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Yuder was a commoner Omega who rose to the top with his ability.

When he woke up again after being falsely accused and executed, he was back 11 years ago before everything began.

A chance to get back……

He must not repeat the same mistake he did before.

To survive, and to save the world, now he had to save the man he had killed!

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New vvvaun rated it
November 23, 2023
Status: c350
I just started reading this after reading the newly adapted manhua no merely than a week ago, I truly liked the plot right from the start and then I saw some of the comments that it is an adaptation from a novel, and that it was a slow-burn romance. Right then and there I searched for the novel, tried registering to korean apps but failed because there was no way I could get a korean approval code, searched again until I found this. And viola, I catched up so fast... more>> I'm looking forward to the upcoming updates! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I AM TRULY EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THISSSSSSS <<less
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New Alereee rated it
November 13, 2023
Status: c805
My God, where to start?

It's definitely my favorite light novel ♥

I remember that when I saw how many chapters the novel had, the first thing I did was laugh and think that I would never finish it because I was getting bored quickly. How wrong I was

This novel is definitely not for impatient people who want a BL novel just to see the +18 scenes, because literally the first kiss is in chapter 200, something more intimate in chapter 328 (idk, I don't remember anymore), and its first time at... more>> 447-450 if I'm not wrong. Is the wait long enough? Not at all. From my perspective, the building of trust, and from that to the relationship, was quite appropriate. The fact that the MC has not instantly fallen into the ML is one of the most appropriate things then after knowing what he went through in a past life. And the fact that both the MC and the ML were slowly creating their relationship with the respect and trust they needed, was quite pleasant.

So, Turning really is a very beautiful and well-written novel, designed for those people who REALLY ARE INTERESTED not only in the well-made construction of the couple, but also in the plot drl book.

For the people who have read to the end and are still waiting for more chapters, let's raise and clink our glasses, to celebrate this beautiful and well-written novel as it deserves. Let's celebrate Turning, let's celebrate the well-written pairing of Kishiar and Yuder <3 <<less
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LeniSnow rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: --
O ho ho ho it's finally here! I actually have the epub opened in my tab so I can come back to it.

I usually don't read novels this long but boy was this an exception. This breaks a lot of my usual taste.

This is different from the usual troupe of rebirth where everything plays out the same way and gets revenge and where their previous life ended with a misunderstanding between the main characters. Even before, they're already sensible and mature adults with goals, they have good working relationship (and........ more>> hihihi). This MC have a brain and is emotionally stable enough to plan.

MC might be op with knowledge but that doesn't affect the development as there are a lot of things he isn't aware of from before, this one isn't frustrating because He was high in position when he died so his character right now fits his experience, as it'll be mentioned him being more level headed than he was before. His second life gives him a chance to focus on things he refuse to look at before or didn't had a chance to as his goal was different, it's like he was blind before and now he sees. This dude regretting killing his future hubby for his first ending. What made me really read 400 chapters is the ML, he is just as charming as his appearance in the book cover or more. I can feel his greatness across every word in his scenes. Both of them work well together, they make me feel like they're old married couple even before their romance started. I like how respectable and responsible but also playful ML is portrayed, he gives a humble royal feel. He makes you feel comfortable and disregard social class. He is flirty to MC and I'm here for it.

It's different to other novel in a way that MC and ML have things they are good at. It's not just a novel that shows how amazing and pampered MC is. There is an actual plot, and the author doesn't let ML be overshadowed by the MC for some Mary Sue reason. They're both amazing in their own way that is complementary. ML is definitely a great ruler that MC admires and deeply respect. This is set on how would the world turns out to be if ML who has great credentials and was a born leader have a chance to finish what he started and with an experienced MC by his side to uncover what actually happened. Because on MC's first life, it didn't turned out as great as he had overlooked a lot of things and he himself was manipulated.

I don't usually read slow burn this long but their chemistry fills it in. Even when I was reading it, I can feel the tension behind their poker faces. MC always unconsciously thinks or feel bothered about ML and I think that's wonderful. A couple that mutually respect and love each other.

