Yin Yang Eye GunGun’s Marriage Contract


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GunGun, as a national treasure(panda), was stolen by thieves and skinned. Once he woke up, he had a healthy body and lots of bamboo leaves. But monsters with glowing eyes surrounded him, most importantly they were floating, have greenish blue faces, fangs, and have no little legs?!

(⊙o⊙) Oh, the two-legged monster is here again, huh, is this bowl of food for him? These tender leaves are delicious, they should be hidden in the deepest part of the den.

There was an extra panda cub in the Interstellar Admiral’s embrace which he brought everywhere he goes. The place where a gun was once placed turned into a place for holding a basket full of leaves.

One day, GunGun became a beautiful boy.

Pouting face GunGun: Big monster I’m hungry. Huh? Where’s my fur!

The admiral’s face flushed crimson red being overwhelmed by its cuteness: “!!!!!” My darling!

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Yīnyáng yǎn gǔngǔn hūnyuē
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Maqui rated it
November 10, 2018
Status: Completed
This one I already read it before in danmelia...

A really fluffy history. The protagonist is a reincarnate panda (previous life panda, resurrected as a panda again), so is quite funny the way he find the male lead ugly becouse he is not black and white and is not chuby... He even want to paint the male lead hair green as grass...
57 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nnshii rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Thanks for people who recommend this cute story at the forum. It's so cute and fluffy. Definitely for people who just want to read a story without angst or drama. It set in the future where MC reincarnate/transmigrated, the panda classified as extinct animal :' (

Like other user said, it's so funny when MC find that ML ugly cause he didn't fit the beauty standard of a panda. Really worth to MTL
26 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 19, 2018
Status: Completed
I am very thankful to have found this in NU, and I read the mtl version it is worth it. It's filled with meng, fluffy, innocent moments. Do not worry there is no third party to their lovelife.

This is 5 stars to me because it makes me simply happy ya know. So guys, this is worth the read and you will definitely love it
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 13, 2020
Status: c115
This is literally the cutest most adorable, diabetes inducing sh*t I've ever read and I can't handle not knowing what happens next, so I'm gonna go read mtl. ✌️


If there was a way to fap to sheer cuteness, I would. I would fap as furiously and as vigorously as possible.

Read it.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
amruta rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: --
I am really confused right now. Is the romance super fluffy like the reviews say? Yes. Super cliche? Heck yes. I am having a hard time understanding what is happening. Too much action, too little explanation. How can a pendant be the ancestral realm? Is it a xianxia setting within an interstellar setting? Zombie mages? Ghost bees? Skeleton materials for building spaceships? WTF? I'm not gonna bother about MC's transformation since other reviewers have already mentioned it.
Either my IQ is seriously low, or the edited MTL is missing some... more>> crucial info.

Dropped. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AnuBis28 rated it
October 28, 2020
Status: C 61
* The panda is cute.. Very cute.. And fluffy.. And innocent.. Can control ghosts.. And turning to be OP it seems.. And his bu*t is very very important as it's being emphasized in almost every single chapter previously.. Lol.. Anyway that's basically the whole story until now..

* The starting was really good.. It's scary to think how people skin the animals alive just because of their fur or hides.. Little panda's trauma is unimaginable..

* I even watched so many baby panda videos being inspired by this story as I was... more>> curious about the sound that the baby pandas make.. They are unbelievably adorable..

* Super typical Gong.. Super handsome.. Super strong.. Super petty.. Super cold.. Super jealous..

* I have some problems understanding the size of the panda.. He is a pocket sized panda.. That's alright.. But how can his human body as a baby be smaller than a palm ??? And next time he is normal again !! <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisukisuki rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: c89 part1
This is not just Fluff. This is not just Fluff. This is not just Fluff. But most of it IS FLUFF!!!

Beyond expectations in very Great way! It definitely wasn't like the summary. But it's so much better than that!!!

Our MC Panda is a Very Very Small Panda. The size of a Palm!

... more>> The first 30 chapters was a Forest arc where MC and ML meet and bonding even though they don't understand each other's words most of time!

MC was very Scaredy CatPanda at the beginning. Easily cry and fainted. But it was very Understandable!!!

He has past Trauma where he had been skinned ALIVE in the previous life and then died!!! Also, he's A PANDA


For people who can't understand MC's childish, innocent, and naive personality... Why can't you understand that??? He was a PANDA! He wasn't a Spirit Beast or learn Cultivation, etc etc. He born, lives, and grow as a Panda. Sure he maybe slightly smarter than normal panda. But his IQ is definitely lower than a pre-Teen TARZAN!

Also he only learn things when he finally meet ML and his ancestors! Most what MC doing was from Instict, his wants, and people around him. And it's still less than a Year timeline since he meet ML!!!

Anyway, I don't get how you don't get MC!

As for ML... He's Pretty Good to MC. Absolutely Doting and Devoted and keep spoiling MC as much as he can!

And other Supporting Characters, sooooo Gooood!!! I'm not joking!

It has many great unexpected moment. At the beginning I even didn't expect a Classic 'Horror' theme in Interstellar genre.

It has Ghost Ship moment!!! A Ghost Ship Interstellar version! A Ghost (Space) Ship!!!


And MC also get so much upgraded/bonus abilities.

now MC even can see a Red Strings of Fate~!!!


The point is this Novel gave so much more!!! I'm Truly Absolutely Loving it!!!

