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After waking up from a car accident, not only was I alive, I had also gained a new ability. If I stare at someone or a photo for three seconds, I’m able to see whom and when they shall marry…

The 18th tier small-time actor Shen Chuchu knew that with this skill, her mother would never have to worry that she will starve to death again.

She would put down her roots on Weibo first, then open a matchmaking store on Taobao.*

“Your husband is a close friend and you will be married in March next year. You will have a happy marriage.”

“Your husband will appear at your company’s dessert store soon, so remember to keep a close watch every day.”


*Note: Weibo is a popular social media app in China with functions similar to Twitter. Taobao is basically the Chinese eBay/Amazon.

A certain amateur celebrity is already married?

A certain director’s wife is going to have an accident soon?

One day, someone came to her for matchmaking.

“Sorry, lady. Fortune-telling requires fate, and it seems like we don’t have that between us.”

“Isn’t this just about money? As long as you can figure out my son’s marriage, I can pay you tenfold. No matter how much!”

F***ing hell, it wasn’t that she wouldn’t predict the match. The arrogant CEO’s future spouse was actually her.

Associated Names
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Bói Nhân Duyên Trên Taobao
I Can See When You Get Married
I Know Who Your Future Husband Is
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feyries rated it
June 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is so cute!! I MTL'd the entire thing with zero regrets, it is that good.

Read this story if you like:

  • A very adorable ML who is respectful and a bit awkward but really, really loves our FL.
  • A straightforward FL who is rational (does not fall into the clumsy, Mary Sue, too s*upid to live category) and has a heart (does not fall into the reincarnated assassin/poison genius etc. Category). Basically, a down-to-earth girl with a college degree trying to build a career.
  • Zero abuse. Seriously! No third wheels, no s*upid misunderstandings, I didn't cry once reading this - it's been a fluffy, comforting ride.
  • Somewhat episodic nature. Because of the FL's special powers, she basically shoots a new movie and meets a new lost soul to work her magic on. I quite liked that actually, since it was interesting to learn about other people's love troubles while the main plot (i.e. ML and FL realizing they love each other) moves along.
Okay, I have an assessment tomorrow and still binge read this, so you have zero excuses. Please give this book a chance, it will heal all the b**boos your heart didn't even know it had. Translator, add oil!
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: --
Though this book could be ranked higher, it falls short due to sub par writing.

Those with slightly higher expectations for novel quality other than fluff may be slightly disappointed.

There is poor build up, poor introduction of characters and their backstory. The result is a boring, predictable outflow of a great plot.

The MC sometimes comes off as petty, proud, thin-skinned, diva (though she is unknown at the start), and a self righteous goody two shoes without backing. If you took a step back, you would realise that without her system and... more>> the ML creating the opportunity, this chick cannot sustain herself in the industry. She feels insulted easily, she can't work with those she doesn't like, she can't manuver through tricky situations in a way that makes you smirk proudly, for an entertainment industry girl, things are either her version of black or white. She picks offense like a xianxia character. Even faceslapping is an art, without depth, it is wasteful. I wantedto see a character that without her system or backing could still have a semi-smart thought process and handle things well. The plot armor covers up for all times she feels insulted and acts out to produce a good result.

The system seems too simplistic and unchallenging, especially after the MC used social media to ease the process. There were no bumpers to the leveling and no unconventional challenges.

The plot on the other hand is great, execution not. <<less
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DaBrick rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Honestly this was one of the most lighthearted story I've read in a while.

It's really easy to mtl and I finished this novel only in 1 day.

The plot is not heavy and the ML is totally a wive s*ave (in a good way).

How to pursue your wife 101:

... more>>

- Pay for eating out even though she said she will be the one treating him.

- when she still want to pay, say that she can treat the next eating out twice so she will still be treating him, when in actually he will still be the one treating so he still have a reason to meet with her.

- when giving a customized branded gift take out the logo and say you pick it up casually therefore doesn't cost much so she accept your gift

- always follow wive. For example:

She: I'm going to take a walk

You: What a coincidence, I want to walk around too.

Or in another situation

She: I'm going to eat hotpot

You: I haven't eat too (meaning: I'm going with you)

Or in some cases

She: Uhm.. Mr. Han why are you here?

