Hiding That The Damn Prince Is An Omega


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The wretched prince Etienne was born as a dominant Omega,

Because of the Queen’s ambition to make him emperor,

Etienne, the unlucky prince pretended to be a beta.

Prince Richard, who grew up with him in the Imperial Palace, came back after 3 years as a hero for saving the country.

But Etienne couldn’t welcome him with joy.

They used to be childhood friends.

But because of the greed of adults, he and the dominant Alpha, are now foes fighting for the throne.

While continuing the awkward relationship with Richard,

Etienne is back with a sudden heat cycle.

He’s on the verge of getting found out that he’s an omega……?


At last, realizing everything, Richard smiled and called Etienne.

“Etienne de Frédéric,”

When Etienne realized the secret he had hidden so far, he suddenly felt an unbearable hunger.

“Are you… an Omega?”

Associated Names
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The Rogue Prince is Secretly an Omega (Official Title)
망나니 황자가 오메가인 걸 숨김
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Rin Shouta
Rin Shouta rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: c82
Wow, thank you for picking this series!!

I love this series even I haven't finished reading it. You can see some illustrations inside, too. They're cute, especially the illustration of ... more>>

the young Richard met the young Etienne


And in the latest chap I read, I felt Author-nim's desperate feeling to write in another level

smut scene that you can only read in the gaiden

wwwww lmfao

It's a good knovel. Recommended one from me. You see, there's a reason how the little prince Etienne can hide his identity and that part is really... annoying.

I want to k*ll that Empress (Etienne's mother) because she forced Etienne to eat drug so he could hide as a beta and how coward the Emperor (Etienne's father) was because he only saw himself as a victim. He didn't care about the little Etienne... Only Richard could save Etienne... (╥﹏╥)


Oh! You can purchase and read the raw in Playbooks so you don't have to read in Ridibooks. It's a bit cheaper to buy in Playbooks in my opinion. <<less
34 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Destiny Slayer
Destiny Slayer rated it
August 6, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a good story to read but I pity Etienne very much (T_T) & I hate that damn emperor (Etienne father - alpha), he is the main cause of all this trouble.

... more>>

All the trouble are caused by their parents (Etienne & Richard parents



I feel pity for Etienne because he did nothing wrong but his life are so bad (His father neglected him, his mother abused him, even his lover contributed to his misfortune too although not in a direct way, I can't even blame Richard too (T_T)



When the emperor (Etienne father - alpha) was young, he meet the adopted son from count family (Richard mother - omega) and they became friend. But when they got older, the adopted son from count family (Richard mother - omega) grow more charming so he got many suitors and one of them is the archduke (Richard father - alpha). Then the adopted son from count family (Richard mother - omega) choose to marry the archduke (Richard father - alpha) because the two of them are in love. When the adopted son from count family (Richard mother - omega) tell his friend which is the emperor (Etienne father - alpha) that he is getting married, that when the emperor (Etienne father - alpha) realize that he fell in love with the adopted son from count family (Richard mother - omega) too. But he didn't have the courage to confess. So the adopted son from count family (Richard mother - omega) married the archduke (Richard father - alpha). My opinion on this is that the emperor is the one at fault, not Richard parents because he himself that didn't have the courage to confess to the one he loved and regretted to the end.



The emperor (Etienne father - alpha) is the illegitimate son/concubine son from the previous emperor. His siblings are beta, while he is a recessive alpha. The duke (Leona father) & the previous emperor wants Leona (Etienne mother - omega) to marry the third prince/the current emperor (Etienne father - alpha). Leona (Etienne mother - omega) agreed with the proposal because she wants the highest position in the empire to be hers and became the empress. But the emperor (Etienne father - alpha) decline the proposal, the reason is that "he has someone that he loved". After many problems, the emperor (Etienne father - alpha) married Leona (Etienne mother - omega) because if he want to be the crown prince and be the next emperor, he must have backing from Leona (Etienne mother - omega) family. In my opinion, this " political marriage " is a win - win situation for the two side. Leona (Etienne mother - omega) want to be the empress, while the emperor (Etienne father - alpha) want to be the next emperor but he is powerless so by being married with Leona (Etienne mother - omega), the emperor (Etienne father - alpha) can get the backing of Leona (Etienne mother - omega) family and get himself a dominant omega wife which is Leona (Etienne mother - omega).



The reason why I hate the emperor so much and the reason I said that he is the main source of all the problem are because he likes to "play victim". First, he loved Richard mother but married Etienne mother because he NEED her family power but refused to admit it and always feel like he is forced to marry Leona (Etienne mother). Although he always said that he didn't want to married Leona, but he takes no action to it. Because he knows if he didn't married Leona, he can't become the next emperor. If he can't become the next emperor, that means his brothers will be the next emperor and he will be killed. Second, it's true that Leona is at fault because she abused Etienne, but that doesn't mean the emperor isn't guilty either. Because he neglected Etienne for the reason that " Etienne face becoming more like Leona as he grow up", which is the woman he hated. Third, after the emperor (Etienne father) become the emperor and married Leona, he always had tea time with the archduke (Richard father), the archduchess (Richard mother), and Richard. Even sometimes the archduke (Richard father) is busy, so the emperor (Etienne father) has his tea time only with the archduchess (Richard mother) and Richard. While Richard also noticed that the way the emperor (Etienne father) look at him (Richard) is the same the way the emperor (Etienne father) look at the archduchess (Richard mother). Which means, he still love the archduchess (Richard mother) although he/the emperor already married and has a child too (Etienne)

Actually there are more reason why I hate the emperor. But because I'm tired typing all of these review, so I'm gonna stop here. Anyway, enjoy reading the story !!! (^O^)

20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 1, 2023
Status: --
This story is good, it's already done yet I don't know if they stop translating it but I've already done reading that translated chapter. The story plot it's good, it's really good. I don't know why it was still not progressing the translation.

If I know korean I've already read it in Korean but too bad co'z I don't.

This is one of the characteristics of a translated story I hate. I've been waiting for a while yet there is no update. If that is the case then don't start translating it... more>> without any intention to finished it.

As a reader it makes me piss off, so for everyone who want to try read better not because you could see the reason above.

I would like to recommend that read the story that was done translating because yeah you won't feel the frustrating in here.

It is one thing that I notice in Korean novel. It's either hard to update or they just left you hanging. That's why I prepared reading a Chinese one. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Velina Cat
Velina Cat rated it
September 7, 2023
Status: c87
It's very good?? Honestly I dont really expect much when I start reading this but the story itself is my cup of tea. The heartwrenching mc's life, the love interest, the antagonists, all of them is pretty cool for me.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
97jk00k rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel is 10, good writing, great charectors didn't go in the traditional way

Even though I had a hard time finding the full novel the struggle was worth it, the only issue I have is ethinee's father needed to get his karma as well, the author tried to whitewash him so much and he didn't have to suffer through anything but just a little regret and also I didn't like how ... more>>

he hugged his dad, it kinda symbolises he forgave him

instead he should've slapped him and kicked him in the balls which he never had whilel raising him, instead of forgiveness other than that the story is perfect with not ur typical omega, a very rare green flag but possesive ml, fair share of smut scenes and also a great story line <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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