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The planet was invaded by the Tates, and suffered from the devastation of the last ages. In the crisis of survival, some humans awakened powers, and they realised that those mutant beasts could cooperate with their own consciousness and increase their fighting power to two times more.

This kind of animal was called Warpet. Shu Xiaohui was somewhat different from others. When the Tates invaded, he became a hamster and silently felt the presense of another powerful person.

Chen Chengduo watched his companions slowly find their warpet, and wondered where his one was until one day he saw Shu Xiaohui with his mouth full of melon seeds in the corner of the wall…

Others were warpet, his was only just a pet right…

Hamster: You… You don’t look at my small size. I have lucky BUFF!

Associated Names
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Chief's Pet Battle Hamster
The Leader’s Warpet Hamster
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New JieJieJora rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: Completed
The Ending isnt bad, though I think if the author-nim continue will make the story less interesting.

For MC, He is a cute hamster boy. He is really nice, and love to help. He is the kind that will make sure you are alright, while he might danger himseld.

As for ML, he is all-round-most-stronger among man. He is the commander, but he took care of his people. He also dearly cherish MC, which I love this for him so much. Him and MC are very cute when together.

Overall, the story is... more>> fun and interesting to read. 4.6/5 stars <<less
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New nekoxama rated it
February 12, 2024
Status: Completed
Well, I had mixed feelings with this one...

It had many interesting things, the hamster moments were way too cute...

But I felt it lacking,

-the romance was insta-love with no development...

I mean, I really like insta-love stories BUT I like how that initial superficial love get's deeper with further interactions... but this novel had none of that, I think they barely knew each other, WE barely knew the main leads...

- the pace was too fast and many things were told and not shown...

... more>>

the story already begins almost 2 weeks after the alien invasion and a few days after our MC turns into a hamster, we are told that there has already been a counterattack and the alien mothership has been destroyed and bases had been built so that survivors could start going there.

And then almost at the end we get a short time skip where tens of thousands of space fighters are built to fight against the new aliens that have arrived. All of that less than 3 months after the invasion... AND of course in 3 months earthlings could not only use the alien technology to build all of this but they could also make it better and overpower the aliens... That part was a bit over the top...


There were a few things that were not made clear and some plot holes were ignored but overall it was an ok and cute read... Short too. <<less
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LouMaknae_KPOP rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: Completed
(I'm French so sorry for my shitty English) 😅😭

So, to be honest, I think you have to be patient to read this novel (?). In any case, I, personally, had to hang on to the beginning to read it. 😅

Getting to chapters 20-30, I was like, "Well what am I doing? I stop there and accept that I wasted all this time reading this far? Or I keep reading, even if it means continuing to waste my time even more? ". But I told myself that I... more>> really appreciated the other novels of this author ("Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World" and "Shh, There's a Beast in the Imperial Palace", which I highly recommend to you) , that I know she is a good author and that her novels are always full of such cute fluff. So I continued reading, telling myself and being sure that it was worth it and that I wouldn't be disappointed! And I was right! 😑🤔😍

I am now fully into the story, and I want the sequel so much! 🥰

And I hope that a translation team will resume this novel soon (since the two who started translating it have stopped doing it), even if I have no real hope since it's been four months since the last chapter and no new team took over this project. 😊😭

I saw that a lot of people don't like the story because they don't find the love of the characters logical, that they sometimes find that we forget that they are at war, that they don't find realistic that the antagonist tries to create an empire where he would be the emperor. I do not agree. 😑

First of all, for the love of the characters, why wouldn't that make sense? You can fall in love with a physique. Little hamsters are loved because they are small, soft, fluffy, and round, and because they are so cute. You can fall in love with a personality. Shu Xiaohui has all of this, so why not? Plus, if you know the author, you know it always happens like this in his stories! The gong (sometimes the shou too) falls in love like that, suddenly, as if by magic without the author giving precise reasons for this. Just the gong, find the shou handsome, cute and he likes to tease him. 😡
And then love has its reasons, which reason ignores. Finding a reason to love someone is a really s*upid thing to me, and even makes no sense. I think it is like questioning our feelings for that person, but that is just my opinion. 🙃

