the FL and ML weren't... more>> made totally OP (ie; OP-business king, deadly beautiful loved by all sweetheart, etc) // (Except some parts where it can be Mary sue-ish; ie. Getting the cat-food business. But I still love her because she wasn't made out to be dumb-chicken-naive-negative-EQ)

Another thing that made me appreciate the characters even more is that the author showed the possibility of a change of heart. Some people you have sinned to can forgive you, some people who had a bad opinion of you can change their view, and some people that are good to you can also suddenly turn against you. (why I mentioned this when its totally normal human nature is cos I actually find it rare in chinese romance novels, I've read alotlotlotlot with a bunch of ret*rded one-track mind braindead antagonists specially)

//Edit as of c167: nvm, theres a lot of drama. <<less
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Nikkiart rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed the beginning and even most of the way through the end. Only in the last 200~250 chapters it seems to drag a little bit but it's still great. I also didn't particularly like the whole America part.

I enjoyed that the MC was transmigrated from the past to the present and I loved the realistic relationships between family, friends, etc. Most people have flaws and falling in love doesn't necessarily mean the other party has to fall for you either. I enjoyed that people weren't just forced together... more>> to create a way to tie up loose ends.


ML's close friend falls in love later with a celebrity who's in mc's group (Chu Tao in mtl with He Moshen). She despises him and it doesn't work out.

Another one of mc's friends dates another ml's friend (Shen mozhen who is originally dating Tang Tu later dates Song Junzhe for a while) but they end up breaking up

The characters also have viable faults and real personalities that aren't just ceo and overbearing or white lotus scheming b*tch. I really love how even the villains are pretty flushed out.

For example, He Moshen grew up as an overbearing ceo so in many cases, he forgets to think of the feelings of others and only cares about profits and such. When Yang Hayuen (sp? The actress in the film that Tang Tu and MC originally participated in) gets injured badly on the set of his movie by his ex girlfriend, he does his absolute best to keep it under wraps without regarding YH's feelings at all. Later as well, he pretends to be MC on American social media to interact with a star and doesn't consider how this damages mc's reputation at all- just that it'll bring his movie hype even if it's negative hype.



Another example is Ji Qingqing who is originally a villainess who keeps trying to show off in front of Tao Zhiyao and bring her down while wanting to marry her brother. At first she's definitely rude and jealous, but later she starts realizing her father's awful character and her own mistakes to help the mc's group. She's still jealous and all, but she tries to get better I guess or it explains her motives of sorts.


The only part of this novel I didn't like is the or more was a little disinteresting is when MC and ML come to America to work on stuff. Too much stuff arbitrarily happened and because the side characters I really grew to love weren't as involved, I started losing some interest. They also started throwing in a huge ensemble of American characters, but they were written very stereotyped and flat.

9/10 honestly for this novel. I read it in like two days flat. <<less
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Meatshield rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: Completed
After reading the full text I gotta say I agree with everyone who thought this story dropped the ball a bit in the second half.

The romance of the OTP definitely died down once their businesses were established because they were too busy working to date lol. I mean it makes sense and it’s realistic but I could’ve use more fluff. We don’t even get to see these two get married just engaged! That was a letdown. Instead of giving us one super fulfilling romantic plot about one couple, we got... more>> like 50 semi-fulfilling to very satisfying romances with the pairings of the FL and ML’s friends and family members. This story had so many damn characters but to the author’s credit most of them felt distinctive. Each of their friends had enough characteristics that were identifiable. The author’s also good at giving unexpected redemption arcs. Some characters really changed for the better as the story went along. Of course, a few did change for the worse.

I thought the conflicts introduced were real enough and the way they dealt with each of them was realistic. I love that both the FL and ML had strengths and weaknesses and both sides helped the other at different times. It wasn’t just a unilateral flow of assistance.

FL was calm and cool throughout. I think what I appreciate the most about her is despite her talents she works damn hard. Her career wasn’t always smooth sailing but she hustled through it all. She never acted like a delicate flower or an overbearing queen. She was reasonable as a person. She got involved in a lot of fields that were uncommon for these types of stories like selling cat food, designing tattoos, and educational app designing, which I thought was cool. I’m tired of people only being good at painting, playing an instrument, singing, or acting. I loved that as she grew bigger she positively affected the lives of everyone around her too. She always tried to find opportunities to promote her friends and family. It was nice to see a whole group of good friends becoming accomplished together.

