Pregnancy Is Too Much For The Villain


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“You’re pregnant, young master.”

Valentin Wiche, the beloved only son of the Viscount Wiche family. One day, he realizes that he has been reincarnated as the villainous supporting character in a novel he read in his previous life. To avoid his miserable fate, Valentin seduces an alpha at a ball.

“Your scent is truly dizzying…”

Did that alpha enjoy their night together that much? He starts showing tremendous obsession.

‘Where did this come from?’

‘I must have this.’

He only did it to avoid the terrible ending of the original story, but the result is pregnancy? Moreover, the identity of the child’s father was someone even more incredible than he thought – Reynard Dennox, the only heir to the notorious Dennox ducal family and a naval hero of the Heston Empire.

On top of that, true to his reputation as a klutz, Valentin’s pregnancy is immediately discovered….

“Why the sudden ring…?”

“What do you mean why? We even have a child on the way, so we need to get married quickly.”

Associated Names
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Villain is hard to conceive
악역은 임신이 버겁습니다
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New Zantsu rated it
July 16, 2024
Status: c62
Well, if you can survive the ad (which is obnoxious beyond relief), count yourself lucky (or smart enough to employ some side programs). The translation is quite good, actually. I mean, the GalaxyTL translation. Don't try the other one, that is too atrocious (like eight years old trying to write something for the first time, you know). But the ad... I feel so wronged, like I have no rights at all. That's why you got the minus one star (the revenge!).

The minus other star is for the plot, actually. I... more>> can't stand these time jumps... I just can't... Why did the author decide to plant so many flashbacks in flashbacks? More than one, I got lost in the timescale. So, the story is not to my liking. <<less
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ChristinaAugust rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: Completed
I don't usually dislike weak MCs, as long as they have reasonable and fleshed-out growth and development. Besides I can tell that at least for the earlier half of the novel, the plot was intended to be a typical romcom, so even if the MC acts a bit unreasonable and clumsy I think it's fine. It's a genre trait, after all.

But this is too much unreasonable. The MC has no personality at all, and the character himself becomes OOC as the plot unfolds. His personality and his entire essence basically... more>> change with every arc of the novel. In his flashbacks, he was a typical spoilt and self-indulgent noble young master. Then one day he regained the memories of his previous life along with the plot of the novel he read and transmigrated into- and abruptly just like that, his personality completely changed. He suddenly became a timid mouse and submissive to everything. It's honestly forced, but well, perhaps suddenly knowing about yourself's potential death threat is such a scary thing after all, so I tried to pass this over and continued.

And things never improved. Even if one generously overlooks how implausible his plans are in escaping the engagement, how logic practically did not exist in the novel background - not just the background, but the plot progress itself makes no sense. Suddenly we have the MC portrayed as a free-spirited character. The little boy who desperately tried to find a way to live - even resorting to seducing an unknown Alpha for a one-night stand - instead of feeling grateful to that Alpha guy (also the ML), demands his 'freedom'. The little boy raised in a typical noble household and lived 15 years of his life as a typical noble young master himself suddenly asked for 'freedom'. This is not being free-spirited; this is being irresponsible in his own duties as a noble.

I waited for his growth and development— but things just went downhill even more in the latter half.


Hormonal changes in pregnancy are a scary and realistic thing; I won't deny that. So I thought the pain and distress the MC had to suffer were very real. But does he really have to behave like this? Suddenly madly rushing over and falling off, triggering the death of his baby just simply because he saw the ML talking with another female. Oh my god the ML didn't even dance or kiss that woman or something, they just talked. Talked. Not to mention, the one showing him the scene is the villain whom he clearly knew resented him and would only want to distress him. No matter how insecure he was and how much distress he carried, he misunderstood such a simple scene? Where is the logic?

And the vengeance arc. The ML wanted to take revenge for causing harm to their child and plotting against the MC; while the MC strongly dissuaded him. The villains poisoned him and caused his child's miscarriage, and the MC wants to forgive them?? Like for real?? I don't hate good-natured altruistic MCs mind you, but what I can't comprehend is the MC's attitude. Out of all people, he was being considerate of the villains... and forced his thoughts and opinions on the ML. Did the MC really love the ML? You don't force your thoughts and opinions on your beloved spouse; you try to understand him. Besides, the child is also the ML's child. Did he really not think how much that would offend and disrespect the ML as well? Apparently he didn't! Because he was busy sympathizing and pitying the villains, out of all people. Seriously.