You: (smile) Oh I have some business in the area You: *or in the next town that is beside this town* (still smiling while speaking in heart)

- Always trust her

- and the list goes on...

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Blueraven rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c17
... the MC seems so incompetent though. I was actually pretty excited based off the premise of this series but then my impression of the MC and series in general seriously started taking a dive after the MC "supposedly" saved the first broken marriage she encountered.

The fact that the system and series considered 'saving' a marriage where the husband was a prevalent cheater and scumbag a virtue was just ridiculous. It also punished the MC when she prevented a cheating gold-digging male idol from marrying an older woman that would... more>> been s**ked dry before being disposed. The stance on this alone should have been a neutral since there was no marriage to even become divorced from. Honestly, the fact that system encouraged failing and dysfunctional marriages to continue to exist is enough for me to just dislike this series. "I'd rather demolish a temple than a marriage" is such bullshit.

The other thing that annoyed me is the protagonist herself. How clueless can she be? Stop trying to return money to someone that clearly doesn't want or need it and wants it to just end whatever conflict you may have; it's compensation, take it you broke hoe! Also, your agent has tried to pimp you out, has dropped you, and taken credit for a job that was originally yours, and somehow you still believe he would found a job for you [from a manager that clearly has disdain towards you] and you think that all you need to do is go to dinner...? I mean wow, how the hell are you still alive? Probably just the Mary Sue being so absurdly strong.

Looked back on some reviews and some said that she was hard-working and the ML was good because he didn't r*pe her (?). Bruh, wtf. The most work she does is practice which is hardly worth applause since it's literally what's she's suppose to do 👏. Everything else is literally handed to her on a silver platter via the ML, system, or the connections she made using said system. What a sorry excuse of a female protagonist, she's honestly more of a green tea b*tch. By the way, not raping should not be worth applause either. Seriously, it should just be common practice; how f*cking sad is it for it to be a grandiose thing for a rich man to not treat a woman as a s*xual object. Omg, I am just so flabbergasted that the standards are so low. <<less
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ludagad rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: c1
I've read up until chapter 102 (untranslated), so I decided to write a review at this point.

It's a very sweet and satisfying story. It won't burden your emotions, I'd say it's very positive and light and will leave you feeling happy. The author has an excellent way of describing the feeling of being in love. I'm certain it comes from experience, because it managed to bring me flashbacks :) and it made me believe the sincerity of the characters.

Furthermore, there is enough tension in the story so it won't be... more>> boring and too smooth sailing. There are villains and there are friends, and they mostly appear like real people (not one dimensional cliches). I'm always happy when the female lead makes a female friend in a story. It's tiresome when any new female role is designated as the MC's rival or enemy, haha. I'm sure most readers are familiar with such novels. Speaking of breaking that particular trope, the author broke a few more annoying tropes here, which left me pleasantly surprised. It's like she read enough "Overbearing CEO Romance" novels and decided to write one with more reason, better characters, and more realistic behaviors and decisions. Personally, it's a major plus that the novel also has a supernatural element (the marriage system of the heroine), since I would've been bored with a straight up modern romance.

A bit about the characters. The MC is smart, but not OP and overly talented in everything. She's like a normal human being with feelings and fears. I found her very relatable. She's reasonable and doesn't cause unnecessary drama - she has believable and has normal reactions. She also has her pride and doesn't let others trample over her. In any case, I was very satisfied with her character. She's simply not a victim, not easy to bully.

The male lead is very refreshing. Like he's the typical cold CEO type, but when you look again, his upbringing is really good. Basically a decent human being. He's thoughtful, considerate, a little awkward. Most importantly, he's not pushy or r*pey. I was really impressed with him somewhat early in the story because of his sense of responsibility and not turning away from people who are in need of help. He's not the arrogant cold type who ignores everyone like they're beneath his notice. You can actually see why people would respect him, trust him, and like him.

The story itself is a mix be of entertainment business, CEO romance, and marriage divination over the internet. I found it interesting enough to keep wanting to read the next chapter without getting tired (even losing some sleep). The romance is extremely satisfying. Trust me that you won't be disappointed at any point. Not to give out spoilers, but the author really avoids some annoying cliches, and I applaud her for it.