Our ML was fantastic. Can’t see how anyone wouldn’t like him. He was the epitome of the ideal husband. He was caring, compassionate, hardworking, attentive, smart, mature, and gentle. Although he had money he never put on airs or tried to control the FL’s life. He really treated her as his equal and trusted her completely. I love love love that whenever anyone fell for the FL and would have thoughts of stealing her away, they ended up giving up because the ML’s personality was so good that they all ended up befriending him and being unable to bear harming their friendship like “No I wanna go for it but I can’t because I couldn’t do that to Yu Zhan! That’s ma boy!” That was so refreshing to me but again, I totally get them. Our ML isn’t a perfect man but he is an exceptional bf, boss, and friend.

Honestly for a 1200+ text it wasn’t draggy and I don’t regret reading it but man I wished some of the loose ends were tied in more neatly. You can’t make me invested in like 50 couples and only wrap it up nicely for like 10!! <<less
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Pipinkj rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: Completed
... it was okay.

In the beginning, it was very well written and nicely paced, but it felt very rushed at the end. And, other than the main ship, the other relationships of the side characters were not as enjoyable to read. The ending felt was NOT satisfying at all and I feel like like the author has something against Yu Shan’s old childhood buddies.

I read this as a stress reliever, which it did, up until the second half of the story. Then I got more stress reading about this mess... more>> of a plot. But I kept going because I was close to done anyways.

So.... if I turned back time, I would probably not read it again. EVEN IF the main couple is cute as heck, I attach a lot of importance to side characters as well so the “sub plots” we just so NOT enjoyable. <<less
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LostMySoul rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c300
So much drama. Whatever she does, there's always drama and it takes a lot of chapters to solve it. It's not even her fault but it gets tiring since it's a bit repetitive. MC and ML aren't really OP. Although they possess a lot of skills that makes it seem otherwise.

MC: She's a nice pure girl trying to be independent. It's just that for someone thrown into the cold palace in her past, it's quite odd that she seems to have no hate in her heart? Even just a lil... more>> bit? Or maybe that's just her character. I just can't connect lol anyway, although there's a lot of drama thrown her way, most of the time, she gets away smoothly. I guess, it's the protagonist halo.

ML: Well, he's a vet and he's apparently rich af. He tries to help as much as he can but he also recognizes the fact that the MC is independent. When the MC can't solve a problem, that's when he butts in.

In some aspects, the novel is quite realistic, specially in the beginning when MC was still adapting to her new environment. Also shows dark aspects in some fields like entertainment, etc.

What I didn't like: the owner of the body that MC is occupying


she replaces the MC in the past and basically easily becomes a queen


It's too unrealistic and unbelievable tbh.

Oh, also the dad in the present. He really should've gone to jail. He's incompetent af.

This was an alright read but too much drama. You can tell it's a chinese novel with all the unnecessary cliche plots, really. It's just not my cup of tea. Mtl made it worse lol <<less
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LuxArgentum rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c196
As of December 27, 2020, and the time of this review, the English translation has reached chapter 196.

The main character of this novel is a woman named Liu Man. Liu Man is a princess of the Cold Palace during ancient china. Supposedly, the Cold Palace setting is where the emperor keeps all his abandoned women and children here. Moreover, the servants have a higher status than royalty here. Royalty suffering from bullying is typical here. As a result, Liu Man freezes to death during a cold winter when she was... more>> 24. From here, she wakes up in the body of a girl with the same name as her, but this girl is only 20. In this novel, the original person did not die but fainted after hearing that her father killed someone in a car accident. Her father, in modern times, who is a government worker, has killed someone while drunk driving. Even though it was the victim's fault for driving on the other side of the road, her father was drunk, which placed him higher at fault. As a result, Liu Man's family is extorted out of a large amount of money to grant the father leniency in court so that he doesn't go to jail. While selling personal belongings to gather money, Liu Man tries to sell the previous body owner's shoe collection. However, buyers want video footage as proof of ownership and to prevent fraud. This results in the main character starting a live stream to sell her shoes. Keep in mind that the original owner is a piano major at a prestigious university. In contrast, the new owner can play the Gujin, a type of ancient instrument (Considered folk instrument).

I enjoy reading this novel. The plot does not incorporate random events, nor does it keep alternating between two occasions throughout the novel. The character Liu Man is thought out and behaves accordingly. She isn't a genius all of a sudden or an idiot. Having a gentle and smart personality, her actions make sense in the novel. Because she never left the palace in her previous life, I believe that the main character's motivation is to enjoy modern life without constraints. A plus is that this character can be considered very beautiful in this story. Others look as beautiful as her, but she is high up in ranking.