I waited long for the full bed scene but it's nicely done everytime so I forgive author-nim. This among regression novels where MC wants to lay low is the real deal, he isn't attention seeker. MC doesn't do anything that would garner too much attention to him while still being able to help with knowledge from the future. So if you're tired of MC who seems to want a quiet life but keeps doing things that is too attention seeking while whining that they didn't want that, then this is for you, he is pleasant and considering the amount of chapters, the romance is not that slow, it's slow but you know, definitely worth it.

Edit: 700+ chapters now, ohhh this is gonna be the death of me. <<less
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Usagixneko rated it
June 5, 2023
Status: c805
Honestly, I wanted to wait more to write a review about this beautiful novel, but after reading, the previous comment..... I thought, as a huge fan, misunderstandings must be cleared up.

If you are not patient enough to wait for the blooming there relationship (MC and ML), then it's definitely not for you. Judging a book by its cover, is not a good thing but also natural.

What have you expected from the ML who lived his whole life about covering his identity and keeping secret?!?! To open up to the unfamiliar,... more>> stranger MC immediately??? Of course not! It's natural, in my point of view, that he keeps acting like a "player", because that is his mask, his fake reputation and identity, and later there will be more explanation to his behaviour!

It feelt like you said, that a caterpillar never could be a butterfly.... They need time to "reveal" there true selfs to each other!

That's where the beauty of this story hides! Reading between the lines is essential to understand the whole story. And be more patient. There is more than 800 chapter!

I didn't mean to offend anybody, I just don't want, that other people may not read this amazing, well-built, stunning story because they think, that the ML is a tr*sh.

About the smut..... There first kiss will be at 200. chapter, the first more intime touch at 328 and there first s*x at 450. If you only came here for that, then forget this novel. Nothing wrong with liking deep skinship, but it's not the main point of the story.

It will play an important part of the plot and the character development, but I repeat myself, it's a slowburning, very long romance.

So please, if you cannot understand there actions, there reactions, don't try to find a meaning of it, it's like you'ra one of those noble who get fooled in the story. That's the point the whole thing! Don't let yourself get fooled! And please be a bit more patient, I promise that you will get the answers to your doubts and questions.^_^


It's a gem! A masterpiece! It always stayes interesting and surprising, and I just love how the MC slowly changes everybody's fate. His original personality doesn't fade away, but he also changes over time.

Highly recommend it to everybody! (No. 1 for me) <<less
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xuexxi rated it
October 23, 2022
Status: c210
Oho this is a popular one~ It’s nice to see that it’s finally being translated.

It’s a plot-focused novel with both protagonists being very OP so the situations they get into gets resolved satisfactorily (or at least until however much I’ve read). Both protagonists are also mature and sensible adults (yay for not having frustrating leads who are supposed to be grown ass adults but can’t say 2 simple sentences to each other!) Though, MC is more of a closed-off person who likes to keep to himself, his struggles and all.... more>> Personally, I don’t think it’s in a frustrating way at all, he’s just sort of aloof. Meanwhile ML is more forthcoming and initiates most of the time. That doesn’t mean he’s coercive in any way though, very very green flag love interest. (And very hot if I do say so myself)

The romance is indeed very slowburn but it develops very naturally and trust me when I say it’s so satisfying when they get together. It’s not in like a super passionate way unfortunately but the writer’s skills are doing the heavy-lifting because it was subtle yet romantic. And at least their feelings are out in the open after so long... For anyone curious to know when this is:


it’s at around chapter 200


It’s also omegaverse but it only plays a small part and the usual tropes (you know what I’m talking about, “you’re in heat so we must bed” etc) aren’t used for plot device here (so far) .