I'd recommend this to readers who love reading romance novels. And especially to readers who are tired of the typical CEO romance novels. This one will really leave you refreshed. <<less
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Maiasia rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I'd really liked the concept of this novel, psychically matchmaking, but the more you read on the more it's about her acting career and less about the matchmaking. It's to the point that at the end of the novel, the system is simply there to explain how this sucky actress became so blessed in another BASIC actress x ceo love story. Don't get me wrong, it's fluffy-ish but if not for the matchmaking system, then there are plenty of novels like this out there. Maybe I lost it in... more>> translation but the matchmaking system, which I initially thought was going to play a bigger role, actually ended up being a plot hole. The fate (and history) of the system was never explained in their happily ever after. Therefore what was an interesting beginning concept became another *yawn* same old everyday CEO love story for me. Usually a novel that drives me to MTL it completely would get 5 stars from me but it only gets 3.5 stars because I'm just so disappointed at this story! So very very disappointed! <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
benok rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: Completed
The premise is interesting but I feel the story fell short of my expectations.

The main character doesn't seem to be special. Aside from the system, she's pretty much the generic actress character. Her growth as an actress, I feel, wasn't described very well. It was pretty much written as "she was level 30 and now she's level 70, " and pretty much most scenes filming on set were about her meddling on her co-workers' relationships and not on acting. I think besides her keeping a bottom-line, she's not a particularly... more>> good person either. She's petty and quick to take revenge on others for slight inconveniences.


She reveals an actress' divorce just because she used her to escape from paparazzi. Although she was inconvenienced by this and her assistant was pushed down by the paparazzi, this is hardly equivalent to completely ruining a person's career, especially since it wasn't clear if the actress she ruined was at fault for the divorce or not.


Most of her jobs are also handed to her by connections from people she helped with her matchmaking system, and she doesn't care. I can see her type of character in a reformed villainess/cannon- fodder novel as the fake white lotus original MC who uses her system to gain advantages and catch the ML while screwing up the lives of characters who don't treat her as well as she thinks she deserves. <<less
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December 24, 2019
Status: Completed
This was a satisfyng read. Finally an ML who respects the FL's decision and considers her as his equal instead of a pet. I really respect the author for creating such a character.

Also, the love story flowed smoothly, it didn't feel forced. They established a good foundation as friends before they got together and both protagonist acts like how mature adults would act in handling issues both in personal life and professional life.

I love that they both have boundaries. I've read so many novels where I found the leads idiotic... more>> because they fell in love, but here, there's none of that. There's bouts of little jealousy but it was well within reason, and again, a mature ML. THANK GOD.

The system was integrated well, was not a hindrance to her normal life, pus that FL was really a hard worker. She earned what she has every step of the way, she is genuinely nice and doesn't throw her weight around just because she's FL, plus she's introspective, not the braindead FLs that is a trend in romance novels. She carefully evaluates a situation and handles it maturely, she missteps sometimes but you can feel her maturity by how she proceeds after her misteps. I have endless praise for the author because of this characteristics.

In short, both protagonist are normal people and reacts normally to a situation. I also love the side stories like how the marriage tasks are resolved, and how every side character have a personality and story of their own. <<less
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calledout rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: --
really dislike the MC. Feel like flying jade's review has it neatly summed up but I just had to say that god, the way the MC has no self-awareness or EQ is actually remarkable. It's like I'm reading a novel from one of the typical quick transmigration cannon fodder POVs. Translation is nice though and I generally like plumlizi's projects, which is why this is such a shame, it had potential if only the MC was smarter in any way,
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Short but sweet, it's definitely worth a read! It's perfect for a casual read on one of those rainy days, I swear. The characters are realistic, no one is OP, not even the MC. However she grows in both her skills and as a peraon and it shows.

Truly speaking though, the person that impressed me the most the way they were written was the male lead. He subverts the stereotypical CEO in novels, and that really made me love this novel. He's not cold, per se, he's just awkward and... more>> a bit distant. He's also responsible, and he cares a lot about his family.

