The Sweet Alpha Prince Loves Me So Much


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〈Finally, Carl Lindbergh went to hell.〉

“Carl Lindbergh..?”

I beg you not to let me go to hell,

After all, I possessed the villain of a novel my sister was reading!

All I know is that Carl, the villain, ‘dies’.

So I’ll prevent him from being killed

To save the ruined Kingdom of Lindbergh

I went to the Crown Prince of the Heineken Empire and asked for help……

“Therefore I am asking the prince to give me his own pretext. And something like an imperial marriage and the child that will be born between us.”

“Princess Lea is still young. You don’t know each other very well.”

“The one who will marry me and have children, Carl Lindbergh. It’s you.”

You want to marry me?

And you want me to have a baby?

It is surprising that the target of marriage is a man.

This world is a setting where even men can become pregnant.

“Did you know? That I, I could marry the Crown Prince!”

“P-Prince. Did you even forget that?”

This cheeky little sister,

What kind of novel were you reading?

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The Sweet Alpha Crown Prince Loves Me So Much
다정한 알파 황태자가 날 너무 좋아함
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3 Reviews

Oct 19, 2022
Status: undefined
It's a refreshing read, it's good. I don't have much to say, the novel is still in release, but I'd give it a 4.9. I like MC and ML, as I read the raw some things are confusing, but overall it was understandable and I liked their relationship.

Alpha/Omega Possessiveness? Has.

But I didn't see anything there in an extreme way, it's not just the alpha ML that is possessive, in fact most of the alphas that appear (with relevance) demonstrate this trait, but nothing extreme.

Side couples are interesting too, I like... more>> that.


At first, there's a little drama, but nothing that's dog blood. It's more that the MC was scared to find out that he went to an ABO world and he was an O that could give birth. But I feel that the MC and ML understand each other well, after ML finds out that the MC was afraid and they talk, so everything flows smoothly. And that's not even far, it happens like in chapter 54~


That's it, when the novel ends and I also finish reading it, I'll come back here to add something else.

Thanks for the translation, very good.

Update ~~

I finished this, 150 chapters. So far no side story, but it's good. I found it satisfactory. Now that I know the plot better, well it was a nice story to pass the time. I like ML, he is possessive who knows how to contain himself so that the loved one is happy. At the same time he is a crybaby, he and the MC are two crybabies.

About the MC~~ ah (sigh), I'll just let it go, there were some moments I just wanted to smack him in the head, so much nonsense~But deep down he's cool.

That's it. Have a good read.

Even the last chapter of the main story has no mpreg, just the empress who (I understood it to be a woman) had a baby, nothing more than that.

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Dec 29, 2023
Status: Completed
The story is quite simple, but I'm very satisfied with this. The comedy, Carl's past, each characters and the light-heartedness of the whole story made me love it!

If you're not a fan of a foolish MC, maybe this is not for you. But, I'm telling you everything has a reason why he reacted that way and did those things.

... more>>

I think Carl has a PTSD, considering his traumatic past where his mother took her own life, followed by his father. He also started getting various job at the age of 14 to support and protect his 7 year old sister who witnessed the su*cide


I'm just happy for the MC that he met Adrian. They're perfect! For all of the things he experienced in his past life, he needed someone like Adrian, aside from being super duper rich, which he needed lol, he needed someone who accepts him for everything and will take care of him. Albeit obsessive, since that's an Alpha's nature, what I love about Adrian is he listens to Carl and others advise.

I think if you're looking for Omegaverse where there's no ra** and emotional damage cause by the Alpha himself, you should give this a try. <<less
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Inari Noctifer
Inari Noctif
Dec 13, 2022
Status: --
Ch 12.

To be honest, this is so cliché in my own opinion. He does things that are uncommon and he doesnt want to be interrogated for it (in his own thoughts only but bruhh, isn't that a s*upid thing to think considering it's a matter between two kingdoms).

Anyways I'm considering of dropping it for now and come back to rewrite this review if I ever get a chance to read this again.
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