Then, personally I did not forget that they were at war. It's true that for a few chapters we focused on the antagonist and not on the aliens, but that seems logical to me. When we are at war, we also have enemies in our own camp so I don't find that weird. In addition, it allows several characters to enter the story, several events to occur and to discover a little of the past of Chen Chengduo and Dr. Wei. Nothing is written for nothing, everything has meaning and importance. 😤

Finally, for the antagonist who wants to become the emperor of his empire. This is the very logic of the apocalypse! It is obvious that in difficult times like the apocalypse, some people will fight for the nation, for humanity, for the survival of the species while others will try to take advantage and control. As many people as possible, to have as many people as possible. So I see absolutely nothing shocking in the novel. 😠

Sorry I wrote all this for that, but I found it really shocking that kind of argument. I am not, however, used to reading novels based mainly on war (only in secondary) but I still know the basics, not because I read novels on war but because it makes sense! And for the little that I read, it did indeed follow this logic, which is completely normal. 🤬

So if you are patient enough to read a few dozen (?) chapters, I swear that after a while you will really like the story and the characters, you just need the time to get into it! Once it's done, you're into it! 🥰

And it's so cute and funny! I love the characters so much! 😍

And Shu Xiaohui who keeps calling Chen Chengduo a psychopath, it's so amazing! And Chen Chengduo who is forced to concentrate madly to not touch Shu Xiaohui when he is in human form! And the way he doesn't want us to see Shu Xiaohui's intimate parties, EVEN WHEN HE IS IN THE FORM OF HAMSTER !!! My god, I love this guy! 😍😅😂

Anyway, you will understand, at the beginning we get bored and it is really hard to get into it, but once we are there, it's really fantastic! 🥰

I hope you will try the adventure and therefore wish you a patient and pleasant reading, my little hamsters ! 🐹😘🐹

🔥🔥🔥 Update: That's it, I finished reading the novel! I was tired of waiting so I looked for the translation on MTL, the translation was much less good and clear but I read it anyway. So, I always recommend it but to be honest I find that there are a lot of boring parts (well, at the same time I took so many breaks in my reading that it's a bit normal). And a little disappointed that the last three chapters are about Dr Wei and his boyfriend, I would have preferred that it was our main couple. Basically, I put 4/5 (I had read until chapter 59) but after having finished my reading, I finally put 3/5.🔥🔥🔥 <<less
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mavic36 rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: --
This story is hilarious. Damn I want my pet to be overpower. Cute interaction of our main character. So far it is worth reading. Another new story style of beast companion.. MUST READ
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Tearlesereph rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: c55
I couldn't get into it. I've read everything translated so far but I just can't get immersed into the story. I've read other series by the same author so I know she's good at writing fluff but the fluff in this novel just wasn't cute? Aside from constantly mentioning the hamster was cute and round like a ball all the time, what was so cute about it?

The world building in this series was severely lacking. So its post apocalypse... some alien race released mechanical beasts and then apparently some humans... more>> have abilities. Ok... where did these abilities come from? And then on top of these abilities, humans have the ability to bond with an animal and then share consciousness with it and this bond also gives abilities... what was the point of writing that some humans develop abilities and then another human plus warpet equals abilities too? The alien mechanical beasts are rarely mentioned again after the first handful of chapters. I couldn't even feel the threat of invasion anymore. I mean, the "antagonist" is already dreaming about creating a new empire with him as king already. I guess alien invasion isn't that much of a pressing issue.

Also... I never get why chinese apocalypse novels almost always feature some army/military force. Like if the government collapsed, do you really think those in the army will still follow chain of command seriously? Theres no country to defend and no one is paying them anymore!! The military is a career pathway! Not lifelong servitude!

I should probably mention the MC and ML. Like all her other novels, ML is OP and probably the strongest power user in the whole series. He could probably single handedly take out the aliens by himself... which he kind if does. He falls in love with MC in less than 2 minutes. I'm not even joking. MC is a hamster and only changed back into a human for like 30 secs while he's asleep twice and ML takes a look at his sleeping body and decides he's in love and wants to be his boyfriend. When MC is a hamster he literally acts like a hamster too, squeaks and eats seeds and plays in sand baths and doesn't have deep meaningful conversations with ML ever so I don't know where his feelings are coming from. I think my puppy is cute, if it suddenly turned human on me I don't think I'd fall in romantic love <<less
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TripleBaka rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: c15
Op gong x Op shou to sum it up.

