My Wife Spoils Me Too Much


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Ji Yan discovered his wife, who hated him so much that she wished he was dead, had lost her memory after a car crash.

She had changed so much it was like she was a totally different person…

When he goes to work: “Dear, don’t move, I’ll put on your shoes for you.”

When he is having a meal: “Dear, I have made all of your favourite dishes. You have worked hard, so eat up.”

When he finished work: “Dear, you have worked all day. I’ll massage your shoulders and feet.”

Ji Yan: “…”


Tang Tang got pushed into the pond by her step sister who frequently bullied her.

She thought she would meet her dead mother but, who knew, when she opened her eyes again, she was in a strange place.

But what made her happy was that she had a super handsome husband and a very cute son.

The most important thing was that her husband was good.

He was a hero who protects the country, and earns money to support her and their son.

Also, he only has her as his wife, he didn’t have any concubines whatsoever.

Tang Tang decided she should be submissive to her husband, to be a good wife and a loving mother.

Her nanny no longer needed to worry about her not being able to get married anymore!

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Vợ Tôi Quá Cưng Chiều Tôi
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Akime yuko
New Akime yuko rated it
May 15, 2024
Status: --
I wonder why this has high rating... I read this quite awhile ago and I hate it

I drop around after they moved to the military base, it was honestly infuriating and boring to read. everyone around her and even her husband treat her like a maid and all they talk about is how ugly she is which she acknowledge. The chemistry between the couple is zero. There is no driving force to keep people reading at least for me, although I love slice of life but this one is just... more>> not it <<less
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New Mariria33 rated it
May 3, 2024
Status: Completed
I quite liked it. Was a very nice novel, with strong ML, I liked that also his thoughts from his perspective were described. Also the extra chapters about their kids really nice.
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SSKF rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c19
This review is not about the fluffiness or the villain woman turned saint.

I was enjoying this until I realised the author has a tendency to make the FL as unattractive as possible. The FL keeps saying she's terribly ugly. They way she says it, and the amount of times she says it, gets on my nerves. No one is that ugly, I guarantee you. With cosmetics and hair products, anyone can achieve good looking status - at least even pleasing looking. I'm on about this because the FL compares herself... more>> to everyone around her, especially her "beautiful" husband and son. It's just a ploy to show how much lower the FL is than everybody else. I don't like it.

In the author's other book, she also made the FL as unattractive as possible to make it clear how much above her status her husband was. It's degrading to the woman.

The other thing about this book is that the FL is from ancient times, so her outlook of taking care of husband and children is also from ancient times. I can understand this, and she behaves true to the time she lived in. That's awesome for the plot, but a bit tiresome for working modern day women to read through. At the start it was fine, but now I'm just done. <<less
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Rin_Chan rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: Completed
  • I was about to just rate this without giving a review. But now, I've got something that I can't help but to refute about the review of user named @N01. I am actually quiet surprised as of what you wrote.

    1st point : ML did NOT bang her. She drugged him for her own scheme. Basically ML was the one who got r*peD. (Yes, this is r*pe. Just because he is a guy does not mean you cant use the word r*pe) still he took her and her child's responsibility even though they came to him like thunderstruck like a grown ass man. He did not mistreat her or disdain her. A f*cking saint with a halo over his head, I'd say. (Even I would never be that nice to a person who made a mess out of my freakin life!)

    2nd point: about everyone hating her. She did walk out of hell. Her life was hellish enough. And why everyone sees her like a she-devil? From my experience if anyone who gives me a

    bad attitude always acts like a drug addict and drunkard, and I can also see she is a horrible mother and a wife. I would not get a good impresstion. It is hard to have one if you put in their shoes. No one would know the bad life she led. Only seeing whats on the surface.

    3rd point : and peoples who knew about her past everyone were sympathetic enough. ML maybe tolerated her for so long because she led a very bad life.