I paused at chapter 200+ for now because I’m terrible with long novels and mtl was killing my already sparse braincells but this is one of the novels I hope I can read till the end.

tl;dr: I definitely recommend it to those who like fantasy-action plots with a healthy couple, including a very charming ML. <<less
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mettle rated it
August 29, 2023
Status: c394
Leaving this review here since someone mentioned this being Shounen Ai and they don't even kiss.

It's called plot; slow build even. And the plot is genuinely interesting, though yeah, I also felt a bit impatient because, although MC and ML were getting closer with each chapter and the tension between them was palpable, there was no kiss, until chapter 200 arrived and oh boy, what a kiss that was LOL.

There is smut, though it's like at least 200 more chapters in after their first kiss. And they do kiss more... more>> often as the story progresses. And that's what I truly enjoy about this novel. The author lets everything unfold slowly, which makes it more realistic. MC is trying his darnest to keep ML at a distance, while ML gets more and more interested in him. You can't expect two characters with polar opposite personalities to completely bury their thoughts and conflicting emotions so the deed happens quicker. I love that I have to WAIT for it.

The plot is enjoyable, has twists and turns and the characters do have personalities. Though some of the smaller enemies lacked a brain, most of the characters are well written and, overall, decent.

Even if you aren't really into fantasy, I recommend you give this book a try. The translation is good and keeps the flavor of the raws quite well! <<less
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Sanya rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: c805
This is honestly one of the best novels I've ever read. The story is well paced, the plot is very interesting, the characters are well fleshed out and the romance is absolutely amazing. I wasn't bored at all while reading (I usually get bored easily and I prefer under 100 chapters).

The romance is a slow burn but I think considering the characters, it is perfectly paced and the chemistry is super super amazing. The flame never dies out.

One thing I really liked was that normally the "rebirth" is just a... more>> plot setting and has no impact on the story except the MC having knowledge. But, in this story, the "rebirth" is properly explored. The past life had psychological impact on the character which is explored throughout the story, the MC is not all knowing and he did have character development and maturity that comes with age by adding up years of first life.

The MC is like the moon. Silent, diligent, driven, cool but not 2D. I believe writing characters like this and not letting them be 2D is very tough. The author wrote this character very very well. You see his character development and I just love how he just loses his cool in front of Kishiar. The contract is very well presented. His silent considerations and devotion to the ML is heart melting. And the ML, OMG THE ML. *Sighs* Kishiar is like the sun; he demands attention, gives the gentle warmth that the MC needs, is playful in contrast to Yuder's no-nonsense attitude and is ever present patiently as the sun is eternal. Kishiar is THE green flag Alpha.

On a side note, I love the back and forth between the MC and ML on sweets. 🤭 The ML gives the MC all kinds of sweets because he thinks the MC likes them or maybe he thinks the MC looks cute while munching on sweets. While the MC initially doesn't like sweets but develops an attachment because sweets are something that the ML always gives him. He just silently eats them because the ML asked him to and probably because it makes the ML happy watching him eat sweets. Ok. I'm done gushing. Moving on lol.

The MC and the ML both shine and don't take the shine away from each other. Both are equally strong throughout the story.

The whole plot is amazing. Things unravel in a way that your curiosity doesn't die but at the same time you don't get annoyed by the mystery.

This is my first review so I'm all over the place. But I just want to stress how much of a masterpiece this story is. *Chef's kiss* <<less
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vivina.a rated it
November 11, 2023
Status: c620
Clarifying some points regarding the review above because apparently some people obviously aren't reading the same story.

First and foremost, I don't get how people are so fixated over Kishiar (ML) 's v**ginity tbh. He's 29 years old, and due to the royal family's peculiar constitution, he's cursed with a plate/vessel that will explode at any time. People like him don't establish their own family, don't have children, since they'll die young one day anyway. Even if he had some past relationships, can you really find fault with it? Finding fault... more>> with trying to enjoy your short life while it lasts? Perhaps some people would actually prefer to see people die as virg*ns.