The story is interesting and original with a few cliches done well. It’s post apocalypse with alien invaders. Humans are in the middle of a war and got an advantage with these “war pets.” They explain what they are at the start but since the translation is early there isn’t a lot of details.

Shu as the description says is a hamster warpet. Despite being small he has things a hamster can do to the extreme along with his luck buff. If you... more>> play or know rpgs you know where this is going.

The interactions with Shu and the others are hilarious and a breath of air between the struggle for survival horrors. I normally don’t go for these kind of stories but this pulled me in. Mostly because...


A hamster with an assault gun. I’m not even joking.


The start is kind of wonky either due to composition or pov but it’s easy to get in after and the pacing/world building is decent. <<less
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nekoladron rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c10
I love the interaction between the silly MC and his ML~ Is a really interesting and cute story so far!!
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kikl76 rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c19
Loving this story so far. It is hilarious!! I wasn't sure what to think after I read the description, but I'm so glad I gave it a shot. I look forward to Shu Xiaohui and Chen Chengduo's progress!!
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solivagantsoul rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c55
the story seems bland, its not bad but it isn't something good either.... as someone who has read quite a few similar stories, this one doesn't really stand out or even seem all that interesting. For me the whole world background is actually very lacking.

Not to say its horrible or not a good read, I feel that those who similarly have read plenty such books will feel very bored with this. I had to skip lots of chapters in between cuz I just wanted to see how the MC and... more>> ML officially get together. ngl disappointed and kinda anticlimactic....

the MC's personality for me was mehhh nothing great really and I was disappointed with how he acted after he turned into hamster, no-more like when he finally met the ML... he becomes s*upid. When it was just him he's actions were smart and reasonable but later it's like he was originally a hamster who was just 'enlightened' not a human who sudden turned into a little animal....

for this kind of story trope I would recommend it for first time readers new to this sort of story, but for those who have read countless such similar novels, this ones not really for you. <<less
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IrregularPerson rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c15
So adorable, our protagonist is really naive. He's not oblivious though. Shu Shu, our MC, would not be your cup of tea if you like silly overpowered protagonists.
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Severe rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Pardon me, but the translation is the main disadvantage of this novel. Or maybe it was written sloppily from the beginning. All the sentences feel abrupt. Sometimes there is no logical connection between them... It is really hard to comprehend.

If we look at the plot - it is straight up fluff with a lot of pampering material. The couple is overpowered, and the whole setting is just a background for selling meng. Maybe it can be sensed in another way, but it is almost impossible with such a text quality.

I... more>> started it for the apocalyptic setting, but it is clearly not worth spending time. <<less
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remyrem rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c20
Good stuff:

  • Adorable hamster
  • Fairly fluffy, but still has plot and stuff other than the fluff
  • Author doesn't just make MC into a hamster-shaped human (ie acts and behaves exactly like a human), MC actually does hamstery stuff (like having sand baths instead of insisting on human water baths, chewing on hard things for his teeth growth, running on a wheel, etc)
  • ML keeps making tiny things for MC (tiny gun, tiny astronaut suit, tiny gong) to let him feel included and it's the cutest shit, it calls to my love of miniature things and makes me want to order a shitton of useless miniature things online
Bad stuff:

  • Sorry to the TLers for saying this, but the sci-fi aspect really is hard to understand. I get the gist of it now (after 20 chapters), but the details are still hazy
  • 'Romance' happens weirdly fast? ML initially treats MC as just a cute hamster, then sees his naked human body a few times and is suddenly "wow hot, I hope my pet (who I still believe to be an actual hamster) turns human longer next time so I can ogle him"
  • ML seems overpowered in weird (?) ways. No growth really happens (for either MC or ML) because they're already strong
  • It's not like there are plot holes, but the plot happens step by step which makes it feel like the author is just making up the plot as they go along
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September 30, 2021
Status: c1
Cute enough.