    4th point: justice. Heh. They did tasted their own medicine at the end who ever did her wrong. Even though you might say ML did that for FL but at the end they ripped of a lot of money almost leading those shitty parents family to having bankruped. (Did not took those money for their own use. Thats just plain shameless) I'm sorry if anyone is disappointed that those shitty parents did not die. But this novel is supposed to be a light hearted one. Not a dog blood one with tons of faceslaps and vengeance.

    5th point : a lot of people have shitty life, but not everyone turns out to be alcoholic or hysteric. People just have different ways to deal with their problems. The original owner's way was certainly not good one. And she paid the price. Even though she had a bad life but that does not justify her later actions of how she wronged ML or her child. She also wronged herself. But it is undeniable that our past makes what we are today. But the key is if or how people takes those lessons out of bad experience.

    She could no longer pick herself back up so the FL came to let her go of her regrets so she can reincarnate start a fresh.

    If you think in a way, which character has the most psychological depth in this entire story it should be this original owner. Almost the entire plot revolted around her! XD even though she was not present.

    6th point: about ML thinking that FL was the child's mother. Of course she was, thats the core the core point! Lol. And ML was obviously suspicious of her at the beginning.


    Ekk. I ranted too much. ( )
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Fairlady1996 rated it
December 17, 2019
Status: Completed
To those who like the villainess wife turned to good wife who only see his husband only like " raising the male lead's son". And the MC is naive type similar to MC from doomed to be cannon fodder except she got lot of strong backup who protected her. But this story is seriously good since the plot is more about the development of a relationship and only the last part had a bit of face slapping. And it not dragging. This story is just right amount of fluffiness.

*Easy to... more>> understand plot-no complicated language or heavy plot.

*No misunderstanding.* Got some third person who like male lead but it handled really well by the male lead.

*Ordinary protagonist- I like this because most of novel full of the female MC is so beautiful bla bla bla. The male lead fall in love at first sight. Please be a realistic that more than 80% in the world are not even in beautiful to death category without make up. The fact that she was ordinary/ ugly turned beautiful was true that woman struggling before being what we are and the male lead is so good. Anyway villainess turned into good wife is just this sort of story.

*PLUS you can read it by google translate or other mtl and surprisingly understand it really well. Yes, it was a PLUS for that! <<less
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Gluttony rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: c71
not a good experience on multiple fronts:

1. blandly written novel with very questionable messaging where they glorify the return of a traditional, demure, feet-washing wife. The author may have been attempting to communicate that ‘all women should be respected whether they’re a housewife or working wife’ (which I thoroughly agree) but really it seemed to come off as a discontent vilification of the modern woman lol.

2. the romance is literally founded upon the MC being this amazingly dutiful traditional wife who, being the diligent worker she is, is irresistible because... more>> she provides such great food and house keeping services. Oh. And because she’s so cute because she’s so naive and shy (because she’s so traditional).

3. The final chapters are behind a paywall. I didn’t realise this was a paid novel website (like webnovels) from the outset and to be honest it kind of feels like a questionable bait situation. The warnings about the paywall started about 5 chapters prior to paywall, so basically 80% in. Especially interesting since on the last free chapter the translating group ran an event where they paid readers $5USD to give a FIVE STAR review on 5 novels translated by them. Now if it was an event based on a honest review I wouldn’t be raising an eyebrow but... Now it makes so much sense why such a mediocre novel could be relatively high rated and ranked. Similarly, the translators’ note on most chapters has been ‘pls leave a 5 star review on NU’ or something to that effect.