Something that makes no sense to me is the royalty's status in the Cold Palace, which plays a significant role in Liu Man's past. This setting makes no sense as it defeats the purpose of having servants; why have servants in the first place if they only make you suffer. Royalty is not to be trampled upon by commoners, and if you wanted them to be killed off, why not just kill them outright? You are only lowering your prestige as an Emperor and that of the royal family by saying that commoners can step all over them. The cold palace existed as somewhere for those who were out of favor, perhaps due to crimes, or were forgotten would stay. These people were kept here because they were not allowed to leave the palace. Not to be bullied and executed. Of course, I could be completely wrong on this as I could not find much on google. It still irritates me, though, as it doesn't make much sense. <<less
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Anette04 rated it
February 26, 2022
Status: c1250
I am honestly disappointed. I really really like the story, I actually read it non-stop the whole week, staying up so late just to read it. I finished the whole novel and I don't know of it's just me or what but it feels incomplete? I've read it for so long and feel attached to the characters especially the friends of Yu Zhan, then suddenly there is little attention to them. I really really really want to know what happen to Song Junzhe and He Heshen after.

... more>>

I want to know if Ashen return to China and make his position stable? I want to know if Azhe ever moved on from Mozhen and find his partner? And I want to know what happens next to Zhiwei and Yang Huaye, if they ever become partners. I have so many questions that I feel so frustrated and sad because I have no ways of finding the truth! And I don't know if I missed it or what but I also want to know the ending for Tao Zhiyao and her parents, I want to know if she faced them again and if they gave her parts of inheritance. Hayyyyyyyyyyys

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rumly111 rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: Completed
The start of the novel is nice, and the translation is good too. I was very happy that after the last translated chapter I could read and understand the MTL with no problem.

The second half of the novel became somewhat monotonous. At least every 20 chapters there was some kind of villain or insidious plot, and I couldn't enjoy the story too much. At some point I felt as if I was reading the weather forecast.

The ending is the worst. The author desperately wanted to tie all loose ends, and... more>> almost every girl in the story was in a relationship. I had to force myself to read it till the end, just to be done with it. Maybe the MTL spoiled my experience.

If you want to read about a girl becoming a celebrity, you can give it a try, but maybe wait till all chapters are translated. My score is 3/5. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c233
FL is a neglected princess from the Western Han dynasty 2000 years ago. Raised in the Cold Palace (where the Emperor's abandoned family members are left to live until they die of neglect/illness), the FL learned calligraphy, guqin, poetry, from the other abandoned women.

The FL transmigrates into the body of a music college student who faints when she learns that her father killed someone in a drunk driving incident. In her new body, the FL learns to survive in modern times and leverages her ancient (now rare) skills to help... more>> her new mom pay legal bills and earn money to get her new dad out of jail.

The FL is super mild-tempered and gentle, but resilient and composed. The ML is a kind vet with a hidden identity. The FL works hard and is very humble. The ML is the best kind of ML, very supportive and respective of the FL's decisions. There are many, many descriptions of how the beautiful the FL is, especially when dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and makeup. There are many descriptions of how handsome the ML is, more handsome than any other movie star or male in the novel.

My favourite scene so far is

when the new mom has a dream that her real daughter fainted and transmigrated 2000 years ago into the body of a neglected Western Han dynasty princess, was rescued by a handsome noble (who is also a transmigrated modern man), overthrows the corrupt Emperor, establishes a new dynasty, and becomes Empress to her beloved (transmigrated) new Emperor, has 3 sons and 3 daughters, and in her dream, tells her mom that she loves where she is in feudal times and doesn't want to return, and asks her mom to take care of the princess who is now in her own modern body. This was the first time I'd read a novel that explained what happened to the body's first soul, and it's basically a happy ending for the first soul.


The storyline is dramatic but optimistic, and the FL always acts like a decent, good, person, which I really appreciated. Most supporting characters are interesting, decent people. The pets are very cute and there is an emphasis on responsible pet ownership. Like other novels with modern storylines, I personally don't like

1. The heavy emphasis on beauty and wealthy status amongst students, because I don't remember people being so overly shallow/materialistic in school, when we were studying hard and making friends. 2. The long chapters describing the filming drama plot, which the novel characters are filming, because I find it's hard to suddenly to read about all these new pinyin names, characters, and follow a new spliced in plot. 3. Some villains are simply motivated by super-jealousy of others' good luck/looks/wealth/success. 4. The stereotype that any character who sleeps around is a villain, and conversely, all good characters are either chaste virgins or married.