And yes, the perfume chapter. Some people really can't move on with their pet peeves so they'd never know the perfume scent was from the Madame who was like Kishiar's confidant. Of course, Kishiar's v**ginity status is still up for debate (no mention of his past relationships, no ex-girlfriend drama you'd have expected in badly written danmei) so there's a likely chance he's already un-virg*ned, but that doesn't mean he just went around with any women in sight. Most of them were made-up tales to ruin his own reputation anyway.

ML did his own thing, never shielded MC, and made MC suffer from anguish? Honestly, Kishiar hid a lot of things in the past life. But claims of him never protecting Yuder are all nonsense.


Their relationship in the past life started in a wrong way anyway. It was an accident that neither of them wanted. Nevertheless Kishiar still did all the things that would better Yuder's position, even if he never explicitly said so and deliberately made Yuder question.

Sure, him hiding things may not be the best choice and it did hurt Yuder mentally. But would Yuder have been happier had Kishiar revealed everything back then? Remember, when their relationship started before regression, Kishiar's plate was already destroyed, which means his death was just a matter of time. Yuder back then was also too young (and somewhat immature) to actually understand some things.

'Never shielded MC' is even more of an absurd claim. Read the novel and you'll know how pre-regression Kishiar cared for him even after death. In fact, Yuder before regression would have been in much more danger if not for the little arrangements Kishiar made for him.


Lastly, "MC despite the rebirth cheat is always 2nd place to ML". Utterly wrong.

Yuder and Kishiar are two different kinds of genius. Yuder is the 'specializer' whose power lies in his beyond-irregular Awakened ability, plus sword skills and combat skills gained from training and hard work. Kishiar is the 'all-rounder' type whose power consists of divine power, sword aura, magic and Awakened ability. He has more powers, sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean he is stronger in combat.


After all, the problems with his plate are ironically due to his varied powers anyway. And it's not even only him who has this wide range of powers. All royal family members share the same issue and even the Emperor, Kaelusa, has various powers despite never undergoing strength training.


If Kishiar was always No. 1 and Yuder was always No. 2, why would there be that special side story chapter where Cavalry/Mabyungdan members had a long debate whether Yuder or Kishiar would win in a duel? Most of them believe that the two's combat prowess is equal. Frankly, before Kishiar's plate issue got better, Yuder was even at an advantage.

Last note, I hope more people would actually try to read the novel first instead of picking stray spoilers from random places and claiming that the story is tr*sh when they apparently don't even know anything about it. <<less
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999YJH_lover rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: c800
One of the best novels not only in the BL genre, but in general. Keep in mind that this novel is not for the impatient (in terms of smut). Of course, 18+ scenes are also present in the novel, however the story is more focused on the plot. For example, the first kiss was only in the 200th chapter, and the first skinship and a night together will only be shown after the 400th chapter, but trust me, the wait is worth it. Both the worldbuilding and powersystem are incredible.... more>> There are a lot of arcs with palace intrigues, many minor characters are well written and revealed. The MC and ML themselves are amazing. Sometimes it may seem that ML is s*upid, immoral and so on, but you should not judge a book by its cover, he is a wonderful person who loves MC very much. MC is somewhat similar in character to KRS!Cale.

I advise everyone to read this novel, you will definitely not regret your time. <<less
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Blackcat95 rated it
July 31, 2023
Status: c162
Remembering that this one is 900+ chap and still on going 😂 see you 2years later if I still alive.

Love it. The world building its so Fascinating.

The MC char is calm handsome smart Love love love

ML char is playfull OP love love love gime moree
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Midnight_Dreamscape rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: c964
Hands down my most favourite story in this genre.

I love the characters in this one so much, there is just so much development for the mains and side characters. They all have their own distinguishable personalities, and are super consistent and show good growth! The MC & ML are as mature as they can realistically be, they don't know everything despite knowing so much. I especially like how they don't obviously follow any silly BL tropes, and the scenes so far serve to further the plot or the characters emotions... more>> in one way or another. Though, I really want to know if they will have kids... I know not many people like that genre of BL (ik its omegaverse, but this is the first time I've read THIS kind of novel where the author has integrated omegaverse into their own awoken concept), but it was talked about a bit and MC even wondered about it as a passing thought. I personally hope it does, but I logically know that it may not fit well in the story/plot that's going on (IDK).