to be honest this novel and whole situation is a little tacky. I think I would be less critical of these practices if the novel was actually good, so take that as you will. At least the kiddos in the novel warmed my heart even as illogical as they were. <<less
34 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kaylee rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
An okay story. Warning: MC is from ancient era, so her mindset is husband is the lord, wife needs to satisfy and help him. She's also very easy to get bullied and lied, and sometimes timid either from her real behavior or from her lack of confidence (coz she's from another era). I dislike the adopt sibling married each other route the author gave to the children.
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shooting_star rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
I felt super uncomfortable reading this novel... Honestly even if I am somewhat of a feminist, I don't dislike or despise or criticize this novel because it was truly a well written story with good tightly bound plot, fine pace and nice translation. It had no dramatic plot holes, nor was it poorly written. But I truly felt uncomfortable whenever I read about MC's portion. That subtle inferiority coursing through her actions, behaviour, thoughts left me with a bitter aftertaste. In usual ancient times, women were taken to be inferior... more>> ones and men took it for granted, It was no good but I accept it calmly..... But when I read this story, the meandering clashing between ancient girl and modern world was a little painful for me accept. What MC was doing - being a super caring, virtuous, and responsible wife, cooking good food, stitching nice clothes with ancient refinedness, it was super amazing and regardable in others eyes, but when I compared those praises to her embarrassment and how she took those praises to be lie and small things, how she couldn't recognise her own effort, how she lived in fear of being discovered, self-loathing that she was a fraud who stole place in the family without anyone knowing, and then comparing it to what she had done for family..... I felt deeply uncomfortable, and I just wanted to tell her that she was precious and what she was doing was more than amazing.... Like even if she liked MC, she gained a family that she had always wanted, she was NOT responsible for being so hard working, investing so much emotion and then even self loathing herself. Nobody was better than her, and she was NOT worthless or useless she thought herself to be... She was doing much much better than original host as original host was living her life like in self-denial but she was still there in family. even if MC just behaved calmer, took care of her business and be a little selfish before accepting or not even not accepting the family, it was not her fault. She was also hurt.... she was also killed by her own sister, she was also miserable.... But her new family didn't do anything for her suddenly. Let say at least original owner had also her leg broken, but her situation was that even a care taker in home was scolding her... I accept original owner was problematic, but did ML ever tried to solve problem. Giving her life expenses was probably the limit. I have read in many C-novels, people take marriage too lightly, having a child between doesn't mean there has to be a marriage. It's just trying to build a family without being emotionally responsible. It's s*upid, Single parents are better than a home having two parents, but no attachment for each other, it will just make child grow emotionally mature faster, and somewhat even indifferent to human emotions. Like in ML's family, with original owner present, the child would have grown to somewhat loathe, ignore and even hate his mother. It's not a matter of simply being angry, childhood impressions are hard to forget. So, her being so enthusiastic, forgiving, cheerful and caring towards this new family is just her kindness.... She treated them that way cuz she required love, approval and reassurance. I really wanted to hug, comfort and reassure her on her first day... <<less
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MeimeiXgreetsXNiangniang rated it
October 21, 2019
Status: c88

This book is loaded with clichés but I like them all. We never really know why the girl got transmigrated but we can assume that the gods pity her and the original girl so they were given a second chance. This way both of them were satisfied with their lives. I cannot judge the quality of the writing since I MTLd this but I can assure that the pacing is good and the ending is satisfactory.

This book is loaded with meng and sugar so be prepared. Enjoy!

18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Addison rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: --
Dropped in less then 10 ch. It's that bad. The housekeeper it's a b*tch. The kid acts illogical. The husband's friends badmouthing his wife in his face and he's ok with it. And our FL without any memories from the original or anything to know about the original, just assumed that the original was a bad and ugly woman and at foult for everything. (Let put the world's starving on her shoulders too while we are at it no?) Blaming someone for not being happy when she has "a husband... more>> that raise her and a kid" is wrong. That's such a toxic mentality. And funny, it's from that housekeeper b*tch, and she's a modern woman. Nobody has the right to decide what's good and what makes a person happy.

I tried to ignore the "as a woman needs to serve his husband and all that crap and how they refer to a woman as raised, because she's from another time. Ok but I bet even those woman from that time had more self-esteem. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eclat123 rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the first Chinese contemporary romance I read that has cliche main plot, yet not overly shallow in developing it like most others.