The translation is excellent. <<less
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violet-mage rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: c198
I just love this novel.

It's kind of a light read, because you don't get stressed out by the characters or plot.

It's easy to read and the story flows smoothly, including the romance.

... more>> I just love the MC and all the characters relationship.

Even the second ML, which I thought was a scumbag at the beginning, turned out to be one of the greatest guys in this novel. I wouldn't even mind it if the MC ended up with him, but it's definitely because of the MC that his character grew up.

Thumbs-up for the translator. <<less
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ciripa rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: Completed
This is gem! Just read all the review and read yourself to know why. Im not a good reviewer.

I hope someone can full translate this story'.

But, if u impatient like me, just MTL -it. This is the first novel that made me MTL-it and read more than 1000 chapters for the whole week!

How about the ending? Find it your self ;-D
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WeirdPersonOnTheInternet rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: c262
I'm not gonna lie... I'm a bit disappointed (SO FAR). In the beginning, I loved this novel so much. I rated it 4 stars but I lowered it down to 3 because it got a little boring... But I plan on continuing reading... Eventually. FL is very kindhearted and pure, but she isn't dumb. ML is gentle and doting. He lets FL do what she wants but he will step in if she's in danger or hurt. The story was very exciting in the begining but it slowed down.
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Haqita rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: c235
First of all, thank you to Vandez Translation for your hard work and dedication!

I truly enjoyed reading this book. If I were to sum it up, I would say that this is an unconventional transmigration story. The protagonists are seemingly Mary Sue, but as the story progressed, you'll know that they are just as fallible and flawed. But that makes them just more adorable, and I can't get enough of the main couple's love for each other.

Overall, there are 2 aspects to this story that I feel makes it stand... more>> out:

1) Characters' Dimensions & Relationships

There are some characters who have no redeeming value from the start, but for the most of them, they feel like genuine people, with realistic reactions to scenarios that happened in the story. As such, the relationships described are never static, and progress organically. Their interactions makes the story very enjoyable and easy to relate to.

2) Good balance between cliche and non-cliches

Like I mentioned previously, even though the story is based on clichés like transmigration and beautiful protagonists, the plot itself does not progress like you thought it would. Many times, the conflicts are resolved through unexpected means

Please do read it and cheer on the translation team if you can! <<less
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February 6, 2022
Status: Completed
The original translation team seemed to drop it so I went ahead and read the MTL (which is fairly good). The plot was good, there wasn’t (many) mindless cannon fodders and the characters were fleshed out. I enjoyed how they explored the relationship between other characters and how supportive and healthy the relationship between the ML and FL was. The ending was a bit, , flat, , for me but overall it was a great story. I can provide spoilers if anyone wants them.
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TreezOM rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c156
    1. I havent finished the novel but there were a few things I love about it so far. First of all the side characters actually have different personalities and problems unlike most novels in which they are simply there to highlight the main characters brilliance, there are also characters that misunderstand her and dont like her (although I hope it gets resolved in the end) which makes it much more interesting than the average story.
    2. The ML dotes on the FL but he actually lets her do stuff on her own and respects her privacy and is very gentle with her.
    3. Another thing, sorry this is a spoiler

      when she took over the girls body the mother found out from her actuall daughter who replaces her in ancient china and eventually becomes the empress, this meant that they both get happy endings and the mother accepted her as her second daughter. It always bothered me how the original characters just disappeared after their bodies were taken so it was nice to read something that gave both of them a happy ending.

      anyways uh that's it this review was mostly me venting on how happy this novel made me cause I have nowhere else to do this. It's also 3am so I apologise for any spelling mistakes and stuff :)
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Hundred Lilies
Hundred Lilies rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: Completed
A sweet love story that doesn't rely too heavily on the romance because - a) the MC and ML are too busy doing business and making money, b) the personalities of the MC and ML are low-key (though there are definitely cute moments where the romance shines through and c) a lot of the other characters also contribute to the story and aren't just passerby a and b.

I'm pretty pleased with how "normal" the romance is between the MC and ML; they live their own lives but still support each... more>> other and show their strong love through various means - not too many grand gestures. Also, the lack of unnecessary drama and face-slapping is nice for a change.

There is some character development, but it's very subtle. <<less
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