The romance is a bit slow, but a good kind of slow. They communicate super well! The romance is super nice too, it gets shown in small bits, and that's just great! Since this novel is so long, we get more expanded emotions and conversations, which are not a detriment to the pace at all. You're able to get deeper into their feelings and get more out of their conversations than in other novels. One of the conversations in particular, one where the two leads are showing their amazing communication with each other (~CH560), we are able to get sooo much out of that conversation that I thought I was reading an extra sort of chapter. Like those bonus chapters where authors do a break the fourth wall and do a Q n A sort of thing. Normally, stories start a conversation to get one specific piece of information out, but that scene gave it as well as some stuff that you'd usually wonder about while reading the part. The characters are just as curious and theorizing as we are, and I found that to be something nice to point out, since I don't encounter this often (maybe it's just me, I don't usually branch out like I did with this one. I rarely read stories where we get to go into more detail with these sorts of things). However, there are times when you may feel like some lines/ideas/concepts are being repeated, but it's not terrible as those ideas get built upon and revisited, allowing you to discover stuff alongside the characters. I often found in a bit annoying in some of the shorter novels I've read where, they throw out some amazing concepts last minute, and just go with it. I enjoy how we are able to go back to old content, I've sometimes felt like I was reading a whole other novel when the contents of the beginning differ a lot from the end.

If I were to compare this novel to other super long novels like tr*sh of the Counts family, I'd say that the pacing is much much slower. I'm up to chapter 350 in that novel, and the in story time that has passed is about ~3 years or something. In Turning, it has not even been a year despite it being ~600 chapters.

Anyways, I can't wait to see where this one ends!

[Edit on August 15, 2023] changed reviews from 760 chapters to 940 chapters

The story now has integrated itself into my life now... I now read & purchase off the official site (you don't know how many means I used to ensure my safety on this foreign website and many others required to access and purchase stuff, like, I didn't know it had to be so complicated and I worried about my info being leaked due to several factors), and stay up till 4am just waiting for the next chapter to be uploaded... Yes, it is still amazing and worth it 1 million % :'>.

Somehow it has STILL not been a year since the cavalry started, but everything just fits in perfectly. A LOT (940 chapters) has occured in the first year of the cavalry's creation, but it feels a bit relieving for some reason. Maybe because it makes me feel like there is room for a LOT more episodes that I do see myself purchasing in the future when episodes exceed 1000 or 1200. I also just noticed stuff based on now having access to the comment section. Seems like the cavalry will travel to all corners of the Or empire. We've gone to the east? (been a while, but I think this was where Devran was captured in teh early chapters?), west, south and next is probs Kishiar's home in the north!

Note: Srry, I wont be able to share the chapters, I feel like actually personally distributing it is more potentially dangerous than linking it to sites that host this. Also, I can't copy paste anything, and when I translate from image, it makes the sentences cut off in weird places and translate wrong. It is super time consuming to fix, and I don't have time like that <<less
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pointoverture rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: c205
This is just one amazing novel that's definitely up in my top favorites. I binge read 200+ chapters in a few days and I think I might be in love. I 100% recommend this. READ THIS.