I wish MC and ML could interact as humans more, the hamster form is cute but I wanted to see them cultivate feelings together.

Having a pet-human relationship is a good starting point but I hoped to see the transition point from 'hamster xiaohu' to 'human xiaohu'

The book did do well to severe the master-relationship between the two -it was a nice detail emphasisng that they would now strive to be partners.
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Noir Paw
Noir Paw rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: c12
Interesting story.

I am enjoying reading about/through the Hamster perspective/view.

Gotta love the stories where the main character (s) is in the not totally human category.

Although I haven't read a lot of this story so far, I'm up to chapter 12 so far, I would definitely recommend to other readers for their enjoyment.

Hamster is cute, adorable and has a personality that can easily be relatable to the readers/audience.
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1Sami rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c49
This is really cute. The MC is a hamster and when the ML figures out that his warpet is a weak, silly hamster his reaction is priceless. But the MC isn't weak. He's really OP. He's got two storage pouches and an amazing luck buff, as well as a humanoid form.
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fujo4life rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: --
The story is sooo cute and fun. Almost died from meng to many times 😆. No need for more spoilers, heavily recommend for people thirsty for meng 😄😆
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December 4, 2022
Status: c22
This novel is not bad. Cute and relatively simple, so it’s easy to turn your brain off and relax. Unfortunately, my mood is not good and I couldn’t enjoy it T.T Byt well! I’ll try again another time. The premise thus far: This is a world that has been ravaged by an alien species called Tates. By the time the novel starts, the war against the Tates is nearing its end, but humanity’s hatred for these aliens is impossible to extinguish. At this time, people began to evolve into supernatural... more>> beings. And those that do will have a partner to accompany them — in the form of a warpet. The MC is a supernatural human who suddenly turned into a hamster. Later, he discovers that he’s the warpet of a strong soldier (ML), and the two go on adventure together as the battle against the Tates comes to its last phase. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
August 22, 2022
Status: c59-73
This novel is sooooo cute, funny, and absolutely Fluffy! Knowing the author, the story doesn't disappoint me so far.

Our MC may have an OP power, but it's still VERY Limited and VERY Costly, so technically he's not actually OP?

While ML is strong anywhere but is definitely NOT invisible. Unlike how the summary seems to painted ML is Ungrateful light, from the first met; ML already observed and have a guess of MC's power.

... more>> ML already sweet even before knowing how Powerful MC's ability is.

Anyway this Novel has LOTS of Fluff ! But don't forget the setting is Apocalypse where the world is attacked by Alien, so some Tensions is Unavoidable. Occasionally slightly emotional or worried. But still most is Cuteness!

I really LOVE this novel so far! I pray the rest of the story is as Good as the first half. And pray someone would continue translate this novel. Though I may not have the patient to wait, so Im probably going to MTL...

Updated at 19 December 2023:

Apparently I have the patient to wait mostly because the MTL is hard to read. Lol

But it worth the wait. Though I end up reread from the first chapter.

Thanks for the new translation and their Hardworks. ❤️

I'll never get over everytime our MC in his hamster form holding the rifle gun. So adorable!!!

And they finally do the D 👀 not on the bed 👁️ 👄 👁️

Okay, anyway so many great unexpected development and I'm ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOOVING IT!!!

Pray so hard the rest of the story is as Good and Satisfying till the end! 🙏 <<less
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LunaSolis070 rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c1
MC really has a hamster trait. Like when he fails ge will get excited or he will have a competitive spirit.

Also it's funny and cute how MC squeak and says, " Save the mouse!" Instead of saying save me. 😂 MC doing

•Tai chi pose in his hamster form. •Wanting to be a secret agent. •Having mini gun, mini chinese gong, mini steel hamster with a gun, and mini space suits.

... more>>

Everyone: Oh my ghad, what is that white pom-pom on Captain Chen's finger? MC who is hanging on Chen's finger either biting or licking MLs finger. 😂😭 Also MC

MC felt chill all over his body. Mc: Is this because im cold-blooded secret agent hamster? *Says MC who is surrounded by lots of predators. *MC shakes inside the pocket while looking at the predators

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