Transmigration ✅

Handsome, extremely capable husband with strong family background ✅

... more>> Cute baobao ✅

But here's the catch, there's no overbearing CEO ML who immediately loved MC after she transmigrated and suddenly turned into love-obsessed fool. There's no naive kid who immediately loved MC as soon as she said sorry. There's no goddess-like beautiful figure for MC to hop on. There's no OP skill for her. There's no s*upidly long-winded dog blood drama with family or other women. There's no underhanded works behind the scenes that can only be done by billionaires who spend tons of money.

There's just an ordinary virtous girl with less than average look who always tries to make things work.

If you've done your work reading CN novels here in NU, you'd know that almost all of those cliche plots have very shallow values, so this is quite a refreshing read between all that.

Like, yeah, I'm truly tired of reading CN transmigration novels about an extremely beautiful abusive girl who instantly got all the love in the world and people got obsessed with her right after she changed her personality. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover Slytherine rated it
January 29, 2023
Status: Completed
I hate, hate, and hate lots of things in this novel a lot! Like First the Fl, from the start she had so low confidence in herself, and the way she's chanting in every chapter that she's ugly, she hates her appearance, and the author is worst. Do all people in the world is needed to have super white skin, voluptuous curves, big b**bs, and a**? Like what the hell! From when people need to have these to feel beautiful.

Secondly, I also found it very offending that all people, including... more>> the MC sh*t talked about the og MC. Like she didn't know anything about her or got any memory, still she believes all fault lies in og MC. Like what!


The og MC also had her charm. She got into one of the most reputed Universities in China through her hard work. Her adoptive family tried to sell her off! She left that toxic family and went to the university with her hard work! Why are all characters saying she's a flower vase, don't have any quality! The author has the worst mindset I believe!

The og MC covered herself in a cactus shell as she was hurt by the world. She didn't wanna be hurt anymore. What she needed was a warm hug and consultation!

Her adoptive parents exchanged their daughter with her. The life she deserved; she didn't get. She also never received love or care. When she finally escaped and found her biological family, they also rejected her. They loved the fake for whom the og MC lost everything she deserves. The fake also framed her and kicked her out!

What more she can do? She just didn't get any proper guidance! I wanted to hug her and tell her it was not her fault for everything. Like author and characters are blaming her and making her look like a waste of space!

You are also loved, dear. You had amazing dedication, hard work, and beauty, for what you got into your dream place, which most of us can't have if we were in your place!

It's not your fault. It's just because you're a supporting character (who serves as a foil to our author's typical ladylike and virtuous mc's radiance), you were doomed by the author to make her good look. As the author's characters can't shine on their own. They need you to be the scapegoat!

Sorry for the rantings! As someone who gave entrance exams and knew how much hard it was for me to get accepted into the top university, I understand og mc's struggle, and pain. What she went through was far of me struggling hard to get admitted. That's why I feel pity for her.


My Opinion:

I felt very bad for og MC. If the author didn't mention her in every two chapters to make us feel, she's very pathetic and ugly and MC is virtuous cause she's washing Ml's feet, cooking as well as feeding him in bed, etc. Then I think this novel could be much better, and I would give it a rating of 5. But tr*sh-talking someone when you don't even know what they faced, feels like the toxic person who everyone wants to cut from life. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I felt too complicated about this one. If we can summarized all the good points, then you can read all the 5 star reviews. It's sweet, it's fluffy, it's cute! The baby meng is endless.
There just one problem, the original host.

Why? Because there's just no justice in it! It's morally depressing and just lack some humanity on all her life!


The original host was switched at birth. When she found out about it at the age of 18, her parents doesn't even acknowledged her and even chase her out causing her to feel disappointed and remorse. Then the ML banged the original host that she became a complete waste, passing her days drunk. Everyone disliked and hates her like they saw a she-devil walk straight out from hell. And then when the FL came along, ML was just 'You ARE the baby's mother!'. No one even took pity of the original host or try to understand her, not even once. No one stood out to lend a hand on her. In short, it's just not a life worth living. The author just brushed the original host like a freakin' garbage like every stereotype original host in a transmigration novel should be! Even if the author later wrote conciliation of the original host to the FL, it just doesn't do justice!