Honestly, I could rant on and on about what a love about this, so I'll make a list.
    • Stunning Characterization (great chemistry)
        • The MC here, Yuder, is such a complicated and fascinating character. We start off with very little knowledge of MC (obviously). What I love is that we gradually see his character shine through as each chapter passes by. In his reminiscing of the past, we see snippets of who he was, and how he came to be the person he is now. There is no sudden info dump. You need to read and discover everything yourself.
        • MC is also an unreliable narrator who isn't very in tune with his emotions, so it's so enjoyable to read the descriptions of his feelings and then to interpret them yourself. At times I even stop between chapters to just interpret MC's feelings. Ie. When he says "guilt, " does he mean [this] or [this]? Is [this] what led to all his complicated emotions/lack thereof in the past?
        • Despite being very knowledgeable, he still has many gaps in his memories and general info of the past, so you follow him as he figures out problems and events that he had never known about, and as he theorizes possibilities of what led to his disastrous future.
        • The ML is just a flat-out amazing character. He is complicated and layered (like MC), with so much depth and history that I'm still interested in finding out more about him. He has amazing chemistry with the MC, and I love reading their interactions. I saw that some people didn't like him at first (which I don't really understand bc he's great from the get-go), but give it some time and you'll just see him blossom. He's an interesting, mysterious character at first, and, like the MC, we slowly get to know him more and more. One of my favorites is the contrast between the ML of the past vs. The ML of the present, shown through the MC's contemplations.
        • Spoiler

          The ML of MC's present is a bright man filled with goals and aspirations. The ML of MC's past (before ML's death) was a tired, resigned man who MC didn't quite ever understand (so therefore, we don't understand him much either). Ultimately, ML's emotions were somewhat of a mystery. But, as you discover more with the MC, you see and understand exactly how the ML ended up the way he did.

        • Spoiler

          ie. The ML was the commander of the Calvary, but he stepped down after a short amount of time to give the seat to the MC in the past. When the MC goes back in time, he wonders why he was given the seat and questions the ML about his intentions. But the ML states that he never intends to step down, and that he intends to stay as the commander. So we're left with the question of "why did the ML step down in the past?" And then we're given the answer to that question in the future chapters. It was an interesting but sad reveal. (I'm not specifying what it was--go and read it yourself!

        • The side characters are also enjoyable to read about, but I'm too tired to gush about them. But the amazing thing about them is that they feel realistic and memorable.
    • Pacing/Development

        • my hands-down favorite thing is probably the development: the development of the characters, the development of the plot, etc.
        • For one, the greatest part is probably the development of the character's pasts and personalities. The author drops a few hints (through the MC's thoughts) and leaves you with so many questions. Why did [insert event here] happen? Why did [insert here] do this?
        • And then you slowly but surely piece together the puzzle of events from the MC's world, and it's so satisfying. You can see and guess how things turned out. You're granted the ability to compare the past and the present. As MC finds out more and more, you can

          understand how things ended up as badly as they did in MC's past timeline. There's lots of mysteries and questions, which I love bc I'm an avid fan of the mystery genre.

    • Plot
        • the plot very-much exists and it is amazing. I'm loving the world-building and gradual understanding of the world. There is no boring downtime. The MC goes from event to event, and each one is so significant to realizing how things came about.
      (and seriously, if you're going to rate this novel badly don't rate it because you were disappointed that it didn't live up to whatever nonsensical expectations you created yourself. I'm saying this to the one person who called MC naive for wanting to save the world (???) and rated this badly for the MC somehow not having the mindset they wanted the him to have. MC was given a second chance at life to fix his mistakes--of course he's going to take it and not just sit by while the world is about to end.)
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ArigatoWojoo rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: c90
Ok so Ive read only 90 ch of this because I could only find 90 translated chaps and cant find the raws because if I did you bet that I would binge this until the latest chapter cause THIS IS SO GOOD.

Like ive checked so many korean websites, I even signed in some sites even tho im frugal with signing up things just because I want to read MORE of this. My lowest point was going to the wayback machine just to access it cause I dont have a korean... more>> number for confirmation, uggh that was the worst. Also I checked the ratings and why is it bombing to 1 star like???

Anyway on to the actual review. So the story is basically a mysterius red stone appeared and gave people strange, special powers and Yuder was the Comander who was accused of treason, killing the ml, etc. He was killed and went back to his time when he was still a commoner, 2-3 years after the red stone incident. He resolves to make a better future with his knowledge and prevent a global disaster.