MC and ML falls in love slowly, like at the start you're not thinking, "did they just use a love at first sight kind of reason again!?", no the way they met was, while improbable in real life, still pretty well done. You can sense their relationship slowly developing, and there's only some misunderstanding that (thankfully) gets solved quickly, and is handled tastefully. They talk out their problems, even if at first they get jealous and ignore the other (mostly MC, ML goes straight for the attack) they still relent after a little coaxing. There are some scheming b*tches, but they are resolved eventually and they're not the type to disappear and then suddenly reappear.

Their whole relationship is honestly so sweet and I just love it. They help a lot of people too.

I guess if there's one thing I'm dissatisfied about, it's that the weibo marriage thing she initially sets up is never mentioned much after the first few chapters. Like, it briefly reappears sometimes, but only to chat with a client. We aren't given details on how people see it, or how is it doing, or what. Her system is mostly used in her real life in the novel. Her previous company, too. Would have loved to read their reactions to knowing they lost one of the best actresses ever.

Still, I digress. The story as a whole is better than some of the repetitive "CEO" love stories with tr*shy relatives and an equally tr*shy ML who r*pes and is harsh on MC and etc.

All in all, worth reading. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fiminkio rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: Completed
I'm new reader and this is so cute. I like MC character so much. I like how strong her character is but eventhough she wanted a revenge, she didn't do it brutally. This story is comforting. And also ML. Wow I could say he is one of the best ML that I read. He is not typical overbearing-CEO. He is kind and responsible.


Edit: OMG I'M DYING BCS OF DIABETES!! I'm sad bcs I complete it in one day : (I love the story so much!! MC... more>> & ML's character is really my type :") I'm tired of slow romance & misunderstanding. And when I read this, I love it so much especially both of them are direct of their feeling. ML is so honest and respect MC so much. When MC has a scandal, ML helps her. He doesn't force her. AAAA SUDDENLY I CAN'T LET GO THIS STORY! Blame myself bcs I can't stop reading this until the end :' (


lol I'm expecting to see others reaction with MC's announcement at award ceremony but the author end it like that. Lol that scene is really legendary :D

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Purple Lotus
Purple Lotus rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: --
The summary is kind of misleading... this story is more focused on how Shen Chu Chu progresses in the Entertainment Industry, along the way providing help to the people around her.

It's more or less a relaxed story and in my opinion one of the better ones in the show biz genre.

First of all, the ML isn't a douche. There's no r*pe or forcing the MC into a relationship. Overall, he's a pretty OK overbearing-CEO-type ML.

I also appreciate the fact that her system didn't turn her OP all of a sudden.... more>> We can see her hard work and it's more realistic.

The thing I dislike is that their relationship felt kind of rushed? And apart from the random help from system, there's not much elaboration. I really thought there would be more matchmaking antics involved. Haha, I'm disillusioned~

Well, I'm kinda bad at reviews so you should check it out if you're looking for a show biz novel with a clear-headed MC and a sweet ML. Very relaxed. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Keisotsuna rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c20
I've read the raws, and I really like this story. The concept is very fun and unique, and the plot is simple and straightforward. There is no melodrama or deep angst, which I'm thankful of (because I don't know how I'm gonna react if this turns out to be one of those super long Chinese novels with dog blood plot thrown every single time).

Instead, this story is fluffy and light-hearted. I like how the protagonist didn't start out as an overpowered "perfect" characters that knows everything and has everything. No.... more>> The protagonist is a clever and straightforward person who lives by her own bottom lines. She isn't very good in acting (but not bad either), has a pretty face, and a pleasant character. Throughout the story we witnessed her improve her own skills either through her 'system' or by her own efforts. Moreover, the matchmaking system — though a very important plot point — doesn't play a central role in the whole story, but more of an auxiliary skill for the protagonist to grow and help others.

Overall, this is a very relaxing and great story for those who wants to read a lighthearted road to marriage story. ? <<less
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emmyazzy rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a very sweet and lighthearted novel. Throughout the novel, the female lead was love and pampered by the male lead though she didn’t know that at first. The female lead focuses on her career and helping others by tying strings together. She has helped many people with their relationship problems. There were some funny parts as well. This is especially so when the Male lead’s mother asked about his son’s marriage life.

Although it is sweet and light hearted, there are actually a few flaws to this novel.