14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Not Today
Not Today rated it
October 23, 2019
Status: Completed
My rating is actually 4.5 stars, but here I decided to round-up thanks to overall sugary sweetness!

I'd describe this as a slice of life novel with a nice flow, it starts with the transmigrated MC having a strained & practically nonexistent relationship with her spouse and child (due to the original MC's behavior), but over the course of the story, you see a strong bond formed and strengthened as the chapters progress. From the ML barely tolerating the MC at the beginning of the novel to truly coming to love... more>> and cherish her. Also, I can't forget to mention the adorable little bun that evolves from an aloof child yearning for his mother's love to a sticky little mom-hogger who's wise beyond his years. All in all, this is an enjoyable read, I'd recommend this novel.


An added bonus is the fact that the little bun has his own romantic side story at the very end, and it's toothache level sweet!! *Rolls around in fluff*


*Important Note* Don't be fooled by the tragedy tag this is a guaranteed HE!!! <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Faceslappingisalwaysfun rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: c41
This story is really cute and fluffy. I enjoy reading a story with little drama sometimes so this is pretty nice. Tbh I thought that tang tang would be a bit more jaded since she died bc she was schemed by her sister but she has a very kind personality. It's a fresh twist to have someone from the ancient times transfer to the modern times.

My problem is that the plot is a little too convenient. No one seems to question that MC's personality has changed drastically even though everyone... more>> notices. She suddenly knows nothing at all but has sudden skills? That's seriously suspicious. And, based on the idea that everyone thinks MC just lost her memory, the other characters should assume that MC was inherently a good person if she's reverting to a blank state. That should lead to questions about what happened to turn her into such a villain. But whatever, its fluffy and fun to read.

Btw I wonder what happens to the previous owner of the body. She doesn't get any redemption. Everyoje just likes the new MC much better.

Also, I get why tang tang has such a timid personality, but it's always emphasized which gets annoying. She always talks about how ugly she is and never wants to try dressing up. I would think she would try to be prettier because what 18 year old girl during the ancient times doesn't want to dress up? I'm hoping she'll gain more confidence. But seriously, she's probably not even that ugly if she will become a lot prettier after gaining some weight. She probably looks fine but she keeps putting herself down and its a downer to constantly read. Also she is very gullible. She's not 10 years old, she should know that not everyone should be trusted because she literally died from her sister's schemes.

Also how does she know how to make modern clothes so well? They should be completely different from ancient clothes. Plus, she's very natural with her child which is a bit weird cause I would feel at least a little distant from a sudden child I find out I have.

Idk the story is getting a bit bland and less interesting to read. I'm a little less than halfway through and I'm getting a little tired. Its probably still fluffy but the sweetness is being overrun by the lack of understanding between the couple. Plus the updates are slow and I'm not that willing to sit through months of waiting for the awkward tension between them to resolve.

The story is fluffy and the plot is fresh, except plot armor just makes everyone adore MC which is honestly a bit weird. I'll probably keep reading but eh. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 6, 2022
Status: --
This novel is basically a patriarcal apology. It feels like the author is trying to brainwash us into thinking “virtuous” (aka naive s*upid girl acting like a servant for everyone in sight with a dumb smile) is the best, how the male lead is lucky to have found this gem amongst all this modern lazy pampered carrier girl who doesn’t know how to cook. It’s my main trigger point, but the novel is sprinkled with more disturbing moment 🥰🤪🥳
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kawaii12345 rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR 2-2.5 stars being generous and rounding to 3

my peeves with this novel

I hated just about all the characters in the novel. The MC might as well be a Stepford robot with her smile painted on a plastic head. Bland is to strong a term to describe her husband, think Tony Nelson from I dream of Jeanie but without comedy.

