How the Sidekick Prince Lives Again


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“I ask with all my heart. Please marry me.”

After his tragic death, the sidekick Prince Renato regressed to the past. He approached the Khan Kingdom’s diplomatic ambassador, grand prince Khalid, who helped him in his life before regression, to change the future.

Renato offered a contractual marriage with good conditions, and Khalid finally agreed to the marriage after much deliberation, but……

“I hate complicated things like a contract or a deal. So please let me ask you just one question.”

Renato’s answer at this moment would change everything. Khalid fixed his gaze on Renato and opened his mouth with a more serious expression than usual.

“Do you need my help?”

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Sidekick Prince
곁다리 황자가 다시 사는 법
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8 Reviews

New ryun_
Jan 30, 2023
Status: c84
I love this novel so much!

The relationship between the MC and ML is really sweet and heartwarming. The past live was too tragic for both of them so reading how things changed for them now is a big reward for the readers.

The translator does an amazing job transmitting the emotions and it feels like nothing gets lost in translation.

I hope I can read it to its end because this novel is the reason I register to NU 😅
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New HatsukoIzuna
Jan 25, 2023
Status: c81
One of my favorite novels ever 😭. I cant express how much I love this novel. The best part about this is definitely the ML. I have never witnessed a greener flag ML than Khalid. This single man is making me fall for him over and over again. How he is SO gentle with Renato and the affection and care he shows him. Not to mention how supportive he is of Renato and doesnt stop him in his action. I love love love him.

... more>>

Not to mention, IN BOTH LIVES, he loves Renato. That sht brought tears to my eyes.


I also love how author portrayed trauma bcz in other novels protags easily overcome it but we can Renato struggling and getting treatment for it. I am loving his character development. Also Trudy baby! My cutest little bun. I will update my review again when I have finished the novel. This is a must read BL novel in my eyes. <<less
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Dec 24, 2022
Status: c252
Hello, the tl is here to join the fun! Since I noticed a new influx of readers to the site recently, just in case some are putting this one as a to-read or still pondering whether to read or not, I'll put a bit of an introduction and my personal impression about this novel here.

Honestly, no novel works for everyone, especially in a vast world such as KR BL. This book might NOT be suitable for you if you're specifically searching for:

    • Extremely story-driven books with intricate political intrigue and/or satisfying action scenes with potentially badass MCs and slow-burn romance (I'd recommend 'IDWTR' or 'Turning' for that)
    • Relationship drama of KR style with misunderstanding/miscommunication and drastic changes in the characters' dynamics compared to the beginning of the novel (I'd recommend 'Define the Relationship' or 'Necromancer Survival' for that)
If you're not specifically searching for these criteria above? Sure, Sidekick Prince might not be a bad read for you. KR novels' keywords don't function the same way as NU tags so... in the original KR site, some of the material/atmosphere keywords listed for this book are 'Salvation' and 'Calm'. Which means this novel won't have many conflicts during the course of the story, as it mainly focuses on the MC (Renato) 's growth and healing journey, as well as the couple's romantic development.


The MC's journey isn't exactly smooth, but he doesn't have that many obstacles in the current life after regression either. Befitting the 'Calm' keyword, the drama never lasts long in this novel, and the ML and the MC resolve a lot of things with words. Their conversations and interactions are heartwarming to read too, so if you are not fond of the typical misunderstanding trope of KR BL (no I'm not saying it's bad okay? I'm just saying it might not be everyone's taste), you should give this one a try. There are no toxic developments either, as both the MC and ML are reasonable and very considerate of each other.



My friend commented that the earlier chapters sounded traumatizing, and I also noticed some readers saying the angst hurt. Uhm... actually, angst is absolutely not a major part of this novel. The angst mainly happens in the recollections of the pre-regression life and in the characters' monologue, so if we're just considering the main plot of the novel, this work is very emotion-oriented rather than action/development-oriented, but it's not a very angsty work at all. It'll certainly give you feels, sure, and the flashbacks narrated through Renato's POV are very touching. But nothing bad happens at all, alright? Nothing tragic, either.