The ML was also OOC. He was a petty guy in the beginning who let his Omega companion starve during morning sickness without giving any pheromones to help, and tried every method to force the MC into marriage. So I waited for his redemption or growth whatsoever. But after their marriage arc, the guy abruptly changed into the most ideal lover figure ever. My god. Rather than building actual character growth, I feel that the author was just 'passing the baton'; in the earlier half, the ML would appear to be the bad guy and in the latter half, the MC would take on the role of causing drama. Drama is inseparable from KR BL and I know that, but the thing is that the dramas in this novel didn't even make sense.

God, even the villains. Villains in political-themed novels like this are supposed to be annoying, yes I understand, but at least they have their motives and reasons for being annoying. Meanwhile this novel doesn't have that. At all. The mastermind, the Prince, also the former to-be-fiancé of the MC, was supposed to be some crazy guy who spared no means to achieve what he wanted. But what we got is just a guy who did nothing except cause drift between the MC and the ML. Dear good sir, to become the throne's successor you have to expand your power, raise your force and instill your reputation. You don't ponder all day about how to drive a wedge between a married couple and plot how to cause a miscarriage. And that guy's spouse as well, Ebner. Where has the composed noble elegant young master of the social circle vanished into and why do we only get a hysterical guy who threatens and goes berserk over the MC at every chance he gets? And even his participating in the vengeance arc and his 'empathy' after seeing the death of MC's baby. Sir, I think you forgot you were the one instilling insecurity into the MC, talking nonsense about the ML's cheating to the MC and causing him to fall off the stairs, directly leading to his miscarriage.


I don't have a habit of dropping novels so I still read to the end of the main story and side stories too, but I really can't figure out the novel's logic. 2 stars rating is my thanks to the TL and the group for picking the novel and spending time translating, but I honestly can't give more stars. <<less
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Sana das
Sana das
October 14, 2022
Status: _
The story is good so far. I just wanted to know if there's any way I can read the raws because i've seen that the other people who wrote reviews have read more ch than published in this site
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Mel08 rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: c67
The MC are all over the place and wimpy as hell. Totally contradictory with his previous personality when he doesn't know yet that he is the villain before his rebirth. How can he changed 360° from brazen character into a timid mouse. And there's so much monologue by the author making the plot seems stagnant. Totally unnecessary. And sometimes the MC is so pathetically s*upid, he has a wholesome family that cares about him and they would have solve the problem of marriage with more grace than the MC who... more>> attempt to send a s*upid letter to the queen. I just think the author trying to make the MC as a free spirited character but ended up looking like a spoilt brat who is narrow minded especially when he had fought with that Abner villain, even Mary sue would be ashamed with his ideas of handling the fight, so s*upid. ML is like NPC player here who a very powerful person maybe more so than the royal family but can't even count on his team to investigate the MC properly l. ML don't even know the MC age until the second time they slept together. Man, the standard for every chapter getting lower and lower. Enough for me getting all work out to vent here. <<less
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Celestial202002 rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: c13
Ok looks like I am the first one to write the review, \⁠ (⁠^⁠o⁠^⁠) ⁠/Hurray for me !

So if u want to know the plot it's the same as the description says............ Basically the usual our protagonist dies and is reborn as the villan but he only awakens his memories of his past life after his engagement with the 3rd Prince, from then on he tries to avoid his bad ending in the books and save his life. Meet the ML blah blah the usual stuff, I have read sooooooo... more>> many of these geners that I am numb now ಠ⁠_⁠ʖ⁠ಠ , it's basically my opinion but if u guys r new to tis genre u might like it

I just have one complaint


According to me (my preference of a MC so pls don't take any offence, I mostly go fr the OP type MCs) I really don't like the personality of the MC he is soooooooooooooooooooooo god damn annoying, he has a timid, shy and whinny personality he doesn't face his problems as soon as things get difficult and when the first time he went to the party after his memories return hearing all the bad remarks about him there he got sad and went abroad fr learning painting which I don't have any problem with, but his character is not very well protraid, cause timid character can also be likable just like that cute hamster (Airplane bro) dude from scum villain self saving system I forgot his name. In my opinion till where I have read the MC is very bland and boring and give depressing wibe. Maybe he will get character development in the future but I can't bear with the boring environment specially with the BAD CHAOTIC GOOGLE translation ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ, so sumani if u guy r reading this and if the MC gets intresting in the future please tell me maybe then I will continue reading it.