... more>> Her biological family and adoptive families on the other hand are just unbelievable tr*sh. It's really painful to read the sections where they appear.

The plot is a mess especially the ending. Just as the characters are a pain to read the plot doesn't improve on their contribution. The ML is a mid level army officer who can derail a multi billion dollar business on a whim, and can produce investigative results in days, but can't stop his career from being destroyed or credit for his work from being stolen. Done to death is the best description for the elements. Everything is recycled with zero new material

Bottom line there;s plenty of novels that do this better. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kei-Em03 rated it
December 2, 2019
Status: Completed
I love re reading this even in MTL.

The story was very simple, homey kind of sweet and fluff ❤ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

... more>>

I like that she was not loved by the kid immediately since the original host neglected the kid, so this was bound to happened and not just sweep under the rug. They acknowledge that 'she' was not a good mother, but since the MC puts effort in showing that she carrs for the kid, she was then forgiven.

I like that the ML notice that she's a new soul, despite the reality of that being unbelievable, he nevertheless, done smthg to verify his conclusion (like matching DNA and such)

I like that she cooks, and embroider and not some OP MC that can do anything. Or that the body was beautiful despite years of being a smoker and an alchoholic. She took a long time nourishing and improving herself.

I like that the ML was not some OP lead that can do anything. That despite being the ML, he was robbed of his rightful promotion and cant do anything about it. If not for the grandpa, theyd have to swallow this bitter pill. ?

I like that the kid have a lot of screen time ❤

I would have love more extras pertaining to how their life was after the story ends, specially what happened to her business.

To the or!Host, I really feel sorry for her. She didnt have a good life and no one treated her well and guided her. She was pushed to the abyss step by step turning her into complete and utter mess. I just wish she would have her own redemption story to not only correct her sins but also give her a better future.


Great translation ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kikiwiis rated it
November 6, 2019
Status: Completed
Loved it! Decently paced and sweet. The couple was so fluffy. It had a very beautiful message. MTL was fairly Easy to understand

... more>>

The one thing I hate was everyone kept judging her outer appearance as "ugly". She was just most likely heavily underweight because the OG had depression and consumed alcohol at the same time. Everyone kept telling her the ML deserved better or she doesn't fit into the 'beautiful, ' perfect family in the beginning. The author really knows how to get you overprotective/offended for the FL :) Regardless of the reasoning, it played a lot on of don't focus on only beauty, it's the inside that counts.



The confession where the ML was drunk and told FL that even though people see her as not beautiful/nothing/tr*sh, She was his priceless treasure/beautiful in his eyes. That almost made me tear up. It was beautiful.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sheri_Yui_Chan rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: Completed
All I have to say is this story is going to give you diabetes its sweet, fluffy, sugary and very good slice of novel with a twist.

The couple develops very sweetly and they have a great chemistry.

The Family time is sweet.

Over all a good read.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sweet_nothing rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: Completed
You get glaring hints from the first chapter that OG Tang ... more>>

Tang is not in a good position and is suffering from mental health problems. That she needs help, not an absent husband who left her with an unwanted child and a servant who speaks to her like she’s the not her employer.

It’s heartbreaking to see even before the reveal of OG Tang Tangs life, that she is desperately alone, screaming out for help but gets nothing from everyone. I am annoyed as heck at the ML for marrying her, having the baby with her, knowing her rotten circumstances and still not even once trying to make something of it with her, at least as a fellow human. He instead stands to the side and let’s her spiral and puts his child in a dangerous and hurtful position, whereby he’s hurt by his mothers lack of attending and care.

Also how was this ever enough, “And the 20% shares were not for the current Tang Tang, but for the original Tang Tang, to thank her for giving birth to his son Ji Xiaoying, and to thank her for letting him meet the love of his life, in the future, they would not intervene in Tang Corporation’s management, and the dividends they got every year would be directly donated to the Hope Project.” It feels like an insult to an injury and doesn’t make up for Ji Yan helping his OG wife, it’s like he’s paying for her body.