... more>>

1) The system

The novel doesn’t really explain too much in depth of the system. I feel like there was a lot of focus on the start of the novel but as it progresses the system is forgotten.

2) How the love sprout

There was not much mentioned about how the male lead started being attracted to the female lead. I feel it is sort of sudden to be exact.

3) The acting

Not much is explained about how she improved her acting as well. I feel like it is more of what is “tell” than “show”. And I know that the female lead gained some acting points from the system and from her practice, but nothing in depth was stated in the novel.


Well, a defence to these flaws may be that the novel focuses a lot on the romance between the female lead and male lead. However, I honestly think there should be some description for some completeness.

To conclude, this novel is sweet and light. However, if you are looking for a novel that is ‘complete’ and sweet I would honestly recommend Return of the Goddess by the author of To be a virtuous wife or 亲爱的爱情 (Dear Love) which is way sweeter and of better writing style. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cookieconquerer rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Adorable, and just long enough that you feel complete. No dragging side character arcs, no forever returning small 3s, no antagonistic females for no reason other than the fact that they dislike the FL at first sight.

Fluffy and satisfying for anyone who recently had their eyes abused by a slag ML or suffered through thousands of chapters of exposition. This pair's relationship has a natural, believable progression that makes the events in the story sweeter for it.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
frostcrystal rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c51
I like the premise very much, but the novel falls short. To put it simply, the MC's matchmaking powers are interesting and unique, but the author doesn't spend nearly enough time on them, choosing instead to put time and effort into the MC's acting career, which is... not unique. And the romance, which is also... not unique. So a novel with much potential becomes a 3-4 star novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Roxasfleur rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is really interesting with MC that has unusual power. She is not overpowered and omnipotent, but because of her power, it seems like everybody is bound to be grateful to her. Ofc, who would not be grateful if somebody prevent the death of your mother or help you find your long lost daughter which was kidnapped by human trafficker?

The story is really light tho without any big problems between MC and ML. All in all it is a refreshing and light read. I don't regret ever MTL-ing the... more>> rest of the chapters. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rinshi rated it
November 28, 2019
Status: Completed

I really liked the premise of this story, and seeing that it was kinda slow to update, I decided to mtl. It was a light and fluffy story, with a nice pacing, and believable relationship progression. There's not really much drama and no major misunderstandings.

The reason why I deducted points is that I felt that the ML was kinda flat. His personality wasn't really described a lot, or at least I didnt feel like it. He is basically like any other overbearing CEO, but with less unique personality traits (if... more>> that makes sense?). To be fair, though, it could be because the MTL didn't give me an accurate picture.

It is furthermore slightly unfortunate that the system did not get fully exploited.


It felt like the system was only used to solve the problems of her co-stars 'till the very end. It wasn't really used for her own acting progression... I feel like it could have been exploited more, like, for example, getting more skill points, etc. The beginning of the book made it seem like other system features would be of importance as well, which was, however, not really the case. This really is a missed opportunity.


Overall, however, I enjoyed the story because it is so light hearted and does not have too much drama or exaggerated big bad villains. I would recommend it if you want a story that makes you feel comfortable (but not excited) XD <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tras rated it
December 13, 2023
Status: Completed
A rather confused and mediocre novel with a severe lack of "Show, don't tell".

It didn't feel like it knew exactly what it wanted to be and the plot is just... nothing. A lot happens, but at the same time nothing ever does. There's no long term antagonist, only characters who make 1920's cartoon villains seem like works of Shakespeare who leave as soon as they are defeated and we're lucky if there's even a line or two about it. There's no real descriptions about what she's actually doing as an... more>> actor, only "She had to do another take" or "He didn't do it correctly so they had to have another take and the director was angry".

While she does do "matchmaking" with her powers on Taobao, it is almost completely forgotten along with her experience points and stuff. The romance is alright, not the best but certainly not the worst and in the end it seemed like the author had just given up on every other part of the novel.

Like a bag of bad chips. Sure, I'll eat them, but I'm not really gonna enjoy it. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lazymizuki rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: --
I was expecting her to like be rational like the one of the review said but... I didn't see it rather she was literally hugging him like a octopus, where's the fcking rational that they said? I got tricked... And here I thought that this story is good.. only to be disappointed ☹️
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