The story is pretty slow burn with the plot and worldbuilding at the forefront while the romance is REALLY slow burn like where im at they only got that tiny tiny spark that creates a burning fire and I love it!!

I can see a few people reading it and thinking that its a cliche and I admit it has elements that make it the typical 'MC transmigrates and saves the world using his knowledge' typa novel but man the plot and character interactions just keep me at my feet and I WANT MORE DAMMIT (ಥ﹏ಥ)

If theres a god out there then it would lead me to similar novels like this one and maybe the raws/mtl <<less
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Winterbourne rated it
June 9, 2023
Status: c560
Wow, fantastic, splendid. I never thought Kishiar, the man teased by Korean readers for being a 'eunuch' due to how cautious and patient he is toward Yuder, would be called 'manwhore' or 'womanizer' one day.

I don't wish to offend anyone but, honestly I was surprised. I actually thought the trope of 'faking/pretending to be a womanizer to cover his real motives and talents' was already common enough to be called a cliche by now, but I guess it still raised some issues in the end. To people worrying about a... more>> bad ML— please don't worry, since Kishiar is the best ML you could ever ask for. Handsome, talented, mysterious, seemingly flirtatious but extremely caring and attentive, not to mention, he holds deep affection for Yuder in both lives? Now that certainly is perfect ML material.

Yuder is strong, powerful and cold, but he's not without flaws or weaknesses. So Kishiar is a perfect match for him, and together, they fit like pieces of the same puzzle. As others also said, Turning is all about world-building, actions, and apart from the BL romance, it also emphasizes character growth and camaraderie. Romance wasn't the main focus at first, but we can still see the changes in their relationship gradually and steadily. Perhaps Turning won't be a good choice if you're seeking quick romance, but if you are fine with a fantasy-themed novel with a lot of other aspects (politics, power struggle, knighthood, power training and developing) explored, Turning is a perfect novel.... Although I do suggest stacking a bit before reading, since the novel is extremely long with no ending in sight as of now. <<less
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Miss Long rated it
November 11, 2023
Status: c326
I love this kind of slow burn type of love and the plot, I'm kinda tired how many BL Novels just straight up spoon feeding the reader and tell the whole story because some of the readers are impatient and want to read the snusnu stuff. I love the world building and how every characters in this novel aren't annoying (even the villains or side character like Kiole aka the chihuahua) I also love how our pair are coping with their relationship progress, the ML is the man with greenest... more>> colour and I love the MC, he's thinking (logically and not based on short flowery feeling), uttering his opinions and learning on how to trust and depend on his friends and ML

There's a comment said that ML never help or shield the MC, letting the MC injured and then feeling regret with his choice... well I dunno, the MC and ML are not an omniscient reader like us so how are they supposed to know what's going to happen if they make this/that choice?

I think even the ML feeling regret and felt shaken when he left MC while continuing the mission and the MC ended up injured.

And also being too OP sometimes won't do any good if there are no restriction or bottom line, that's just too boring in my opinion, both MC and ML are powerful in their own way and have their own restrictions. That's what we called as balanced in both side.

I didn't read any spoilers after this chapter (326) so far ML is treating MC good and MC is learning to be more open when around ML or his friends.

So to the reader who only read the spoilers and not doing any reading comprehension seriously ended up making a false conclusion.

sekali lagi lu begitu lu, gue guser puyer dah lu *booom* <<less
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noeRI rated it
October 3, 2023
Status: c805
Love it!! If you can handle slowburn and a protagonist with low EQ (and omegaverse), give it a try! :D Although the MC at first doesn't seem to even recognize his emotions, over time he improves little by little, and that doesn't prevent him from taking the initiative in the relationship.

Some of the noble antagonists are a bit dumb and predictable but the story is interesting. You can tell that the author cares about their story and doesn't just focus on the romance. Things are being revealed little by little... more>> and everything is coming together for the truth, I am looking forward to know everything! The MC may seem OP because of his past life, but there is many things that he didn't know, even things of his own past.