This work has quite a long way ahead, so I hope readers will continue to support our two characters in the long future as well!
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 10, 2023
Status: Completed
THIS IS A HIDDEN GEM! Ive read & recommended this since it serialized but no-one pick this, it's nice u guys picked it.

The romance is slow burn, and the story shows how the MC tried to heal from his trauma of his past life. They are honest! And there are no misunderstanding! (I hate misunderstanding). THEY COOMUNICATE! That's the most important thing in relationship! Even if MC tried to hide his past, but are honest with their feeling!.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 25, 2022
Status: c35
I am looking forward to next chapters and thank you for the translations.

I've been eyeing this for a long time waiting for the new chapters.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 22, 2022
Status: c38
I will be honest, I didn't expect the story to have so much depth to it. I was expecting the typical contract marriage fall in love troupe with all the typical cliches but this book exceeded my expectations. To summarise as of c38:


The world is omegaverse, so your second identity matters more than your gender. Hence, same s*x marriages can be done and aren't seen as taboo. However, same s*x with a beta can bear no children. MC reincarnates with the help of the Fairy Kind to go back to 6 years ago, the last day of the funeral held for his godmother. Due to being ridiculed and filled with fear for his whole life, he didn't do anything to protect his loved ones. All of them died one by one, and in the end, a duke's son who doesn't have royal blood succeed the throne and tried to get his blood and kill him. For the second life, although he is still very timid and also traumatised by all the events, he is filled with determination to save his loved ones. MC is a beta while ML is an alpha. In the previous life, ML proposed to him for a contract marriage, this life MC did it first.



The book has a lot of depth to it because MC's trauma is very well portrayed. He clearly suffers from trauma due to seeing his loved ones die, and also suffering a fatal stab to his abdomen, so when he sees the sight of blood, he will want to faint. When he meets the duke's son who was partly the cause for his doom and the reason for his suffering, he almost gets into a panic attack. When he regresses and sees his loved ones alive, his first reaction was to cry at them being alive and questioning how they came back. All his emotions being portrayed shows him being human and feels real. He is traumatised and is quite emotional due to having to rush for time, and it's all reasonable. It makes sense for him to do all this because he suffered.


MC is actually smart, but because he lived his life in fear, he never tried to do anything outside of the box that he was kept in. Hence it's quite touching to see him trying his best to come out of his shell, cause he isn't doing it for himself, he is doing it for his loved ones. The angst is honestly a bit real in this book, but I personally don't think it's enough to make you cry. Your heart will ache for sure. MC and ML asks the right questions, and both know when to apologize when they have crossed the line. It's so refreshing to see both characters being self aware and actually taking action on it.



Similar to MC, instead of being a Beta from a royal family, he is the illegitimate child of the royal family. As both have similar circumstances, they have pity for one another and hence seek comfort from eachother (kinda) ML treasures his step older sister as she was the one who gave him all her support and raised him together with his step mother, hence he was sad to hear that he had to leave the kingdom on his sister's orders as their dipsh*t father wielded him against her to seek discord.


The book is really a hidden gem, I'm quite glad I found this. The story is interesting, and I really look forward to how the novel will continue. It's worth investing your time to read this.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 20, 2023
Status: c69
I love it. This novel really got me giggling and kicking my feet underneath the blankets. In my opinion, ITS SO GOOD. The love between the MC and the ML is so there. Like, I get all giddy when they interact. MC is touch/ affection starved and ML is definitely “feeding” him what he’s missing. Also, why does the ML have so much rizz, like omg. I had to take small breaks from reading because of him. He’s so scrumpdiliumtious, I need a man like that in my life fr.

Anyways,... more>> it’s a 10/10 for me. I 100% recommend reading it. I can’t wait for more chapters hehehehehe. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 22, 2022
Status: prologue
This story is soo good as far as I read and I hope the team keep translating this story because I will be really sad to unable of continuing to read (sorry if my grammar is incorrect)
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