Pray soooooo hard someone continue this translation!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Resplendor rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c34

I don't know if it's a problem with the translation or the writing, but I'm having a hard time following the story. And even if people clear it up, if I have to ask, something's wrong.

... more>>

Is the panda pocket sized or normal panda cub size? When he transforms, is he a baby, child, or young adult? It's rather difficult to tell. Sometimes they say "youth" and describe him as having milk teeth. Then next time describe the ML as never seeing a more perfect being and getting excited. If he's just a child, why are you lusting after him ML?

You build up this afterlife of great panda Masters and then kill them all off a few chapter later?

And wtf was with the bees?


More often than not, I found myself having to analyze what exactly just happened rather than just enjoy the story.

If you have a lot of experience with MTL, it might not be such a problem for you. But I can find better meng selling fluff balls elsewhere. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DarkChocolateCherries rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: c24
Very cute so far! We have our smol cute panda baby and his (future gong!) dragon-ish friend.

My only complaint is that I'm a little wary of the baby panda being underaged? Like, I guess it's really not a concern because the baby panda was ... more>>

reincarnated so: 1) he's at least older than one panda-bear year, 2) maybe the author will have him age due to panda years???, 3) maybe the author will include time skips for the panda to be older???, 4) the interaction between the ML and the (Currently a baby panda!) MC is currently nowhere NEAR being in the ball park of sexual/romantic; it's all very heartwarming and platonic right now where I am in the story.


So, hopefully further in the story the panda will be of age/aged up and the panda being underaged (as he is where I am in the story) won't be a problem. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RickyTracy rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c70 part2
This novel will kill you with meng. Although imagine the size of MC's panda form is a bit confusion (I just imagine like that mutation of humen made them bigger) overall.... that's so cute af!

Just as the name of yin yang eyes so all storyline have to deal with ghosts and spirits although that's intersteller world. MC is cute and obedient, ML is cold for others but too doting for his lovers. So every interaction of MC and ML can feel they do care for each other.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LianeVert rated it
February 3, 2021
Status: c1
No words can describe this story for me, it's just so cute and adorable!! Honestly I'd love to have a GunGun for myself, not only is he cute, he is also a freaking powerhouse! ML is also very adorable at times, especially towards MC, he is very indulgent and protective and it's completely understandable as MC ... more>>

is the last of his species and very VERY naive when his guard is down

I also enjoyed how the author handled GunGun's trauma towards humans, since it took him a bit of time to adapt to ML. Anyway read this story, it has cute pandas, cute romance and an awesome story, you won't regret it! <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cole rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: Completed
the story is very fluffy and cute, including the MC ofc. I also liked the ML but I didn't expect his

... more>>

dragon form or smth, it was totally unexpected, there wasn't any foreshadowing or maybe there is, but I just didn't noticed it? Anw, I was totally taken aback when his transformation happened. Thought it was a normal-ish curse that would give the ML a power boost but I totally didn't expected his dragon transformation.


i wished the author showed more of Gungun's power and strength to the public instead of just his beauty and cuteness.

i also liked how


the MC found his mother with an additional younger brother. Lol~ the younger brother is very indulgent to the MC which is very cute~

the relationship between the MC and ML is so goooood~ I just liked how the MC would still call the ML 'big monster' even though the ML wasn't ugly to him anymore >< <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
purpleBlackCat rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This story satisfies my vain feeling (I want to be spoiled too ugh *sob*), I mean really, this is full of doting AND the MC is a cinnamon roll, a VERY cute panda, very² adorable, then we have his beautiful human transformation and as an extreme face-con this is a BIG plus bonus, oh let's not forget the FLAME (not literally but like *ahem*) although it's not THAT explicit but its just the right amount of spiciness. SmilingOldLady. Jpg
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
richarddixonriddle rated it
August 1, 2020
Status: c52
... like it's fine. Don't start hoping for Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being or anything... you won't be fulfilled. And honestly... *shrugs* it's not super great writing... BUT... it's my filler-fluff between more serious novels. The 4 star is the fill-fluff rating scale... not my "as-compared-to-TharnType" rating scale. Cause it would be 1. Or zero. lol

It's silly. And weird. A little... unclear about... who is actually in a relationship?

Again: if you are looking for Lord of the Rings level of cohesive writing, skip... if you are wanting a brainless... more>> "high school musical" drama with some

ghosts, and zombies, and space pirates, and lots of other weird sh*t

, yeah sure pick it it up. :) <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ike_00000 rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: c36
It's not terrible, indeed quite fluffy, but a little bit dull imo. I personally got bored and couldn't continue, even though I normally love slow and fluffy novels about animals.

It's just that MC's animal-ness is too much; it's cute, but after a point it becomes boring. Furthermore, it makes the relationship with ML a little weird lol.

It's basically about a panda named Mo Gungun who has yin yang eyes (he can see supernatural beings) and meets the strong admiral who met with an accident in the interstellar age.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cookieconquerer rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: Completed
This story is precious, 10/10 worth~

I like it the most out of all the naive little animals turned human yaoi stories that have popped up. The naive moments never reached the point of me wanting to bang my head against the wall lol
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 15, 2023
Status: c53
I won't rate this because I feel a bit complicated and haven't read enough to make a full judgement, I feel like.

But I dropped this novel and I don't think I'll ever pick it up again. It's just that... As of where I stopped, the MC has the mentality of an actual naive 10 year-old child. Asking me to ship him with a grown adult, not to mention when their relationship kind of started more like a father and child than anything else... I can't really stomach it.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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