Although they show us ML as the typical flirt, in reality he is more than that. It really shows that he loves the MC very much, he respects him and THERE IS COMMUNICATION!!!!✧⁠◝⁠ (⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠) ⁠◜⁠✧ They both love each other deeply, and I'm dying for them. There's nothing better than two mature adults with their own goals that work in a relationship together. Also the way the author put the omegaverse in their history is unique and is not just there. <<less
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MoreTURNINGchpsPLZ rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: c90
Begging for turning updates has become my whole personality.


The story is so good and addicting, the characters are not one dimensional and have more depth and personality than stories in the same genre. The world building is very well done with interesting concepts, abilities and mysteries that are yet to be revealed.

I have many questions, many anticipations and I am desperate for update. PLS whoever picks up this story for updates I will PAY U (with my well wishes and love, I am broke.)... more>>

I'm sure whoever picks this up for translation won't regret it bc it's just THAT good. <<less
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Itsidk rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: c245
I’ve been keeping up with this novel, it’s slow paced but does update everyday.

This is now my fave novel oh my ghod 🥹 i’m trying to read some chapters randomly on mtl and one thing for sure is that, all the wait, with this slow paced novel, everything will be so worth it. I love Yuder and Kishiar so much. I love the plot of the novel, although I got tired of this turning back time kind of thing, this one is really just so good!!!!

It’s bl, omegaverse, everything that... more>> I want lol and maybe a lot are expecting for a lot of smut scenes–that we have tho! It’s just more on for us to be patient 🙏🥹 just a heads up that this novel is 800+ chapters and we’re just like in 20% for the eng trans??? I never knew i’ll enjoy a novel that is slow paced and hs a lot of chapters but I REALLY DO LOVE IT 😭❤️

Kishiar and Yuder is so perfect for each other. I love them sm 🥹🥹🥹🥹 <<less
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KiolleLVR rated it
July 10, 2023
Status: c645

IMO the only downsides or flaws this novel has is the amount of chapters scaring away potential readers (If they arent into reading more than 200 ch's) and Yuder's lack of EQ (but thats ok mehehehhhe)

Kiolle Da Diaca ILY ur an annoying f*ck, the dumbest of shits
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Paris22 rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: c215
I love this so much!

I'm invested. It's the type of story, where you just sit down and binge it in one go. I hate that I didn't find this later lmao, now I gotta wait for more chapters.

I like the fact, that the MC isn't omniscient, he doesn't know of things he didn't know in his past life. He also acts according to his mental age and experiences in his last life, which sadly isn't the case in a lot of novels imo. The plot is interesting and at no... more>> point (at least till now) did I force myself to continue reading, just to get through the current plot line. I like the pacing a lot.

The dynamic between the ML and the MC is also super cute, the ML is an extroverted playful type and the MC is rather quiet and calm. Only the ML can stirr him up inwardly sometimes. The combination is super funny XD. The other characters are also fleshed out, they don't just exist for a few chapters and disappear.

(Oh, and the translation is great too!)

All in all, I think this is a high quality novel, definitely worth a try! :3 <<less
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Aurbourier rated it
October 25, 2023
Status: c292
Genuinely the best thing I’ve read in a while. I love all the characters even if they suck (kiolle). All of the characters are 3D and believable. I just wish there were more translated chapters so I can binge to my hearts content lol. Kishiar is a green flag and I love the interactions between Yuder and him. A must read 👍
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hereforthebl rated it
August 5, 2023
Status: c167
Love it! No boring moments, tho it took me quite a while to read all available chapters. The MC is ok, quiet bland tbh. ML greatly reminds me of Sung Hyunjae from The S-Classes That I Raised. Both tall, blond and a freaking flirt. 😂 Btw, this is slow burn. Like super slow. I'm already in chapter 167, and the only 'intimate' (if you can even call it that) part is ML tying MC's belt, and the princess carry. Lol
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