It’s mildly infuriating that new Tang Tang being a subservient wife is what got him to look at her, see her face properly and actually get to know her. Things he could have done with his OG wife, but he doesn’t do those with her, he doesn’t even have the heart to separate her from the family for her sake and his child’s.

Another Ji family member that is hypocritical is the great grandfather. You strong armed your son into a marriage that then led to the su*cide of the wife you wanted him to marry. If his can do that, then protect that daughter in law, don’t let her die in vain and then you still accept have the audacity to accept the mistress and her son, asking Ji Yan betrayed on all fronts by his bio family. If I was Ji Yan I would never forgive him and oh even though the first arranged marriage was a disaster, great grandpa had notions of another for Ji Yan, grandpa was really ready to ruin another life.

Coming back to the Tangs, disgusting people who had hearts as small as ants, that they couldn’t even love their bio daughter and instead of making up for her growing up in a highly abused household for her 18 yrs, they instead disdain her and cut her off the first chance they have. They really should have faced some consequences, especially that Tang Mi, yet author builds it up but gives us nothing.


The author sets up Tang Tang as virtuous, a wife everyone wants but then in certain parts will disparage her for being a housewife, it’s like they couldn’t make up their mind as to what they were trying to show in the novel. They also show great dislike for working women, who are shown to be very self centred. Look there’s absolutely nothing with being a housewife and at the same time if a career is your choice, also nothing wrong with it, yet the author shows weird hate for both and praise at the same time 🤷‍♀️

Anyway one of the most annoying things is the novel shows Tang Tang’s leg is in a cast and she crutches but she’s constantly doing work. If there was even a modicum of reality to it all, she’d be earning her self lifelong pain and a disability in her leg, with the way she’s acting like a workhorse.

Theres also the infuriating obsession with looking pretty and weight. First the author writes the 3 and half yr old to be excessively fat, firn whatever, we all like chubby kids but then she has everyone point out he’s fat and him regularly weighing himself on a scale, that’s abuse and a lifelong ED if this novel could be 0.1% based in the realm of normal. Tang Tang is no better, constantly disparaging her natural unnaturally slim body as ugly and everyone is shown to judge her, no one cares about her personality, just now she looks, it’s too much and she even has her kid in on the make mummy beautiful bs.

To add another thing, the whole built in love / wife from childhood thing for their kid was disappointing. Having Nuo Nuo grow up as a sibling would have been the better option. Also the kid’s obsession with his parents not having a baby and them agreeing to it was off putting. Make the kids at least 6-10 yr olds when you’re having them say such ridiculous things and have the parents be parents, not eunuchs who do everything the kid says.

The novel could have been quite good with the premise but it falls short in too many ways, although as always this authors novels are really easy to read, which is why Ikm giving it a generous 3 stars. <<less
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mochimosh rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c35
THIS. As a fan of these kinds of novels (transmigrated mom + dad who grows to like her + cute child/doting parents), this one reallly hit the sweet spot for me. I LOVE everything about this.

The MC's cute character makes you really want to root for her and the ML isn't a d**k. You could argue he's a Gary Stu, but he seems more indifferent if anything. I appreciate how the MC is "average looking, " because the ML will tend to look at her actual virtues rather than being... more>> seduced by her looks like in a lot of other novels. For those who can't handle the MC comparing her looks with others, I would argue that it's a realistic insecurity. It's RELATABLE. It makes sense (considering the era she came from), and just seems to exaggerate how bad the female character was before, making the ML's growing affection for her even more satisfying.

I don't mind a cliche premise as long as it's executed WELL. And that's exactly what this novel accomplishes, imo. One of the most heartwarming, sweet, satisfying, light-hearted novels I've read in a while. <<less
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