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Nivelung rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: --
I made it to chapter 35 and I can't continue. I really dislike the MCs weak personality. He let things happen. I understand when people are more timid but he is not timid only when he needs to be strong is he timid and I don't like that contradiction that the author wrote. When something happens the MC runs away and not in a cute way.
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Syain rated it
December 29, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of the rarest time I review a novel

But I just had something to say to anyone, who want to read this

At first, I thought this gonna be a fluffy story where both main characters raised their child together but no, it's more than that

Nearing the end, I really didn't expect that to happened tho

The part that make me cried the most

... more>>

their 1st child died, and the fight that leads to divorce (but I guess the break up is a good thing for both of them at that time, it's not that I like that, it just they really needs a break so that they doesn't hurt each other more)


The baby


I START TO READ THIS NOVEL BECAUSE I WANT SOMETHING CHILD-RAISING BUT THERE'S NONE OF IT (I don't know if they have side stories or what, but from the website I read there's none of that)

The 1st child died, I didn't expect that, and I was quite stressed about it cause I was waiting for fluffy chapters with a cute child but boom the child only lived for few days

The 2nd child, he/she first appeared at the few last chapters, and their face only shown in Valentine's dream

And it ended at Valentine is pregnant with the 2nd child

No child raising at all😔


I just know some people will pity that Ebner (?) but I will be the one that hate him the most (after the 3rd prince of course)

I don't want to say the reason here, but if you read it until the end, you will know why I hate that guy so much <<less
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Midnight_Dreamscape rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Though not my favourite (if I even have one...), I really liked how the main character's relationship is portrayed.

The ML was never cold to MC in any way (unlike in some other stories), it was love at first sight. Throughout, the ML has been sweet and caring to MC, and tried to understand his thinking. I especially enjoyed how the story started to get deeper into their emotions and understandings of each other after MC was pregnant. Perhaps due to their 10 yr age difference, ML always doted on MC... more>> and treated his concerns like they were cute, naive or saintly (overly friendly/merciful). ML always wanted to get revenge on the people who made fun of or tried to hurt MC, despite MC telling him it is not worth it. ML was pretty manipulative about their marriage at the beginning (you kind of hate him for a bit, not long though), but MC's family wasn't weak, and MC was the one made the decision understanding what he was getting himself into.

There weren't any love interests in the stories or too many misunderstandings. At the beginning of their relationship, MC was very naive, weak and emotional, but he does have some merits he shows later in his actions and thoughts. But he does follow the trope of


getting divorced, but getting back together as well as getting a miscarriage


There is some poisoning and omegaverse pheromone related plot devices used to justify or explain character's actions and feelings, but I think it is not used too exaggeratedly or frequent. The story does include politics, but we don't get too into it. One of the antagonists gets a form of redemption, I like how he was not two dimensional.

There weren't many reoccurring or prominent characters except for the main two. There were some side characters that did help the MC in regards to his emotional state (friends & acquaintances), but they were not mentioned much after. MC's family really care about him, but weren't mentioned at all at the end. <<less
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LeniSnow rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: --
To be honest, I really liked this novel. I usually hate plots like this because of the runaway MCs with buns (I really hate those basic MCs with no plans, capabilities and only have two brain cells) and here MC didn't do that, I am please at that, quite tolerable. He isn't winy as others make it seems to be. He isn't the smartest and he didn't need to be, but he definitely isn't dumb. Although it's unpleasant when there are too many characters who likes the MC. I've read... more>> this till the current chapter at that time which is around 90+. I have the whole complete txt. Now since it's been less than 2 weeks since this was completed so I'll continue it soon again. <<less
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